Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews SHS QC'er and editor oojimaflib.

uniquec: After a few months on hiatus, we bring you back for your viewing pleasure another of these scintillating interviews. Today we are happy to bring you on this installment someone who has return from exile and is now back into the family of what can be called Shinsen Subs oojimaflib editor and QC'er extraordanaire.

uniquec: Welcome to the Shinsen staff torture where everything you say can be used against you disclaimer...j/k :)

oojimaflib: I shall bear it in mind.

uniquec: I only use it after the fact. ^^

uniquec: So what brings you back to the institute of SHS Subs?

oojimaflib: Well, in anticipation of the wonderful unrelenting boredom of the world of work, I was going to come back in a week or so's time but then Asa made her impassioned plea on the front page, and I just can't refuse Asa when she does that.

uniquec: No one can resist Asa and her pleas for help.

oojimaflib: She is quite irresistable ^_^

uniquec: More irresitable than concrete. :)

oojimaflib: Asa >> concrete

uniquec: For those you don't know whois oojimaflib, what did you do for SHS and will be doing for them?

oojimaflib: Well, I joined up as a QCer and made the transition to editor.

oojimaflib: I worked on a few nice projects like Ergo and Demonbane and Chevalier.

uniquec: Do you have a favourite project that you worked on?

oojimaflib: So now I'm back as an occasional QCer and if they have a need for an editor I guess I'll be around too.

oojimaflib: Demonbane was great. A lot of background to the scripts, a great translation, lots of notes to write...

oojimaflib: I fondly remember a 4 hour IRC chat with Kaunt about the note on Cthulu.

uniquec: And you enjoyed doing notes.

oojimaflib: Notes are win.

uniquec: Heh those were fun chats, I bet.

oojimaflib: They're great fun to research and it's really nice to find out a bit of the background :)

oojimaflib: Oh yeah.

uniquec: Just as my distracting you when you were supposed to be working at times. ^^

oojimaflib: I could make a profession of being distracted by people and uniquec is more distracting than most.

uniquec: Since when?:p

oojimaflib: Oh come on... since forever. Your distractions are unparalleled in the realm of non-cogent conversation ;D

uniquec: Sure sure. So which staff member would you want to be stranded with?

oojimaflib: What is this? Desert Island SHS Staff members?

oojimaflib: I take it I get the Bible, the complete works of Shakespeare and Vincent gratis?

uniquec: Yeah it's one of the random questions.

uniquec: Vincent if you get bored and need someone to kill.

oojimaflib: Vincent if I wanted to practice my self-defence, Doria if I wanted to write the book of my experience and Kaunteya if I want a four day argument about the deep questions of Western philosophy.

oojimaflib: * oojimaflib will now go into hiding from all of the above and the other members of staff who he could have mentioned, but didn't ^_^

uniquec: Heh each has their own use.

uniquec: What are your hobbies/interests outside anime?

oojimaflib: Outside anime?

uniquec: Yes there are things outside anime.

uniquec: If even anime was your hobby.

oojimaflib: well, I tinker with computers, I go for long walks in that big sort-of blue room behind the locked door, and sundry other boring and tedious pastimes ^_^

oojimaflib: If I had that many other hobbies I wouldn't have time to fansub, after all :(

uniquec: Very true. So what is oojimaflib favourite foods?

oojimaflib: And, of course, I improvise silly stories for distracting people.

oojimaflib: Chocolate and real ale are clearly the way forward.

uniquec: We like improvised silly stories by ooji!!!!!

oojimaflib: (Though the two should not be mixed.)

uniquec: Fake ale leaves a distate.

oojimaflib: Bacon and egg pie is always worth the trouble, too.

oojimaflib: Fake ale is fake.

uniquec: Dont mix ale and improvise stories?

oojimaflib: If the brewery isn't smaller than my house...

oojimaflib: Ale and story improvisation tends to have bad effects.

oojimaflib: I might forget to resurrect the staff at the end or something.

uniquec: When reviewing the results in a sober moment.

oojimaflib: I try not to review results in a sober moment anyway.

uniquec: Have you met any of the staff past or present?

oojimaflib: I have met Kaunt. We spent a day in Geneva seeing the sights. But I haven't met anyone else, sadly.

uniquec: And you had fun meeting him?

oojimaflib: Yeah, he's a nice fellow.

uniquec: Yeah I know you met him since he refused to sign the postcard. :(

oojimaflib: Naughty Kaunt.

uniquec: I still have my ooji postcard with his saga. :)

oojimaflib: I have yours somewhere, too.

uniquec: So what country would you like to travel to but never been?

oojimaflib: Would you like the list?

uniquec: Sure.

oojimaflib: I'd like to travel round Australia a bit, and I'd like to see some of the wilder bits of Canada. I'd also quite like to visit Japan (naturally) and Russia would be high up on the list, too.

oojimaflib: Sometime when I've got the time and money for it, I shall have to take the train from London to Vladivostock.

uniquec: Long journey?

oojimaflib: Yes indeed ^_^

uniquec: Where have you been that you would recomend?

oojimaflib: Zurich is a lovely city and, closer to home, I feel I should strongly recommend Bath, if only for the opportunities for punnery.

uniquec: ooji and his punnery.

oojimaflib: My mind was warped into it's current pun-addled state at a young age by the BBC.

uniquec: What would you recomend while in Zurich?

uniquec: The BBC and its wittery.

oojimaflib: The Zoo is very fine, but it's really best to just walk around and see the sights. In the old quarter of town, if you just keep going up every hill, there's a lovely little garden which overlooks pretty much the entire centre which is gorgeous ^_^

oojimaflib: I don't know what I would do without BBC7.

uniquec: A staple of yours.

uniquec: That you couldn't live with out it. :)

oojimaflib: Indeed. Any station which basically consists of the BBC's comedy back-catalogue on infinite loop is clearly a _good thing_.

uniquec: No such thing as bad BBC comedy.

oojimaflib: well, that might be going a bit far...

oojimaflib: * oojimaflib points to Some mothers do 'ave 'em

uniquec: Heh just rare bad BBC comedy.

uniquec: Lol.

oojimaflib: Well, lets face it BBC comedy is seldom well-done ;P

uniquec: Bad BBC comedy is a standard. ^^

uniquec: So when do you original started at SHS?

oojimaflib: ... God knows... maybe about 3 years ago now?

uniquec: Do you remember why you decide on Shinsen?

oojimaflib: Er... not really. think I probably just liked the name or something. I certainly hadn't watched any SHS stuff before I joined.

uniquec: Lol. And you still don't watch any SHS anime. ;p

oojimaflib: Heh... pretty much the only anime I end up watching when I'm working here is stuff I'm working on ^_^

oojimaflib: That's why I inflict myself on some projects as an additional QCer ^_^

uniquec: Bad inflicting. :)

uniquec: Heh they keep you from seeing anything else. What would you like to do that you never done?

oojimaflib: * oojimaflib thinks.

oojimaflib: I don't know. It's a bit hard to say what I'd enjoy, given that I've not done any of it ^_^

uniquec: True but you don't have at least one adventure you would like to do?

uniquec: Not the adventurous type are you?:)

oojimaflib: I'm decidedly unadventurous.

oojimaflib: Probably, my housemate has just come and ordered me to dinner...

uniquec: you are easily to be ordered?

oojimaflib: I let people tell me what to do when it's in my interests ^_^

uniquec: LOl. So what would you like other people to know about you?

oojimaflib: I don't know, really.

oojimaflib: I'm not the extrovert type, either ^_^

uniquec: You are just the loveable introvert.

oojimaflib: Boxers or briefs or neither?:)

oojimaflib: It depends.

uniquec: No preference?

oojimaflib: It varies with the season and the occasion.

uniquec: Inny or outie bellybutton?

oojimaflib: Innie, what else?

uniquec: Outies are weirdos like Vincent.

oojimaflib: I should've guessed *rolls eyes*

uniquec: Yeah he admitted to being an outie...outcast.

uniquec: So any parting words of wisdom?

oojimaflib: Parting words? Refried beans with bread and butter pudding is a meal fit for a king.

uniquec: How so?

uniquec: Or do I want to know...

oojimaflib: It is a novel method of regicide.

oojimaflib: ;P

uniquec: I can only imagine.

oojimaflib: Well, I'll have a perfect alibi, so...

uniquec: And on that note, we thank the ominous oojimaflib for doing this interview.

oojimaflib: It was a pleasure, your uniqueness.

uniquec: Now you can get to enjoy your dinner.:) We would thank oojimaflib for spending his time doing this interview after my early attempts to speed up his return on IRC, so I can do this interview. We would like to welcome him back to SHS as he was missed by staff and by me. Yay, to more raandom ooji stories and distraction!!

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