Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews the most controversial translator of SHS Cyprene

uniquec: Today on the show, we are proud to have the most controversial and feared translator from Shinsen Subs, Cyprene also know as Kyougokudou. Welcome to the show as we are honoured by your presence and allowing us to spend some time with you.

uniquec: First of all, what would like to be called then?

Cyprene:: I go by Cyprene now, so you might as well use that.

uniquec: Alright Cyprene it will be then. So Cyprene, how did you get started with SHS?

Cyprene:: I got to know Vincent through who knows where; and we talked on MSN for a long time, I used to help him with little stuff like openings and signs. After a while I started helping Shinsen on Ueki and Speed Grapher under the name "Maou Zeta." Eventually I just dropped that and started working under the name Kyougokudou.

uniquec: So you have been with SHS for a long time. Why the various names and do the signify anything?

Cyprene:: I get bored with using the same nick, I guess. Maou Zeta is the main character of the RPG "Phantom Kingdom", Kyougokudou is a character in Japanese horror.

uniquec: So what is actually your role at SHS and what functions does it entail?

Cyprene:: I'm the translator; I take the episodes that come in and write down what everybody says in English. I also am in charge of yelling at people on the forums.

uniquec: So what do you prefer translating or yelling at the people on forums? :)

Cyprene:: Probably the latter.

uniquec: He he, how so?

Cyprene:: It's easier and more satisfying.

uniquec: So what made you decide to become a translator?

Cyprene:: I spoke Japanese and liked anime. Decided I may as well.

uniquec: How did you end up learning Japanese? (I know these are boring questions but they werenít mine.)

Cyprene:: I took it in High School, found out I was good at it and kept doing it.

uniquec: Another silly Syndicate question, who do you think is the boss of SHS?

Cyprene:: I actually had this discussion with Vincent yesterday when I saw ndbag say Vincent was the leader. And that's true in a sense, in that he's got final authority on everything, but Shinsen is best understood as a collection of semi-autonomous groups organized around individual projects. Once a team's started a project, it pretty much functions independently unless something comes up. Also, projects are chosen by group members, Vincent doesn't say "We're going to sub shows X, Y, and Z" this season.

uniquec: Yeah, I really donít like that question since it is rather one-sided question. So who do you get along the best and worst in the group?

Cyprene:: I don't think it's appropriate to air dirty laundry in public so I'm going to pass on the "worst" question. Best would have to be the people I work with on Rental Magica, Soichiro, Asakomi, Deathrabbit, EdwardK and Vincent. All of them are veteran fansubbers; I think combined we've probably got two or three thousand episodes between us. They're motivated, talented, and generally fun people to work with.

uniquec: That's fine. I understand the politics of behind the scene and one must get along. It seems at times, you and Vincent have a love/hate relationship, and do you want to comment on that since I know people wonder at times?

Cyprene:: Not particularly. We get along fine now, and I don't really want to bring up old fights we had.

uniquec: As it is none of our business. So what are Cyprene hobbies when he is not translating, on a happier subject?

Cyprene:: Video Games and books. I've got a Japanese PS2 and I'm constantly playing text games on it.

uniquec: Are there any favourite Japanese games that you enjoy playing continuously?

Cyprene:: I'm a big fan of the .hack//GU series. I know I'm the only one, since those games got TRASHED when they came out in the states. Also the Yakuza series. It's a lot better in the Japanese since you don't have to suffer through the crappy voice acting of the American version.

uniquec: Nothing like bad voice acting. What type of books do you enjoy reading , any favourite?

Cyprene:: I'm a big fan of horror novels. J-Horror is pretty good, though way too much of it is ripped off "The Ring".

uniquec: You aren't going to mention your Kyougokudou series of books?

Cyprene:: I could; the problem is that nobody can read them to check out what I'm talking about. Kind of makes it superfluous.

uniquec: They would not know who it was or what it was about.

Cyprene:: Exactly. So we can skip that.

uniquec: Yeah. What was the first anime you translated? (Simple question)

Cyprene:: That would've been Lord of Lords Ryuu Knight: Adeu's Legend. I think that's what itís called. It was really bad. I showed it to some friends and they were just embarrassed for it, and for me.

uniquec: Well it was your first, I am sure you have improved by now. How did you manage to get such a reputation that you like to ban people in the channel?

Cyprene:: That's a pretty easy one: I banned lots of people in the channel. I've always felt that "Not being a dick" is a small price to pay for free anime, and if you can't pay that price, you can go somewhere else.

uniquec: Is that how you also got the nickname as being the Kyoupressor? (It's bad asking questions when one already knows the answer. )

Cyprene:: Lol. I'm working on it. Yes. There's actually a very funny story behind that. Somebody was being a jackass in main; I forget the particulars, and I banned him. And he responded by posting a 3000 word rant in the IRC forum. Lemme get it .Link The highlight is when he calls me Dick Cheney and ndbag Condoleezza Rice.

(I shall not recap the link this time. Go and actually read the thread, if you donít remember or know what he is talking about since it is a rather amusing rant.)

uniquec: He he, your reputation seems to grow. Yeah I remember the thread well.

Cyprene:: Anyway, thepeon, a very good timer, responded with "I love you. OMFG. You are the dumbest idiot ever. You really love your anime... When did this turn into Larry King Live? All this debate nonsense. ALL HAIL KYOUGO...erm... KYOUPRESSOR!"

uniquec: So what would Cyprene like to know about you? (Oops, I did really type that question.)

Cyprene:: I am Cyprene.

uniquec: And you are omnipotentÖ just kidding.

Cyprene:: I'm not sure I understand the question, is what I mean.

uniquec: I was more going for what would you like other people to know about you that isnít well known.

Cyprene:: Aah, OK. Uh, I'm not sure. Maybe that I'm not as mean to leechers as I appear. Sure, I ban them a lot, but I put in hours and hours of work a week to make sure that they have stuff to download. And if it seems like I'm a bit of a dick on the Request forum sometimes, they should remember that the only reason we even really HAVE that forum is because I do stuff on it; I don't think any translator other than me has taken up a project based off a post on the request forum, outside of KoB and Dancougar.

uniquec: I know, deep down you are a soft and fluffy kitten. Maybe I shouldn't use that but you are a sweet person.

Cyprene:: I wouldn't go that far.

uniquec: Yeah that would screw up your image badly!

Cyprene:: Exactly.

uniquec: You are such a meanie.

Cyprene:: Yes.

uniquec: And I'm getting silly now. So what else can I ask without being too personal or shall we end this?

Cyprene:: You can ask anything else you want. I'm sure you've got some questions about how Shinsen works. I'll answer anything you're interested in as long as it doesn't involve badmouthing people.

uniquec: Well then, how does Shinsen work?

Cyprene:: That's a little too broad. ^_^

uniquec: How long does it usually take you to translate a 22 minute episode?

Cyprene:: Depends on the episode. Stuff like Dragonauts gets done in about 45 minutes to an hour. I may spend up to six to twelve hours on say, Rental Magica, when you tally up all the research that needs to be done both beforehand and once the show has aired to make sure it's done well. That includes time spent writing notes; which often takes way longer than the episode. Rental Magica 01's notes had more words than the episode script itself!

uniquec: Yeah I noticed there was like 5 minutes of notes. Do you enjoy making notes since it does give the viewer a better understanding of the going ons?

Cyprene:: I've always felt that the goal of a translation was to give the viewer an understanding of what was going on. With Rental Magica you're dealing with a lot of stuff that's common knowledge to a Japanese viewer but that a westerner might have absolutely no idea about. Dragonauts is the same way; we're translating the articles on the website that will probably never be translated in the official R1 release. They don't add any new information but they flesh out the world and give you a better sense of what's going on. One of the staff members, Getfresh, summed it up in the words "More is better than less." If people think they're boring, or unnecessary, it's a simple matter to not watch them.

Cyprene:: Of course, at times I tend to ramble and include things that probably don't need to be included. 2000 words were probably too many for RM01.

uniquec: Information is always nice to have. Is that why you like to translate anime?

Cyprene:: like to translate anime 'cause if I didn't I'd forget all my Japanese and lose like 10 years of work.

uniquec: ff you donít use it, you lose it. So I hear you like Japanese pudding, what is it?

Cyprene:: It's like American pudding but a little stiffer in consistency, and itís draped with caramel. Absolutely delicious. Kobe Royal Pudding is the best, but itís like 2$ a thing.

uniquec: I hear you been to Japan several times, what are your favourite spots to visit and recommend?

Cyprene:: I would say that if you want the quintessential Japanese experience the best place to go is Kyoto, even if the entire place does feel like a tourist trap sometimes. Venture off the beaten path; get lost, and see what there is to see. All the subway stations are linked together so if you just go to the nearest one you can always get home.

uniquec: The best way to get to know any new place is to wander around. So what makes Kyoto special for you?

Cyprene:: It's not special, but there's a lot of stuff to see. You can't go anywhere without tripping over an old monument or temple. If you've only got a few days and want to see some Geisha and Samurai, it's the place to go.

uniquec: No Geisha Samurais.. I couldn't resist..

Cyprene:: No. You're either one or the other.

uniquec: I know no cross dressing Geishas. I told you I'm in a silly mood. Any other country you would like to travel to?

Cyprene:: I'd like to go to Canada someday and go see Asakomi making coffee.

uniquec: Heh , you just want free Starbucks coffee. Hmm now I forget what I was going to ask next..

Cyprene:: Lol aww.

uniquec: Maybe I'll end it now. So do you have an inny or outie bellybutton? (My uni standard question to be asked at end.)

Cyprene:: I'm not sure what that means.

uniquec: Belly button.

Cyprene:: Ya. Uh, just put 'declined to answer '.

uniquec: What words of wisdom to offer to everyone?

Cyprene:: Use proper English in your requests on the forum. If you don't, I will hunt you down and stab you.

uniquec: And on that happy note, we would like to thank Cyprene who subjected himself to do this interview despite suffering from the flu while at work and putting up with a tired uni near the end.

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