Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews Bufu a timer for SHS.

uniquec: Another new year and in the spirit of letting you get to know SHS staff, we bring you another of the returning staff member Bufu who is a timer. (Yes, I seemed not to start my six month hiatus as yet since I can not resist former staff members who return. :p) We welcome to the stage Bufu.

uniquec: It's harmless questions time.

Bufu: Heh, whatever.

Bufu: Ok ;p

Bufu: You can start the interview :P

uniquec: You are so willing... not!

uniquec: J/k.

Bufu: ;))

uniquec: You are the first interview of 2W So what do you do?

Bufu: Well, I'm a timer.

uniquec: Who do you time for?

Bufu: I time for Shinsen-Subs.

uniquec: Why did you decide to fansub?

Bufu: Hmmm dunno.

uniquec: See really easy questions :)

Bufu: At first, I was curious how long does it takes to time an episode and started to learn how it is done and then decided to test my abilities.

uniquec: And how long does it take to time a 25 minute episode usually?

Bufu: Depends and hmmm can't answer that now.

uniquec: Time frame?

Bufu: Last time, I timed something was 2 years ago.

uniquec: You have been out of practise.

Bufu: ^_^

uniquec: Why did you decide to return to SHS?

Bufu: Hmmm wanted to time again and I liked timing in the short amount of time I did that for SHS. :D

uniquec: You missed the staff especially Vincent j/k :)

Bufu: Yes :P

Bufu: Too bad that a lot of staff members back then aren't in SHS anymore.

uniquec: WHo would you want to be stranded on a deset island with?

Bufu: From SHS staff?

uniquec: Sure past or present.

Bufu: limitbreakingcat

Bufu: ^__^

Bufu: And bo (dancinbojangles).

uniquec: Why them?

uniquec: A.k.a. Euphie and Lulu :)

Bufu: Lbc cause I enjoyed making fun of her nickname.

uniquec: Heh.

Bufu: And bo cause I was getting along very fine with him.

uniquec: Yeah bo said he would do one when he got back from Egypt but life gotin the way as he was also returning.:(

uniquec: What hobbies outside anime?

Bufu: Pool.

uniquec: Are you good at pool?

Bufu: Not in the most spectacular way, but pretty good.

Bufu: Most of my money go on playing pool.

uniquec: Pool shark!

Bufu: ^_^

uniquec: Where would you like to travel that you never been?

Bufu: Everywhere.

Bufu: ^_^

uniquec: Any one place more than another?

Bufu: Didn't go outside of the country yet.

Bufu: Hmmm.

uniquec: No place you long to go?

Bufu: Amsterdam..

uniquec: Why?

Bufu: Lots of friends told me that it's very nice there and if I would go I will have lot of friend to go with.

Bufu: Next would be Canada as I have an uncle there.

uniquec: Favourite food?

Bufu: Favorite food hmmm...

Bufu: KFC :XD

uniquec: Heh, fried chicken.

uniquec: Least favourite?

Bufu: That would be a soup but can't tell you the english word for it.

Bufu: Belly soup?

Bufu: ^___^

uniquec: Ingredients in it?

Bufu: Belly.

uniquec: Lol which belly?:)

Bufu: Stomach :P

uniquec: of what animal?

Bufu: Oh

Bufu: >.>

Bufu: Cow.

uniquec: Heh talking about bellies, inny or outie belly button?

Bufu: In :P

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

Bufu: Briefs.

uniquec: Favourite colour?

Bufu: Red.

uniquec: Dark, medium or light shade of red?

Bufu: Dark.

uniquec: Do you remember your dreams?

Bufu: Basically nightmares.

Bufu: But if I think about one now just brings back nightmares from when I was a child.

Bufu: ^_^

Bufu: Probably the worst.

uniquec: You had lots of nightmares as a child?

Bufu: Not really, just really bad ones.

uniquec: Do you dream in colour or black and white?

Bufu: Both.

uniquec: You tend to remember them?

Bufu: Not really and it sucks when I try to tell a dream to a friend and realize that I forgot it.

uniquec: Lol, I guess then you don't remember the oddest dream you had?

Bufu: Told you just nightmares from my childhood. Rest is a total blank.

uniquec: ok what would you like to do but never done?

Bufu: Bungee ^_^

uniquec: Why so?

Bufu: Adrenaline? :P

Bufu: Though I might die :))

uniquec: We all die sooner or later.

Bufu: True :P

uniquec: What would you like to be remembered for after your death then?

Bufu: The times I spent with family and friends.

uniquec: If you were a super hero what super power woulld you want and why?

Bufu: The invisible man, so that I can go to a girls locker room?

Bufu: XD

uniquec: Lol.

Bufu: J/k.

Bufu: Not into superhero stuff.

uniquec: Such useful use of super powers. ;p

Bufu: ^_^

uniquec: Guess you don't think you would make a good hero then :)

Bufu: Don't tend to :P

uniquec: Favourite anime?

Bufu: Tenjou Tenge and X TV.

uniquec: Why?

Bufu: Loved the story on both of them. Too bad that Tenjou Tenge was left in air and I don't like reading manga so...

uniquec: Least favourite?

Bufu: Tokko.

uniquec: Any reason?

Bufu: Ended in a stupid way....last episode was something like....omg lets insert 20 episodes in one and end this.

uniquec: Heh too much plot for one episode.

Bufu: Indeed.

uniquec: How do you see yourself 20 years from now?

Bufu: Being rich with a beautiful wife and 2 kids, a boy and a girl.

Bufu: ^_^

uniquec: How rich? ;p

Bufu: As rich as it is needed for my family to be happy.

uniquec: You wouldn't want any extra then? :)

Bufu: Not necessary, but if it will be extra...

uniquec: Heh.

Bufu: I don't mind :P

uniquec:You would find some use for it :p

Bufu: Yes.

Bufu: ^_^

uniquec: What is the one item that is the most precious to you?

Bufu: Don't have any precious item.

uniquec: You aren't materialistic?

Bufu: No.

uniquec: Optimist or pessimist?

Bufu: Realistic :P

uniquec: Heh, introvert or extrovert?

Bufu: Extrovert, I was introverted when I was small.

uniquec: What is the one thing you would like others to know about you that they might not know?

Bufu: I tend to help a lot of people but within my range of possibilities.

uniquec: Anything is possible with you then:)

Bufu: So if they think it's in my reach to help them out, just scream.

Bufu: Not really :P

uniquec: Heh but you like to help others?

Bufu: Yes.

uniquec: Has there been anyone who been a role model while you were growing up?

Bufu: Not really.

Bufu: Most of my growing up was basically influenced by my mom actions.

uniquec: So had enough of random questions?

Bufu: I can't say that I've had enough.

Bufu: We can go on like this forever I guess. :))

uniquec: Lol.

Bufu: So I'll reflect that question towards you XD

uniquec: Favourite movie?

Bufu: The Pursuit of Happiness and Seven pounds.

uniquec: Why?

Bufu: Real life truth, sort of.

uniquec: Least favourite?

Bufu: Any horror movie.

uniquec: You don't like being scared?

Bufu: No.

uniquec: What type of music do you like to listen to?

Bufu: Rock and trance.

Bufu: And a bit of everything.

uniquec: Least favourite?

Bufu: Pop and a type of music made by gypsies in my country.

uniquec: You don't consider it music?

Bufu: I consider it non-culture music and I think 50% of Romanians listens to that crap or more.

uniquec: What do you think is cultured music then?

Bufu: Anything that doesn't cotains the words, I'm rich, I'm cool, I am the godfather in my neighbourhood, losers can't reach me, etc.

uniquec: Lol, such compelling lyrics.

Bufu: Indeed.

uniquec: What era/period would you like to live in ?

Bufu: Not before 90's

Bufu: :P

uniquec: Lol.

uniquec: 1890's :p

Bufu: 1990

Bufu: :P

uniquec: I was tempted to type 1790 originally :)

Bufu: :)

uniquec: You don't think you could survived the past?

Bufu: The communist past surely not.

uniquec: Or the plague and pestilence :xd

Bufu: Knowing me now, probably nothing that was in the past.

Bufu: ^_^

uniquec:> You like your modern day conveniences?

Bufu: Yes, you don't? :P

uniquec: Like the internet :p

Bufu: ^_^

uniquec: If you can change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Bufu: Hmmmm, the naivety part.

uniquec: But that is a part of being young.

Bufu: Not really.

uniquec: You get to experience things and learn from by trial and error.

Bufu: The thing is that I don't learn the lesson.

Bufu: I tend to believe to believe what other say.

Bufu: But when I find the truth I eliminate the cause :P

Bufu: I'm pretty drastic.

uniquec: Eliminate the cause of your mistrust.

Bufu: So one down on my friend list.

Bufu: You can say that.

uniquec: You would eliminate me afterwards when I said the interview is simple non personal questions then :xd

Bufu: No.

Bufu: :P

uniquec: I'm just teasing.:)

Bufu: Heh :)

uniquec: You know I'm rather harmless :)

uniquec: Most of the time.

Bufu: * Bufu wonder even about that.

Bufu: :P

uniquec: Heh.

uniquec: Everyone picks on me :P

Bufu: :))

uniquec: Not really...the staff usually ignores me.

Bufu: Lol.

Bufu: ^_^

uniquec: Parting words of wisdom?

Bufu: Can I quote something from Ergo Proxy?

Bufu: :)))

uniquec: Sure :)

Bufu: Lies are truth until you know them to be lies. It may be the right thing to do to discern truth from lies, but that does not mean it will bring happiness.

Bufu: ^_^

uniquec: I take it you liked Ergo Proxy :)

Bufu: Yes.

Bufu: :P

uniquec: Thanks for doing the interview :)

Bufu: Thanks for interviewing me.

Bufu: ^_^

uniquec: And welcome back to the insanity of SHS :xd

Bufu: Thanks :D

uniquec: Just what every one needs.

uniquec: This conclude this interview with Bufu as we wish him all the best in returning to the family of what is known as Shinsen Subs. Hopefully, you will survive a bit longer than a few returning staff members from last year. :)

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