Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews asinankurus timer for SHS.

uniquec: Yes, it is time once again for another Goddess interview. On today's episode we bring you a relatively new member of the Shinsen staff asinankurus who is a timer.

asinankurus: Here I am, ready to be interviewed. :)

uniquec: Ok :)

uniquec: Are you ready for the fun?:)

asinankurus: Aye! xD

uniquec: So what do you do fansubbing wise?

asinankurus: I'm doing the timing.

asinankurus: This is my first time joining a fansub group.

uniquec: How long have you been doing timing?

asinankurus: If I recall, it's since December 2009.

asinankurus: Miracle Train episode 5 is my first work.

uniquec: What made you decide to time?

asinankurus: Well, I like learning new stuff and I love spending my time in front of computer. So I tried it, and liked it afterwards. :)

asinankurus: I'm kinda expanding to do sign-typesetting as well.

uniquec: Broaden one talents.

uniquec: So why did you decide on Shinsen?

asinankurus: Shinsen is my #1 favorite! :D I love the HQ fansub done by Shinsen. It's so fine and perfect for me. So I wanted to try and work with the awesome team I admire. ^^

uniquec: And now you have your wish. :)

asinankurus: Yep, I'm so grateful. :)

uniquec: So who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

asinankurus: Hm, must be just 1 person?

uniquec: If it is too many the island would be crowded and you wouldn't be too deserted. :)

asinankurus: Hmm~ Maybe Torianna. She is very nice. One of the people who greeted me when I just joined the team.

uniquec: Torianna is very nice. She can entertain you with her book.

asinankurus: Oh, she wrote books? Cool~

uniquec: What are you hobbies outside anime?

asinankurus: I love drawing very much. :D

asinankurus: I have a dA account, though I haven't uploaded anything lately.

uniquec: So what do you like to draw?

asinankurus: I draw in anime-style. I do it only to entertain myself. Love to draw bishounen(s) just to amuse my own eyes. lol

asinankurus: So most of my drawing are scraps. I don't have time to ink nor color them.

uniquec: Nothing like pretty males :)

asinankurus: :P uniquec: Eye candy~

uniquec: What country would you like to travel to but never been?

asinankurus: Japan, obviously. I like the culture and the food. :D

uniquec: No one specific place in Japan?

asinankurus: Hmm~ Ikebukuro? Yeah, that nerdiest district. I want to live there is possible. :P

uniquec: Are you saying that you are a nerd?

asinankurus: An ex-nerd, maybe? lol

asinankurus: I want to know how it feels to live in an area with so many otaku(s). Haha.

uniquec: Lol, how can one be an ex-nerd?:)

asinankurus: Me can. xD

asinankurus: The college surroundings has changed my behavior and all.

uniquec: You don't have lingering nerdness still?

asinankurus: Still, sometimes, when I'm with one bestest friend of mine. But maybe "fangirlness" is more accurate? lol

asinankurus: I don't smoke, drink, go partying, etc. Maybe one still can call me a nerd? :P

uniquec: Lol unlike me. :) So where have you been that you would recomend visiting?

asinankurus: Bali, the best island in my country. :)

uniquec: How so?

asinankurus: I love the beaches, and the people are very nice. It feels nice to see such a strong culture still exists as well.

uniquec: Are you a beach bum then?

asinankurus: I ever lived there since the 6th grade until I graduated from senior high.

asinankurus: I like beach but do not go there so often. Just on some occasion.

uniquec: What is your favourite food?

asinankurus: Chili chicken ramen. Yummy~ :D

uniquec: You like spicy stuff?

asinankurus: The foodcourt in front of my college has it. :) Yup, more spicy, more yummy. :P

uniquec: Least favourite food?

asinankurus: Hmm... Blackforest... Well, I don't really like cake; especially, the ones with rum.

asinankurus: I like cheese cake, though.

uniquec:Not into alcohol.

asinankurus: Yep, I'm not.

uniquec: How do you like to eat eggs?

asinankurus: Fried is the best, but boiled is fine too.

uniquec: Any condiments with the eggs?

asinankurus: Boiled with salt water is very food. xD

uniquec: No need to add extra salt afterwards.

asinankurus: With traditional sauce, sometimes.

uniquec: So how do you see yourself 10 years from now?

asinankurus: Have a family with one or two child, while working as an architect. :)

uniquec: A way to encompass your love for drawing. :)

asinankurus: Exactly. ^^ I'm still attending college for the major now though.

uniquec: You are on your way to your goal.

uniquec: What would you like to do but never done?

asinankurus: Buy some new game console... Does it count? :P

uniquec: I see you are that adventurous...NOT!

asinankurus: I wanna buy PSP and NDS. But always ended up using the money for study needs. OTL

uniquec: Well right now studying has a higher priority.

asinankurus: Agreed. It's regarding my future. >.<

uniquec: Innie or outie ?

asinankurus: Pardon me?

uniquec: Belly button...also known as my trademark question. :)

asinankurus: Well, innie. xD

uniquec: Underwear preference?

asinankurus: Hmm, the normal ones used by teenagers? lol Sorry if I get it wrong. :P

uniquec: It's okay since it's usually works better when I ask boxers or briefs to guys. :)

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

asinankurus: Does ambivert count?

uniquec: I guess. Why ambivert ?

asinankurus: I love hanging out with friends, shopping, going to karaoke, and such. But I don't really tell my problems to them.

uniquec: You keep that part hidden.

asinankurus: Yeah, I keep a strong line between the fun and the private.

uniquec: Mysterious. :)

uniquec: Favourite colour?

asinankurus: I like orange the most. :)

asinankurus: It looks fresh, I like secondary colors.

uniquec: Light, medium or dark orange?

asinankurus: Light and medium, I think.

uniquec: In between.

uniquec: Do you remember your dreams?

asinankurus: I do, but not too clearly. Lately I've been dreaming the life at college. And I'd feel tired when I woke up.

uniquec: Dreaming wore you out.:)

uniquec: Do you dream in color or black and white?

asinankurus: Tired in both real life and dream life. lol

asinankurus: My dream looks colorful, but seems dark.

uniquec: Something dark hiding in it.

uniquec: What is the oddest dream that you remember?

asinankurus: Woo~ Mysterious xD

uniquec: You like mysteries?:)

asinankurus: The oddest dream... It looks EXACTLY like real life. So I got confused when I woke up, wondering why I was sleeping, why I was there, and such.

asinankurus: I like mysteries, but no horror. :P

uniquec: Real life can be more scarier than one's dreams.

asinankurus: I think I agree with that. xD

uniquec: Favourite anime?

asinankurus: As for lately, Kuroshitsuji and Durarara. I like Kino's Journey and the movies by Studio Ghibli as well. ^^

uniquec: No one favourite?

asinankurus: Do you mean my #1 fav?

uniquec: Yeah.

asinankurus: Kino's Journey. :) It was airing on Animax and I love it. :D

uniquec: What about it that you enjoyed?

asinankurus: The storyline in each episode, made my heart thumping. I like how the story sometimes could make me shed tears. I rarely cry when watching something.

asinankurus: Oh, and the genre of adventure as well.

uniquec: Least favourite anime?

asinankurus: Kaze no Stigma. The colors hurt my eyes. D

uniquec: You didn't like the colors they used ;)

asinankurus: I can't really remember the least fav anime based on the story for now. :/

uniquec: What type of music do you like?

asinankurus: J-Pop. I like Utada's songs.

uniquec: Favourite Utada song?

asinankurus: Passion, it's the one used as Kingdom Heart's theme song. :D

uniquec: Least favourite type of music?

asinankurus: Hard rock? I don't like loud music.

uniquec: What song would represent you?

asinankurus: Wait a minute, I remember a song but forgot the title. :P

uniquec: Lyrics...

asinankurus: It's an old song... But I remember that it really represents me. Has a line of "married with children"... It's a woman who sing it.

uniquec: What would you like to be remeber after your death?

asinankurus: My family. They're my everything. Yeah, I know it sounds so cliche. :P But still, it's true.

uniquec: They make us who we are...bad or good that might be.

uniquec: Are you materialistic?

asinankurus: Materialistic? Yes. As for now, my highest dream is to be a successful architect so I can give my family everything they need without confused about money.

uniquec: Is there anything you treasure?

asinankurus: Ah, I remember the song! It's "Incomplete" by Alanis Morissette. ^^

asinankurus: If anything counts, my family. If it has to be a thing, my laptop. lol

uniquec: See how well the mind works in remembering stuff.

uniquec: Favourite movie?

asinankurus: For 3D animation, it's FF VII: Advent Children Complete. For an action movie, it's ICHI.

uniquec: Why ICHI?

asinankurus: I like swords-fight and the ancient Japan.

uniquec: Least favourite movie?

asinankurus: I think it's Air - The Movie, or OVA. I don't really remember.

asinankurus: I don't like movies without high climax.

uniquec: So what super hero powers would you want?

asinankurus: Copying another people super power, but it can be replaced with another ones, I can choose only one at a time. I think it's called Plagiarism in Ragnarok Online? lol

uniquec: Lol.

asinankurus: I'm easily bored, so yeah.

uniquec: Would you abuse your super powers?

asinankurus: Nah, of course not. Just for fun. lol

uniquec: Would you make a good super hero?

asinankurus: So-so. I prefer the "supporting character" feel. :P

uniquec: The comic relief.

uniquec: So are you an idealist or pessimist?

asinankurus: Ah, yesterday I've been talking about this with my friend. I think I'm a pessimist.

uniquec:How so?

asinankurus: The way I see things is based on my problems that I've solved, talk about reality.

uniquec: You see things as they relate to you.

asinankurus: Yeah, something like "I don't believe those cliche phrase".

uniquec: You don't believe that everything fits so neatly in them.

asinankurus: Yes. If I haven't had any problems related to those phrase, then I don't have any reason to believe in them either.

asinankurus: My friend said that I'm a negative-thinking person. Well, kinda ^^;

uniquec: Negative person :)

uniquec: So anying parting words of wisdom?

asinankurus: Don't aim the Number 1, but be the WINNER. Does it count? If one can be a number 1, they have a chance to be the number 2, 3, etc. But the Winner only has the chance to win or lose, it's 50:50. Well, this phrase does give me courage. :)

uniquec: The winner gets the spoils.

uniquec: Thanks for doing the interview.

asinankurus: Oh, you're welcome. And it's always nice to have someone to talk to. Thanks to you, too. :)

uniquec: We thank asinankurus for taking the time to do this interview despite the 12 hour time difference as we wish her success in her future endeavors as an architect.

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