Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews Ruruka a SHS editor and QCer

uniquec: We would like to introduce you to Ruruka from Shinsen Subs to our interview. He has kindly offered to be subjected to the questioning of the one and only me. Ok let's start with the typical stuff. How did you start at SHS?

Ruruka: I've always been into a lot of the stuff Shinsen sub, so when I decided to start in fansubbing, they were my first choice.

uniquec: What do you do for Shinsen Subs?

Ruruka: I'm an editor and occasional QCer.

uniquec: What is your favourite project that you have worked on for SHS?

Ruruka: Mononoke was pretty stunning, and right now I'm really loving the Gundam.

uniquec: Do you tend to enjoy one type of anime more than another?

Ruruka: I'm quite a whore for mechs, I've worked on a few of those series now... Aside from that, I like action and a good plot. If lots of stuff blows up in cool ways, though, it's halfway there.

uniquec: You are into destruction. :) So what are your hobbies outside the world of anime?

Ruruka: I like writing, music, pretending to be other people, and painting little models and shoving them around tables killing other little models.

uniquec:Heh back to the destruction. So what do you like to write?

Ruruka: Right now I'm writing horror, but that's a bit of a departure from the sci fi stuff I usually do.

uniquec: Stretching your imagination. The horror writing is it several short stories or more like a novel in progress?

Ruruka: This is a novel, which I'm about halfway through. I worry there's not enough horrible death, so it'll probably need a lot of editing when it's done...

uniquec: Just add more people to be randomly killed in a bloody manner. When I edit my stoies I tend to over change things. What kind of model do you abuse?

Ruruka: Well, I'm trying to write something a bit more thought-provoking. I like a more shades-of-grey approach than black and white, so the reader isn't sure quite whose side to be on... If that doesn't sound too Nancy!

uniquec: Fan of Nancy Drew eh. I loved Agatha Christie books. Any favourite authors?

Ruruka: I grew up reading Douglas Adams, and I also really like Neil Gaiman and Dan Abnett (who writes military sci-fi.)

uniquec: If you were stranded on a desert island which staff would you want and why? Or maybe a book instead.

Ruruka: Staff or book? Tough call... There are so many wonderful people on staff who are a lot of fun. Raku would be upset if I didn't namecheck him, but then he's my alter-ego, so maybe he doesn't count...

uniquec: LOL. Well besides him then.

Ruruka: Aside from the voice in my head... Asa, Doria and Torianna because they're utterly nice people, and Kyou and Vincent to fend off any dangerous wild beasts or savage natives with their harsh putdowns.

uniquec: You need protection from the natives. So what country would you like to visit that you never been?

Ruruka: I'm hoping to go to Israel next, but I'd also like to go to Sweden... ah, so many places!

uniquec: And so little time. Any reason you want to go to Israel?

Ruruka: I have a very good friend who's promised to show me the sights, and I like the heat.

uniquec: You like hot weather?

Ruruka: Absolutely. I have a high tolerance for it, and none whatsoever for cold weather. My ultimate weakness.

uniquec: Guess you would not want to go to Sweden in the winter. Oh no, you are not suppose to have weaknesses at least none that you are revealed to the public. :)

Ruruka: I'm not sure anyone has the power to visit cold weather upon me...

uniquec: Not even shipping you off to Iceland?

Ruruka: I'd enjoy the glaciers!

uniquec: As long as you are bundled up, you wont feel the cold. Boxers or briefs? (Take it whichever way you want. )

Ruruka: Haha... you're asking me questions about my underwear now? I'm far to shy too answer such questions...

uniquec: I knew that question would not work since if people can shy away from my finaly question, I doubt they would answer that. Any favourite foods? (Change of topic.)

Ruruka: Heheh, I like pizza, houmous, and jalapeno poppers. (Not necessarily all at once. Well, maybe.)

uniquec: Would be an interesting combination but somehow Ii don't see it working with the houmous. So what would you like most people to know about you that they might not be aware of?

Ruruka: Tough question. I've done some cool stuff in my time, but listing those sorts of things is just blowing your own trumpet... I guess that I'm a musician and I spent a few years of my life deeply involved with music, so it means a lot to me.

uniquec: What type of music are you involved in?

Ruruka: The modern electropop scene, I guess. Most of what I write is either that, overly angsty acoustic ballad stuff or oddly classical-sounding things.

uniquec: Sounds intresting. Anything ou there that people might be aware of?

Ruruka: I wouldn't have thought so. Most of it was for/during my degree so it stayed pretty local.

uniquec: You would like it to remain that way. Degree of anonymity. Music still an important part of your life?

Ruruka: Definitely, and I love a lot of Japanese music so it fits in well with this whole interest, too.

uniquec: What musical instruments, do you play?

Ruruka: Piano, violin, guitar... (keyboard, who doesn't play keyboard?)

uniquec: Literally and figuaritive. :) So had enough of bad random questions.

Ruruka: Heh, okay. And I have to get going now, I'm afraid. 'tis late here and I have to head home.

uniquec: I mean afterall there is only so much non personal questions I can ask

Ruruka: This is true.

uniquec: Ok so last question that you just want to be asked, inny or outie? Which this isn't one of them! :)

Ruruka: I can't tell you that, either. It would ruin my mystique!

uniquec: Yeah I don't know you too well to ask those questions..yet!

uniquec: So any words of wisdom?

Ruruka: Everything changes, nothing is lost. Heheh.

Ruruka: Thanks for the questions, uni. Hope I haven't been too dull.

uniquec: Thanks for doing the interview. See I'm not that scary as some would say. :)

Ruruka: Sure you're not, it was a pleasure.

uniquec: No, it was nice getting to know you and you are not dull. We would like to thank Ruruka for doing the interview and not falling asleep during it. Also thanks for the cute bunny ears.

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