Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interview another member of Shinsen Subs distro staff Ygge of Shinsen Subs.

uniquec: On this installment of the Goddess interviews, we are fortunate to have Ygge a member of the hard working distro staff of Shinsen Subs. Are you ready to be questioned?

Ygge: I'm ready whenever you are.

uniquec: Okay, so when do you do for SHS?

Ygge: I'm currently working in the distro area, running a bot and doing releases whenever I can.

uniquec: So how long have you been doing it?

Ygge: Hmm since autumn 2004, so 3 and a half year now.

uniquec: So which member of the SHS staff would you like to be stranded on a desert island?

Ygge: Since ndbag sometimes thinks he's a panda I'd go for him, since pandas has lots of meat, so he could be a good food supply once the booze runs out.

uniquec: Lol, food supply.

uniquec: So which staff member would you like to meet?

Ygge: Good question, but I would probably go for Kaunteya, since hes been sort of a mentor for me during my distro practice...

uniquec: Have you meet any staff?

Ygge: Not yet. But I plan on herassing Crusifie-X soon since he lives in Sweden as well... and maybe ndbag during the summer :)

uniquec: The deviant likes to be harass. So what hobbies do you have outside anime?

Ygge: In general sports, football (soccer), computing and partying I suppose >_>

Ygge: Can beer count as a hobby? :/

uniquec: Drinking beer.

uniquec: You like to play sports or more watch?

Ygge: Both, I've played sports since I was 4 years old, but now its mostly watching and occationaly playing :)

uniquec: What your favourite sport to play?

Ygge: Handball and badminton.

uniquec: Where would you like to visit that you have not been?

Ygge:I have a soft spot for Asia so China or Taiwan would be cool to visit.

uniquec: Where would you recommend that you visited?

Ygge: Probably north part of Sweden during the summer, really relaxed place where people do what they feel they want to do... also nice place for fishing :)

Ygge: I used to when I was younger, but my fishing rod got lost when I moved.

uniquec: Aww.

uniquec: So what are your favourite foods that you can not live with out?

Ygge: Snus?

Ygge: :o

uniquec: Lol.

uniquec: You can live on just that...

Ygge: Dunno if it counts as food though... but corn flakes is another thing I need in the morning.

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

Ygge: Boxers.

Ygge: Unless I'm supposed to drive somewhere, then its the driving thong.

uniquec: Heh what would you like others to know about you that they might not know?

Ygge: Uhm... good question...

Ygge: I live in the 3rd most dangerous block in Sweden? :/

uniquec: Only the third?

Ygge: Well I can't be best in everything.

uniquec: True. So what is the weirdest dream you ever had?

Ygge: Usually I have one freaky dream each week... but the weirdest to date is probably when I tried lucid dreaming, and I thought I was in some kind of rpg game and shot my brother in the head with a crossbow. uniquec: You were playing the rpg too much before bed.

Ygge: Well it was during the Diablo 2 era so I suppose that could work.

Ygge: Some postcards but no parcels with booze or any other bribe.

uniquec: The panda couple haven't bribed you.

uniquec: So any parting words?

Ygge: Not yet, but once i get my economy in order I'll send ndbag his parcel with old socks.

uniquec: Lol.

Ygge: Hmm parting words... School almost sounds like cool?

uniquec: Heh and thanks for doing the interview.

Ygge: No problemo.

uniquec: We would like to thank Ygge for taking the time to do this interview after doing his two week pile of dishes. We know how important these interviews compared to doing dishes.

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