Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews Fakia another translator at SHS

uniquec: On this installment of the Goddess interviews, we are honour to have another of Shinsen Subs translators, Fakia. He has generous given up his time from watching anime to appear in front of you, the viewers.

uniquec: Let start at the basic question, how did you come to work for SHS?

Fakia: I should know the answer to this one.

Fakia: Let me just think about it.

Fakia: I was translating Noein for a french team. And around episode 12 or so, it was that time when Kyou left SHS. So Vincent was looking for a translator. He asked me to help SHS, and that's how I joined Shinsen.

uniquec: And you just happened to be free at the time.

Fakia: I was translating and checking a lot of things but only in French. Translating in english sounded like a good challenge. I was a student at that time, I was studying physics.

uniquec: Has it become an enjoyable challenge?

Fakia: Yeah, I was able to met a lot of people thanks to that. And I was able to meet other japanese translators, as the only one I knew was Dark Soul who is French like me.

uniquec: So what has been your favourite anime that you had the pleasure working on?

Fakia: I would say Noein. The endless talk I had with kaunt were awesome. I have only good memories of that time.

uniquec: I like Noein as well. Yeah the physics involvement.

uniquec: So what hobbies do you have outside anime?

Fakia: Reading anything from novels to manga, playing Stepmania.

Fakia: My life is far from being exciting I guess.

uniquec: Any favourite genre you like to read, authors?

Fakia: Murakami Haruki and Milan Kundera are my two favorite author.

uniquec: What are your favourite works by them?

Fakia: I like reading shoujo manga, right now Bokura ga ita would be my choice has the best manga I ve read ever, but that s probably I 've just read the volume 12 this afternoon.. For Haruki, it s Norvegian Wood, and for Kundera it s Slowness.

uniquec: How good are you at stepmania?

Fakia: Not too good, but I am improving, I can do 8 steps songs.

uniquec: How often do you play?

Fakia: At least once a week. I play with a friend, playing alone is not that fun.

uniquec: No motivation. Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island (one staff member) and why?

Fakia: Asakomi. Because she is the nicest girl in the world.

uniquec: How sweet.

Fakia: I would have picked Kaunteya, but two guy on an island...

Fakia: No,

uniquec: LOL he wouldn't make good eye candy.

uniquec: Have you meet any staff members?

Fakia: Yes! I have met Dark Soul...

uniquec: Who would you want to meet?

uniquec: How was the meeting?

Fakia: Asa and Kaunt.

Fakia: The meeting was brief, he was in hurry,

uniquec: Nice short meeting. Where would you want to travel to that you have not been?

Fakia: Canada would be nice, I could see Asa then.

uniquec: > Any place you would recomend visiting that you been?

Fakia: I would recommend Kyoto. I 've lived there, and it s really beautiful. But you should not go during summer, there are too many people at that time.

uniquec: Tourist season. You enjoyed your time there?

Fakia: Yeah, that s mainly where I learnt japanese.

uniquec: What were your favourite places to visit while in Kyoto?

Fakia: There are a lot of beautiful temples, but my favorite place is at the top of the stairs of the Daimonji. I recommend going there for breakfast (just a one hour walk). You can see the whole city from there, it s unforgettable. (The daimonji is one of the mountain around Kyoto)

uniquec: Beautiful view. Food good as well?

Fakia: They have some stairs on it, like the Amber's stairs in Zelazny's book.

Fakia: The food is excellent of course.

uniquec:Of course. What are Fakia's favourite foods?

Fakia: A kaiseki meal in Gion is close to paradise.

Fakia: Actually I love Ramen...

Fakia: It s cheap and good.

Fakia: I wish we had those in France too.

uniquec:You miss it?

Fakia: Yeah, that is one of the reason I will have to go to Japan soon.

uniquec: Made friends there as well, to visit.

Fakia: Yes, though I hope I am gonna be able to find a job there soon.

uniquec: Permanet move?

Fakia: Maybe not permanent, but a few years would be nice. I 've lived for one year already, and I liked it a lot.

Fakia: So maybe 4 or 5 years would be perfect. That would also allow all my friends to come and visit me there.

uniquec:Until you get the urge to travel or move again.

uniquec: Anything you would like to do that you never done?

Fakia: I am not a big traveler though, but I don t really have a sentimental attachment for France, especially now.

uniquec:You find yourself wanting to live elsewhere,

Fakia: Well, France has one of the worst president ever.

Fakia: Hmm don t really know.

uniquec: Not an adventurer?

Fakia: Only when I watch bad anime until the end. You need a lot of courage for that.

uniquec: Lol. What is the worst anime that you managed to sit through?

Fakia: There are so many of them.

uniquec: Like?

Fakia: The worst I can remember (I am still doing nightmares) was the one Kyou did translate though I had warned him not to do it.

Fakia: Hmm I don t remember the title though, it was awful.

uniquec: Hehe. You blocked them out of your mind.

uniquec: It was that bad.

Fakia: Yeah, I ve watched too many animes, so hopefully I forget them quite easily.

Fakia: Well, the animation was crap, the characters were really uninteresting, and the plot was dumb.

Fakia: Gin inro no OlyXXXXX Yeah no I can almost remember the name.

uniquec: It came back to haunt you. :)

Fakia: I hope not, I will have to drown this memories with some Gundam 00.

Fakia: That should do the trick.

uniquec: Hopefully. Mecha will destroy all bad memories involved.

Fakia: Except Destiny, that was awful too! Usually I am more lenient when it comes to Gundam, but not with Destiny.

uniquec: Destiny was that bad?

Fakia: Yeah, well Seed was bad, but there was Fray. Destiny had nothing, and worst of it, it was an insult to Zeta (the best gundam ever).

uniquec: Bad mecha plots. So you had enough of the set randon questions?

Fakia: > It s ok, it s not like I have anything better to do right now. I just hope I didn t bored you to hell.

[16:33] Nah, I'm not bored since I really have not talked with you, unlike certain people that were interviewed earlier.

Fakia: I don t hang out much on the public channel. So i guess only the staff know me.

uniquec: Boxers or briefs? (Yeah random pointless question.)

Fakia: Boxers.

uniquec:Yeah and I have the reputation of being staff killer. :) So anyhting you want other people to know about you?

Fakia: Sorry if I am French, I didn't have the choice.

Fakia: That s probably the only thing they need to know.

uniquec: True. If they needed to know anything.

Fakia: They can still pm me I guess

uniquec: How do you managed to keep a low profile on staff?

Fakia: Well the only thread I was answering on the forum was the "guess that anime" one.

uniquec: So you enjoyed that thread on the forums?

Fakia: Yeah it is really a good thread, and usually I am not too bad at that sort of things. That's probably why I like it.

uniquec: And you seen alot of anime.

Fakia: Yeah that helps a lot. But I am trying to stop that.

Fakia: Watching everything can be hard.

Fakia: The fall's season is too horrible, it would torture if I want to watch everything.

uniquec: Too many stuf out there.

Fakia: Too many bad stuff.

uniquec: How many animes are you watching this season?

Fakia: Not much, Gundam, Ghost Hound, Shana, Moyashimon, Clannad, Blue Drop, Kimi Kiss, Saiunkoku Monogatari season 2, Kaiji. Hmm maybe one or two others.

Fakia: I am not sure.

uniquec: Any was a surprise that you enjoyed watching that you did not think would be as good?

Fakia: Kaiji I guess.

uniquec: You did not have high prospects for it?

Fakia: The second part of Akagi was really annoying so I didn t have much faith in that. But it s quite enjoyable.

Fakia: Moyashimon is a surprise too.

uniquec: One does not expect bacteria to be a good subject.

Fakia: Yeah, I though it would be a silly anime, but that s not the case actually.

uniquec: It's rather interesting.

uniquec: So what other non personal questions can I ask?:)

Fakia: No idea. Sorry I am not helpful.

uniquec: Yeah I try not to ask too personal questions.

uniquec: Want to kill the interview then?

Fakia: Yep. Thanks for all your questions.

uniquec: My final question then, inny or outie belly buton?

Fakia: I 've always enjoyed reading staff interview.

Fakia: Inny.

uniquec:I'm glad you enjoyed they were more amusement. Get to know the staff lines.

uniquec: Any words of wisdom?

Fakia: Do not trust the French president.

uniquec: And on that finally note, thank you for putting up with me and my questions. We would like to thank Fakia for his time spent with us and allowing us to meet another member of the infamous fansubbing team know as Shinsen Subs.

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