Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews Zycle encoder and AFX Typesetter.

uniquec: Today, we bring you the 50th episode of the Goddess interviews. Yes, we have managed to actually do that many in less than two years! We never thought at the time that we would do more than one since it was just supposed to be an example of what could be done with the concept and of course ndbag was a willing victim.^^ It's been an adventurer getting to know people that I don't normally talk to or would have the nerve to message but I do have those moment of insanity. We would like to thank all those people who have kindly given up their time to do them as well as those who have declined for various reasons. I've enjoyed doing them despite each interview takes several hours to do not counting the time afterwards to edit them. Who knows how long they will continue since only time will tell.

uniquec: For this special episode we managed to find an SHS staff member and a few other places, Zycle who encodes and typeset. Are you ready for the fun?:)

Zycle: Yeah, sure =D

uniquec: So what do you do?

Zycle: Encoding and AFX Typesetting.

uniquec: What do you like to do more?

Zycle: Mainly typesetting. Since I am the only active AFX Typesetter in SHS, I am forced to do most of the stuff lol.

uniquec: Keeps you out of too much trouble. What groups do you work for?

Zycle: SHS, Anime-Kraze and I did some here-and-there stuff for Menclave as well.

uniquec: Why did you decide to get involve in the fansubbing scene?

Zycle: Well, I like anime and got sick of German fansubs so I decided to join an English group. SHS was my favourite and I applied as an encoder.

Zycle: After some time I played around with After Effects because I was impressed by the AFX Group title names.

uniquec: And the rest is history. How long have you been fansubbing?

Zycle: I think I started in June 2007.

uniquec: Time flies when you are having. Who would you want to be stranded on a desert with?

Zycle: Hmm, Torianna. She is really nice and I enjoy talking with her =)

uniquec: What are your hobbies outside anime?

Zycle: Dancing :3

Zycle: And meeting with friends and family.

uniquec: Are you a good dancer then? :)

uniquec: You don't step on people's feet. :xd

Zycle: Some people say I am a good dancer, yeah. I don't step on women's feet, if that ever happens, it's her fault lol.

uniquec: Lol such a gentleman. What is your favourite dance?

Zycle: Tango. Everyone hates it, but I love it. I always differ from the average. xD

uniquec: You just don't want to be considered average. Where would you like to travel to but never been?

Zycle: Hehe, that my be true. Hmm, everywhere where I haven't been by now: USA, Canada, Greece, Japan, Brazil...

uniquec: No one place you would like to visit more?

Zycle: To improve my language skills, I prioritize USA and Japan.

Zycle: And I still haven't been in all countries in Europe ;D

uniquec: Where would you recomend visiting that you have been?

Zycle: Roma and Venecia. These were my favourites.

uniquec: How so?

Zycle: Big cities in Italy are awesome in general.

Zycle: It's just everything, the buildings, the atmosphere. Difficult question because the first things which popped into my mind were dirty -_- Hm, the only thing I can imaginw now would be traveling around the world.

uniquec: Well those places are a bit old so there is a certain amount of dirt through time. How do you see yourself 20 years from now?

Zycle: Hm, a beatiful teacher and husband with two or three kids. A breath taking dancer who has won serveral contests in his young age...

Zycle: Someome who traveled through the whole world.

Zycle: I can't think of anymore things.

uniquec: What is your favourite food?

Zycle: I don't have favourite food lol. In my opinion eating is annoying and robs your precious time, just like sleeping. But well, unfortunately you have to do it.

Zycle: I've always been wondering if I am the only one with that point of view. Lol.

uniquec: You would rather be travelling.

Zycle: Yup.

uniquec: You eat and sleep so you can then enjoy your travels.

uniquec: Any food that you hate then or it's all just something so you can live on for another day?

Zycle: I hate Eggs and Sauerkraut.

Zycle: I can actually eat everything else.

uniquec: And together they are a deadly combination. :) Favourite anime?

Zycle: Only if I imagine the taste of it, I could throw up.

Zycle: Death Note & Clannad.

uniquec: Why?

Zycle: Death Note: Because it's fucking awesome. Clannad: I really like drama/romance/comedy and that one was my favourite.

uniquec: You enjoyed their endings?

Zycle: DN's ending was obvious but still awesome. Clannad's was a bit strange but I still enjoyed it.

Zycle: I can't really describe why I enjoy something lol.

uniquec: Least favourite anime?

Zycle: Naruto Shippuuden.

Zycle: And don't ask why.

uniquec: You don't like overly zealous ninjas who have a beast sealed in them? :)

uniquec: Innie or outie belly button?

Zycle: Not really. Innie.

Zycle: And why do you want to know that? Lol.

uniquec: It's my useless and trademark question that I ask. :)

uniquec: As well as... boxers or briefs?

Zycle: Boxers... I'm telling you everything about me but I don't know anything about you.

Zycle: =o

uniquec: That's what fun about the interviews. :) You get to hear everyone deep, dark secets.

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

Zycle: Extrovert.

uniquec: Do you remember your dreams?

Zycle: Sometimes.

uniquec: What is the weirdst dream that you remember?

Zycle: And usually not the entire dream but a small weird part of it.

uniquec: Snippets of your dream.

Zycle: I don't think about them that much so I forget them pretty quickly.

Zycle: But I remember one thing.

Zycle: That I met one guy who looked like a deformed person painted with watercolors.

uniquec: Do you dream in black and white or colour?

Zycle: I dunno.

Zycle: I always try to remember if it was in color or not.

uniquec: Can you control what you are dreaming like you know that you are dreaming at the time?

Zycle: No.

uniquec: What super hero powers would you like to have?

Zycle: To fly.

uniquec: Why flying?

Zycle: Being able to fly is handy and awesome. And some angel wings would suit me :p

uniquec: You have an angelic aura around you? :)

Zycle: I wish I had one, lol.

Zycle: I usually turn nasty when talking to people for a longer period of time.

uniquec: Heh, so the angel wings would be a fraud personality wise. ~ Would you be a good super hero or would you abuse your powers?

Zycle: Depending on the situation. But actually I couldn't do any heroic doings with only my wings.

Zycle: I could do the shopping very fast.

Zycle: But I wouldn't be a super hero by doing that lol.

uniquec: Except for the occasonal rescue, sweeping down and catching people that are falling from buildings, bridges, etc.. Any item that you treasure?

Zycle: No, the only things I treasure are my memories and the people I like.

Zycle: Zycle is an awesome man, isn't he?

uniquec: Yes indeed. You aren't blinded by materialistic things.

Zycle: Or well, let's say boy or person.

uniquec: So what is your favourite type of music?

Zycle: I'm flexible, I don't specialize in one type of music.

uniquec: You can listen to anything depending on the mood. So there isn't anything you hate? Zycle: It's not depending on the mood. I'm actually always happy. If that isn't the case, which is really really rare, I don't listen to music :3

Zycle: I don't hate anything.

uniquec: You aren't a hateful person. Favourite movie?

Zycle: The Prestige. Favourite anime movie is Princess Mononoke.

uniquec: Why do you like them?

Zycle: I already told you...

Zycle: There is no reason why I like a movie/series.

uniquec: I thought that was why you don't hate anything.

uniquec: What would you like others to know about you that they might not know?

Zycle: I'm a cheerful boy. I only like and don't hate. There is no reason why I like it or not. And hating and not liking is a difference.

Zycle: Different question again...

uniquec: Uh huh, so....does that answer apply to that as well? :)

Zycle: I wrote that even before you asked xD But that can count as answer^^

uniquec: Fine with me, I'm easy going for the most part.

uniquec: Parting words of wisdom?

Zycle: Everything you say should be true. But not everything which is true, should be said.

Zycle: Or something like that lol.

uniquec: Since everything you say can be used against you in some manner. :)

Zycle: Life is risky.

uniquec: So is death.

uniquec: Thank you for being the 50th victim. It was a pleasure in having you do the interview.

Zycle: It was a pleasure for my part as well =)

uniquec: This concludes our 50th interview as we thank Zycle for his participation in this. We hope his travels will take him all across the world. We shall see how many more of these interviews exist and if people are willing to do them.

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