Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews iriseyes editor and QC'er at SHS

uniquec: Surprise the Goddess has returned with an actually Shinsen staff member after a few months. We finally tracked down iriseyes editor and qc'er after a year, who finally out of pressure by other fansubbing community members was cornered into doing this.

uniquec: Basic question, what do you do?

iriseyes: I'm an editor, QC if I can be bribed/blackmailed into it.

uniquec: And are you easily blackmailed?

iriseyes: Hah, it depends. I try not to show my weaknesses.

uniquec: So what groups do you work for?

iriseyes: I've worked for a lot...

uniquec: Like...

iriseyes: Shinsen, Menclave, Bss, Yoroshiku, Mishicorp, Genjo... then a lot of freelance work.

iriseyes: I really enjoy the work itself, so if someone comes to me with a nice project and a good team, I have a hard time saying no lol.

uniquec: Why did you decide to fansub?

iriseyes: I was just a regular on Rizon for a while, and a translator friend asked me to edit his show on the basis of my SAT scores lol. Looking back I have no idea why he did, the fansubbing world is so elitist, it's hard for new people to get in.

uniquec: Heh, I had not heard that one before in becoming an editor. So how long have you been fansubbing?

iriseyes: I'm a total noob still, I think... just over a year.

uniquec: Do you have a favourite anime?

iriseyes: Yes, hands-down that would be Mushishi. Gorgeous.

uniquec: Least favourite?

iriseyes: Ayakashi, the stupid one with the parasitic monster familiars or something.

iriseyes: The other two Ayakashis are actually awesome.

uniquec: You think they could find other names for them.

uniquec: Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

iriseyes: Anyone in the world, or in fansubbing?

uniquec: Both.

iriseyes: Oooo that's a hard one.

iriseyes: Anyone in the world... prolly Mineko Iwasaki.

uniquec: Why so?

iriseyes: I think geisha are fascinating, and she was the queen of her time of geisha. She's a true artist. Master of dance, conversation, aesthetics, all sorts of things.

uniquec: You are into geishas?

iriseyes: Yeah, I've been studying geisha since like 6th grade which is a long time now x__x

iriseyes: * iriseyes feels old.

uniquec: Age is a state of the mind.

iriseyes: Mmm, true.

uniquec: Fansubbing community...SHS or outside?

iriseyes: That's a leading question and bound to get me in trouble lol.

iriseyes: Can I plead the fifth?

uniquec: Or none of them. :)

iriseyes: Well...

uniquec: What are your hobbies outside of anime?

iriseyes: Sports!

iriseyes: I play volleyball and semi-famously am a cheerleader.

uniquec: Better volleyball player or cheerleader?

iriseyes: Definitely volleyball, I'm a terrible cheerleader.

uniquec: Where would you like to travel to but never been?

iriseyes: Turkey.

uniquec: What about Turkey?

iriseyes: It seems terribly exotic to me. There's a kid at my university from Turkey, and he has some amazing pictures hung up in his room of his home.

iriseyes: Just different, something new, living a different fantasy.

uniquec: Different culture. Where would you recomend that you been to?

iriseyes: Venice, I adore venice. Go immediately if you can lol.

uniquec: Gondolas a must.

iriseyes: I've actually never been in one. I've been to venice many times but never gotten into a gondola. Seems a touch too touristy lol.

uniquec: Thought it was must do . You aren't into touristy things?

iriseyes: some touristy things are great, like... going to all the museums, going to the top of a cathedral, that kind of thing. But gondolas are too, like, gold statues and red velvet and black fringe.

uniquec: Favourite museum you been to?

iriseyes: The Prado in Madrid, I was so jetlagged I felt like I was going to die, but it made the art even more poignant.

uniquec: More memorable. What would you like to do but never done?

iriseyes: Fall in love :(

uniquec: You haven't met that perfect one to sweep you off your feet. Would you say you are a romantic?

iriseyes: Not a literal romantic, since I don't worship nature like those crazy Victorians, but yeah, I believe in stuff like true love and trust and what not. But as for rose petals and bubble baths, meh, kind of boring.

uniquec: And tends to be a bit cliche. What is your favourite food?

iriseyes: Tortellini in cream sauce, no pork.

uniquec: Pork your least favourite food?

iriseyes: Not eating pork is my only attempt to be a good Jew.

uniquec: Other than that what food you detest?

iriseyes: I hate mangos.

iriseyes: A lot. >__<

uniquec: What would like to be known for after your death?

iriseyes: As... an artist of some sort.

iriseyes: I have no interest in leading humanity, but probing humanity through art, music, writing, something of that sort.

iriseyes: I find that very appealing.

uniquec: How artistic are you?

iriseyes: I'm like... okay with 2D art, but I'm really good with 3D stuff.

iriseyes: I'd say I'm artistic, I guess lol.

uniquec: Inny or outie?

iriseyes: Um um um let me check.

iriseyes: Lol innie.

iriseyes: Weird question uni :3

uniquec: It's my standard uni question :p

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

iriseyes: I'm a woman.

uniquec: Doesn't matter : p On a guy....

iriseyes: Oho... briefs.

uniquec: I'm an equal opportunity.

uniquec: What one thing would you like to change about yourself?

iriseyes: My desire to know everything. Although, since coming to university, that's already begun to change. Can't know everything here. :)

uniquec: Too much to know. Endless. Do you dream in colour or black and white?

iriseyes: I stopped dreaming when I was 14.

iriseyes: I wish I could tell you. ^^;

uniquec: You just don't remember them. What type of music do you like?

iriseyes: I listen to everything as long as it doesn't suck.

iriseyes: I love Ratatat and Tokyo Jihen.

iriseyes: My favorite artists :3

uniquec: And what music do you think sucks?

iriseyes: I don't think any genres suck exactly, but some genres are really easy to suck in. Country, and rap. Painful at times. -_-;

uniquec: Heh do you have a song that just irritates you to no end?

iriseyes: Soulja boy. *shudder*

uniquec: That bad. Favourite movie?

iriseyes: Ummm... The Sandlot.

iriseyes:> Tale of my childhood :)

uniquec: Least favourite?

iriseyes: There was some stupid stoner movie about skiing a while ago. That one.

uniquec: Heh sounds like a real winner.

iriseyes: Waste of time, money, and a dvd disc. :<

uniquec: It didnt last long and went straight to dvd.

iriseyes: What was it called?

uniquec: I have no idea.

iriseyes: Lol. Oh well.

uniquec: Have you met anyone from fansubbing?

iriseyes: Yes, more than I would have ever intended lol.

uniquec: They were that bad?:)

iriseyes: No! Everyone has been perfectly lovely lol.

uniquec: Sarcasm ;)

iriseyes: Well, getfresh put it well at some point fansubbers are often really weird, normal fansubbers are very rare.

uniquec: He has a way with words.

iriseyes: Classy fellow. :3

uniquec: Lol.

iriseyes: Cool dude though.

uniquec: What do you see yourself doing 20 years from now?

iriseyes: If all goes well, travelling the world with my husband or a beloved companion in the lap of luxury. That's all I really want to do.

uniquec: You enjoy travelling to that extent?

iriseyes: Travelling is the greatest. Like, when I think of a moment I'd be happy.

iriseyes: I think of standing in a cobbled square in Venice or some European city listening to church bells.

uniquec: You can live out of a suitcase?

iriseyes: I'd have to go home every once in a while I guess...

iriseyes: I love NYC more than life itself.

uniquec: What is it about NYC?

iriseyes: I feel complete in NYC, it's my city. I love it in all seasons.

iriseyes: Everywhere, it's just the greatest. My heart is full when I'm there lol.

iriseyes: Being away from home is hard because I love the city.

uniquec: It's home for you. The night life, broadway, etc.

iriseyes: It's the best in the winter.

iriseyes: Ahhhh... now I'm getting homesick lol.

uniquec: Lol. What is your ideal day?

iriseyes: A sundae. :3

iriseyes: I guess a day spent reading, hanging out with my friends, enjoying the city we're in.

uniquec: Shopping as well.

iriseyes: I love shoes.

iriseyes: You know this lol.

uniquec: Well I know you love to shop. Especially with a certain male shopper . :xd

iriseyes: We had a really good time haha.

iriseyes: How do you know about that?

uniquec: From the both of you . :p

iriseyes: Like I said, I'm getting old >__<

uniquec: Memory first to go . ;p Besides I remember useless information.

uniquec: I think I'm the one getting old... I'm losing track of questions that I ask. :)

iriseyes: Think of something wild and new :D

uniquec: What is the wildest thing you ever done?

iriseyes: Wildest?

uniquec: Yes.

iriseyes: Probably what I did last night, actually I'm pretty straightlaced.

uniquec: Which was?

iriseyes: A gutsy halloween costume lol.

iriseyes: Sad, that that's the best I can tell ya.

uniquec: Lol. Costume was a crowd pleaser?

iriseyes: Loved by all!

uniquec: That good. :xd Do you have moments when you aren't so straitlaced?

iriseyes: I guess when I dance... but not really, no.

iriseyes: I'm always me lol.

uniquec: No moments of insanity?

iriseyes: Either that, or every moment is a moment of insanity.

uniquec: Depends on ones perspective. Btw what did you get on your SAT's?

iriseyes: 800 on reading, everything else is a hi~mi~tsu.

uniquec: Heh what would you like others to know about you that they would not know?

iriseyes: That I'm not a drama whore anymore!

uniquec: Where you ever one or was that just a perceived notion?

iriseyes: I used to be, ya... but then I grew the hell up.

iriseyes: A lot of stuff I used to enjoy annoys me now, all the secretive drama and infighting of fansubbing.

uniquec: Is that what most annoy you about fansubbbing?

iriseyes: Definitely. it's people battling over virtual territory nobody cares about.

uniquec: It's not life and death but yet they think it is.

iriseyes: I love my friends in fansubbing and my work, but I hate the shady dealings and logs and pasting and blah blah blah. Grow up, get a life.

uniquec: Move on.

uniquec: So had enough of the randomness?

iriseyes: You submerge me in myself. :3

uniquec: See how painless this was despite your hiding from it.

iriseyes: I hid for quite a long time :o

uniquec: What are you parting words of wisdom?

iriseyes: Live life how you intended to when you were a kid.

iriseyes: That's my wisdom. :)

uniquec: Cool never forget your childhood dreams.

uniquec: Thanks for doing the interview after all this time.

iriseyes: No prob uni, thanks for having a listen :)

iriseyes: mwaa!~

uniquec: See it wasnt as painful as Soi would have you believe :)

iriseyes: He said it was very scary lol.

uniquec: Because he told me about his tentacle fascination :xd

iriseyes: Yeah!

uniquec: And on that note, we will end this interview at this moment. We appreciate iriseyes for finally doing this interview afterall this time and being a good sport. Hopefully, one day she will fall in love.

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