Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews twk3 the pretty pony at Static-Subs.

uniquec: In this episode, we found a so-called editor at Static-Subs but as you can tell he just hangs out and looks pretty. We welcome twk3 to this exciting interview. :p

uniquec: First boring question, what do you do?

twk3: In real life, or in the magical irc world?

uniquec: Magical irc world of fansubbing.

uniquec: Where fansubbers are attention whores.

twk3: I believe my title at Static-Subs is Staff Pony... and other channels... just pony.

twk3: Basically I sit around and look pretty in the ascii sense... I guess.

uniquec: So you do absolutely nothing then and just take up space?

twk3: Haha, that's what I like to tell people. I do various less important jobs as well.

uniquec: What then do you pretend to do?

uniquec: Or at least supposedly credited to do.

twk3: I edit, and manage a few of SS's special projects. In other channels... I really do just sit around and look pretty. oo

uniquec: How long have you been looking pretty?

twk3: Umm, I've been fansubbing since April 2007, but only looking pretty since January 2008, so almost a year!

uniquec: There is a high demand for prettiness?

twk3: Yeah, the irc channels lack it.. ;)

twk3: Ewww, I iz gonna die for that one.

uniquec: Yeah, you do realized your fellow fansubbers are very cruel beings. :xd

twk3: Noway, they wuv me too much to hurt me!

twk3: I... hope.

uniquec: You think so, I've seen their cruelty. Why did you decide to get into the fansubbing?

twk3: I didn't think about it really, and still don't too much.

twk3: I didn't watch a lot of anime before doing fansubbing. In fact, the first subbed show I ever watched, I watched directly before becomming a fansubber.

uniquec: How did you get involved in it then?

twk3: I saw that SS subbed it, and I happened to see that they were looking for editors. I have a passion for writing but I was in uni, and wasn't keeping my skill up. I applied as a means to keep my english skills on par.

uniquec: SS subbed what?

twk3: Aye, they certainly did. You should watch it. ;)

twk3: "It" was Mai-HiME. I had originally watched it with my roommate live-TLing it to me.

uniquec: Oh

twk3: As opposed to dead-TLing which... would be from SS's name came from maybe?

uniquec: One of your favourite animes?

twk3: No not really, but don't tell sumi that. Or, I guess I just did... this being an interview and all.

uniquec: Better than Mai-Otome, I could delete it but...

uniquec: I wont.

twk3: Aye, it was better than Mai-Otome. It was a decent show the best that I had seen at the time. Which is why I went back to check it out with the english subs.

uniquec: They were both silly. So who would you want to be stranded on a desert island?

twk3: Have you asked myst that? Cause she lives on an island... and she totally dragged me off the praries to live on it.

uniquec: Lol. It could be anyone/anything and she doesn't have to be around.

twk3: So, who would I like to strand on an island? Or who I would like to be stranded with?

uniquec: Both :p

twk3: Haha, I would love to be stranded with Uchikoma on an island, currently he is gloating at me from the mainland... secretly... I'm know cause I haz cameras....

twk3: And who I would like to be stranded with?

twk3: kosuke85 for sure, what a sexy guy.

uniquec: How so?

twk3: Mwahaha, he used to be a bodyguard, and he's got a gentle heart... Plus I'm being paid for advertising ;)

uniquec: Lol. So what are your hobbies outside of anime?

twk3: I love to read and write, so I end up spending way too much time indoors doing that. Before moving to the city I did a lot of horse-back riding and training. Curling and badminton, cross-country skiing, and driving my posse around.

uniquec: Write what?

twk3: Currently I write simple fantasy, but my passion is actually for mystery. I just am not confident enough in my skill to make an amazing mystery. But hopefully I will start to blend to the two.

twk3: I wouldn't mind doing some song writing either.

uniquec: Do you think you would make a good song writer?

twk3: Well, I love the country music genre, writing those kinds of songs tend to be based on feelings, and experiences. And my adventure driven life is often full of that.

uniquec: Did your wife run off with your best friend and the stole your pick up truck with your dog?:)

twk3: No, I stole the wife and the truck and the dog, metaphorically ;)

uniquec: Yeah I couldn't resist. So where would you like to travel to but never been?

twk3: In the summer I'm off to Germany, and hopefully Australia this year as well, but I would love to visit Singapore. I actually had over 50 nominations for presidency there... too bad I'm not a citizen.

uniquec: Just 50? :p Should I ask why you were nominated?

twk3: Cause they didn't like their choices, and they loved me?

twk3: Speaking of which... myst didn't vote for me in a local election last week... even though I asked her to ;_;

uniquec: Lol, she didn't want to vote for prettiness.

uniquec: Where would you recomend visiting that you already been?

twk3: New Orleans. Take a tour of the damage, talk to the people that experienced it. It's an eye-opener, I recommend it.

uniquec: How quickly things can change by mother nature.

uniquec: Favourite food?

twk3: Crab... or anything smothered in cheese.

uniquec: Cheese smothered crab.

twk3: Hell yes.

twk3: I notice you spelled favourite the non-american way, not from the States?

uniquec: I'm Canadian although I live in US. I was schooled in that way.

twk3: Awesome, I'm coming to live with you when myst votes me off the island.

uniquec: Favourite cheese?

twk3: Cottage cheese!

twk3: Haha.

uniquec: Yucky...cottage cheese. That's not real cheese. Food you detest?

twk3: Regurgitated food? It's not my fav. unless it's cottage cheese, then it's still gewd :P

uniquec: Crazy. What wuld you like to do but never done?

twk3: Skydiving, scuba, fencing, get a novel published?

uniquec: In that order?

twk3: Wait no... definately manicure.

uniquec: Your nails need pampering?

twk3: I mean... getting my hooves trimmed >.>

twk3: No, but I thought I'd throw that out there. It might be better as one of those things I may never get done. I hope or so we'll say.

uniquec: Not even a pedicure. How do you see yourself 20 years from now?

twk3: Dead.

uniquec: How much longer do you give yourself to live then?

twk3: I wasn't expecting to live past 18, so any day now?

uniquec: Short life. :p What would you want to be remembered after your demise?

twk3: Being a servant to others.

uniquec: Are you a good servant? Do you take orders well?

twk3: Not really, I'm not usually one to follow the rules >_<

twk3: Depends how nicely you ask ;)

uniquec: You tend to break rules insteead. Or how charming the person orders you around.

uniquec: Inny or outie?

twk3: 3 innies.

uniquec: You have 3 of them?

twk3: Well, let's just say it's a good thing that I'm a guy, cause I wouldn't be able feed newborn kidlets.

uniquec: Umm okay I think. Boxers or briefs?

twk3: Briefs maybe.

twk3: I actually don't know the difference. Ask myst?

uniquec: Heh.

twk3: oo

uniquec: You can ask her afterwards :p

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

twk3: Depends on the day of the week. Thursdays are extrovert days for sure.

uniquec: Why?

twk3: So when people ask me to hang out, I tell them "Only on Thursdays"... and sound all kewl and stuff... or busy and occupied... or something, I don't remember.

uniquec: And when they ask you to something on thursday, you'll say sorry I already made plans. :p

uniquec: Favourite colour?

twk3: Orange.

uniquec: Light, medium, or dark?

twk3: Medium but bold.

uniquec: You would consider yourself bold?

twk3: Dunno, I drove halfway across Canada, drove my car onto a ferry to cross the ocean (which I had never done before) I found myself on an island, just so I could seduce a pretty girl... and that was just this month.

twk3: That might be bold or... a plea for mental help?

uniquec: Adventurer are you or a stalker? And the seduction went well?:p

twk3: Adventurer, and I didn't get a chance to seduce. She didn't have that kind of patience ;P

twk3: That sounded less PG in my head.

uniquec: Lol. Do you dream in colour or black and white?

twk3: Colour.

twk3: Vivid.

uniquec: Can you control your dreams?

twk3: Often, when I realize I am dreaming.

uniquec: What is the strangest dream that you can remember?

twk3: I got eaten by this monster, but it was all good cause the pink Power Ranger was going to shoot an arrow into it's gut, and it would explode and it would all be good. But she had to play a slot machine, and could only take a shot if she got the jackpot.

twk3: But I was the only one with change.

uniquec: Of course. You were into the pink Power Ranger.

twk3: Until then, now I passionately hate pink. Ask myst.

uniquec: Pink fetish.

uniquec: If you were a super hero, what powers would you want?

twk3: To be able to "Jump" like in the movie Jumper. So, teleportation, I guess.

uniquec: Do you think you would make a good super hero?

twk3: No? How do you find people that are in need? I would be reading a book in my room. Even if I wanted to be saving the world, I wouldn't even be able to save someone jumping off a bridge if I didn't know they were jumping so I guess I would have to be all-knowning as well before I could be a good super hero. Unless I didn't save people... instead I could just be Santa with my teleportation skillz.

uniquec: You will say somebody else can save them and go back to your book.

uniquec: What do you like to read?

twk3: No, if I knew, I would try to save them but it's hard to know.

uniquec: You would be a hero of action.

twk3: I like to ready fantasy, scifi, mystery, horror...

twk3: Pretty much the same stuff I like to write.

uniquec: You like to plan people's demise. Who is your favourite writer?

twk3: Dave Duncan, closely followed by Piers Anthony and George R.R Martin.

uniquec: What did you want to rant about fansubbing?

twk3: Depends, what would you like me to rant about?

uniquec: I dont know you were the one who mentioned it.

twk3: Haha, I could rant about various topics. I'll just be general then.

twk3: I think the commercial production of anime and subs held a standard that the fans were not willing to accept and fansubbing has been a way for fans to establish their own standard. Even change the say the industry has to produce these things, I think it does hurt the companies.

uniquec: Fans can be demanding?

twk3: Ha. Noway.

twk3: I think they need to find a way to overcome fansubs, in order for the industry to survive in NA.

twk3: Fans? Demanding? I like the fact that we are pushing them to grow, the companies.

uniquec: Yes. Don't they want everything yesterday?

twk3: They can have it yesterday, if they are willing to learn japanese ;)

uniquec: But they like to complain instead.

twk3: I think most of the companies in the industry are still focussed on growth, to the point where their product is still aimed at individuals that are new to anime. And are leaving hardcore fans with a feeling of something lacking.

twk3: Haha, that they do. If we were a company, they would have certain rights to complain. As a fansub group, they don't have much but you can see where they might get confused... same product... one you can complain about, one you can't...

uniquec: Lol they can't expect everything from you.

twk3: Yeah, so I guess that's my general rant.

uniquec: Have you been influenced by anyone?

twk3: In fansubbing? or in life?

uniquec: Both.

twk3: Both, right? Haha.

uniquec: You asked.

twk3: And I knew the answer.

uniquec: My questions aren't that surprising.

twk3: In fansubbing, MY Kunio-kun has basically taught me how to write dialog, through example. Something I was weak in before.

twk3: * twk3 hides his Kunio-kun from those who might steal him.

uniquec: Possessive, are we?

twk3: And real life, probably my old roommates. They have become so much a part of who I am that I can actually blame half of my quirks on being inherited from them.

uniquec: Quirky individual?

twk3: Maaaybe.

uniquec: How so?

twk3: I don't know. I don't actually do a lot of self-reflection normally. I usually let others talk about me.

twk3: Mostly cause I'm just too lazy to tell my stories myself. Also, I don't remember them very well. So it always sounds better when someone else tells it.

uniquec: But the writer in you should be able to tell stories.

twk3: Oh, I can tell "stories" things of my imagination. I sometimes have difficulty discerning a daydream from reality. Except in reality I'm usually not saving people's lives and weilding a giant sword but, you never know!

uniquec: Really?

twk3: It can be confusing!

uniquec: But life is confusing, isn't it?

twk3: Life is an adventure, the confusion is all part of the challenge.

uniquec: If it was would be boring.

twk3: Then you would just need to add a little bit of the pony. I iz great life-seasoning better than turning me into glue >_<

uniquec: Do you have a favourite movie?

twk3: I do.

uniquec: And what is it?

twk3: Stranger than Fiction.

uniquec: Why so?

twk3: Followed closely by Son of Rambo. Stranger than Fiction is the tongue and cheek that the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy should have been. It has the same feel but done better as a movie. Son of Rambo just happens to identify closely with my childhood.

uniquec: Worst movie?

uniquec: You had a childhood...j/k

twk3: Existenz was the worst movie ever.

uniquec: How so?

twk3: In every possible way, I recommend attempting to watch it... just so you can say you have watched the worst movie ever.

uniquec: Lol and not just trust your opinion.

twk3: Hey, I had to suffer everyone else should too. No, within the first 30 minutes you realize it's the worst movie ever... which is the only reason you keep watching. It's so bad... you wouldn't be able to walk away from it.

uniquec: Heh but we would rather you suffer than having to actually suffer.

twk3: On second thought, this was an awesome movie, a must-see for sure!

uniquec: That will not work on me.

uniquec: So had enough of the lack of torture?

twk3: Definately maybe.

uniquec: Parting words of attempted wisdom?

twk3: Hmm, attempted.

uniquec: Yes attempted.

twk3: Touching is good... and if you're one of my QCs and reading this... here is a performance test QCMAINTERVIEW.

uniquec: Lol, you want to qc your interview then?:)

twk3: They will do it for me it's their job. Mwahahhahaha.

uniquec: Lol.

twk3: Wait... don't include that in the interview. Well, I guess you could... but... myst is a QC...

uniquec: Yeah people actually qc their own interviews.

twk3: I might get in troublez >.>

uniquec: Especially editors.

twk3: I don't usually QC even my IRC, I just announce a gewd ol QCMAIRC in the chan, and let some eager person fix it for me.

uniquec: On that note, we thank twk3 for doing this random interview. Who knows who will use this against you.~ BTW, your prettiness isn't allowed to come near me.

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