Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews the least known translator at SHS Masaru

uniquec: Today, we happen to have a very quiet member of the translating SHS staff that you might not be to aware of his existance Masaru. He translatesthe animes that others refuse to translate. Let us give a warm welcome to Masaru.

uniquec: Basic question, how did you started at SHS?

Masaru:: mebe hinted that I might be able to translate for SHS, so Vincent drafted me.

uniquec: How long ago was that?

Masaru:: 2003-2004 winter I suppose.

uniquec: So what is the favourite.anime that you translated?

Masaru:: Lol, I managed to do only few - but i guess it's Jubei-chan's second season.

uniquec: You are sparingly used as translator. Your least favourite?

Masaru:: Uhh... can't remember.

uniquec: What are you hobbies?

Masaru:: Reading, playing games, watching telly and martial arts I suppose.

uniquec: What kind of martial arts, any belts?

Masaru:: Used to train actively a style called "taidou" - got up till 4th kyu, nowadays occasional sparring sessions with a friend.

uniquec: Dont spend as much time as you usd to on it. What kind of games are you into?

Masaru:: Strategy and fsp-shooters mostly.

uniquec: Any game you like more than the order?

Masaru:: Europa universalis 2.

uniquec: How so? (dont you just love these boring questions.)

Masaru:: Every game is usually different than the previous ones.

uniquec: Any favourite place that you have travelled to?

Masaru:: Abroad?

uniquec: Uh huh country,

Masaru:: Austria I suppose :P

uniquec: Any reaason? You dont have to mention a certain deviant..he's been mentioned in everyones so far,

Masaru:: Right. Nice trees and flak towers?

uniquec: Heh good answer and not the zoo either .

Masaru:: Well, I somehow forgot about that.

uniquec: So where would you like to travel to but havent been?

Masaru:: Mongolia.

uniquec: Why?

Masaru:: Genghis Khan.

uniquec: You like historical rulers, is he your favourite?

Masaru:: He's probably a guy not to like, but impressive anyway.

uniquec: Impressive in what sense?

Masaru:: Created the largest land empire ever -I guess that takes more than pure luck.

uniquec: Some skill is needed and imfluence If you were stranded on a desert island which staff member would you like to be stranded with and why?

Masaru:: One of the new guys - see if we would drive each other mad.

uniquec: No one in particular? You like to drive people mad.

Masaru:: If you're trying to make me say mebe, i won't - we'd kill of each other off in 10 minutes.

uniquec: Nah, I figured that he would drive you mad instead. So what is the oe thing that most dont know about you?

Masaru:: I'm actually a nice person ..?

uniquec: I already know that. :)

Masaru:: I'm guessing some don't.

uniquec: Who other than mebe and a certain Austrian frm SHS staff have you met in real life? Did you enjoying meeting him?

Masaru:: Moose. It was a short encounter, he is a nice young man although seemingly troubled by the mess in my living quarters.

uniquec: Are you saying that your living quarters was less than tidy?

Masaru:: Yes.

uniquec: What is your favourite movie?

Masaru::Apocalypse Now.

uniquec:Least favourite?

Masaru:: Casshern.

uniquec:What did you not like about it?

Masaru:: Just about everything - it looked graphically nice though.

uniquec:The bright spot of the movie. So what is your favourite alcoholic beverage?

Masaru:: Beer.

uniquec: Favourite brand?

Masaru:: Mmf... i'll say Karhu.

uniquec: A quality beer?

Masaru:: Good enough.

uniquec:How long it takes you to take apart a machine gun?

Masaru:: Definitely under one minute.

uniquec: Proficient at it...what model?

Masaru:: Russian Pkmand Finnish Kvvk..

uniquec: Which one is easier to put together?

Masaru:: Kvkk if I remember right - shittier gun otherwise though.

uniquec:Heh your weapon of destruction?

Masaru::The russian gun is my weapon of choice.

uniquec:Deadlier and more accurate.

Masaru:: Well, it was fun in many ways - hopefully i won't have to use it for real though.

uniquec:Hopefully not., Had enough random questions?

Masaru:: Well, there sure was a good deal of them

uniquec: Yeah. Ok to my favourite question staple. Do you have a inny or outie bellybutton?

Masaru:: Inny.

uniquec: Any parting words of wisdom?

Masaru:: Stay alive, but it's okay to die too not in a suicidal manner maybe.

uniquec: Heh in that order. We would like to express our gratitude for Masaru in giving up some of him of his gaming night to answer our questions on a rare Saturday night off.

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