Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews Rakujan QCer and Typsetter for Shinsen Subs

uniquec: We have the pleasure to have on ths episode another QCer and Typesetter for Shinsen Subs Rakujan. So ready to begin the interview?

Rakujan: I'm ready whenever you are,.

uniquec: Alright we will begin.. How did you become a member of the SHS staff?

Rakujan: Well, I orginally joined the forum after finding out that Shinsen were subbing Blood+ (one of my favourite shows). Shortly after that I realised Shinsen were looking for QCers, so I took the test.

uniquec: So you basically QC for Shinsen? What does that entail?

Rakujan: Correct, however I also typeset. QCing involves looking through an episode prior to its release and tearing it apart. Picking out every single error you find, correcting it and so forth.

uniquec: Going over things with a fine tooth comb basically. As for the typesetting what does that involve?

Rakujan: Typesetting is basically making the episode look presentable. It involves you making signs and styling the text (however sometimes this can be left to another person).

uniquec: Depending on the situation. So what is your favourite project that you been involved in?

Rakujan: Well I've only really typeset Seto no Hanayome, however I've QCed a whole bunch of other series. Overall I'd say I enjoyed working on Tokyo Majin, Gintama or Darker than Black the most. In all of these shows I got to work alongside Doria, who's a great editor and a good friend.

uniquec: So what are your hobbies outside of anime?

Rakujan: Art (I like to draw), music, computer games and so forth. Nothing out of the ordinary I'm afraid.

uniquec: What type of music do you enjoy?

Rakujan: Well, I enjoy listening to a variety of music, however I'd say Jazz has to be my favourite subcategory. Under that comes J-music and then everything else.

uniquec: Do you play any musical instruments?

Rakujan: I do, but I don't play them well. I play the piano and the electric guitar. However I haven't really played the piano for a while now.

uniquec: Childhood piano lessons. Whose your favourite Jazz artist?

Rakujan: Hmm, hard question, I'd have to say Frank Sinatra. Despite him being more of a Swing person. I just really love the whole feel to his songs.

uniquec: > He has a nice voice for being a Brat Pack member although I usually don't associate him with jazz. If you were stranded on a desert island which staff member would you want to be stranded with and why?

Rakujan: Ruruka!

uniquec: How so? (Btw he did mentioned you but then chosed others.:))

Rakujan: Heh. Well we're practically the same person, we've got quite a lot in common and we get on really well together.

uniquec: Heh since I inteviewed him last night. The music among things. :) So I guess he would be the staff member you would like to meet the most.

Rakujan: Well, I'd love to meet everyone, however I'm a student, so I'm pretty much broke. One day, when I have enough money I'll go over to the states and meet a whole bunch of people. But Ruru lives in the UK, so it's also more likely that I can physically meet him without spending too much. We've spoken a few times about meeting up, so hopefully one day we shall. ^_^

uniquec: He's the easier on to meet. Where would you like to visit then that you have never been?

Rakujan: Well I've travelled the world quite a lot, but I'd love to go to Japan and around Asia. I find the Japanese culture, history and way of life really interesting. I know a lot of people will probably say Japan when you ask them this question, however most of them don't really know much about the country and just base their assumption of what it's like off anime.

uniquec: Anime world is a bit one sided. Any place you would recomend in the places that you've travelled?

Rakujan: Canada. I've only been there once, however I had the most fantastic two weeks of my life there.

uniquec: Where did you go?

Rakujan: Well admittedly I went skiing around Whistler, however I spent a little while in Vancouver for New Year (2001 I think).

Rakujan: * Rakujan loves to ski!

uniquec: Good at skiing?

Rakujan: I've skied all over Europe and a little in the states, but Canada is by far the best place I've been. Well I don't like to toot my own horn, but I consider myself a good skier, yes.

uniquec: You've managed not to do any damage from skiing?

Rakujan: Well I've had a few falls, but nothing serious.

uniquec: No broken bones.

Rakujan: I generally go with a large group of friends, around about sixty or so. Each trip someone is generally injured, be it a broken arm, leg and so on. We'll I've broken both my arms before, but that wasn't while skiing. ^_^;

uniquec: Heh after effect from the trip, What are your favourite foods?

Rakujan: I like everything but Indian cuisine. I think Italian would have to be my favourite, however saying that I really do enjoy Sunday Roasts. Nothing can beat Yorkshire puddings ^^;

uniquec: Lol you just have no favourites Yorkshire pudding and roasts a common British ssunday dinner. ^^ Boxers or briefs?

Rakujan: Loll

Rakujan: Boxers.

uniquec: You can take that anyway you wanted. :)

Rakujan: Hehe.

uniquec: So whatelse would Raku like others to know about him?

Rakujan: Well firstly that I'm a gentleman!

uniquec: > Always. A well mannered gentleman.

Rakujan:* Rakujan bows.*

uniquec: Had enough of the randomness?

Rakujan: Never!

Rakujan: I'd also like to add that I work for Shinsen-Radio *shameless plug*

uniquec: And what do you do for Shinsen Radio which btw has no ties to Shinsen Subs. :)

Rakujan: Heh, I work as one of the Administrators over there. I orginally started out as a DJ shortly before I joined Shinsen-Subs in 2006. Now I run the forums, deal with recruits and help maintain the website and so forth.

uniquec: Keeps you busy and out of too much trouble. So do you get to DJ often?

Rakujan: Well I don't DJ anymore (I'm thinking of starting again), I stopped after we setup the new server.

uniquec: You enjoyed your time as a DJ?

Rakujan: Greatly, however DJing today isn't quite what it used to be.

uniquec: Too much involved?

Rakujan: It's a little more complicated let's say, also my connection might not be able to handle it.

uniquec: With the influx of the amount of listners lately. So what would you like to try that you have not managed yet to do?

Rakujan: Well, personally I'd like to see more live DJs on the air. I think a 'learn japanese' show would work really well, especially if mixed in with some good music. I'd also like to see some on air reviews of various anime episodes and hopefully some live interviews (imagine this, but on the radio).

uniquec: Well not quite like this. :) But it could be managed in the right situation.

Rakujan: Exactly.

uniquec: But first the radio connection stability is the main priority. I was refering to more what would you like to do adventure wise that you have not tried.

Rakujan: Well we've got a few relay servers setup which should help with the stability issues.

uniquec: Hopefully.

Rakujan: Adventure wise, hmm I'm not too sure. I mean there is only so much you can do with a radio station.

uniquec: Personally.

Rakujan: Well setting up a shop might be an idea. I know we've got plans to sell Shinsen-Radio T-Shirts in the future.

Rakujan: I think it would be cool to be able to listen to the radio on your mobile phone, however I've only done a little research down that avenue.

uniquec: Like the ones shag originally designed earlier.

Rakujan: Yep, we've actually got a competition on at the moment regarding T-shirts.

uniquec: A way of getting other people involved .

Rakujan: Hopefully, yes.

uniquec: The on going growth of the radio.

Rakujan: Indeed, over the past year the radio has grown significantly, and I can only hope that it continues long into the future.

uniquec: Only time will tell. So on that note, the must ask question inny or outie?

Rakujan: Inny or outie? I don't follow sorry ^_^;;

uniquec: Bellybutton.

Rakujan: Oh, right~

Rakujan: Inny then.

uniquec: Any words of parting wisdom?

Rakujan: Well a message to all the leechers; Remember, good things come to those who wait! ;)

uniquec: On that happy note, we thank Raku for spending his valuable time to do this interview.

Rakujan: It's been a pleasure.

Rakujan: ^__^

uniquec: Always the gentleman. We appreciate Rakujan for spending some of his valuable time to talk to us, as we got to know a little bit more about him.

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