Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews the Original Creator of Shinsen Subs Takahashi-Keisuke.

uniquec: It's a honour to have Takahashi-Keisuke, one of the original creators of Shinsen Subs that you might not be all too familiar to grace our stage.

Takahashi-Keisuke: o_O

Takahashi-Keisuke: Alrighty... I'm here.

uniquec: Ok and so how did Shinsen Subs became a fansubbing group?

Takahashi-Keisuke: Bleh.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Alrighty.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Well.. first there was there was god... then he created IRC.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Ok ok.

uniquec: Heh.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Shinsen subs actually originally came out of a manga scanslation group called Inane, if you've ever heard of them in passing.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Not directly, but somewhat we started a subdivision of Inane, called Inane-Fansubs and our only project at the time was Gundam SEED.

Takahashi-Keisuke: We did episode 38 and that was about the end of that venture.

Takahashi-Keisuke: However, a couple of guys, myself included decided to stick around and try to do something else, like Gundam 08th MS Team.

Takahashi-Keisuke: We still kept the name Inane-Fansubs and got a couple of people involved, but stuff was moving very slowly and nothing was really getting done.

Takahashi-Keisuke: One fine evening, I received a PM from an infamous IRCer these days, named h0lyangel.

Takahashi-Keisuke: He was the head of a group called Ani-Deli (Anime Deli).

Takahashi-Keisuke: He basically asked my group to merge into his since he wanted to do 08th MS Team.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Since we really didn't have much going for us individually, we decided, ok.. we'll try this.

Takahashi-Keisuke: In Ani-Deli, I met Vincent and kiroshi.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Vincent was a "contractor" (if I remember correctly).

uniquec: Lol.

Takahashi-Keisuke: He had previous fansubbing experience, but was getting involved with Ani Deli for a couple of their projects as well.

Takahashi-Keisuke: kiroshi, who I'm not sure if you know at all was, alongside me, the creator of Shinsen-Subs.

uniquec: I think I've heard the name.

uniquec: And the rest is history.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Anyway... h0lyangel earned his reputation of infamy for being an asshole and he basically kicked Vincent out for one reason or another.

Takahashi-Keisuke: In the meantime, Kiroshi and I were starting to get fed up with him, while becoming friends ourselves.

uniquec: Vincent was already so loved even in his early days.

uniquec: How did the name Shinsen came about?

Takahashi-Keisuke: So, one night, we cut our ties with Ani-Deli and just left to create our own fansubbing group.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Hmm...

Takahashi-Keisuke: Shinsen name eh.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Well.. I've always been a fan of the Shinsengumi (don't know if you've heard of them or not) and we were throwing around names when thinking of what to call our new group.

uniquec: Yeah I have the so called police of sorts in the past.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Well...they were the enforcers of law in Kyoto during the period right before the Bakumatsu and they're in many anime.

Takahashi-Keisuke: So I liked them a lot and so, one of the names I threw out was Shinsen-Subs.

Takahashi-Keisuke: "And the rest is history".

uniquec: Of course, a name which is known in the fansubbing circles for better or worse.

uniquec: So what do you do or used to do for Shinsen?

Takahashi-Keisuke: >_>

Takahashi-Keisuke: Everything.

uniquec: Jack of all trades.

uniquec: What did you have most fun doing?

Takahashi-Keisuke: Yes... we didn't exactly have a lot of people at that time.

Takahashi-Keisuke: I actually really enjoyed doing karaoke.. back when it was during the simpler days.

uniquec: Learn by trial and error.

Takahashi-Keisuke: You could say that.

uniquec: And leechers weren't as picky as they are now.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Leechers? We didn't have any yet.

Takahashi-Keisuke: It took us a long time to even break the 100 user mark back in the day.

uniquec: There wasn't a big anime following.

uniquec: Who on staff would you want to be stranded on a desert island?

Takahashi-Keisuke: What do you mean there wasn't? of course there was, but back at that time, groups like Anime Junkies, Toriyama's World, AnimeONE, etc were huge and we were mostly DVD rippers.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Vincent, because we'd finally finish our ultimate battle once and for all.

Takahashi-Keisuke: I wouldn't wanna be stranded on a desert island for too long...

uniquec: And you would survive over Vincent.

Takahashi-Keisuke: I don't know maybe we'd both kill each other.

uniquec: Draw.

Takahashi-Keisuke: In the famous scenery of Babylon 5 (ask mebe or someone if you don't know the reference), it would be like the final moments between Londo Mollari and G'Kar.

uniquec: Heh. Have you met any staff members?

Takahashi-Keisuke: Nope.

uniquec: Who would you want to meet?

Takahashi-Keisuke: I'd love to meet everyone excluding mebe... j/k j/k

uniquec: He'll make you buy him a car. :)

uniquec: What hobbies do you have outside anime?

Takahashi-Keisuke: Crack, PCP, ummm

Takahashi-Keisuke: Ok ok...

Takahashi-Keisuke: I play WoW.

uniquec: Oh really. :p

uniquec: And that takes up alot of your freetime.

Takahashi-Keisuke: No!

Takahashi-Keisuke: I scanslate manga on and off as well.

uniquec: How often?

Takahashi-Keisuke: Not very often anymore.

uniquec: Where would you like to travel that you've never been?

Takahashi-Keisuke: England.

uniquec: Why England?

Takahashi-Keisuke: Because it's always been an interesting country to me and I am a football fan (soccer, mind you), so I'd love to see a match in person.

uniquec: Real football. :)

Takahashi-Keisuke: Yes.

uniquec: Where would recomend visiting that you have already been?

Takahashi-Keisuke: Japan.

uniquec: Why so?

Takahashi-Keisuke: Because it's a fantastic country to visit with a completely different culture... plus, it IS the homeland of anime, so how can you pass that up?

uniquec: I don't know how anyone can.

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

Takahashi-Keisuke: o_O

Takahashi-Keisuke: G-string obviously.

Takahashi-Keisuke: <_< boxers, boxers.

uniquec: Heh g-string only for special occasions. :xd

Takahashi-Keisuke: Yep.

uniquec: So what would you like others to know about you that they might not know?

Takahashi-Keisuke: I'm always on and available to talk to if someone has problems... even if I'm not there, I'll respond whenever I get back.

uniquec: Sympathetic T-K.

uniquec: What would you like to do that you never done?

Takahashi-Keisuke: I guess.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Write a novel.

uniquec: A novel about what?

Takahashi-Keisuke: I dunno yet.

uniquec: You haven't thought that far inadvance.

uniquec: What is the oddest dream you ever had?

Takahashi-Keisuke: I don't remember my dreams.

uniquec: They don't make an impact on you to remember.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Nope.

uniquec: So inny or outie belly button?

Takahashi-Keisuke: Inny.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Do you ask everyone the same questions?

uniquec: Basically.

uniquec: It's almost done. Well the first few didnt have some since I added a few along the way.

uniquec: So any parting words of wisdom?

Takahashi-Keisuke: Yes.

Takahashi-Keisuke: Please purchase all anime that you download, after it becomes available in your country.

uniquec: Thank you for doing the interview. See it wasn't that painful of an experience.

uniquec: You can go back to your WOW. :) We would like to thank Takahashi-Keisuke for giving us an insight to the history behind how Shinsen Subs became to be.

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