Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews the dead Boogeyman of SHS

uniquec: On this installment of the Goddess interviews, we feature former Shinsen Subs moderator and distro bot owner Veikkonen. He has decide to let us torture him with the insanity, we labelled as the staff interviews segment. We welcome Veikkonen to our humble stage.

uniquec: Technically you are still staff on the staff page.^^

Veikkonen: Heh. Only in name.

uniquec: How did you become a boogeyman?

Veikkonen: Heh, Midz had an opening at the time.

uniquec: Opening for a boogeyman?

Veikkonen: Uh huh.

uniquec: As appose to moderating opening..

Veikkonen: Heh, that was a retirement plan that backfired.

uniquec: You retired from that plan.

Veikkonen: Uh huh.

uniquec: When do you start at SHS?:)

Veikkonen: Heh.

Veikkonen: At the dawn of time.

uniquec: Lol they'll love that answer :)

uniquec: What did you do for SHS?

Veikkonen: Anti-troll patrol and feeding leeches.

uniquec: Moderating and distroing.

uniquec: What's was more fun troll patroling or feeding leechers?

Veikkonen: Heh, no, I like anti-troll patrol and feeding leeches better.

Veikkonen: Neither.

uniquec: They were all a pain...fill in the blank..

Veikkonen: Heh, pretty much, only fun part was the people I got to work with ie. staff.

uniquec: All of the staff?

Veikkonen: Veikkonen refuses to answer.

uniquec: Lol.

uniquec: Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with staff wise?

Veikkonen: Hmm... Asakomi.

uniquec: Reason?

uniquec: Or you wouldn't want to be stuck with any of the guys.

Veikkonen: Heh, she is nice .

uniquec: What are your hobbies outside of anime?

Veikkonen: Scuba diving, motorcycling and badminton.

uniquec: How good are you at scuba diving?

Veikkonen: Heh, good enough to hold a licence.

uniquec: That good. What kind of locense?

Veikkonen: Advanced Openwater Diver.

uniquec: Which entails?

Veikkonen: Diving permit till 18 meters or so, with normal scuba gear, no rebreathers or nitrox.

uniquec: How did you started scuba diving?

Veikkonen: Attended an intro dive at the age of 15 and then got hooked.

uniquec: Hooked on going underwater. Ever had a motorcycle accident?

Veikkonen: Once.

uniquec: Was it serious, major injuries?

Veikkonen: Serious bruising, broken mirror and signaling lamp.

uniquec: More damage to the motorcycle. What place would you like to visit that you have never been?

Veikkonen: Aruba or some such great place for diving.

uniquec: Aruba has nice waters for scuba diving. Any place you been that you would recommend?

Veikkonen: Island of Kos before the tourists hit the place.

uniquec: Unknown area that is good for scubing?

Veikkonen: Nah, it was quite a while ago, it's a part of Greece.

uniquec: You enjoyed your visit there other than the waters.

Veikkonen: Heh, I was 6 at the time, didn't take that much to impress me.

uniquec: Heh So what are your favourite foods?

Veikkonen: Too many to choose from.

uniquec: No real favourites, must haves?

Veikkonen: Nope.

uniquec: Alcohol?

Veikkonen: Good quality cognac or whiskey.

uniquec: No one set brand?

Veikkonen: Nope.

uniquec: Have you met any staff members?

Veikkonen: Yes.

uniquec: Who and how did the meeting went?

Veikkonen: Moose and as usual, had cup of coffee and exchanged the usual niceties and whatnot..

uniquec: Heh. Which staff members would you like to meet?

Veikkonen: Heh, ndbag and other than that pretty much any of the staff.

uniquec: Ever received anything from the staff?

Veikkonen: Bribes.

uniquec: The infamous culture trade care packages :)

Veikkonen: Aye.

uniquec: Whose idea was it and how did it started?

Veikkonen: Don't remember, but I would guess it was mebe's or ndbag's idea.

uniquec: Bribes, what kind of bribes? :)

Veikkonen: Bribes of the alcoholic and tasty kind.

uniquec: Heh How many were involved in this venture?

Veikkonen: 6 persons at most.

uniquec: I heard it was also used as an attempt to meet some of the staff members but it backfired. :)

Veikkonen: Aye, unsuccessful attempt.

uniquec: Sneaky atempts that failed. What would you like to do but have never done?

Veikkonen: Get my Master's done, but I'm working on it.

uniquec: Adventure wise?

Veikkonen: Drive Bugatti Veyron.

uniquec: Why?

Veikkonen: Heh, what other reason could I possible need other than it's the fastest car on this planet?

uniquec: You like fast things :)

Veikkonen: Heh, not in particular, but it might be interesting.

uniquec: Intersting to see if you can manage not to crash it.

Veikkonen: Heh, I would drive it somewhere with a some seriously long and straight stretches of good condition roads.

uniquec: At not so near breaking speeds. ^^

Veikkonen: Heh, well its top speed is 407 km/h so ...

uniquec: So 405 km/h then...:)

Veikkonen: Heh.

uniquec: Anything you like to disclose that others might not know about you?

Veikkonen: Nope, nothing.

uniquec: Had enough of randomness?

Veikkonen: Heh.

Veikkonen: Guess so..

uniquec: Those are the standard questions in some form.

Veikkonen: Heh.

uniquec: So the must have question, inny or outie belly button?

Veikkonen: Inny.

uniquec: Any parting words of wisdom?

Veikkonen: Wisdom and Laziness go well together.

uniquec: Lol.

Veikkonen: Uh huh.

uniquec: On that fitting note, we would like to thank the former boogeyman for doing this interview. :) Despite I had to use the clause that he was still listed as a staff member thus I can torture him with doing this interview. ^^ We appreciate you giving up your lab report and studying time for this moment.

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