Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews the one and only Edward_K SHS encoder extraordinare.

uniquec: We would like to welcome, on today's show the infamous Edward_K. who has kindly allowed us to talk with him during his always busy day. Welcome to the show Edward_K.

Edward_K: What do I have to do?

uniquec: Just answer questions.

Edward_K: Shoot.

uniquec: How did you join SHS?

Edward_K: Vince told me to.

uniquec: How long ago?

Edward_K: 4 years, 2 months and 9 days ago. The time the channel was created.

uniquec: You are good at keeping record of things like that. What do you do for SHS?

Edward_K: It says so on the site.

uniquec: For those who are too lazy to read :P

Edward_K: Encode mostly. Keeping the ship together. Channelís technical support.

uniquec: What does encoding require you to do?

Edward_K: Taking a raw, improving its quality, putting subs on it and producing a video file playable by most people.

uniquec: How long does it normally take you to do an encode?

Edward_K: Could take anywhere from 2 hours to 24 hours.

uniquec: Depending on?

Edward_K: Resolution, whatever effects I need to do, etc. Codec.

uniquec: Do you enjoying encoding?

Edward_K: Itís pretty good. I enjoy seeing what the Japanese come up with next.

uniquec: Any favourite project you are most proud of?

Edward_K: thereís a lot to choose from, itís all a blur.

uniquec: So what are your hobbies outside anime and SHS?

Edward_K: I play on my DS Lite and computer games, my only console.

uniquec: What's your favourite game for it?

Edward_K: The Phoenix Wright series.

uniquec: What is the Phoenix Wright series about?

Edward_K: Itís about a defense attorney and the cases heís on.

uniquec: So you are good at solving things then?

Edward_K: Yeah or at least Iíd like to think so.

uniquec: What do you think you are good at then?

Edward_K: Mmm I dunno.

uniquec: Ok so I hear you like to attend anime conventions, how many have you attended?

Edward_K: 2 different ones.

uniquec: Where?

Edward_K: New York and Toronto.

uniquec: You enjoying going to them?

Edward_K: Everything but the registration lineups.

uniquec: So what happens in an anime convention, for those who never been to one?

Edward_K: it depends on the convention, but most usually have video rooms for watching upcoming anime series, gaming events, cosplaying, meeting people in the anime industry. Many dealers hawking their merchandise.

uniquec: More of a way for the companies to sell their merchandise. Have you ever cosplay?

Edward_K: I wore a hat once.

uniquec: Just a hat?

Edward_K: On top of my usual attire.

uniquec: Nothing too crazy then. What would you like to dress up as?

Edward_K: Nothing really comes to mind right now.

uniquec: No favourite anime character?

Edward_K: Not really.

uniquec: If you were stranded on a desert island, which staff would you like to be with and why?

Edward_K:Tough theoretical question. I dunno, a bit of everyone heh.

uniquec: Heh who would you be able to survive with? But you can't have everyone.

Edward_K: No answer at this time.

uniquec: Next question then. What your favourite drink?

Edward_K: Clamato.

uniquec: What is clamato for those not familiar with it?

Edward_K: Tomato and clam juice.

uniquec: You consume a lot of it?

Edward_K: Not really, itís somewhat pricy compared to water.

uniquec: On special occasions. What place would you like to travel to that you have not been?

Edward_K: Hmm, I dunno.

uniquec: No place you would like to visit?

Edward_K: Nothing that particularly stands out from the rest I guess. Iíve been to Japan once so I canít go back in accordance with the question.

uniquec: So what did you enjoy about your trip to Japan?

Edward_K: Hmm, not that much. I had to go with a tour guide.

uniquec: You get to see standard tourist things. Any favourite Japanese candy/snacks ?

Edward_K: Iím sampling various ones by buying them online from

uniquec: Any strike your fancy?

Edward_K: There are some gummies that are very sour on the outside. Almost lethal.

uniquec: You enjoy sour candy?

Edward_K: They taste good after itís sour.

uniquec: Anything else you found in your sampling?

Edward_K: Various other gummies which werenít sour.

uniquec: You just like gummies, Do you decapitate them as you eat them?

Edward_K: Theyíre not bears.

uniquec: They dont come in animal shapes?

Edward_K: No. they are just blobs, LINK

uniquec: So why is there so much interest in who is Edward_K on the internet?

Edward_K: Youíll have to interview one of those people on the internet on that.

uniquec: How many websites are you involved in?

Edward_K: I donít really count.

uniquec: Why did you started Tokyotosho?

Edward_K: I didnít start it, but I do run it after the previous owner lacked the resources to do so.

uniquec: Common misconception people have about it. Just like you run the internet or do you?:)

Edward_K: Something like that.

uniquec: So do you run the internet?

Edward_K: Just part of it.

uniquec: Heh the one responsible for anime movement..

That would be overstating it just a bit.

uniquec: How would you phrase it then?

Edward_K: Just one of many people.

uniquec: Modesty prevails. So do you like hockey?

Edward_K: Itís alright, I dont watch it though,

uniquec: Not into it. What's your favourite Operating System?

Edward_K: Windows.

uniquec: Which version?

Edward_K: 2003.

uniquec: Is it less buggy than the others?

Edward_K: I suppose it is since it is base off Windows XP.

uniquec: Is that why you like it?

Edward_K:I like it because itís a server class os.

uniquec: So have you met anyone from irc/staff?

Edward_K: No current staff,

uniquec: Past staff?

Edward_K: I had met ArabianSwan.

uniquec: I heard she tried to teach you to dance. :) You enjoyed meeting her?

Edward_K: Yeah, it was a good time.

uniquec: She seems like a nice person.. So Ed had enough of these random questions?

Edward_K: Getting there heh.

uniquec: You see how bad my random questions are, What is your favourite colour?

Edward_K: Yellow,

uniquec: Why yellow?

Edward_K: Itís a colour.

uniquec: I would hope so. Favourite foods?

Edward_K: Steak or sushi.

uniquec: Do you think Chinese dim sum, is highly overrated?

Edward_K: When you grow up with it, yeah.

uniquec: Especially chicken toes. Nothing you like about it?

Edward_K: Too much oil and fried stuff.

uniquec: Yeah and steamed buns are just fillers. And on that happy note, do you have an inny or outie belly button?

Edward_K: I should reserve that answer for anyone who is close enough to find out.

uniquec: Fine and you are available for inspection by members of th eopposite sex. Any parting words?

Edward_K: As of 2007-11-03 still a virgin.

uniquec: Heh, thanks for putting up with my random question and for allowing us to disrupt your internet rulership.

Edward_K: No problem.

uniquec: We would like to thank Edward_K for his time in allowing us to do this interview and yes girls he's available as well.

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