Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews rktorrent a member of the distro staff for SHS and Yuurisan.

uniquec: Once again, we bring you a member of SHS staff, yes they still exist in some shape and form. In order to bring this interview to you, we had to appease our guest's nervousness by using the fact that we already interview 3 out of the 4 people that they happened to mention that if they did one that they would do it (oh and I would have been 4 for 4, if a certain person would stop being too busy to do his). We bring you rktorrent who is involved in the distro side of things.

uniquec: So let's begin. So like what do you do?

rktorrent: I do bots and torrents. I also supply the main server which soi and hymn do all the encoding on ... lots of little things.

uniquec: Little things that help in the overall scheme.

rktorrent: Yup, or least I hope so.

uniquec: So who do you fansub for?

rktorrent: Well I have ops and half ops in alot of channels but I'm only in a couple channels at the moment mainly cuz I've been so busy with fixing bots and such but mainly just YUS and SHS.

uniquec: Wy did you get into fansubbing?

rktorrent: Well I love anime for sure but specifically branched off into distro mainly or the more technical aspect because- well I have a lot of computer degrees and such so it was more logical.

uniquec: And you are a logical person?

rktorrent: I am and have been staff/admin on alot of the biggest and most respected private torrent sites like Libitina and Supernova which was the worlds largest public torrent site before the FBI forced us to shut down. I was one of the main site coders and had made a new site design just before the site went down... kinda wasted.

rktorrent: I try to keep things in prespective yes.

uniquec: So how long have you been involved in the world of fansubbing?

rktorrent: Couple years now.

uniquec: Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

rktorrent: Honestly I think I would prefer to be alone, but if I had to be there with someone- who I would want to be stranded with would not be a very easy question as the prospect of me being left alone would stand and would do my best to stay to my own side of the island therefore it makes no difference who.

uniquec: There is no one who you would think as being useful?

rktorrent: When you say useful only one thing comes to mind, so therefore; the depth of the question brances to new possabilities- i would now have to say it would have to be a female and very beutiful.

uniquec: That's one way to put it lol.

uniquec: So whatare your hobbies outside anime?

rktorrent: I work full time as a machine operator at a lumber mill.

uniquec: And that you would considered a hobby?

rktorrent: All I do is work full time at a lumber mill. When I say full time I mean it takes up ALL of my time and what's left is merely the anime fansubbing community. I dont do anything outside of that except for occasionally going to the pub with some of the heavy duty mechanics from work and such but as I say thats just on occasion.

uniquec: So where would you like to travel but never been?

rktorrent: I have no aspirations to travel anywhere but if I needed to I would possibly go to Sweden or Italy maybe even England.

uniquec: Not fond of travelling?

rktorrent: To answer truthfully I would need my next statement off the record is that agreeable?

uniquec: Heh.

rktorrent: Yes or no?

uniquec: If you wish.

rktorrent: My sister who was 22 yrs of age died not too long ago ever since I have very little drive to do much of anything.

uniquec: Understandable...sorry for your loss.

rktorrent: :)

uniquec: How do you see yourself 20 years from now?

rktorrent: 20 yrs from now? I would like to see myself successful with a good job and a nice gf/wife but I would be naive to aspire for such things. :)

uniquec: What would you like yo do but never done?

rktorrent: Something I've never done but would like to do is maybe go to Las Vegas not to gamble but just for the thought of going.

uniquec: There is more to Vegas than just gambling. ~

uniquec: So what is your favourite food?

rktorrent: Tonkotsu ramen.

uniquec: Why?

rktorrent: I like noodles?

rktorrent: I'm a certified 1 year chef apprentice so making more advanced japanese dishes or what not instandard style is rather easy especially when some of my friends are from Japan etc..

uniquec: Ah, so anything you hate food wise?

rktorrent: Olives...mainly.

uniquec: How do you like to eat eggs?

rktorrent: Scrambled eggs?

uniquec: Any condiments with them?

rktorrent: Lil salt and soya sauce is nice.

rktorrent: Onion thrown in mmm.

uniquec: Finely chopped or nice pieces?

rktorrent: Chopped.

uniquec: Innie or outie belly button?

rktorrent: Innie?

uniquec: You aren't sure? :p

rktorrent: Thought it was wierd question lol.

rktorrent: But yes innie.

uniquec: No that is my standard question :)

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

rktorrent: Boxers.

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

rktorrent: Introvert.

uniquec: How so?

rktorrent: Lil shy so.

uniquec: Just a little. Favourite colour?

rktorrent: Pink.

uniquec: Light, medium or dark pink?

rktorrent: Light.

uniquec: Do you remember your dreams?

rktorrent: No, normally only get about 4 hours of sleep or so; therefore, being so tired all the time causes me not to remember.

uniquec: That's not good. Do you dream in colour or black and white?

rktorrent: When I used to, it was color I think but it's been years since I've dreamed.

uniquec: Favourite anime?

rktorrent: D gray man , Rosario + Vampire Capu2 ... and a few others.

uniquec: Anime you dislike the most?

rktorrent: Not a specific one cuz I don't watch them if I don't think their good but ... anime about baseball or football like sport anime I dislike. I also dislike super romantic/love story anime.

uniquec: Favourite movie?

rktorrent: AI, Donnie Darko.

uniquec: Why?

rktorrent: Mainly I like movies with an advanced plot line which causes a story to twist.

uniquec: Plot twists which makes the story interesting and not repetitive in nature.

uniquec: Movie you hate?

rktorrent: EXistenZ.

uniquec: How so?

rktorrent: The movie is really messed up...

uniquec: In what sense?

rktorrent: They are in a restaurant and the waiter is pushing around a cooked pig on a tray table and the guy random plunges his hands into this pig and starts ripping out bones and within minutes builds a handgun from the bones and loads teeth into it for the bullets and shoots the waiter in the head if I remember correctly,

uniquec: A bit farfetch.

rktorrent: Yeah.. lol.

uniquec: Even my creative imagination doesn't work that extreme ~

uniquec: If you were a super hero what super hero power would you want?

rktorrent: Superman lol?

uniquec: Why Superman?

rktorrent: Lots of cool powers I suppose.

uniquec: Which power do you think is his coolest?

rktorrent: The eye thingy lol.

uniquec: Heh. Would you abuse your super hero powers?

rktorrent: Yes.

uniquec: In what manner?

rktorrent: Whatever manner I felt most suited, the situation I wanted or felt that I wished to take advantage of.

uniquec: What type of music do you like?

rktorrent: I almost never listen to music but I like kinda like rock/pop.

rktorrent: Usually whatever teens are into like the ... cool shit I usually like but not heavy death metal.

uniquec: What is your ideal/perfect day?

rktorrent: Ideal/perfect day is when everyone at work just shut their mouthes, does thieir jobs and leaves me alone. I'm a senior employee and I won't and don't take thier bullshit. Although it gets tiring having to yell at people all the time.

uniquec: Is there anything you treasure or you aren't materialistic?

rktorrent: I'm VERY clingy. I hate throwing anything away even if I know I'll never need or want it. I even have recipts in my wallet from 2007 , one may say I'm like a bird that likes shiny objects and am most amused by it.

uniquec: Are you easily amused then?

rktorrent: I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm easily amused just amused at the concept of my materialism of objects.

uniquec: Are you idealistic or pessimistic?

rktorrent: I believe I hold both traits rather equally as I'm both somewhat sarcastic and serious.

uniquec: Not one more than the other. What would you like to be remembered after your death?

uniquec: For example I like making fun of people on occasion but don't like getting it dealt back to me. As for something to be remembered after my death I'd like to be remember for being a down to earth good person.

uniquec: What would you like others to know about you that they might not be aware of?

rktorrent: That I'm not actually a good person.

uniquec: That their is evil in you . :XD

rktorrent: Any parting words of wisdom?

rktorrent: Nope.

uniquec: Thank you for doing the interview and you can complain to your friend what a trial it was.

. rktorrent: Vincent will hear about it :P

uniquec: I am sure he will. On that note, we thank rktorrent for doing this and the mysterious friend who told him to go ahead and do this interview.

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