Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews Doria editor at Shinsen Subs.

uniquec: Today, we are fortunate to have Doria one of the head editors of Shinsen Subs on this installment. So are you ready for your time in the spotlight?:)

Doria: OK.

Doria: Well, commander, fire when ready.

uniquec: Heh ok ready for the boring questions then?

Doria: Yay!!

Doria: * Doria braces self.

uniquec: When do you start at Shinsen?

Doria: Oh, huh, this is kind of hard. Was it hard for anyone else?

Doria: Hmmm.... Maybe not last summer, but the one before that?

Doria: Or fall?

uniquec: Why did you choose SHS?

Doria: This is off to a promising start, huh?

uniquec: Hey it could be worse. :)

Doria: think I downloaded a crapload of stuff from SHS, so like every other potential recruit, I somehow felt it was incumbent upon me to "give something back." Now, in most recruits' cases, that "something" = hours of work for the recruitor, but you know...

Doria: I guess everyone's mileage varies.

uniquec: So what do you do for them or pretend to do?:)

Doria: Mostly editing, with a little QCing, and a dash of typesetting. And in the direst of circumstances, with notably questionable results, a little timing.

Doria: Or alternately, depending whom you ask, nothing much but crack wise?

uniquec: Heh. so which member of the staff would you want to be stranded on a desert with and why?

Doria: Ed. Still waters running deep and all. Plus, I'm firmly convinced that with a stick and possibly a stone, he could somehow reverse engineer a dinosaur, so that'd be handy, too. But you know, I'm friends with most of the staff, so it's pretty hard to pick just one.

Doria: I'm very fond of T-K, too, though, but it would be pretty tough to talk sports while stranded on a desert island...

uniquec: Only so much sports talk you could handle.

Doria: I watch most every sport, so I don't know... And he's also a big Shinsengumi fan... maybe I should change my choice.

uniquec: Have you ever met any of the staff, past and present?

Doria: Haha, pretty much the ones who've said they met me. So, shag, ndbag, and midz. This year, a bunch of us are planning to meet up at Comic-con, so I'm hoping to add a couple more to the list. uniquec: Were they like what you thought they would be?:)

Doria: Yeah, pretty much, actually. But of course, I'd corresponded with them and seen pictures of them, too, I think.

Doria: ndbag might be a little shorter than I'd expected, but I think the picture of him in full beard and lumberjack garb threw me off. (He's gonna love that I just wrote that.)

uniquec: Was not a complete shock to the senses when you did meet.

Doria: No, not at all.

Doria: Although, that can be funny, too...

uniquec: Lol but he will be happy to be mention. He's an attention whore. ^^

Doria: Yeah, that's so true. But then, many of us are, I suppose.

Doria: Er, not me so much, actually.

Doria: I ran from doing these interviews for quite a while. In fact, embarrassingly enough, I think I stopped logging onto the forum channel for a while because I was afraid of them.

uniquec: Heh he judges the interviews as being good if he is mentioned. :) (I wasn't that bad asking you to do one. :P)

Doria: Ah, then this one is win!

uniquec: So what are your hobbies outside anime?

Doria: Does work count?

Doria: (joking, joking)

uniquec: Lol especially since it pays the bills.

Doria: Well, I like most forms of popular media--so TV (though not so much because there isn't much good), movies, comics.

Doria: Video games, but that doesn't wholly count, as it's semi work-related.

Doria: Sports, as mentioned above... The usual American stuff.

uniquec: Sports as watching or playing as well?

Doria: Oh, and I do read, as well. But not as much as I used to be able to, given my work constraints.

Doria: Watching mostly. I did do martial arts, but I hurt my back some time ago, in a car accident, so that pretty much squashed that. uniquec: What do you enjoy reading?

uniquec: Not as active as you used to be.

Doria: I usually just read comic books--I get most of the major releases from DC/Marvel, plus a smattering of the independents. I like horror novels and mysteries, too. It's not that I don't like "good" literature, but after 12 years of teaching English, you get a little tired of it. And most of that doesn't make great bedtime reading, since it requires more concentration than I typically have.

Doria: Well, I'd like to be more active. I still go to the gym and do weight training, when I make the time. I do like that stuff. But I'm a little afraid of heavy contact sparring.

Doria: (Unless it's punching Vince... that's a wholly different matter! That's part of the SHS job!) uniquec: Afraid of aggravating your injuries.

uniquec: Where would you like to travel that you've never been?

Doria: My understanding is that I can't really do more damage to myself, but it wouldn't help the chronic pain in any way whatsoever, I can assure you.

Doria: France, ironically enough.

Doria: I really want to go to Japan, too, but I've technically been there, so it doesn't really count for your answer.

Doria: Whoa--look at all those "really"s. I've got to cut back.

uniquec: Any place in France, you would like to visit?

Doria: Paris, for sure. And I've heard the south is beautiful. But to be wholly honest, I'm not much of an outdoorsy type. Not that I dislike the outdoors, but I'm pretty much a city-type.

uniquec: Really, your favorite word?

Doria: Yeah, that's not something I'm particularly proud of...

Doria: I get these verbal crutches, then I break myself of them, then new ones pop up. Aggravating.

Doria: Wow, I sound like a bag of neuroses on legs.

Doria: (Though hey, thank goodness I have legs!)

uniquec: Especially for teaching English. ~~ So where would you recomend visting that you already been?

uniquec: We all have our own little neurosis, some worse than others.

Doria: I love Vancouver. I just got back from a business trip up there, but I didn't get to look around too much. But I've been before, and it's beautiful. And then, just like everyone else, if one wants to go to Japan, I do recommend Kyoto, though in my case, it may tie into somewhat unhealthy Shinsengumi fixation.

Doria: Yeah, that's true. I'm not a child molester or anything, so I think a few "really"s isn't too bad, in the long run.

uniquec: Everything is alright in moderation.

Doria: That's what they say... Though, is that actually true?

uniquec: What are your favourite must have foods?

Doria: I mean, is murder OK in moderation?

uniquec: I guess not but still....

Doria: With a head-swerving topic change, I'd say curry, cheese, pretty much anything I don't have to cook.

uniquec: You don't like to cook?

Doria: I'm incredibly easy to please on that front. In fact, my definition of "good food" = "not having to cook it myself".

Doria: Well, I am quite good with a microwave.

uniquec: You can push buttons and not burn food. ^^

Doria: But many people somehow regard that as not cooking, which is ridiculous--after all, you're changing the basic state of the product by the application of heat--so, if that's how you judge it, then no, I don't cook.

uniquec: They just are too old fashioned in their idea of cooking.

Doria: Exactly!

Doria: A woman after my own heart!

uniquec: What is the one thing you would like to do but never done?

uniquec: I tell people that I don't cook, clean or do windows. :)

Doria: Hm, does it have to be something I have complete control over doing? (I.e., not dependent on outside chance.)

Doria: Yeah, I tell Vince those things all the time, but somehow it never quite sticks.

uniquec: Yeah I know he is always telling me to make him dinner.

Doria: Me, too!

Doria: Which is insane, since if I did it, he probably shouldn't eat it!

uniquec: It can be anything you might want to do.

uniquec: Poison cooking for Vince!!

Doria: Well, I've been learning Japanese (kinda sorta--not very good at it).

uniquec: Maybe I've been watching too much Reborn. :)

Doria: Haha, no shame in that...

Doria: I think Vince would say there's no such thing.

Doria: (As too much Reborn, not in too much poison in his food.) uniquec: But it would be nice to see him in pain.

Doria: I think I cause him pain pretty regularly.

uniquec: How so?

Doria: I can always tell because I log on and get the instant "WOMAN" (sometimes spelled using non-traditional variants.)

uniquec: Lol.

Doria: Well, my projects often seem... challenged for various reasons. And he and I actually do pretty much agree on moving things forward, but it doesn't always happen.

uniquec: Things don't always go as planned.

Doria: Plus, I think he just enjoys someone he can pick arguments with. So there's that ;)

uniquec: What is the strangest dream thet you ever had?

Doria: Things never go completely as planned, but that's just life...

uniquec: He likes to stir up things.

Doria: Actually, I rarely remember dreams, I'm afraid. I have severe chronic insomnia, so though I'm sure I dream plenty, I rarely remember any of them. Sorry.

Doria: aying "he likes to stir things up" is akin to saying "the unibomber was potentially eccentric".

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?:)

Doria: Well, there are these adorable (or disturbing--you decide) boxers I saw an Kinokuniya a while ago that had Elizabeth on them (though they also make Sadaharu ones), and its beak is right where the fly opens. I like those.

Doria: Ah, perhaps I should specify, "from Gintama" in the above paragraph.

uniquec: I figured that you were refering to Gintama. :)

Doria: Wasn't sure if you were a fan, so figured I'd clarify, as Elizabeth is a pretty (see, I did it again) common name.

uniquec: So what would you like others to know about you that they might not know?

Doria: Uh...

Doria: Crap, what did other people say...

uniquec: Well I know you worked on Gintama as well as shag. ^^

Doria: I don't know. What do you think other people would like to know about me? I'm pretty straightforward, so I don't know as that I'm particularly shrouded in mystery.

Doria: Who reads these things, anyhow?

uniquec: No dark mysterious secrets lurking...

Doria: If it's recruits, then I'd say that even if I'm really nice to you in the interview, I'm still a very tough judge on the test.

Doria: here! How fascinating was that answer!

Doria: Well, if there are dark, mysterious secrets, they're not secrets to me, so it's hard to say.

uniquec: Lol you have no secrets then.

Doria: Apparently not from myself, at any rate.

Doria: Hahahaha, I just noticed your domain name!

uniquec: Of course not, you are an open book.

Doria: Awesome!

Doria: retty much, yes.

uniquec: I changed it after I started doing the interviews. :) (For non-irc users it is goddess.of.torturing.fansubbers.staff :))

Doria: That's hilarious.

uniquec: I figured it was appropiate.

Doria: Yeah, it might have even been appropriate before ;)

uniquec: So what is your favourite anime?

Doria: Wow, I like how you have these softball questions, and then once my guard is down, you come out swinging. Weird--that's a horrible mixed metaphor. Anyhow... let me think...

uniquec: It's random questions not always in the same order. :)

Doria: I used to have these very elaborate lists, but I think I lost them, and anyway, they'd probably not apply anymore. But I think perennial favorites are: X, Kenshin, Ghost in the Shell, RahXephon. If I had to pick just one, I'd give it to Full Metal Alchemist.

Doria: There really ought to be some horror in there, but nothing is springing to mind.

Doria: I'm pretty fond of Chevalier, too, but I can't watch it that often because I had to watch it so much while I was working on it.

uniquec: No favourite SHS one?

uniquec: Heh.

Doria: Probably either Demonbane or Chevalier.

Doria: (In terms of what I've worked on. Otherwise, I think FMA counts.)

Doria: Oh wait! Monster!!

Doria: Can't forget to plug the unlicensed stuff...

uniquec: Lol of course and buy the dvds.

Doria: Monster's non-licensing breaks my heart because it's so good, and yet, if I were buying anime licenses, I, too, would have a hard time voting for it.

Doria: Yes, I think people around the forums are pretty clear on where I stand on buying what you download. It's just my personal feelings, and I respect others' philosophies, but I feel pretty strongly about supporting what you enjoy, if only to get more of it.

uniquec: There is so much out there.

Doria: So true. I've got this monumental backlog of anime (though not as big as my video game backlog). It's really true that once you start fansubbing, all viewing time mysteriously evaporates...

uniquec: You tend to only see what you are working on.

uniquec: So had enough of the interview?

Doria: Well, I work full time, so I only have so much free time, and thus, if I'm going to fansub, inevitably, something else gets its time decremented. Unfortunately, that often means less time for watching.

Doria: Sure. It's your show.

uniquec: I know the feeling lately about only so much one can watch after work.

Doria: Plus, I just opened the forum randomly to see some hapless post-er requesting Eyeshield 21.

Doria: So, you know, I figure we're closing on a high note...

uniquec: People and their requests.

uniquec: Inny or outie?:)

Doria: Yes, but it's always amusing to read. It's like watching those compilation videos of people being dumb.

uniquec: See how badly they can request it.

Doria: Inny. I'm sure there's some statistic on this question, but yeah, inny. And wait, is it "inny" or "innie"? I guess the y looks better...

Doria: But "outy" looks weird.

Doria: Huh.

uniquec: I know I can't spell it anymore. :)

Doria: Haha, fair enough.

Doria: "We're not gay enough to sub this anime." Oh, Cyprene...

uniquec: I randomly interchange the spelling.

Doria: I like your sneaky changing up of the interview!

uniquec: Parting words?

Doria: Typically, I just say "bye," but I realize I'm supposed to say something of more import. Unfortunately, it's now 6 PM, and I'm hungry, so "bye" might have to suffice.

uniquec: Well it isn't a complete surprise, I ask basically the same questions.

Doria: That's very true.

Doria: I appreciate your doing these. They've been quite fun to read.

uniquec: Just the beginning ones didn't get all the questions.

Doria: Did they get the belly button one?

uniquec: I suddenly will throw in a new question along the way.

uniquec: Yeah the bellybutton is a standard uni question.

Doria: You're like some teacher of fansubbing, what with the pop quizzes.

uniquec: On that note, we would like to thank Doria for doing the interview and now she can feel safe to visit the forums.:) Hopefully she had a nice dinner after the interview.

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