Interviews with the SHS Staff

The Goddess interviews one of the few female staff members, head editor Asakomi.

uniquec: Today, we are happy to welcome the head editor of SHS, Asakomi. So ready for random questions?

Asakomi:: Hit me.

uniquec: Let's get the boring stuff out for the readers. When and how did you join SHS?

Asakomi:: I joined SHS almost two years ago now. I'd been watching various fansubs for a while and got annoyed at how many grammatical errors I saw, so I decided to become a fansubber so I could fix them all. SHS looked to be the biggest active group around, so I took their editing test, passed, and the rest is history. :)

uniquec: What is your role in SHS?

Asakomi:: My role is, obviously, editor. I also handle QCing, as well as any editing or QC recruits that come our way. Although, I share that responsibility with Doria.

uniquec: Are there many females on the SHS staff?

Asakomi:: There are a few, but we're greatly outnumbered. :p

uniquec: Fansubbing tends to be more of a male dominated venture. Is there an anime that you enjoyed working on more than any other?

Asakomi:: I think Red Garden would win as my favourite project, hands down.

uniquec: Why so?

Asakomi:: Well, besides the fact that it was an amazing series and I looked forward to each new episode, we had an amazing team. We were completely in synch, had a perfect system, and a great time working together. It was me, Bo, Ayu, Ed, and Vincent. We worked so well together that we were able to get both the SD and HD releases out on time every week.

Asakomi:: When a project goes that smoothly, it's such a rush. It makes me as hyper as extra shots of espresso. :D

uniquec: Things work smoothly when everyone knows what they are doing. What is your pet peeve as an editor?

Asakomi:: That's a hard question. I have so many. XD

uniquec: Like the uses of ellipses, perhaps?

Asakomi:: If I had to pick one, I'd say the blatant overuse of the ellipsis in scripts.

Asakomi:: Heh, you read my mind. Argh, I swear some people think, "I don't know what punctuation should go here. I know! I'll use an ellipsis!"

uniquec: Lucky guess.

Asakomi:: >_>

uniquec: That's really not a punctuation mark.

Asakomi:: Don't get me started, or we'll be here all night. :p

uniquec: I'm sure they would want to hear you rant about that. So the translators know better than to use ellipses with you or do you still have trouble with them about their use of them?

Asakomi:: ]Some use them more than others. I actually couldn't care less if a translator uses them. I see it more of an editor's job to make sure they're used properly. So, where my pet peeve comes in, is when I watch releases by other groups where I see them used all over the place or when I QC something here that has them used improperly. Of course, our editors are great, and never do that. ;)

uniquec: You taught them well. So have you met any of the staff of Shinsen?

Asakomi:: In person, not yet. I hope to someday.

uniquec: Who would you like to meet the most?

Asakomi:: That's such a hard question! I want to meet Ed, Doria, Cyprene, and Vincent for sure. But I'd really love to meet them all.

uniquec: They all have their good points. Well Ed is the closest to meet. Have you ever received/exchange anything from the staff?

Asakomi:: Yes!

uniquec: Anything of interest?

Asakomi:: ndbag and Midz have sent me goodies, like delicious Milka chocolate. Ed has sent me Reboot and Thundercats on DVD, among other things. Midz once sent me a ton of anime postcards from a convention she went to. I have those proudly displayed on my mini-fridge.

uniquec: I hear you really like chocolate. Do you have any favourite type of chocolate that you enjoy more?

Asakomi:: Smarties (the UK/Canada version) have been my favourite since childhood. Other than that, my heart can be won over with gifts of Lindt or Milka.

uniquec: The way to Asa's heart is with chocolate . ^^ So what are your hobbies outside of anime?

Asakomi:: ]Outside of anime, I love to play The Sims 2, run, drink espresso, and read. Nothing too exciting. :)

uniquec: So you actually do enjoy coffee/espresso where you work then.

Asakomi:: I'm in love with coffee. I was before I got my current job, and working there has only increased my love for it.

uniquec: You need your daily caffeine fix.

Asakomi:: Daily? More like hourly. :D

uniquec: LOL. A hyper Asa. What do you like to read?

Asakomi:: My reading tastes are varied. I don't love one genre more than any other. As long as it has an interesting plot and good characters, I'll read it. Though I stay far, far away from that crappy romance garbage.

uniquec: Are you a hockey fan like majority of Canadians?

Asakomi:: Yeah, I really love hockey, but I don't usually watch any games until playoff time.

uniquec: Your favourite hockey team?

Asakomi:: The Ottawa Senators, currently.

uniquec: Of course, they are your favourite right now. So what is the common misconception people have outside of Canada about Canadians?

Asakomi:: That we live in igloos. I've seriously met people who believe that. The slightly less ignorant ones still believe it's always winter here.

uniquec: Very true, and some places are actually warmer than the United States in winter.

Asakomi:: Yep. :)

uniquec: Where in the world would you like to visit that you have never been?

Asakomi:: I want to visit Japan, of course.

uniquec: Any place in particular that you would want to visit?

Asakomi:: Osaka, because Kansai-ben is adorable, and I love takoyaki.

uniquec: In that order. Of course, you can get your fill of sushi while in Japan. What other foods do you enjoy?

Asakomi:: Ice cream, and licorice. Heh.

uniquec: Favourite flavour of ice cream?

Asakomi:: Oreo.

uniquec: Like in the cookies.

Asakomi:: Yeah, I only like Oreos when they're in ice cream. I hate them on their own.

uniquec: What would you like to try once but have never done before and why?

Asakomi:: As for something I've never done before, let me think about that.

uniquec: An adventure of sorts perhaps.

Asakomi:: I would love to visit a huge city, like New York City, by myself and stay in a fancy hotel, order room service, the whole bit. I've always wanted to spend a few days in a ritzy hotel on my own.

uniquec: Spoil yourself for a day.

Asakomi:: A weekend!

uniquec: Of course, and maybe see a few Broadway shows as well.

Asakomi:: For sure.

uniquec: And of course there is shopping.

Asakomi:: Yep.

uniquec: I hear you enjoy collecting DVDs of anime. What is your most prized anime? (I'm running out of random questions)

Asakomi:: Hmm, let me open my Excel spreadsheet and remind myself of what I all have.

uniquec: That many heh.

Asakomi:: Nah, not too much. :p Definitely my Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 1st Gig DVDs, and my Gunslinger Girl DVDs.

uniquec: You've watched them countless times.

Asakomi:: Yep. :)

uniquec: So had enough of the interview?

Asakomi:: Well, I should get back to the fansubbing mines.

uniquec: Well it is time for uni's must know question. Do you have an inny or outie belly button?

Asakomi:: Lol! An innie. :p

uniquec: So any parting words of wisdom? Or not...

Asakomi:: "Patience is a virtue." :p

uniquec: Heh. Thanks for doing the interview ^^

Asakomi:: Thanks for interviewing me!

uniquec: We would like to thank Asakomi for allowing us to interview her despite Vincent hovering about with his whips. ;XD

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