Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews dancinbojangles former translator for SHS.

uniquec: On this episode, we manage to bring you a former translator for SHS who disappeared around the time when these interviews first appeared. After several attempts throughtout the years, we managed to track him down to do this. The person whom the Goddess teasingly call Lulu and manages to put up with her silliness, we welcome dancinbojangles to our audience.

dancinbojangles: Ask away, please!

uniquec: Ok then. So what did you do fansubbing wise?

dancinbojangles: Ok, let's see here.

dancinbojangles: I did a bunch of stuff, so this may not be complete but Darker than Black, Red Garden, Chevalier, Code Geass (of course), Innocent Venus, Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo.

dancinbojangles: Um. Don't know if there are any more.

dancinbojangles: Likely.

dancinbojangles: Oh, half of Ghost Hunt and half of Jigoku Shoujo s1 and s2.

uniquec: I was more refering to your translating skills per se.

dancinbojangles: Hm?

dancinbojangles: Oh, well I was a translator, of course.

uniquec: I know that. :)

uniquec: So what group/groups did you work for?

dancinbojangles: There was Shinsen and a brief period at another group working under an alias. That was a dark time.

uniquec: How dark of a time?

dancinbojangles: Well, that was before I really gained acceptance at Shinsen, and Vincent was trying to make me do To Heart 2, which was simply nauseating.

dancinbojangles: So I took up with another group and did Ergo Proxy. It was not a very good release.

uniquec: The horror stories of To Heart 2, it still haunts you.

dancinbojangles: Yeah.... Half of it was the girl crying, the other was her jumping into some dude's arms, misogyny personified.

uniquec: Why did you decide to get into fansubbing?

dancinbojangles: Well, I saw the Shinsen release of Speed Grapher and noticed that it was a website, not a company's name, that was attached to it.

dancinbojangles: So I stumbles about the internet and came across Baka-updates which led me to Shinsen's channel, where I found positions open, and applied successfully.

uniquec: And afterwards you were seduced.

dancinbojangles: Basically.

uniquec: The rest is history.

uniquec: Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

dancinbojangles: Well, my wife...and daughter would be nice.

dancinbojangles: Swiss Family Robinson kinda thing.

uniquec: Do you think you have good survival skills?

dancinbojangles: Oh yeah, I used to go backpacking all the time.

dancinbojangles: Growing up in California with the Sierra Nevadas right there, it's a regular teenage activity.

uniquec: Outdoorsy guy in plaid shirts. :XD

uniquec: So what are your hobbies outside anime?

dancinbojangles: Well, I like electronics and computers, but also gardening, cooking and such.

dancinbojangles: Um... surfing when possible.

dancinbojangles: Yoga.

uniquec: Are you a good surfer?

dancinbojangles: Well, Los Angeles born and raised, so I like to flatter myself to think so.

uniquec: Surfer guy with the golden tan.

uniquec: Where would you like to travel but never been?

dancinbojangles: Hmm, let's see.

dancinbojangles: I've been a lot of places, so this is tough.

dancinbojangles: Probably Russia.

dancinbojangles: Moscow and such.

dancinbojangles: Oh, or South Africa.

uniquec: Why?

dancinbojangles: Well, there's all kinds of cool stuff there, I guess.

dancinbojangles: Oh, oh! I'd like to go to Winnipeg and visit Asa.

dancinbojangles: I've never been there.

uniquec: But not in the winter unless you like really cold weather in Winnipeg.

dancinbojangles: Well, I think it could be cool. I only see snow like a couple times a year.

uniquec: You could go skiing.

dancinbojangles: Yeah, that's when I see it, but that's expensive and not that kid-friendly overall.

uniquec: Where would you recomend visiting that you have already been?

dancinbojangles: Definitely the Marshall Islands, though they're poor there, but the oceans are UNBELIEVABLE.

dancinbojangles: Like Hawaii times a thousand.

dancinbojangles: There are old ships and tanks rusting on the beaches because of the US military presence there.

uniquec: You like places where there is water and sand.

dancinbojangles: I'd say so. It was also where I met my wife, so it holds kind of a special significance.

uniquec: The romantic that you are. So how do see yourself 20 years from now?

dancinbojangles: Well, Nadi will be 23...don't like to think about that.

dancinbojangles: I'm gonna be freaking old.

dancinbojangles: Jesus.

dancinbojangles: I hope I have at least one more kid.

dancinbojangles: Hopefully still with my current wife, not one of these serial monogamists.

dancinbojangles: I'd like to be a successful lawyer and linguist with most of my career behind me, heading into the twilight of old age in some considerable grace.

uniquec: Lol. We all get old every second.

dancinbojangles: Yeh.

uniquec: You want to be put away in a nursing home :)

dancinbojangles: Hopefully not. Wow I hope I have the decency to kill myself before I need full-time care.

dancinbojangles: I'm all about taking care of our elders but I don't want to be one of them.

uniquec: You can't picture yourself old.

uniquec: Relying on others for help.

dancinbojangles: Well, I can picture myself old, but it's not overly pleasant. I guess it's not so much a fear of aging and changing in appearance or anything physical, just going soft and being unable to rely on myself.

uniquec: Well you could manage to stay relative healthy and lead a full life without assistance.

dancinbojangles: Then again, 50 isn't that old.

dancinbojangles: 20 years isn't that bad, then. let's say I'm in the danger zone in 40.

uniquec: What would you like to do but never done?

dancinbojangles: Three chicks at the same time? Joking, joking!

uniquec: Only three? :P J/k

dancinbojangles: Lawl.

dancinbojangles: Yeah, I don't think I could handle more than three. It would just be chaos.

uniquec: Only so much, you can multitask.

dancinbojangles: I don't know. Going into space would be cool.

dancinbojangles: Yeah, definitely. Go into space.

dancinbojangles: Or at least that free-fall plane where you feel weightless.

uniquec: Innie or outie bellybutton?

dancinbojangles: Innie.

dancinbojangles: I think outies are weird.

dancinbojangles: I think it's bizarre that they happen both when someone's really fat and really skinny not a middle of the road thing, the outie.

uniquec: They aren't that many. Only a certain weirdo said he had an outie. Boxers or briefs?

dancinbojangles: Well that depends on the situation. Lately I've been taking to the hybrid model increased mobility while maintaining coverage better than the standard tighty-whitey.

dancinbojangles: Plus there's the whole overheating testicles thing. Not fun, that.

uniquec: Comfortabilty and coverage, you can't ask for anything more.

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

dancinbojangles: Well, I like to think extrovert, but lately I've been insulating a bit, focusing on the family and such. Not much time for parties.

uniquec: Well partying isn't necessary a part of being an extrovert.

dancinbojangles: Yeah, extrovert, though.

uniquec: Do you dream in colour or black and white?

uniquec: Or do you remember your dreams?

dancinbojangles: I dream in color, almost certainly. I never got why people think dreams only happen in black and white.

dancinbojangles: Then again, it might be the whole adding color upon waking thing filling in the blanks.

uniquec: Or they think it's gray.

dancinbojangles: Kinda weird.

uniquec: What is the oddest dream that you rember?

dancinbojangles: Hmm.

dancinbojangles: Well most of my dreams are pretty banal.

dancinbojangles: But one comes to mind that was quite recent.

uniquec: Which was?

dancinbojangles: I was auditioning for the role of James Bond and doing a scene where he was eating in a fancy restaurant.

dancinbojangles: And they didn't like me very much.

uniquec: Oh really? Didn't you get the role?

dancinbojangles: But later in the week, they called to offer me the role of "Fat James Bond," of the summer blockbuster "Fat James Bond".

dancinbojangles: Comedy, needless to say.

dancinbojangles: I remember the poster they showed me.

uniquec: Heh. Your subconscious must think that you have gain a few extra pounds.

dancinbojangles: It was basically me, but like 100 pounds fatter.

dancinbojangles: Doing a karate kick away from an explosion, flanked by the words "FAT JAMES BOND".

uniquec: That would be a bit scary and funny at the sametime.

dancinbojangles: Yeah...

dancinbojangles: I don't know though, I think I've been keeping fairly fit lately.

dancinbojangles: But still, it was funny.

uniquec: Lol, no wonder you remembered the dream.

uniquec: What is your favourite colour?

dancinbojangles: Dunno.

dancinbojangles: I like pale green it makes me think of hills by the sea.

dancinbojangles: Wind blowing through the tall grass.

dancinbojangles: Good stuff.

uniquec: Summmertime coolness.

uniquec: Favourite food?

dancinbojangles: I likes them all!

uniquec: You just love food.

dancinbojangles: In general, I'd say Japanese food, because that's what we ate most often as a kid.

dancinbojangles: Yeah, cooking and all.

uniquec: But no one thing you like the most?

dancinbojangles: Mmm, katsu don, maybe.

uniquec: Least favourite?

dancinbojangles: Tough to say.

dancinbojangles: I usually like stuff.

dancinbojangles: But that jellyfish that they sometimes serve at chinese places is pretty nasty.

dancinbojangles: Oh, sea urchin! That stuff is terrible.

uniquec: You haven't acquire the taste for it.

uniquec: How do you like to eat eggs?

dancinbojangles: Over-medium, cooked on a slab of pink Himilayan salt.

dancinbojangles: Seriously delicious, you should try it.

dancinbojangles: The salt dissolves just enough to flavor the egg.

dancinbojangles: You just put it on the burner.

uniquec: And voila you have a taste like no other.

dancinbojangles: Pretty much.

dancinbojangles: The salt really is pink, it's amazing.

uniquec: But it will not turn the egg whites pink?

dancinbojangles: No, very very little actually gets dissolved, due to the small surface area when compared with grains.

dancinbojangles: So it's overpowered by the usual whiteness and little bit of brown from cooking.

uniquec: I see. What is your favourite thing to cook?

dancinbojangles: I like trying out new recipes. If you go to Epicurious or tastespotting, they're pretty awesome.

dancinbojangles: Don't know though. I like cooking breakfast, since it's quick and easy, and everyone's happy to have it.

dancinbojangles: Nobody's gonna be unhappy to have eggs and hash browns and sausages or something.

uniquec: Since they are usually hungry at that time of the day.

uniquec: Nothing that impress people when you serve guests?

dancinbojangles: Nothing in particular.

dancinbojangles: I'm a decent cook, at least, so I try to prepare something that looks good.

dancinbojangles: My confidence in that regard is high.

uniquec: Looks good as well as it taste...appease to both senses.

uniquec: What is your favourite movie?

dancinbojangles: Hmm. We just watched Star Wars with Nadi, and that was a lot of fun. Like most things, I like quantity of experience as much as quality, though.

uniquec: The whole package. Any movie you dislike then?

dancinbojangles: Oh man, Akira Kurosawa's Ran.

dancinbojangles: You don't hear people criticizing Kurosawa much but Ran is teeeeeeerrible.

uniquec: That terrible, in which manner?

dancinbojangles: It's just boring repetitive and slow-paced.

dancinbojangles: Oh, on that note!

dancinbojangles: The Japanese version of The Ring.

dancinbojangles: Oh Christ, I saw that when it first came out and everyone was like "DUDE IT'S SO SCARY" but it was like three hours of them walking around and being boring. Plus, the explanation that she was some kind of "daughter of the sea gods" or something was lame.

uniquec: Heh didn't quite make sense.

dancinbojangles: Then I saw the American one, and it's pretty much my favorite horror movie ever.

dancinbojangles: I like how the director sort of subverts your expectations by making it look like it's going to be about the teenage girls at the beginning, then they die.

uniquec: What type of music do you enjoy?

dancinbojangles: You know, I don't really like music. It's odd, but when I'm sitting around, I just don't think to put any music on.

dancinbojangles: Even in the car, I just sit in quiet contemplation.

uniquec: You enjoy the silence.

dancinbojangles: I guess not so much, actually.

dancinbojangles: I just don't notice it.

uniquec: It isn't important to you.

uniquec: Contemplate life. If you were a superhero what power would you want?

dancinbojangles: The subjective ability to freeze time.

dancinbojangles: So like, I would freeze what I didn't want to interact with actively,

dancinbojangles: Then I'd have infinite time to goof off.

uniquec: Would you make a good super hero or would you abuse your power?

dancinbojangles: I wouldn't try to save people or anything.

uniquec: So you would abuse it then.

dancinbojangles: That's how you get into nasty complications with super villains.

dancinbojangles: Well, I wouldn't use if for evil, per se just not for active good, either.

uniquec: You would be relatively useless in that manner.

dancinbojangles: I mean, maybe occasionally use it to help someone right next to me who's in trouble.

uniquec: If you were paying attention.

uniquec: What is your favourite anime?

dancinbojangles: Um, dunno. Maybe Macross.

dancinbojangles: Like all other media, it's so tough to pick a favorite.

uniquec: Any anime you dislike?

dancinbojangles: Um, anything with the cloyingly sweet moe girls not tempered by good plot and character development.

dancinbojangles: To Heart is just awful.

dancinbojangles: Clannad, in my personal minority opinion.

dancinbojangles: Oh man, Saikano.

dancinbojangles: Anything that's just sad for sadness sake.

dancinbojangles: I mean, why would they make a little girl prone to flights of fancy and lack of determination into this ultimate killing machine?

dancinbojangles: It's a conceit that only the Japanese seem to have, that something of that nature would ever happen.

dancinbojangles: I mean, making Sergeant Patriot into the Ultimate weapon would make more sense, right?

uniquec: And their fascination for rape as well.

dancinbojangles: Yeaaaaaaaah, but at least that's generally confined to the hentai arena.

uniquec: What would you liike to remember after your death?

dancinbojangles: Like, what I would like to remember, or what I'd like to be remembered about me?

uniquec: Like to be remembered.

dancinbojangles: I'd like to be remembered as a good father, most of all.

dancinbojangles: I'd like my kids to remember me as someone fun, not like a lost opportunity because of estrangement.

uniquec: You would like to maintain a good relationship with them as they grow.

dancinbojangles: Yeah, that's really important.

uniquec: What would you like others to know about you that they might not know?

dancinbojangles: I don't know about that.

uniquec: You want to remain a mystery. ~

dancinbojangles: Well, I don't think much is really left to say.

uniquec: That you are really a girly Lulu..j/k :)

uniquec: Any material item that you treasure?

dancinbojangles: Yeah, I have a few artifacts and such that I kept as mementos of digs and all.

dancinbojangles: My doctoral degree.

uniquec: You enjoying going on digs?

dancinbojangles: Yeah, of course.

uniquec: You like playing with dirt.

dancinbojangles: Well, what people don't often realize is that the vast majority of the work done on a dig is classification and sorting.

dancinbojangles: That's what I really like.

uniquec: Secrecy.

uniquec: What is your ideal/perfect day?

dancinbojangles: Well, there's no real ideal day for me.

dancinbojangles: As I've said so many times, there are varied experiences, each special.

uniquec: And unique in it's own way.

dancinbojangles: Spending a day at home with daughter and wife is nice.

uniquec: Quiet but enjoyable day.

dancinbojangles: Yup.

uniquec: So any parting words of wisdom?

dancinbojangles: Not really.

uniquec: Thank you for doing the interview. See it was not too bad.

dancinbojangles: Never thought it would be.

uniquec: Yeah since I really don't torture fansubbers.

uniquec: Thus concludes another entertaining episode, as we appreciate dancinbojangles for sharing his time with us and allowing us to get to know more of his personal side. We will no longer picture you as girlie Lulu but as fat James Bond and we will be on the lookout for your debut. :) The things that the Goddess manages to discover can be disturbing.

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