Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews one of SHS QC'ers .

uniquec: Today, we have ZK one of the newer QC'ers for Shinsen Subs who still does not consider himself to be staff.

uniquec: So are you ready for your torture?:)

ZK: R2o.

uniquec: So why did you decide to become a Shinsen staff member?

ZK: I liked the subs that Shinsen has put out. I am an active (perhaps a bit overly active) member of the community and decided that I might as well put some of that time and effort into helping out.

uniquec: So what do you do?

ZK: Currently, I quality check episodes that appear on the magic board of things to do.

ZK: That means, I look at that episode in its completed form and check for any form of error.

uniquec: Magic board eh?

ZK: Yes, the magic board is our bible.

uniquec: Spin the magic board.

ZK: Well, I guess more of a New Testament to my bible, the Asakomi/oojimaflib editing guide.

uniquec: Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island?

ZK: With?

uniquec: Uh huh.

ZK: That's a tough choice. I haven't been around long enough to meet everyone fully.

ZK: But, from what I know, I would say Cyprene.

uniquec: High standards the Asakomi/oojimaflib editing guide.

uniquec: Why Cyprene?

ZK: We probably wouldn't survive very well, but we'd certainly make it a hysterical demise.

ZK: I know I'd make my own version of "Wilson" and then just spend the entire time verbally abusing him.

uniquec: Heh cyprene isn't that bad once you get to know him.

ZK: No, I like Cyprene.

uniquec: Any staff member you would like to meet?

ZK: Probably bad wording on that line on my part, oh well.

ZK: I'd enjoy meeting most of them. Some of the ones I'd most like to see are Vincent, Cyprene and Rakujan the silly Brit.

uniquec: What are your hobbies outside anime?

ZK: I read a fair amount and write stories on the side (although, I take forever to make any progress on them). I also used to do a lot of competitive gaming, but I'd like to claim I've regained some of my life since those days. :p

uniquec: What do you like to read?

ZK: Sadly, I enjoy reading up on some of the more recent neuropsychology research. As for novels, I read all sorts of stuff, ranging from "the classics" to more contemporary, fantasy works like Pullman's "His Dark Materials".

uniquec: Any favourite author?

ZK: I don't really have a favorite author. The closest I get is the poet, T.S. Eliot.

uniquec: hat would you recommend by TS. Eliot that is a must read?

ZK: "Sweeney Among the Nightingales"

uniquec: Why?

ZK: I really can't explain why. I just really enjoyed the poem and think it is a very worthwhile read.

uniquec: where would you like to travel to that you have never been?

ZK: Well, I'd love to visit Japan, but my goal is to live in Iceland.

uniquec: Why live in Iceland?

ZK: While I'm there, I'll be sure to have Gummi disowned and declared a Swede so the taint leaves Iceland.

uniquec: Heh. Any place you been that you would recomend?

ZK: The Boundary Waters in Minnesota.

uniquec: Pretty?

ZK: I went camping up there and it was amazing.

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

ZK: I go for those fancy boxer-brief hybrids.

uniquec: What are your favorite foods?

ZK: I'm anosmic, so I eat pretty much anything that isn't a semi-solid.

ZK: IE I love salad, but don't eat any dressing on it because of the consistency.

uniquec: So you aren't inconsistent then. ^^

ZK: You so funny. :p

uniquec: What would you like others to know about you that they might not be aware of?


ZK: I cook pretty well, too.

uniquec: And sew.

ZK: We don't talk about such things here.

ZK: That's top secret info you're leaking.

uniquec: It so topic secret in Spambox.

ZK: The Shinsen regulars are part of an elite group.

uniquec: You want it removed from the interview?:p

ZK: No, that's fine.

uniquec: So anything you would like to do but never done?

ZK: Replace Steve Irwin.

ZK: I can't imagine anything more enjoyable than angering ruthless predators and making it look so easy.

uniquec: Lol.

uniquec: You might become their little snack.

uniquec: What is the strangest dream you ever had?

ZK: Unlike Steve, I'm not a short Australian honky. Animals would cower at the sight of me.

ZK: You know I don't sleep! :p

uniquec: Heh so you can't perchance to dream.

uniquec: So had enough of this so called interview?

ZK: I do have this daydream where I just go Godzilla mode on the world around me.

ZK: Sans the blue fiery stream, I can't seem to make myself believe I can do that.

uniquec: Godzilla fixation perhaps.

ZK: I've never seen a Godzilla movie.

ZK: But I have heard the song by Blue Oyster Cult.

uniquec: Even better, so you don't have expectations.

ZK: I'm a proud sponsor of low expectations.

uniquec: But it isn't the same as actually watching the Godzilla movies.

ZK: No, it's sexier.

uniquec: Applies for everything in life?

ZK: I won't say everything. I have notoriously high standards in some area. So high my friends call me stupid.

ZK: But for most things, the lower the standards, the better.

uniquec: That high.

uniquec: High expectations can lead to great disappointment.

ZK: It's better to live life always satisfied.

uniquec: Than dissatified and jaded.

ZK: Well, I'm jaded and satisfied.

uniquec: Jaded in what sense?

ZK: I have a very cynical view of things. :p

uniquec: Not a sunny ZK? :)

ZK: ZK is only sunny when he's making other people feel bad.

ZK: He doesn't play well with others. :p

uniquec: Okay.

uniquec: On that note, inny or outie?

ZK: Inny. Outie is a sign of a bad doctor delivering you! :p

uniquec: Hahaha is that what happened to Vincent?

ZK: Probably.

ZK: He's been messed up from birth I would guess.

uniquec: Would explain a lot of things.

uniquec: So any parting words of wisdom?

ZK: It fits like a glove.

uniquec: And on that note thanks for being a victim.

uniquec: I was going to say you were the new ex qc'er :xd

ZK: One never knows in these dark and ruthless days.

ZK: Justice is always served.

uniquec: In the most unlikely way. We would like to thank the disillusioned ZK for being so cooperative in doing the interview. If you ever want to complain about the quality of SHS subs, you can direct your complains to him. ^^

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