Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews Moose the head of distro for SHS

uniquec: We are happy to have as our guest today, the head distro leader of Shinsen Subs who allows you to leech your favourite anime, the one and only Moose. So are you ready for boring questions time?

Moose:: Sure.

uniquec: Ok. Basic questions first for the boring readers. When and how did you join SHS?

Moose:: I joined in the beginning of 2005. I was a regular customer at Shinsen's irc channel at the time and I think I was leeching some Tenjou Tenge when I noticed a familiar nick hopped on the channel. Turned out that Veikkonen was running an xdcc bot for SHS. Asked him how that was done and a few minutes later I got a private message from Kaunteya asking what I want to serve for SHS.

Moose: He noticed that I had the same isp as Veikkonen which meant that I also had a 100MBit connection like him so he took the opportunity to "force" me to join SHS before anyone else got their hands on me.

uniquec: Lol. How did you become head of distro?

Moose: Before me it was Kaunteya doing most of the releases and the distro work. He was too busy with his work and wanted to do some timing instead of the distro thingies during his little free time so he asked if I'd like to take the job.

uniquec: So for those who doesn't know what is distro?

Moose: The distro part of my job is basically to make our releases available for people outside the staff. Currently I do this with LOD-Squa and sometimes Ed helps as well. We take care of the bt trackers, xdcc bots and we keep the main Shinsen website up to date. We also submit new releases to the torrent .

Moose:: That's because I actually fansub nowadays =)

uniquec: I know since I pay attention to the credits. So you enjoying doing karaoke and AFX?

Moose: Yeah, it's pretty fun when things go right. But it's a pain in the ass when I have to fix the mistakes that the translator or karaoke timer has made later on. That stuff tend to take more time than actual karaoke creation and it's damn annoying. Sometimes I just wish that the translators would get it right with the first attempt. ^^

uniquec: It makes your job harder and more time consuming.

Moose: Indeed, on the other hand... I could spend hours just playing around with different effects and so on just to see what looks good and what doesn't. That's the fun part.

uniquec: You get to explore things you wouldn't normal think of doing.

Moose: Yeah, I've always liked drawing and this is a bit similar. I'm actually creating something for others to see and I really like that. I couldn't imagine myself doing timing, encoding or editing (even if my English was good enough) but I really enjoy working with the typesetting and karaoke effects.

uniquec: It allows your creativity nature to flow. So what has been your favourite project that you have done so far?

Moose: I'll have to check the projects list, my memory fails me ^^

uniquec: You dont have any since they are all your babies. ^^

Moose: Heh. There's just too many of them.

uniquec: Yea, it isnt like Shinsen only does a few projects.

Moose:Anyway, my favourite show out of those that I've been helping with would probably be Heroic Age. Too bad that the translator is MIA and it has been stuck for a while. Hopefully we can resume it again soon.

uniquec: Well that was like a 6 episode release almost all at once.

Moose: I think my karaokes were also decent there. Especially the ED is simple but elegant. 8] <. I wanted the romanji effect to look like the sky and the kanji to be like the clouds against the portrait of earth seen from space and I think it worked out pretty well. Other good ones would be Higurashi OP, Mononoke OP, Da Capo ED and Ghost Hound OP (which you will see in the upcoming HD version of ep 1, SD version was kinda broken but no one other than me would notice so it passed QC)

uniquec: Well you would be more critical and notice it was broken in SD. So what are your hobbies outside of anime?

Moose: My hobbies outside fansubbing include golf, gym, reading and some online FPS games. And random sports that I do less often like snowboarding and football.

uniquec: How good a golf player are you, handicap?

Moose:: Around 11. I'm decent but the summers are short here up north and I really haven't been able to play as much as I would like to. This summer I only managed to play some ten rounds. Shame really but work and other activities have just taken too much of my time.

uniquec: Life managed to get in the way of your golf. What FPS games do you enjoy the most?

Moose: Right now it would be Team Fortress 2. I used to play the original TF a lot some ten years ago and it's great to see so many familiar names from those days in that game. To be honest, I'd rather be playing QWTF or ETF than TF2 but those games don't really have much players or activity anymore so I had to move to the "TF for dummies". Other than the fortress games, I've played Action Quake 2 and Q3 Urban Terror for quite a lot.

uniquec: People move on to other games. Is it true that Finns like their booze? What do you like to consume?

Moose: Most of the Finns, yeah. I've tried to get wasted less often recently because I tend to get huge hangovers these days. Maybe I'm getting old. If I'd had to pick one poison, I guess it would be beer. I drink that most often.

uniquec: Poison of choice. What was the highlight of your trip to Japan?

Moose: Hmm, maybe my birthday night which we spent in a darts bar we found by accident. The people in there were really, really nice and we had plenty of fun chatting with those guys and girls. Of course, we played darts too. 4 on 4 Finland vs Japan team games and we won all 5 of those. Maybe because the Japanese were drinking at the same pace as us and they seemingly had trouble standing up in the later games. While our team was just fine, because we're Finns ^^

uniquec: Ol they could not keep up with you guys alcohol consumption. Or you are just that good at darts. ^^

Moose: I used to have a darts board at home so I guess I'm ok. Two of my friends had never played it before but they just had the drunkards luck because they were totally awesome. I'm honestly surprised how well we played in that state of mind ^^

uniquec: Luckily someone did not get to be confused as the dart board itself. In your travels what place would you recomend and not recomend to visit?

Moose: The little islands surrounding Thailand were superb. Ko Phi Phi and Ko Lanta and so on, if you're looking for a beach holiday, those are definitely worth going.

uniquec: You enjoyed the beaches . Are there much beaches in Finland?

Moose: We have beaches, I just wouldn't want to go to one when it's -20C outside ^^ Not recommending... humm.

uniquec: Nice and warm for a suntan...not.

Moose: I have to think about this for a while.

uniquec: haven't had a bad experience in your travels.

Moose: Texas, been there twice. Not much to see and it was too damn hot both of the times. Not planning to go again . ^^ Oh, San Antonio was cool. I liked the Riverwalk thingie. But that was about it.

uniquec: Twice is more than enough. But you do enjoy travelling?

Moose:: Yes, with the right company it's awesome. I often try to save money for a year or two and then go visit a place I've never been in. If I counted right, I think I've soon been in 50 different countries, most of them when I was young and travelling with my family though.

uniquec: That's a lot of countries. You get to see and experience various cultures most would not get to see. Any idea where you next trip will be?

Moose: My next trip is probably to New York. My sister moved there so I am planning to visit her.

uniquec: Downtown New York City or outside the area?

Moose: She lives outside the City, some distance to the north. But it would be a good opportunity to see the city.

uniquec: Yeah, New York City has a lot to see. I haven't been in the Big Apple since I was in my early teens. There are a lot of tourist attractions to Broadway shows. You can even go visit Niagara Falls while in the state of New York but the Canadian side of the Falls is a better view.

uniquec: So why do Finns like their saunas?

Moose: Finns, or at least I like saunas because it's relaxing and gives you a good feeling afterwards.

uniquec: Especially when the weather is cold outside.

Moose:Yes, hot sauna is the best thing in the world after spending a day outside when it's cold.

uniquec: Is there anything you ever wanted to do but haven't done?

Moose: So much stuff to do and so little time .^^

uniquec: What would you like people to know about you that they would not normally know?

Moose: I'd like to have 3some with 2 hot girls and... erm, this question wasn't about that kind of things, right? >.> I don't know, this interview already contains a lot of stuff that people probably didn't know. If you want to know more, just chat with me at irc or something ^^

uniquec: Heh, it is whatever you wanted it to be. ^^ Just like those Japanese school girls given to the distro staff, how did that started?

Moose: Well... I brought too many with me from my trip. I couldn't afford to keep them all so I decided to give most of them to the hard working distro staff. Heh, it was just some random thing I came up with.

uniquec: They really appreciated as one of their side benefits.

Moose: But seriously, I'd like to go skydiving one of these days. And I'd like to spend a summer in Finland without working all the time.

uniquec: Same here, just once to see the view from above. Work is an unecessary evil that pays the bills. Are you annoyed by the whiners on the forums?

Moose:: There's so many things worse in this world. I don't see a reason to get annoyed by something that happened in the internet. But it's easier for everyone if people follow the rules there so I will use my moderator powers when needed.

uniquec: True, you are pretty much easy going. Except about certain people handwriting.

Moose:: I intended it in a good way. ^^ Even messy writing can be pretty!

uniquec: I was just teasing about it. So had enough of this interview?

Moose: Yeah, this is plenty.

uniquec: Ready for the inny/outie belly button question?

Moose: Heh, not really but go ahead.

uniquec: LOL.

Moose: Or was that the question already?

uniquec: So does Moose have an inny or outie bellybutton?

Moose: Inny, of course. I've always thought those outie people are are bit weird.

uniquec: They are. ^^ So any parting words, you would like to share?

Moose: None that I can think of, just let me go to bed already. ^^

uniquec: Heh and you can now...thanks. We would like to thank Moose for doing this interview in the early hours of the morning and thus depriving him of his sleep, so all of you could get to know a little more about him.

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