Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews translator and somewhat translator checker for Shinsen Subs Pada.

uniquec: On this installment of the Goddess interview, we are fortunate to have a longtime member of Shinsen Subs Pada. He has finally found time to spend time with us and has no idea what is in store since he had not read the previous interviews beforehand. So are you ready for the torture?

Pada: Alrighty, fire away!

uniquec: Ready?:)

Pada: Uh uh.

uniquec: So how did you start at Shinsen Subs?

Pada: Hrmmm a few years back.

Pada: Lets see, I played Ragnarok Online.

uniquec: And?

Pada: And the Ragnarok series was coming out.

Pada: So I put a few people together but we were still lacking a few necessary people to do a sub job.

Pada: So I went to l33t-raws channel and met Vincent and then we went and did the horrible abomination that was Ragnarok the animation.

Pada: But afterwards I stayed on and although there were a few gaps.

uniquec: Lol.

Pada: I've been with Shinsen ever since :)

uniquec: So what do you do for SHS?

Pada: Mainly Translation and Translation checking.

Pada: Although I have done a few other odd jobs.

uniquec: Like?

Pada: Secret! but let's just say it's not editing xD

uniquec: Hehe.

uniquec: So who on the staff would you like to be stranded on a desert island?

Pada: Hrmm

Pada: Out of all staff past and present or current only?

uniquec: Alright all of the above.

Pada: Lol.

Pada: Probably Ayu then.

uniquec: Why?

Pada: She and I were just peas in a pod.

Pada: But if I had to pick current staff, Vincent or Edward_K :o

uniquec: That close. :)

uniquec: Why either one of the guys?

Pada: Cause I'd like to see Vincent shrivel up in the heat mwahahahhahaha!

Pada: And EdK just because EdK is awesome :)

uniquec: The evilness of Pada. How about not stranded with?

Pada: No comment :x

uniquec: But a few come in mind. ^^ What are you hobbies outside of anime?

Pada: A world exists outside Anime?

Pada: Anyway :p

Pada: Well just hanging out with university friends.

Pada: Japanese stuff in general.

Pada: And I suppose now going to the gym is a big thing.

Pada: Swimming <3

uniquec: Like what Japanese stuff in general? (And yes there is a world outside anime. Shock!)

Pada: Music, Drama, Culture, Food.

uniquec: How often do you work out?

Pada: I am doing a degree in Japanese after all.

Pada: A few times a week.

Pada: Less since university started.

Pada: */sob*

uniquec: A degree in Japanese what?

Pada: BA Japanese.

uniquec: University takes up time.

Pada: Includes language, history, linguistics and all sorts.

Pada: Indeed it does.

uniquec: Keeps you off of the street.

Pada: It's real fun though.

Pada: I love my university.

uniquec: So where would you like to visit that you never been?

Pada: Hrmmm

Pada: I've been a lot of places.

Pada: But I guess...

Pada: New York and California are the top of my list now.

Pada: LA/San Francisco in CA etc...

uniquec: Any reason you would like to visit there?

Pada: I've never been and it's sorta insane that I haven't ever been there?

Pada: I was lucky enough to go to Japan last year.

uniquec: Not really. So I guess you would recomend Japan to visit then?

Pada: Definitely!

Pada: can be difficult if you don't know the language.

uniquec: Might be a tad difficult. So what do you recomend visiting while there?

Pada: Well Tokyo is a must for obvious reasons but...

Pada: Also Kyoto... all the temples are amazing.

uniquec: But your favourite place?

Pada: And Hiroshima/Miyajima were breathetaking.

Pada: Hrmmm

Pada: I liked both Tokyo and Kyoto a lot for different reasons.

Pada: Hard to put one over the other.

uniquec: Heh you would want both.

Pada: Well they're sorta Japan in a nutshell.

Pada: Japan is a country where tradition mixes with the Ultra modern and those two cities are pretty much the best example of that.

Pada: I have to live in Japan for a year in 18 months time sooo yar...

uniquec: The old world and modern civilization coming together.

Pada: Yup.

uniquec: Would you want to live there permanently?

Pada: Nah.

Pada: Japan is not a nice place for a foreigner to live permenantly.

Pada: You'll go insane.

uniquec: Just a nice place to visit.

Pada: Well its not a bad place to live for a short time but 1. you wouldn't want to work there.

uniquec: And do you go insane often?:)

Pada: and 2. would get annoyed by some things about Japan in a major way.

Pada: Hrmm not in the last 5 years!

uniquec: The culture differences. Oh my, an outbreak of insanity is in the works then.

Pada: Lol.

Pada: It's not just the culture shock but for a non-asian person to live in Japan.

Pada: It will get to you after a while.

Pada: At the moment it is still quite a xenophobic country when it comes to foreigners living within it's borders.

Pada: Although that's slowly changing.

uniquec: True. It has not totally accept foreigners.

uniquec: So what are your favourite foods?

Pada: Well its again a country of contradiction.

Pada: Japanese food <3

uniquec: Like anything specific?

Pada: I suppose my whole love affair with Japan goes back to Japanese food.

Pada: Tempura, Maki rolls, Japanese Curry, Kara age, Teriyaki, Sukiyaki.

uniquec: Heh you just love it for the food. :)

Pada: Well I used to eat japanese food when I was little and I always loved it.

uniquec: And you are no longer little.

Pada: Nope!

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

Pada: Boxers!

uniquec: What would you like to do that you've never done?

Pada: Hrmmm

Pada: Thats a tough one.

uniquec: Any adventures. secret fetishes?:)

Pada: I'm pretty happy with life right now :x

uniquec: You would not want to change anything about your life?

Pada: Not really, as I said I'm pretty happy with life right now.

Pada: Sure there are times when things are hard and in the past there were so many things that went wrong but I'm in a good place right now.

uniquec: And that allows you to enjoy what you have now since you have to go through things to appreciate what you do have.

Pada: Yup!

uniquec: What is the strangest dream you ever had?

Pada: Hrmmm well I used to have a recurring dream a lot when I was going through bad times.

uniquec: About what?

Pada: Since I was like 3 in fact.

Pada: I would be on a floating merry-go-round in the middle of the sea at night in the dark with my family.

uniquec: Hmm you still remember the dreams while you were 3?

Pada: And then it would start to break and sink.

Pada: I remember lots of things from when I was a baby.

Pada: There was a lot of stuff that left imprints...

Pada: I've got a really good memory for events and conversations but I'm terrible when it comes to names or where I've left something.

uniquec: Yeah I remember a few things when I was a baby as well.

Pada: I will literally walk into a room, put something down and then walk out.

uniquec: Heh selective memory.

Pada: And start looking for it.

uniquec: Do you dream in colour?

Pada: Yes.

uniquec: And are you aware that you are dreaming? Can you control them?

Pada: HD!

Pada: Very rarely and never in total control xD

uniquec: I can. I can say to myself this is stupid and stop the dream.

Pada: Lol, are you a morning person then?

uniquec: I am not sure since I tend to wake up several times during the night. I don't sleep straight through.

uniquec: Are you a morning person?

Pada: That sucks :/


Pada: And I've slept for like over 16 hours before.

uniquec: LOL Afternoon or night person?

Pada: It doesn't matter what time I go to sleep.

Pada: I don't wanna wake up early xD

Pada: Hrmm both.

uniquec: Heh you need your rest.

Pada: Wow we've gotten pretty far off from Shinsen stuff lol!

uniquec: It doesn't matter what time I go to bed I'll wake up 2 and 4 am. People dont think I sleep.

Pada: :/

uniquec: Nah this is normal.

uniquec: Shinsen stuff only last a few questions. :)

Pada: Lol alright.

Pada: Aww so I don't get to regail you with old tales lol?

uniquec: Oh yeah have you met any of the staff?

Pada: None of the current staff in person but some of the older staff yeah.

uniquec: Fine you can. I've been told you were more fun to be interviewed.

uniquec: Older staff like?.

Pada: Like newmiyamato.

Pada: I'm not a fun interviewee :(?

Pada: Lol.

uniquec: Sure you are .

Pada: I'm from the UK so not a ton of staff here.

uniquec: What is your favourite staff story that you like to divulge?

Pada: Oh god, I suppose the april fools this year?

Pada: That was damn fun.

uniquec: You enjoyed that?

Pada: Hell yes.

Pada: I was part of the Geass team.

uniquec: Yeah so do I. It was amusing.

Pada: And helped get everyone in their roles.

uniquec: Director Pada.

Pada: Naw, unfortunately they're gone now.

Pada: But, Bo and LBC were amazing in their roles and it ended up only taking like 3 days to put together.

uniquec: Yeah I love teasing Bo afterwards and calling him Lulu. :)

Pada: Lol.

uniquec: He just loved me when I did that.

Pada: Haha

Pada: Ahhh so many memories!

uniquec: Seems like only yesterday.

Pada: Shinsen has really changed in the last few years.

Pada: DS and I are the oldest translators... I'm not quite sure which of us started first.

uniquec: Yeah I can't keep up with the revolving staff.

Pada: But way back when we were tiny.

uniquec: In ancient times.

Pada: Indeed.

Pada: I'll tell you one thing.

Pada: My japanese has gotten a ton better from it lol.

uniquec: What?

Pada: I cringe when I look at my earliest works.

uniquec: I would hope so. :)

uniquec: Especially Raganork.

Pada: Shut up:(

Pada: Lol.

uniquec: See I can remember :)

Pada: Shhhh.

Pada: Pada sweeps under the carpet.

uniquec: That I do pay attention. I just like obscure stuff.

Pada: Indeed.

uniquec: So whatelse does Pada want to divulge?

Pada: You're the interviewer xD You tell me!

Pada: Actually!

uniquec: Favourite colour?

Pada: Blue!

uniquec: Any fetishes?:) (I'm being evil now.)

Pada: Yes.

Pada: J-pop/rock.

uniquec: Heh.

Pada: And I've probably got the largest anime collection at Shinsen.

uniquec: Favourite?

Pada: Anime?

Pada: Or Music?

uniquec: Both music and anime?

Pada: Lets see.

Pada: I love Suga Shikao, Do As Infinity, Utada Hikaru, Orange Range and a host of others.

Pada: Oh Maaya Sakamoto too.

Pada: My top few anime CCS, 12 Kingdoms, Slayers, Ouran, Lucky Star, Nodame Cantabile, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

Pada: Actually Nodame not so much the anime and more the drama.

Pada: The anime was great for the first half but sorta dipped after that.

Pada: I'm a large CLAMP fan.

uniquec: Heh stiil like the Code Geass Hitomi no Tsubusa?:)

Pada: I've been translator for pretty much all of Shinsen's CLAMP works.

Pada: Yup I'm listening to it right now actually.

uniquec: Heh I remembered how much you loved it.

Pada: Indeed it was great.

uniquec: You bring CLAMP to SHS!

Pada: Yar and others.

Pada: I've done a ton of OVA recently.

uniquec: What is your favourite series you worked on?

Pada: Hrmm Geass was great, but so was HOLiC.

uniquec: Heh I liked xxx.

Pada: And starting up *cough* to do *cough* was fun too.

uniquec: Heh it will be revealed soon enough :)

Pada: No no this is an in the past thing.

uniquec: Stop teasing the audience.

uniquec: Heh.

Pada: Anyway moving on :p

Pada: Before I get in to too much trouble ^^;;

uniquec: What randomness can I subjected you into that isn't too personal?

Pada: Hrmm well apart from my credit card info.

uniquec: I wouldn't want you to get stalked.

Pada: And sexual information :o

uniquec: Lol.

Pada: Pretty much anything else.

uniquec: I shall not ask for your credit card number at least not now. :)

uniquec: Hmm you have sexual information...

Pada: You can ask but you won't receive :p

Pada: Confidential, sorry.

uniquec: I'm kidding.

Pada: That's what you say now ;)!

Pada: Lol.

Pada: Anyway.

uniquec: Had enough?

Pada: Of?

uniquec: Of this interview.

Pada: Not if you need more info :D

uniquec: Heh I think they had enough information. Afterall, we have to keep up your mystique.

Pada: Indeed.

uniquec: So do you have an inny or outie belly button?

Pada: Inny!

uniquec: Any words of wisdom?

Pada: When you need to pee in a hurry a zipper is faster than buttons.

Pada: Also more dangerous!

uniquec: Heh and on that closing note, we thank you for doing this interview.

Pada: Thank you :)

uniquec: You are welcome. We would like to thank Pada for spending time with us during the holiday season. He can be found at his local karaoke bar singing J-pop songs in his fluent japanese and proper English accent.

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