Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews one of SHS translators aeyes.

uniquec: On this installment, we are pleased to bring to you another former staff member. Well he will say he was not on staff but was on loan by another staff member and was never in the credits. We are lucky to bring you another one of Shinsen Staff translaters aeyes.

uniquec: So why did you join SHS?

aeyes: Might not be grammatically 100% because I can't be arsed to do that.

uniquec: Like this interview is grammatically correct :p

aeyes: I joined SHS because I was playing with the idea of coming back to translating again. They were a group I had worked with before, so I'd rather do that than face a whole different type of crazy that might blow up in my face.

aeyes: Whole different type of crazy being a new group.

uniquec: You are at least aware of some of the craziness behind the group.

uniquec: What do you do for Shinsen?

aeyes: I work for the translation staff... mostly on the transchecking side.

uniquec: Have you always been interest in the Japanese language?

aeyes: My aunts would speak in japanese to me when we played cards... So yes, I've been interested in the language since I was little and I always just ended up wanting to learn more.

uniquec:> Did you miss your time away from translating anime?

aeyes: Honestly...? I had a lot on my plate outside translating for free. It was a good time to take a break and get my affairs in order.

uniquec: You needed a break from the madness.

aeyes: There was that whole major drama thing going across Shinsen at the time. Yes... but also just things to deal with my own personal affairs.

uniquec: There is always drama in some form.

uniquec: So which member of the staff would you want to be stranded on a deserted island with, past or present?

aeyes: I actually don't know the current or previous staff that well. Just well enough to know that I don't want to be in closed quarters with any of them really.

uniquec: Lol. well old staff?

aeyes: **points to the words previous staff included in above statement**

uniquec: That bad.

uniquec: So are you enjoying the new staff then?

aeyes: I'm a person that likes his privacy mostly.

uniquec: I somehow knew that by now.

aeyes: They seem like a nice bunch. I do look forward to working with them... just doesn't necessarily mean I'd hunt them down for a meet up or anything.

uniquec: Like you would meet up with them in real life.

aeyes: My point exactly. I'm aiming to keep it that way.

uniquec: So what are your hobbies outside anime?

aeyes: I enjoy playing soccer, learning to surf, snowboarding, travel, music, photography, watching movies, and reading.

uniquec: Safety in anonymity. So what do you like to read?

aeyes: Mmm... mostly mysteries or books that allow me to think somewhat. I've also enjoyed books by Haruki Murakami.Then I don't know how much it counts as reading... but some manga as well.

uniquec: Diversity is always good. What type of music do you prefer?

aeyes: A lot of my music is various forms of mainstream rock. I have a little classical and pop music sometimes and even more ocassionally... ska. Don't listen to country or rap that much. I'm really into a group called Radwimps now and also starting to search for Veltpunch music.

uniquec: Music to go with ones own mood. So where would you like to travel that you never been?

aeyes: I'd like to go through China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Europe.

uniquec: Any one place more than the other?

aeyes: Not in any particular order. Just when I can get to them.

uniquec: What place would you recomend that you've been to and why?

aeyes: I've been to very few places honestly... so I don't really have much to suggest. In japan, I've really like Oita in the fall. They have a pretty cool suspension bridge that overlooks a canyon of trees changing leaf colors. Vancouver, British Columbia had a nice balance of city and greenery. Those sorts of places. Can't really recommend Mexico for much though... : x

uniquec: It isn't in your places to revisit. again. :) What are your favourite foods? Must haves.

aeyes: Oddly I don't have a list of absolute favourites. If someone should happen to go to Hita in Oita prefecture, there's really good unagi don (eel over rice) that's pretty famous.

uniquec: It passes aeyes discerning palate?

aeyes: Yeah... not to mention they had an interesting way of suggesting how to prepare the rice bowl each time you ate. About four different ways.

uniquec: And how do you prepare rice bowls? I didn't know they were ways to do it.

aeyes: More like different spices to eat them with. Such as wasabi and onion or spicy yuzu and ginger... those sorts of things. They have a whole list of suggested ways to try them.

uniquec: Ahh, interesting. I was curious as to rice bowl preparation. So is there anything you would like to do but never done?

aeyes: I've always wanted to try scuba diving, sky diving, or bungee jumping. Due to work restrictions... piercing or body art is out.

uniquec: What kind of body art would you have wanted to wear?

aeyes: I had never really thought of that too much since I knew it would be something I'd not be able to do for various reasons. so I can't really answer that.

uniquec: It was something you knew deep down that you would not do. Boxers or briefs?:)

aeyes: Boxers. Sometimes boxer-briefs.

uniquec: What is the strangest dream that you ever had?

aeyes: I honestly don't remember my dreams that much.

uniquec: You tend to forget them. Do you dream in colour or black and white?

aeyes: Black and white. Lately a lot of them have been in japanese too.

uniquec: With no subtitles. Sorry, I couldn't rest. Perhaps it's due since you are in Japan. Anything you would like other people to know about you, other than you are reserved?

aeyes: I have a low tolerance for idiots, don't bother me with trivial things.

uniquec: So the must ask question inny or outie belly button?

aeyes: It's primarily inny.

uniquec: there is a little outie present then?

aeyes: Yeah. It was cut at an angle apparently... so there is a bit of an outie quality to it.

uniquec: Odd not that you are odd normally. So any parting words of wisdom?

aeyes: Think before speaking/acting. It'll save a lot of time in the end.

uniquec: And on that note, we thank you for doing this interview despite my pestering for weeks.

aeyes: I haven't been a staff member for weeks.

uniquec: I know I was refering to me just asking beforehand and (to me) you were always staff anyway despite your technicality. See it was not as terrorizing as you might have thought. We would like to thank aeyes for being a good sport in doing this despite my constant asking or when are you returning on staff lines. Welcome back to the insanity of SHS Subs and of course to future surviving more uniquec's random conversations.:) Despite his aloofness, he is really a nice person despite his quirkiness once you get to know him.

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