Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews Ulquyorra a QCer for SHS.

uniquec: The Goddess has somehow manage to find a SHS staff member willing to be a subject of torture with a lot of reminding. On this episode we bring you Ulquyorra who manages to QC for SHS.

uniquec: Ready then for boringness then?

Ulquyorra: Yep.

uniquec: Alright then...what do you do?

Ulquyorra: I am a QCer.

Ulquyorra: Or so they say.

uniquec: What groups do you work for?

Ulquyorra: Shinsen Subs.

uniquec: Or you pretend to.

Ulquyorra: Most of the time.

Ulquyorra: Lol.

Ulquyorra: "Work".

uniquec: It's a state of the mind.

Ulquyorra: You could say that.

uniquec: How long you been qcing for them?

Ulquyorra: About a year.

Ulquyorra: Maybe a little less.

Ulquyorra: Hard to remember.

uniquec: Why did you decide to fansub?

Ulquyorra: They had a news post saying they needed some help.

Ulquyorra: So I decided to help out.

Ulquyorra: Surprised I made it.

uniquec: And you decided to be helpful.

uniquec: How so?

Ulquyorra: How am I surprised?

uniquec: That you pass.

Ulquyorra: Well, I was interviewed by Asakomi and she can be tough.

Ulquyorra: And I was hesitent about my skills.

Ulquyorra: I was nervous which made it worse.

uniquec: But you managed to survive the process. Probably was best you were nervous and did not take it for granted.

Ulquyorra: Probably.

uniquec: I can imagine, I used to hear how much fun it was even to mark them.

uniquec: So who would you want to be stranded on a desert island?

Ulquyorra: It was pretty hard.

Ulquyorra: You or Torianna.

uniquec: Why either of us?

Ulquyorra: You both are nice.

Ulquyorra: Wouldn't try to eat me.

Ulquyorra: And you both seem resourceful.

Ulquyorra: Also I love the women ;)

uniquec: Lol we wouldn't make good food sources.

Ulquyorra: Lol.

Ulquyorra: I wouldn't eat you either.

Ulquyorra: I wouldn't want a guy because most guys can beat me in a fight.

uniquec: I'm little so I doubt that I'll be a good food source. ~

Ulquyorra: Lol.

uniquec: So what are your hobbies outside anime?

Ulquyorra: Reading.

uniquec: What do you like to read?

Ulquyorra: Flying big ass kites.

Ulquyorra: I like to read fantasy, history, and everything in between.

Ulquyorra: And collecting knives.

uniquec: In that order.

Ulquyorra: No order.

uniquec: Do you have alot of kites?

Ulquyorra: Also I have been getting into boomerangs.

Ulquyorra: A couple kites.

Ulquyorra: Mostly parafoil kites.

uniquec: Where would you like to travel that you never been?

Ulquyorra: Denmark.

Ulquyorra: Panama.

Ulquyorra: Japan.

uniquec: Why?

Ulquyorra: I like to travel and those seem like nice places.

Ulquyorra: No real reason.

Ulquyorra: I have not been to a tropical zone yet.

Ulquyorra: At least not one like Panama.

uniquec: You enjoy the heat?

Ulquyorra: I love the heat.

uniquec: Where have you been that you would recomend?

Ulquyorra: I really like biking around Canada.

Ulquyorra: I live in Vermont so Canada is a must.

uniquec: Any particular place in Canada?

Ulquyorra: Nope.

Ulquyorra: Ontario is nice.

Ulquyorra: Nothing really though.

uniquec: How do you see yourself 20 years from now?

Ulquyorra: A chef.

Ulquyorra: Pastry chef.

uniquec: You enjoy making pastries?

Ulquyorra: I do, I also enjoy eating them.

Ulquyorra: It's a hobby of mine that I forgot to mention.

uniquec: More than you like making them?

Ulquyorra: No, half the fun is in the making.

uniquec: What do you enjoy making the most?

Ulquyorra: That's a hard one.

Ulquyorra: I don't really know.

uniquec: Anything you better at making?

Ulquyorra: Yeah.

uniquec: What?

Ulquyorra: I like making things with phyllo dough.

Ulquyorra: Like baklava.

uniquec: Pastry with lots of layers.

Ulquyorra: Yeah.

uniquec: Favourite food then?

Ulquyorra: Baklava.

Ulquyorra: And anything with peanut sauce.

uniquec: Heh. Food you hate the most?

Ulquyorra: Spam.

Ulquyorra: And fish.

Ulquyorra: I hate sea food.

Ulquyorra: I can tolerate calamari.

uniquec: In that order?

Ulquyorra: Yes, in that order.

uniquec: How do you like to eat eggs?

Ulquyorra: Fried.

Ulquyorra: On an english muffin with sausage and cheese.

Ulquyorra: No ketchup ever!

uniquec: With no condiments?

Ulquyorra: EVER!

uniquec: What would you like to do but never done?

Ulquyorra: Skydive.

Ulquyorra: I am going in a month, though with my dad.

Ulquyorra: It will be awesome.

Ulquyorra: If I don't crap myself.

uniquec: You think you would do such a thing?

Ulquyorra: I hope not.

Ulquyorra: I don't think so but I have never been.

Ulquyorra: We'll see.

uniquec: First time for everything.

uniquec: Innie or outie?

Ulquyorra: Outie and proud of it.

Ulquyorra: Just joking, innie.

uniquec: Because you are rare.

Ulquyorra: I am rare?

uniquec: I was refering to being an outie.

Ulquyorra: I see.

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

Ulquyorra: Boxers.

Ulquyorra: I like the breeze.

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

Ulquyorra: Extrovert.

uniquec: How so?

Ulquyorra: I am pretty happy and talkative.

Ulquyorra: I like attention if you haven't noticed.

uniquec: Happy go lucky.

Ulquyorra: I talk to everyone and everyone talks to me.

uniquec: Favourite colour?

Ulquyorra: Purple.

Ulquyorra: Or orange.

uniquec: Light, medium. dark?

Ulquyorra: Light purple.

Ulquyorra: Dark orange.

uniquec: Do yu remember your dreams?

Ulquyorra: Nope.

Ulquyorra: Only one.

Ulquyorra: I go through my old highscool slaying vampires.

uniquec: Okay vampire slayer!

uniquec: Favourite movie?

Ulquyorra: Nightmare before Christmas.

uniquec: Why that movie?

Ulquyorra: It's all around awesome.

Ulquyorra: It's dark and twisted.

Ulquyorra: I like twisted humor.

uniquec: Like you so you can relate to it. ~

Ulquyorra: Exactly.

uniquec: What movie do you dislike?

Ulquyorra: Anything with Jessica Alba.

uniquec: You dont like her?

Ulquyorra: She's a bad actor.

Ulquyorra: Or Lindsay Lohan.

Ulquyorra: Both are terrible.

uniquec: what type of music do you like?

Ulquyorra: Rock and some heavy stuff.

Ulquyorra: No rap.

Ulquyorra: I love REM.

Ulquyorra: Anything but rap and country.

uniquec: What song would you say would be your anthem?

Ulquyorra: Let me think a moment.

uniquec: Ok.

Ulquyorra: Maybe Pink by Aerosmith.

Ulquyorra: Or in the car by Barenaked Ladies.

uniquec: Which one more represents you?

Ulquyorra: Pink.

uniquec: How?

Ulquyorra: Wait, Alcohol by Barenaked ladies is probably the best of all.

Ulquyorra: Or the beginning.

uniquec: Lol, you can't choose.

Ulquyorra: You'd have to listen to the song.

Ulquyorra: Except I don't drink anymore.

uniquec: Sure sure.

Ulquyorra: I don't.

Ulquyorra: People think I am extrovert, wait till I drink.

uniquec: That good drunk of a drunk are you.

Ulquyorra: I am a great drunk.

uniquec: So do you like "My little Pony"? (Last time I asked this question was a failure.)

Ulquyorra: Only if the pony is pink.

uniquec: What super hero powers would you want?

Ulquyorra: Green lantern.

Ulquyorra: From the comic Kingdom Come.

uniquec: Why?

Ulquyorra: He's awesome.

Ulquyorra: I want to be able to control awesome green power.

uniquec: Do you think you would make a good super hero or abuse your powers?

Ulquyorra: I would abuse it a little but overall I would be good.

Ulquyorra: I tend to be violent towards asses.

uniquec: Lol.

Ulquyorra:> I have punched a couple people in my time.

uniquec: How would you like to be remembered after your demise?

Ulquyorra: Happy guy who died in a flaming plane crash.

Ulquyorra: At the age of 65.

uniquec: Death by fire.

Ulquyorra: Death by crash.

Ulquyorra: Fire is for theatrics.

uniquec: And not a good pastry chef?

Ulquyorra: Well, that is something that would be nice.

Ulquyorra: I do want to open a restuarant when I am older.

uniquec: What type of restaurant?

Ulquyorra: I don't know yet.

Ulquyorra: Kind of a fantasy at the moment.

uniquec: As appose to having a pastry/bakery shop.

Ulquyorra: Well, I want to have that attached to the restaurant.

uniquec: Favourite anime?

Ulquyorra: I like Ergo Proxy, Eureka Seven.

Ulquyorra: Anything sappy.

Ulquyorra: I am a mushy guy.

uniquec: Romantic sappy?

Ulquyorra: Eureka seven sappy.

Ulquyorra: With action on the side.

Ulquyorra: THe movie was a let down.

uniquec: Heh too much sappiness compared to action.

Ulquyorra:> Exactly.

Ulquyorra: I like a balance.

uniquec: Anime you dislike the most?

Ulquyorra: Dragonball Z.

Ulquyorra: BOOO~

uniquec: That bad?

Ulquyorra: Yes.

Ulquyorra: And Night Head Genesis.

Ulquyorra: Have gay brother sex already.

uniquec: Heh.

Ulquyorra: God damn that show was terrible.

Ulquyorra: Watched one episode and died a little inside.

uniquec: Just a little?

Ulquyorra: I stopped the show to prevent major brain death.

uniquec: Really. i6s there anything you treasure the most?

Ulquyorra: My watch.

uniquec: Why?

Ulquyorra: Personal reasons.

uniquec: Favourite cookie?

Ulquyorra: Peanut butter cookies.

Ulquyorra: I like peanut butter.

uniquec: Could you live on peanut butter ?

Ulquyorra: No.

Ulquyorra: It makes me sick,if I eat excessive quantities.

uniquec: Despite that you like it.

Ulquyorra: Yes, it sucks.

uniquec: Too much of anything isn't good.

Ulquyorra: Indeed.

Ulquyorra: Except friends.

uniquec: Depends on the friends.

Ulquyorra: If you did not like them, they would not be friends.

uniquec: What would you like others to know about you that they might not know?

Ulquyorra: I am not as weak as I look.

uniquec: Do you appear weak?

Ulquyorra: People I meet tend to try to push me around.

Ulquyorra: They think I am a wuss or something.

uniquec: Do you let them push you?

Ulquyorra: That would be the time I punched somebody.

uniquec: Lol.

Ulquyorra: My friends should have warned him not to poke me.

Ulquyorra: I don't like to be poked.

uniquec: Violence solves things quickly,:P

uniquec: So any parting words of wisdom?

Ulquyorra: Friendship is like peeing on yourself, everyone can see it but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.

uniquec: Ok and on that statement, we thank you for doing this interview.

uniquec: This concludes our time with Ulquyorra as we hope you enjoy it. The Goddess had a busy weekend bringing you this triple feature after several weeks of silence.

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