Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews LOD-Squa a member of SHS Distro Staff

uniquec: Today we present another pointless interview in order to make someone feel special. :) We have LOD-Squa who has decided to partake into this fiasco since he has deemed them pointless. Welcome LOD-Squa to the stage of te Goddess. Anything you want to say before we begin?

LOD-Squa: I'm just doing it to feel special. :P

uniquec: Alright then the basic questions you begin at Shinsen?

LOD-Squa: It was back on April 2005. I found out about Shinsen when beck was airing, shortly after I learned that SHS needed distro personal. And after a small conversation that me and Kaunteya had I ended up being slapped into the team. Even though I wasn't staff staff, since I was only distro personal. I got the position as Distro Leader (under Moose) to help out as the help was needed, which leads me as to where I am today.

uniquec: So do you enjoy being a part of the distro staff and helping out when Moose isn't around?

LOD-Squa: Yes I do. I didn't know what actually went behind the scene on the distro team, and that is the last thing everything has to go through before going out to the public. Specially the past I get to be lazy at times and watch releases as I work of them.

LOD-Squa: I enjoy getting a load off Moose's back but recently we got a new helper, Slash, which has been a nice addition to the team.

uniquec: You get to watch the shows before the rest of the leechers. Any favourite anime?

LOD-Squa: Right now? Moyashimon is rather amusing so that'd have to be my pick for this season as everything else that I was watching is over with.

uniquec: What are your hobbies outside of anime?

LOD-Squa: I spend most of my time off the computer either working/school or playing video games. As I consider my Xbox 360 my little baby. Aside from that I lead a not so exciting life.

uniquec: Just means you have a life away from IRC and anime. :) Any favourite games for your XBox 360 that you enjoying playing?

LOD-Squa: Call of Duty 4, obviously, even though Halo 3 was my favorite one but CoD4 obviously took Halo 3 out of the leading spot. Even though I am currently playing Mass Effect which is an impresive game I must say. I would recommend it to RPG lovers out there.

uniquec: You enjoy RPG games more?

LOD-Squa: Of course, I rather play RPGs over any other genre. I like to enjoy games that challenge me in alot of aspects. I enjoy playing games such as Final Fantasy, Blue Dragon, and other wonderful titles.

uniquec: Who do you think on the staff would be a good RPG player?

LOD-Squa: Hm, thats a question I wouldn't really know how to answer. But I'd probably be Edward_K. He just seems like that type of guy.

uniquec: Heh, I was just curious afterall some of the guys are into playing game. Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island, staff wise?

LOD-Squa: ndbag, please. I just love turturing him.

uniquec: Good. I'm not the one who tortures him. :) So have you met any staff members and who would you like to meet?

LOD-Squa: Nope, I have yet to meet anyone whos in the staff. But I've always wanted to meet ndbag, I randomly annoy him to come to Florida so he can pay me a visit but he just seems ot be lazy to do so. But aside from him I would probably like to meet Kaunteya or Moose someday.

uniquec: So where in the world would you like to travel that you never been?

LOD-Squa: Perfect question, I hope to go to Japan someday. I just seem to be interested in the culture and ofcourse I want to see how Tokyo is.

uniquec: Anything particular in Tokyo that you would want to see?

LOD-Squa: Not really, everything would probably amuse me.

uniquec: And of course sampling the different foods is a must. Any place you would recomend that you have been to?

LOD-Squa: Hm. I've only been in Orlando and Puerto Rico. But since I am Puertorican I would usually just recommend the island to anyone. As I love the place and have a nice time every single time I go there. Its a really nice place to go sight-seeing and stuff.

uniquec: > Any favourite foods?

LOD-Squa: Pizza? Its the usual for alot of people. I'm a really picky eater so I usually just eat what I already like. And it happens to be a rather dumb selection of foods.

uniquec: What do you enjoy on your pizza?

LOD-Squa: Pepperoni, I like to keep it nice and simple. Although sometimes I like to get the stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut which is a good.

uniquec: Simplicity. Boxer s or briefs?

LOD-Squa: Haha. I'll go with boxers.

LOD-Squa: Or commando for ndbag. >D

uniquec: What is the one thing that you have never done but would like to do?

LOD-Squa: I don't know..probably any random thing that may possibly come into my head.

uniquec: And you dont have any random adventure in your mind?

LOD-Squa: Not at this moment. I usually do things as they come. Since I'm a random person.

uniquec: Spur of the moment. What would you like people to know about you that they might not know?

LOD-Squa: Theres not much to me that people don't know as I usually share anything with people. Aside from the fact that I am a simply bag boy at a grocery uniquec: Nothing wrong with being a bag boy as it generates income. So had enough of this pointless interview?:)

LOD-Squa: Should be enough.

LOD-Squa: Haha :P

uniquec: Ok my infamous bellybutton question, inny or outie?

LOD-Squa: Inny! Haha. The only one in my family that seems to have it going outie seems to be my dad. So I guess I didn't get it from him. Heh.

uniquec: I like calling outies...Cabbage Patch dolls. :) So any parting comment?

LOD-Squa: Of course, I'd like to thank everyone who helped keep my bot, Yuufa, up. It was amazing how everyone helped me pay most of the debt off. And I am thankful. Otherwise thank you for taking your time with this interview.

uniquec: Thank you for taking the time to do it. We wish LOD-Squa Happy Birthday since he kindly did this before his birthday while suffering from a nasty and bloody gash on his thumb earlier in the day. Oh and a final note for all the stalkers out there, LOD-Squa enjoys beind stalked!

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