Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews SHS Soichiro pretender encoder, karaoke, QCer and timer.

uniquec: On this installment, we feature another quiet member of the Shinsen Staff who venture to be another victim of these said interviews. (Actually, I had to endure abuse beforehand by staff, in order to bring you this.) Ready for the not so random questions then?

Soichiro: Go for it.

uniquec: So how did you end up at Shinsen?

Soichiro: I was watching Ragnarok, and... well, it was "kind of" poorly done (putting it nicely). So I decided I'd join and make sure no other series ended up like that.

uniquec: And have you managed not to reach the Ragnarok stage?

Soichiro: Definitely have not reached that stage.

uniquec: And what do you pretend to do?

Soichiro: I pretend to encode and do karas.

Soichiro: And I'm also a QCer and timer.

uniquec: They keep you busy most of the times.

Soichiro: They really do. It's Vincent's fault, obviously.

Soichiro: But I'm not going to get into that now.

uniquec: what do you enjoy do doing the most?

Soichiro: Probably QC'ing.

uniquec: You enjoy finding errors and going through it like a fine tooth comb. So what is your favourite project that you worked on?

Soichiro: I think that would be Romeo x Juliet.

uniquec: How so?

Soichiro: It was an entertaining series, plus I had some pretty awesome coworkers on that one.

uniquec: So which staff would you want to be stranded on a desert island?

Soichiro: Asakomi.

uniquec: Why Asakomi other than being female?:)

Soichiro: She's just such a kind and wonderful person. :)

uniquec: Have you ever met any staff members?

Soichiro: I haven't.

uniquec: Who would you want to meet, if any?

Soichiro: Obviously (since I just mentioned her) Asa, as well as Doria, Pada, iriseyes and maybe Vincent just to insult him in person :p

uniquec: Lol like you don't insult him normally. What are you hobbies outside of anime?

Soichiro: Computers, video games, etc. Typical nerd stuff, lol.

uniquec: Are you a typical nerd then?

Soichiro: Depends on what you define as a "typical nerd".

uniquec: Well what is your definition then?

Soichiro: I really don't know what I would call a "typical nerd". It's a bit hard to define, actually, as there are so many different ideas of what it really means.

uniquec: Then you can not say that you are a "typical nerd" then. :) So what are your favourite video games to play then?

Soichiro: Mostly RPGs, like Final Fantasy and the Tales series.

uniquec: How good are you?

Soichiro: I'm decent. I usually end up having to use walkthroughs to get through the mazes and stuff, though. :p

Soichiro: Furthermore, why do mazes just randomly exist in RPGs? It seems kind of unrealistic.

Soichiro: Soichiro fails to realize that these are fictional games.

uniquec: They juat want to keep you off balance as the game progress. So where would you like to travel to that you never been?

Soichiro: Lots of places. Mainly Canada, Europe, and Japan.

uniquec: Any specific places in any of these countries?

Soichiro: Hmm... Mostly places where the people I'd like to meet are :p

Soichiro: But in Japan, I'd want to visit Akihabara o.o

uniquec: Why Akihabara?

Soichiro: Crazy district with tons of computer stuff.

Soichiro: It'd be perfect for me ;p

uniquec: Heh for your nerdy side. Do you have a non-nerdy side?

Soichiro: That would probably be my caring, passionate side, which usually only the girls I care about (all 2 of them?) get to see.

Soichiro: So you're out of luck there, uniquec ;p

uniquec: Haha only two? :p

uniquec: Poor females.

Soichiro: They're both in Shinsen, too XD

Soichiro: The girls at my school are twits, so... ;p

uniquec: They probably think highly of you as well. ^^

uniquec: So what place would you recomend visting that you been?

Soichiro: Well, I don't really travel much, but I've been to New York and it was pretty much fun.

uniquec: Anything you remembered as the highlight of your visit there?

Soichiro: I don't know if you'd call this a highlight, but the Holiday Inn we stayed at had broken air conditioning the whole week, in mid-summer ;o

uniquec: Made for a hot trip, literally. Boxers or briefs?;)

Soichiro: Lol wut? Briefs ;p

uniquec: What are your favourite foods?

Soichiro: Sushi... um... sushi, and more sushi?

Soichiro: And coffee, if that counts as a food :p

uniquec: You can live on sushi and coffee. How do you drink your coffee?

Soichiro: Black, of course.

uniquec: With no sugar as well?

Soichiro: Nope.

uniquec: What would you like to do that you have yet to do?

Soichiro: Refer to this question: Who would you want to meet, if any?

Soichiro: ;)

uniquec: Lol. You are so adventurous...not!

Soichiro: My life is boring ;(

uniquec: And that is why you are doing this interview. :p

Soichiro: Heh, exactly.

uniquec: Anything else you care not to divulge?:)

Soichiro: When you say, "care not to divulge", does this mean you won't post it on the interview page? XD

uniquec: Wishful thinking, on your part.

uniquec: Besides I'm too lazy to make up interviews. :)

Soichiro: Lol.

Soichiro: Well, if it's going to be posted, I think I'll keep a few things secret ;)

Soichiro: Though you'll probably know the one thing I most want to say if you look around a little XD

uniquec: Just a few. :)

Soichiro: By the way, it's not about Vincent. That's the thing I second most want to say ;)

uniquec: Heh you can divulge afterwards ^^

Soichiro: I guess so. :p

uniquec: So had enough of randomness?:)

Soichiro: Yeah, if you're out of questions.

uniquec: Oh I could come up with odder stuff. xd

Soichiro: Lol.

uniquec: But you might not want to hear it.

Soichiro: Go for it anyway.

uniquec: See what happened to Merines, I turned him into a stripper. :)

uniquec: What is the strangest dream you ever had?

Soichiro: Hmm... I don't really dream much, but I had one once where Asa was there, and she got kidnapped by this giant flying octopus named Pablo, who I'm guessing was based off of this really annoying asshole from Genjo.

uniquec: Lol. You must have a secret fetish for octopus and Asa then.

Soichiro: I have a secret fetish for Asa, but I hate octopus :p

Soichiro: Oh wait, I guess it's not a secret anymore XD

uniquec: Nah, it's really the octopus. You must really like dried squid then. ^^

Soichiro: New topic please.

uniquec: Octopus guy!!!!

uniquec: Too close is it?:)

Soichiro: The octopus? Yes.

Soichiro: Get it away.

Soichiro: ;p

uniquec: Shoe size?

Soichiro: 10

uniquec: You could stomp on the octopus. (I couldnt resist.)

Soichiro: It's a giant flying octopus, remember? :p

uniquec: You can throw your shoes at it then.

Soichiro: Good idea!

uniquec: That's if you can throw.

Soichiro: I can throw well enough to hit a giant octopus.

uniquec: You wont miss and hit Asa instead?

Soichiro: I may not be athletic, but I'm not 'that' terrible at throwing.

uniquec: For a nerd!!!!!!

uniquec: uniquec hides from Soichiro.

Soichiro: You better hide!

Soichiro: Soichiro starts throwing shoes in uniquec's general direction.

uniquec: Ouch, I'm a little thing.

uniquec: Enough of this silliness, tentacle porno one.

Soichiro: >.>

uniquec: Blame that one on a certain translator ^^

Soichiro: Lol.

uniquec: I told him you were into octopus. XD

Soichiro: Are you talking about Kyou? XD

uniquec: Who else ^^

Soichiro: movax, obviously ;p

uniquec: No, you blame everything wrong on movax.

Soichiro: Blame that one a certain translator ^^

Soichiro: Whether movax is a translator or not, I'm blaming him ;)

uniquec: Heh. At least I'm not to be blamed. :)

Soichiro: This time... ;D

uniquec: Well I haven't killed you off as yet either.:p

Soichiro: Surprising, as it's been almost an hour and a half now ;o

uniquec: I was refering to my staff stories. Well you might have been a casuality when I had the entire staff died in a fire and by gun fire.

uniquec: One would think I hate the staff. xd

Soichiro: Lol.

Soichiro: I haven't seen your staff stories, so I wouldn't know.

uniquec: I don't know if you really want to read them. :)

uniquec: They might scar you or scare you from me.

Soichiro: I'll read them if there's no rape or murder involving Asa.

Soichiro: Unless she's the one doing the murdering >:D

uniquec: Lol.

uniquec: I think you had too much fun with the interviews. Do you have an inny or outie belly button?

Soichiro: Innie, and yes I did have too much fun :p

uniquec: More fun than you thought possible. :)

uniquec: So any words to live by?

Soichiro: Don't stay at the Holiday Inn in NYC at 57th St & 9th Ave ;)

Soichiro: I was going to come up with some corny Yu-Gi-Oh style saying.

Soichiro: But...

Soichiro: I'm not about to say something like that where the public can read it XD

Soichiro: Ah, what the hell.

uniquec: Hahaha you are sure?

Soichiro: "Believe in the heart of the cards!"

uniquec: And do you believe?

Soichiro: Not in the heart of the cards, but in my own heart ;p

Soichiro: There, my own corny saying that wasn't completely stolen from Yu-Gi-Oh XD

uniquec: Which is pure and innocent.

Soichiro: Definitely.

Soichiro: No thoughts about octopi here :p

uniquec: Heh.

uniquec: And on that note, thanks for doing the interview despite how I got you to do it. :)

Soichiro: Heh.

Soichiro: Maybe we should do it again sometime :p

uniquec: Lol. We appreciate our flying octupus killer who made the Goddess birthday so memorable. XD He also wants it be know that he is not a crazy stalker who wants to meet every female member that joins the staff. Now go study for your exams octupus fetish boy!

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