Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews once timer and bot owner editor for SHS

uniquec: On this installment of pointless interviews, we managed to pester the always busy staff member of SHS, shag into doing this. We welcome him to the stage.

uniquec: Alright then, so when did you start at Shinsen?

shag: Hmm.

uniquec: You should know the answer.

shag: I applied July 24 3:00am 2006.

shag: And was accepted probaby around July 26th.

uniquec: How did you happen to choose SHS?

shag: Well I was watching Blood+ a lot at that time and XXXholic.

uniquec: Heh you liked their shows.

shag: When Vincent posted that they needed timers. I didnt'even know what a timer was at that point, nor did I have irc.

uniquec: So what did you do?

shag: So I got irc, registered a nick and joined the recruit channel.

shag: Kaunteya gave me a link and told me to get aegisub.

shag: So I did, got a little familiar with it, then he issued me a test.

shag: It was an episode of "Monkey Turn". Took me all night, I don't think I slept.

uniquec: Lol and the rest is history.

shag: Pretty much.

shag: Funny though, I don't time anymore.

uniquec: Why not?

shag: Well, at first I was timing a few shows, and was able to do them quick(ish) and it was fun, but then I started getting involved in other things, like shinsen-radio.

shag: And ample amounts of drinking.

uniquec: Lol. Girls also tended to take up a lot of time.

uniquec: So what favourite series that you worked on?

shag: Gintama.

shag: Black blood brothers is a close second.

uniquec: Do you ever miss not timing?

shag: Heh, not really. I miss being a part of Gintama, but toward the end everyone was tired of working on it. We got some really sloppy scripts, they were hard to time, hard to edit, and hard to release.

shag: I went from timing Bo's scripts to timing some random tl's scripts.

shag: It was like going from eating delicious filet to eating dirt.

uniquec: Not tempting to do. Who on the staff would you most like stranded with?

shag: Bo and Doria, and Asa.

shag: Maybe Ed.

shag: He's dirty.

uniquec: Lol. Why would you say Ed is dirty?

shag: He just likes to make jokes, that's all.

shag: Like, I'll say "ok I'm going to bed" and he says something like "Edward_k jumps into bed with shag".

shag: You can replace bed with shower or couch.

shag: Just jokes like that.

uniquec: Just like how you shag everyone. :)

uniquec: What are your hobbies outside anime?

shag: Hm, well I like to drink. Play ping pong.

shag: Watch the Simpsons.

shag: Does the radio count?

uniquec: I guess, despite that it plays anime music. :)

shag: Spend lots of time doing that.

uniquec: So how good of a ping pong player are you?

shag: Heh I'm ok.

shag: I still get beat by my girlfriend.

uniquec: Heh What do you like to drink?

shag: Well I used to be a whisky man (Doria will vouch for this) but now I stick to mostly cheap beer and vodka.

uniquec: Change of drinking habits.

shag: Yeah. Change of girlfriend.

uniquec: So how did you end up more focusing on the radio?

shag: Well that's a longish story.

uniquec: Go on...

shag: It was more fun, and I got to interact more with the fans.

shag: Started at first when I noticed mebe was in #shinsen-radio.

uniquec: You enjoyed dj'ing?

shag: I was like, wtf...

shag: Yeah, it was fun.

shag: Dj'ing is cool, but at first it was for very few people.

shag: I remember 8 people would be A LOT and now it's an average of 20-30.

uniquec: Well it's more known that it was when you first started.

uniquec: Thanks to a certain person promoting it.:p

shag: Who? You?

uniquec: You.

shag: Oh, right me, and help from others.

uniquec: Where would you like to travel to but never been?

shag: Anywhere outside the States.

uniquec: No place you want to go more than the other?

shag: Spain and Japan.

uniquec: Why those places?

shag: Japan, I think for obvious reasons. xD But Spain because I am interested in their culture, etc.. I speak pretty good spanish from working in kitchens in California.

uniquec: You are rather fluent in Spanish then?

shag: Fluent, no. but I can get by without totally making an ass of myself.

uniquec: Which is a good thing. Where have you been that you you would want others to visit?

shag: Hm, the Anodyne, it's a bar in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

uniquec: That good of a bar. What was it that made a good impression on you?

shag: Nice pool tables and good drinks. Good people, red lighting and most important, a sweet jukebox.

uniquec: You liked the music in the jukebox?

shag: Yup. good selection. No Japanese stuff though.

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

shag: Boxer-briefs.

uniquec: Combo. What are your favourite foods?

shag: Hm well I cook a lot.

shag: So I'm kinda picky but I like a lot of gourmet stuff and a lot of non gourmet stuff.

uniquec: Well then what do you like to cook?

shag: I don't like anything with mayo.

shag: I like to cook fancy shit that you want to eat because it looks so yummy.

shag: French food is good.

uniquec: Heh Anything you make that people can not help but rave about?

shag: I used to make a lot of duck confit and pate.

shag: Though i'm not a big fan, it's fun to cook.

shag: Rabbit is really good.

uniquec: Least favourite?

shag: Anything with mayo. Also, don't like broccoli, and I am starting to like meat less and less.

uniquec: Becoming more of a vegeterian?

shag: Yeah.

uniquec: What would you like to do but have yet to do?

shag: Skydive.

uniquec: Why?

shag: Looks like fun.

uniquec: How adventurous are you?

shag: I like adventure.

shag: Just went to uh 3 sisters waterfall for a 4 mile hike.

uniquec: Outdoor person :)

shag: Yup, you could say that but I really need a cigarrette.

shag: Are we almost done :P

uniquec: What would you like other people to know about you that they might not know?

uniquec: Yeah.

shag: Hm I got my nickname from a pinback song and my short lived stay in jail.

uniquec: Oh do we want to know how you end up in jail?

shag: Um great bodily injury by vehicle.

shag: That's all I'm saying.

uniquec: Ahh and you survived it.

uniquec: Ok had enough of the random questions then?

shag: Heh, sure.

shag: I doubt anyone will read it.

uniquec: So do you have an inny or outie belly button?

shag: Inny.

uniquec: A few might ...:)

uniquec: Any parting of words?

shag: Be sure to include a picture.

shag: Um parting words.

shag: Visit my radio station!

uniquec: Lol..picture. :)

shag: Yeah.


uniquec: And on that note thanks for doing the intertervew.

shag: You bet.

uniquec: Despite my nagging to do so. You can go have your cigarrette now. ;)

shag: Woohooo

uniquec: Enjoy your nicotine ^^ Thanks to shag for doing the interview as he needed his nicotine fix and rushed out the door.

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