Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews Merines timer, editor and the occasional karaoke for SHS and elsewhere :)

uniquec: On this feature of the Goddess interviews, we welcome the quiet staff member of Shinsen Subs, Merines. He has kindly allowed us to spend sometime and letting us to know him. Are you ready for the insanity?:)

Merines: I welcome insanity. xD

uniquec: Lol and I'm insane :)

uniquec: Basic questions, how did you start to work for Shinsen?

Merines: I guess Vincent liked me enough to invite me in.

uniquec: Is that a good or bad thing?:)

Merines: Lol.

Merines: Good thing.

Merines: I was really surprised.

uniquec: What do you do or pretend to do?

Merines: I time, and I pretend to edit and do karaoke.

uniquec: In that order?

Merines: Depends on what needs to be done, I guess, but I'm most comfortable timing.

Merines: My KFX are horrible.

uniquec: You enjoyed that the most?

Merines: Yeah.

uniquec: So what favourite anime have you enjoyed working on the most?

Merines: Since I haven't been here too long my list isn't very lengthy, but so far I'm enjoying Gundam 00 the most.

uniquec: How long have you been on SHS?

Merines: Since... August, I think.

Merines: September, maybe. This fall flew by.

uniquec: Enjoy you time here?

Merines: Very much so! The staff are all a lot nicer than I thought prior to joining xD

uniquec: SHS reputation is somewhat scary!

Merines: Yeah. Not sure why, though.

uniquec: Which member of the staff would you want to be stranded with on a desert island?

Merines: Lol.

Merines: I knew this was coming.

uniquec: Perhaps a certain boss and a translator who gives good PR. :)

uniquec: Of course you knew it was coming. :)

Merines: Probably Vincent, I guess. Seems like he's a pretty resourceful guy.

Merines: And of course, he'd whip me until we got off the island.

uniquec: What, no Asakomi. I'm shocked.:XD

uniquec: Ah the whip of torture.

Merines: Several people already chose Asakomi, so I had to mess up the combo.

uniquec: Have you meet any of the staff in real life?

Merines: Nope.

uniquec: Who would you like to meet?

Merines: Anyone, really.

Merines: They all seem like interesting people.

uniquec: No preference. What are you hobbies outside of anime?

Merines: I'm kind of a "car guy," so I spend some time beneath my car messing it up.

uniquec: Messing it, how?

Merines: Heh.

Merines: Nothing too serious. I put a turbocharger on my car a couple years ago and never got around to getting the oil return welded on.

uniquec: Tampering or just ordinary maintenance?

Merines: It leaked quite a bit of oil.

Merines: Tampering, definitely...

Merines: But, despite some iffy situations, it never died on me.

uniquec: Still leaking eh. Planning on getting it weld?

Merines: No, I actually took it all off again last summer. XD

Merines: Now it's slow again.

uniquec: So far, don't speak too soon.

Merines: Lol.

Merines: It hasn't leaked a drop since then.

Merines: Though I had to buy a new oil pan.

uniquec: Once it was removed. Planning to put it back on?

Merines: Nah.. Rather sell it and use the money elsewhere.

uniquec: On another car to mess with.

Merines: Lol, sooner or later, there will be another victim XD

uniquec: Hehe like you are my victim to torture right now. :xd

Merines: Something like this, yeah.

uniquec: But luckily, for you, I don't use whips. I leave it to e-hubbie. :)

Merines: Heh.

Merines: I certainly get a bit of it from him.

uniquec: Where would you like to travel to that you never been?

Merines: I'd have to say Japan, as long as I had someone with me who knew the language...

Merines: The whole culture interests me quite a bit.

uniquec: You would not want to venture into Japan without knowing the language?

Merines: No, I'd probably make a fool of myself. XD

Merines: I know very, very little of the language.

uniquec: Hehe you don't want to bee a bumbling tourist. :) What aspect of the culture fascinates you the most?

Merines: The history is probably the most fascinating.

Merines: I plan on taking some form of Japanese history course at some point.

uniquec: A fan of history?

Merines: A casual fan, yeah.

uniquec: Any specific historical time frame?

Merines: The periods when the first Americans came to Japan after it was closed off for so long...

Merines: Hollywood would have me believe that's the time period when the samurai died out, so there's that as well.

uniquec: Hehe. The Americans killed the samurais. :)

Merines: In one form or another...

uniquec: Where have you been that you would recomend to people?

Merines: I haven't traveled much, but the Caribbean was very nice.

Merines: I got sunburnt quite badly though.

uniquec: What part of the Caribbean? (I was born in the Caribbean.)

uniquec: Nice blue waters.

Merines: St. Lucia and Dominica.

Merines: Yeah.

Merines: The beaches were incredibly beautiful.

uniquec: And of course beaches, if you like sand.

Merines: I like sand at the beach... not much of a swimmer.

uniquec: Hehe sand everywhere. Boxers or briefs?:)

Merines: Boxers.

uniquec: What would you like to do that you never done?

Merines: Tough question ^^

Merines: It'd be nice to go on a cross country trip with some friends.

Merines: I've had plans to do it several times, but they never culminated.

uniquec:> Any place you would want to hit along the way?

Merines: Las Vegas, definitely.

uniquec: You believe in their motto . "What happens in Las Vegas stays there." ?:)

Merines: Yes!

Merines: Lol.

Merines: In other words, "Your money is staying in Las Vegas."

uniquec: In many ways. No drunken spur of the moments weddings?:xd

uniquec: At a nice Elvis ceremony.

Merines: Hmm, depends who I meet along the way XD

Merines: I'm a happy drunk, so something like that is quite possible.

uniquec: You never know what you'll find in Las Vegas or in life.

Merines: Indeed.

uniquec: You'll return with a stripper wife. :)

Merines: :0

Merines: My parents would be thrilled. -.-

uniquec: Like all parents would be!

Merines: I should hope so!

uniquec: How could their son get married to that...

Merines: Meh.

Merines: Not all strippers are dirty.

Merines: Don't ask how I know. >.>

uniquec: You would never end up in that situation. You were raised better than that.

uniquec: Oh really?

Merines: There's always disillusioned people who look for easy money to support themselves.

Merines: That doesn't necessarily make them a bad person imo.

uniquec: Strippers seemed to be popping up this weekend. I was told by a certain translator that I should celebrate my upcoming birthday by going to a strip club.

Merines: Hehe.

Merines: It is an experience one should experience at least once.

uniquec: Afterall, they have to pay their bills too.

uniquec: And how many times have you experienced that situation?:)

Merines: Ack!

Merines: Just once.

Merines: I was horribly uncomfortable.

uniquec: But you seem so knowledgable about them.

Merines: :ooo

uniquec: j/k :)

Merines: Lol.

uniquec: See I can go with anything.

Merines: Now I see why they are afraid of you!

Merines: XD

Merines: Now everyone thinks I'm a sexual deviant. \o/

Merines: Anyway...

uniquec: LOl, you'll have a new impression. What is the wrong impression people have about you?

Merines: People don't know anything about me because I never say anything in the channel.

Merines: I'm terribly anti-social, but as you can see, I can become quite talkative >.>

uniquec: I know and I gave them such a good new one now.

Merines: Thanks for that!

uniquec: You are welcome dear.

uniquec: You'll never talk to me again after this. I've scarred you for life. :xd

Merines: We'll see.

Merines: ^^

uniquec: A threat or promise....

Merines: I'm not assertive enough to make threats, so it's a promise.

Merines: Merines will try to be more social.

uniquec: So anything else you want to reveal to anyone who actually reads it?

Merines: Hmm.

Merines: I'm 23 and a freshman in college. Don't be afraid of change, and don't do drugs. :|

Merines: Mmkay

uniquec: And I'm actually really shy despite the few staff members who have silly names I call them.

Merines: Now that's rather surprising.

uniquec: So had enough of the randomness and pointless questions then?

Merines: Oh, I suppose.

Merines: It was a nice chat.

uniquec: Since you jumped to last closing advice . :)

Merines: Hehe.

Merines: Unintentionally, I tell you!

uniquec: So the real dying must ask questionthen, inny or outie belly button?

Merines: Inny.

uniquec: Thank you for doing this interview and I enjoyed being silly with you.

Merines: You're very welcome!

uniquec: The staff will just calling you stripper guy now :)

Merines: I can live with that, I guess. XD

Merines: There's worse things one could be called.

uniquec: Better than being called deviant.:)

Merines: And, a note: I'm not, and never was, a stripper.

Merines: Yes.

uniquec: Lol.

uniquec: Pornster!

Merines: Nope. No digital videos or images of me exist.

uniquec: That's what you think!! We would like to thank Merines for spending time with us (instead of studying for exams) and allowing me to give him a new nickname of "stripper babes" which we promptley tested out with amusement. As you can tell he has a wonderful sense of humour and did not mind me slandering his reputation. :)

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