Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews Shinsen Subs scary leader.

uniquec: On this special Christmas edition of the Goddess interviews, we are fortunate to have the leader of Shinsen Subs in his infamous glory. Despite protest from both sides we managed to finally found mutual time to this long awaited travesity. Welcome to the stage, the only and only Vincent of the Shinsen Subs.

Vincent: Let's do this.

uniquec: You are so excited to do this.

uniquec: How did SHS started?

Vincent: I think you're excited to get the full behind the scenes THS of Vincent, the Shinsen-leader.

Vincent: How?

uniquec: The beginning of Shinsen.

Vincent: Well, TK, Kiroshi started it up, and asked me to join as distro, so I did, and then I saw it wasn't really going anywhere, so I sorta bumped TK to the side, took over, and said, I own the world now kthxpeace.

uniquec: And the rest is history. What do you do for SHS besides being the controversial leader?

Vincent: Let's see. I'm basically everyone's beating pillow when it comes to it. Edward_K, like only associates with me due to default. I usually do the typesetting, and fixing timing, and more so screaming, well.. not as much screaming anymore, I just punch Asakomi in the face and they all start listening.

uniquec: They are scared of you and the whips. Why do you think there is so much hatred for SHS?

Vincent: Cause everyone hates the Lion that has all the lion women in the jungle. We do good work, timely, and well, wouldn't it piss you off if someone did something you wanted to do and couldn't do it as good as if they could?

Vincent: Besides, for the most part, its not the fans who give us slack, its the fansubbers around us, using fake names or posting anonymously.

uniquec: Jealously. Do you care what the other fansubbers opinions of what you do?

Vincent: Recently the fans, or the new breed of whiners, have been getting a bit outta control, but it is cause its winter and they can't leave their homes and don't have much to do other than watch stuff.

uniquec: They become vocal of their favourite shows.

Vincent: Fansubbers outside of shinsen are fansubbers after all, doing what they can for the community, but, within those fansub groups are trouble makers, thoses are the ones we tend to have trouble with, or past staff that left due to us not giving them good work and running around screaming like swans with their heads cut off.

uniquec: What is the common perceive notion of Shinsen that is not true?

Vincent: A certain member who left likes to say I fake translators and they don't really exist. That was fun, especially when she/he tried to take member with she/he. It didn't work and the one member she/he wanted to take stayed anyhow. Now that group claims to have better translators than we will ever have, but the bottom line is, our work shows how good we are, and I'm gonna say, Cyprene/Tellu54 is one of the best translators I've worked with.

Vincent: Having Suzuran come up and telling me to "learn how to translate" made my laugh for days.

uniquec: Lol. Between you and Cyprene there is so much love out there for the two of you. What is your favourite project, you worked on?

Vincent: There is two.

Vincent: Speedgrapher, cause it was fun.

uniquec: And?

Vincent: Zombie Loan, cause I got to work at a pace I wanted to, and it went over real smoothly.

uniquec: Working with another group and managing to complete the project. Any project, you regret doing?

Vincent: To Heart 2.

uniquec: Why?

Vincent: I hate loli's, but got dared into doing it. DAMN U GETFRESH >_<

uniquec: Who would you not want to be stranded on a desert island with?

Vincent: Hmm.

Vincent: Doria.

Vincent: Cause she's probobly use me as her food source cause she has no mercy.

uniquec: Heh and who would you want?

Vincent: Cyprene, cause I know I'm gonna die on that island and I want to make sure he doesn't live any longer than I do.

uniquec: You would want to die at the sametime. Such love.

uniquec: What hobbies do you have outside anime?

Vincent: Love? its more like, I won't let that mofo have anything over me, anyhow, hobbies.. hmm.

Vincent: Video games. and photoshop for now. it changes every week, cause I like doing many things at once.

uniquec: You like to multitask. Favourite video games?

Vincent: RPG's. And Fighting Games.

uniquec: Are you good at them?

Vincent: Yes, I've been playing them since my dad first got me an Atari and then a Nintendo.

uniquec: You were raised on them. Where would you like to travel to that you have never been?

Vincent: I have no idea.

uniquec: No desire to see anywhere else in the world?

Vincent: Not really, maybe to Croatia to bomb it, but thats about it.

uniquec: Where would you recommend visiting that you have been?

Vincent: I guess Italy.

uniquec: How so?

Vincent: I dunno, it was the first country that popped in my mind to be honest.

uniquec: Ok. Boxers or briefs?

Vincent: Boxers, Calvin Klein, black, I have multiple pairs, cause I think black the only color that works as a underclothing sorta thing.

uniquec: Favourite colour?

Vincent: Black.

uniquec: What would you like others to know about you that they are not aware of?

Vincent: Nothing, secrets are what make the bad guys bad.

uniquec: And are you really a bad guy?

Vincent: Depends who you ask.

uniquec: You enjoyed your image as a bad guy. What is the one thing you would change about the anime world?

Vincent: Destroy bittorrent.

uniquec: You don't like bittorrent?

Vincent: It destroyed activity in main chat rooms, it's more like a ghost town now in main.

uniquec: True, it has hundreds of less people in there when I first visited several years ago. Do you enjoy chatting in the main channel?

Vincent: I don't mind it, I wish Brazil would learn to turn of the colored chat and Singapore would stop being so pushy as to where are the releases.

uniquec: Is that all?

Vincent: Basically.

uniquec: So what do you really think of these interviews, pointless like some of your staff members say? (Btw the staff page needs to be updated so I can tell who is still technically on staff.)

Vincent: I think they're fine, I have no problem with them, it gives the staff another way to talk about stuff and they like it overall for the most part, and I THINK they should be put back on the forums.

Vincent: And I know about the staff page woman, I get to it when I get to it, I swear!

uniquec: I made a comment to your webmaster and he was like ask you. :)

Vincent: So put them back on there woman.

uniquec: They are linked on the forums. I redid them as a webpage and if your webmaster ever revamps the webpage he could give them it's own section.

Vincent: True.

uniquec: Pushy are you. No wonder you are a PR nightmare.

Vincent: Okay.

Vincent: Listen woman, I know what I want, now make me dinner.

uniquec: So what is the weirdest dream you ever had?

uniquec: I'm not your slave!

Vincent: Thats my worst dream right there, that you weren't my slave.

uniquec: Haha right. You should be making me dinner instead.

Vincent: You wish, if you want dinner from me, give me a damn phone cause we're ordering in.

uniquec: And what is on the menu?

Vincent: Pizza.

uniquec: Is that your favorite food?

Vincent: No, California rolls are.

uniquec: Anything else?

Vincent: Tacos.

uniquec: What do you like on your pizza?

Vincent: BBQ chicken.

uniquec: Anything you wanted to refute in any of the previous interviews? Like you are just the figure head and that I really run Shinsen behind the scene and that we kept it a secret till now. :xd

Vincent: Women can't do a men's job. psch. If Shinsen was a kitchen, then you'd be boss uniquec.

uniquec: Wait a minute I don't cook. I tell people that I'm not domestic that I don't cook, clean or do windows.

Vincent: I'm sure you do 2 of the 3 of those things but keep it secret.

Vincent: You don't need to hide it from Dr. Vincent.

Vincent: He's here to help make sure you do your womanly duties.

uniquec: And what kind of help are you?

Vincent: The one who's gonna help you put the scrub pad to the floor.

uniquec: Nah that's what your other slaves are for.

uniquec: I reject doing womanly duties.

Vincent: We won't call them "womanly duties" for today, we'll call them "Keeping you busy duties".

uniquec: Chauvinst! Is that how you really see woman as?

Vincent: I dunno, does it get you mad?

uniquec: Actually, I just find it amusing in this age.

Vincent: Well thats good enough, cause then I got a reaction, which is what I was actually aiming for.

uniquec: You like causing reactions even when they are less than favourable.

Vincent: Bingo.

uniquec: You like to shock people but are you really like that in person?

Vincent: I love shocking people.

Vincent: Like my stalker-kun~

uniquec: Heh and do you just have one stalker?

Vincent: 2 this year in ending.

Vincent: 1 is Falsedawn and the other is nome.

uniquec: And which one is your favourite?

Vincent: If I said which one was favorite, they may try and kill each other, and we can't have that.

Vincent: ndbag would hate me for life if nome died.

uniquec: Are you sure ndbag would hate you if nome died?

Vincent: Yes.

uniquec: It would stop him from getting messaged by him and occasionally I get a few as well.

Vincent: ndbag loves the attention, don't let him fool you.

uniquec: He's an attention whore.

uniquec: So had enough of this insanity?

Vincent: It's up to you.

Vincent: I could go on all night.

uniquec: Can you really?

Vincent: Oh you bet uniquec.

uniquec: Go on about what?

Vincent: I dunno.

Vincent: I thought you were trying to get me in the sack.

uniquec: Am I, since when?

Vincent: I could go on all night.

Vincent: Can you really?

Vincent: Oh you bet uniquec.

uniquec: I think you were the one trying to hit on me instead.

Vincent: You wish.

Vincent: My line was innocent and pure.

uniquec: And are you really pure and innocent? :p

Vincent: I'm the Prince of all Saiyans.

uniquec: You think highly of yourself.

Vincent: I wish that were the truth :p <

uniquec: It's all an act.

Vincent: I'm not a actor.

Vincent: I'm a musician. I play trumpet and drums and piano.

uniquec: How good are you?

Vincent: I did real well in high school, I guess I'm still as good.

Vincent: I hope that wasn't another sexual inuendo uniquec.

uniquec: You still play them? (We are refering to the musical instruments. Someone has a filthy mind.)

Vincent: I think you are a porn star.

uniquec: In your dreams.

Vincent: When's the next dvd due out?

uniquec: Neverah!

Vincent: Love the reaction.

uniquec: Private viewing. :)

Vincent: Figures.

uniquec: Too much for you to handle.

Vincent: Sexual innuendo's again...

Vincent: Asa isn't gonna be happy when she see's you hitting on her man.

uniquec: Since you are so innocent and pure. We would not want to shock your sensibilities.

uniquec: She'll laugh at you.

Vincent: Then she gets another black eye.

uniquec: Besides you were the one who end up marrying us. Although I don't remember how it happened.

Vincent: Booze, Vegas, and Canadian marriage laws.

Vincent: Asa's really only doing it for the green card anyhow.

uniquec: Marriage of convience and inconvience. But why did I marry you still puzzles me.

Vincent: It's just one more step for you to get in bed with Rakujan, but you'll have to get past the final boss, Ruruka first.

uniquec: Oh really?

Vincent: Don't deny your feelings.

uniquec: But Rakujan is usually busy with Bandit and limitbreakingcat (whom they are married).

Vincent: Rakujan is just their sex guide.

uniquec: Lol.

uniquec: But what about my other e-hubbies?

uniquec: Wouldn't they be jealous?

Vincent: Cheating is okay.

Vincent: I dunno, are they part of the uniquec 500 as well?

Vincent: That's gonna be quite a festival.

uniquec: And you would be a willing participant.

Vincent: Sure, sounds like fun.

uniquec: You just want my other e-hubbies to sleep with.

Vincent: You wish.

Vincent: See, your sex drive is totally outta control.

Vincent: Your having illusions of yaoi.

uniquec: Nah, you were the one who brought up sex.

uniquec: I just used them as pillows.

Vincent: You use men as pillows?

Vincent: Oh my.

uniquec: Would you make a good pillow?

Vincent: Do you need a green card?

uniquec: Nope I have one.

Vincent: Oic.

uniquec: You thought I need one?

Vincent: Maybe?

uniquec: Why?

Vincent: I dunno.:D

uniquec: What would you most perfect day?

Vincent: Hmmm just being able to relax, makes it a great day.

uniquec: Relax how?

Vincent: Cause who doesn't wanna relax on their day off?

Vincent: :D

uniquec: Heh true. Had enough or do you need to be doing something else?

Vincent: I guess we're good.

uniquec: So inny or outie belly button?

Vincent: Outie.

uniquec: Weirdo. :) So any parting words?

Vincent: <(o.o)>

uniquec: Heh and on that note, thanks for doing the interview and get back to work!

uniquec: So now I've interview you, I can quit interviewing the rest of the staff.^^

Vincent: Lol.

uniquec: This concludes this special Christmas edition of the Goddess interviews and the abuse by the interviewee. We know how pushy Vincent can get and you see what I had to put up with to give you these interviews as he demands to know when this would be release. On behalf of everyone involved, we wish everyone Happy Holidays and have a safe season.

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