Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews twilightBlanc QC'er and editor.

uniquec: In continuing with the Goddess and her ability to find outside fansubbers who are willing to succumb to her interview skills, we bring to you another victim. We are fortunate to have twilightBlanc from various groups like AnimeOne, ggktkx, Umai, and so on in this installment we would like to warmly welcome him to this episode.

uniquec: First question what do you do?

twilightBlanc: QCer and editor. Mostly QC though.

uniquec: What groups do you work for?

twilightBlanc: Too many. Lol.

twilightBlanc: Ummmm, let's see.

uniquec: Like?

twilightBlanc: AnimeONE, Black-Order, ggkthx, HentaiONE, Umai, Ureshii, Yoroshiku and quite a few others that I've done freelance work for.

uniquec: So why did you decide to be involved in the world of fansubbing?

twilightBlanc: Don't know, really. One day I thought, "Hey I'll give fansubbing a shot" and my english happens to be good enough and my eyes happen to be quick enough to fulfill my jobs.

uniquec: And the rest is history.

uniquec: Have you always enjoyed anime?

twilightBlanc: Yes, I saw Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z on Cartoon Network, and I've been a fan ever since.

uniquec: What is your favourite anime?

twilightBlanc: Ouch, that's a toughie.

twilightBlanc: It's a fight between Gurren Lagann and Berserk. Gurren Lagann would most likely come out on top though.

uniquec: How so?

twilightBlanc: Berserk had all the gar packed into one man, whereas Gurren Lagann packed it into half the characters.

uniquec: Least favourite?

twilightBlanc: Probably Kawaii! Jenny (if that counts).

twilightBlanc: Was made with Barbie dolls and stuff >.<

uniquec: Sounds like a real winner...not. Glad I missed that one.

uniquec: What are your hobbies outside of anime?

twilightBlanc: I play intramural softball, soccer, and ultimate frisbee at my uni.

uniquec: How good are you at softball and soccer?

twilightBlanc: I'm very good at softball.

twilightBlanc: Only OK at soccer (benchwarmer).

uniquec: You are there for show.

twilightBlanc: The eye candy.

uniquec: Pretty boy. :)

uniquec: So if you were on a desert island who would you like standed with?

twilightBlanc: Arghhh.

twilightBlanc: I can't think of a witty answer or a hot woman.

twilightBlanc: Maybe Jessica Alba, I guess.

uniquec: Lol. How about any fansub member?

twilightBlanc: Hmmmm, are there any fansub members that can fly?

twilightBlanc: So I can get back to land?

twilightBlanc: And fansubbing?

uniquec: I'm not sure.

twilightBlanc: ;p

uniquec: They could alays be used for food source afterwards though.

twilightBlanc: Lol ewwww.

twilightBlanc: I guess I could make a raft out of their skin and bones. That's so gross though. >.<

uniquec: True. Then what is your favourite foods?

twilightBlanc: Any type of fish or crustacean.

twilightBlanc: Fried, grilled, blackened, raw.

twilightBlanc: Boiled, broiled, baked.

uniquec: You can eat it anyay...anyhow.

uniquec: Least favourite food?

twilightBlanc: Broccoli.

uniquec: You hate it passionately?

twilightBlanc: As passionately as crappy fansubs *cough*.

uniquec: Oh and are there actually crappy fansubs around that you dislike?

twilightBlanc: Ah dang, trap's been sprung ;p

twilightBlanc: There are quite a few groups that aren't up to par. Such as the new up-and-coming groups.

uniquec: What trap, you mentioned it?

twilightBlanc: The "which fansub groups don't you like question".

uniquec: What bugs you the most about them?

twilightBlanc: The "which fansub groups don't you like question".

twilightBlanc: Bad editing and bad encoding for the most part.

twilightBlanc: Maybe it's just force-of-habit as a qcer.

uniquec: Feel free to answer or not answer it. I'm not putting a loaded gun to your head.

twilightBlanc: Could have sworn I heard the hammer cock ;d

uniquec: Lol. It's not like I have any real loyalities to one group or another. I'm neutral.

twilightBlanc: Haha. I'm willing to give anyone a chance until they mess up or something.

uniquec: We will spare you this time around. :) So where would you like to travel to but never been?

twilightBlanc: Everywhere in Europe.

twilightBlanc: Italy, Britain, France, Greece.

uniquec: No one place in particular?

twilightBlanc: I guess I'd really like to see Venice. If I had to name one place.

uniquec: Why Venice?

uniquec: Gondolas perhaps...

twilightBlanc: Aria takes the blame here.

twilightBlanc: You nailed it.

twilightBlanc: ^^

uniquec: All the girls with A names.

uniquec: Perhaps the cuisine as well.

twilightBlanc: Ah, that too, now that you mention it.

uniquec: See how well I know you mind. ^^

uniquec: What place would you recomend that you been?

twilightBlanc: Alaska.

twilightBlanc: The scenery there is gorgeous. Endless expanses of trees. Glaciers looked pretty cool too.

uniquec: Despite the winter.

twilightBlanc: Oh, yeah, I went there during the summer ^^;

uniquec: A bit warmer then.

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

twilightBlanc: Boxers.

twilightBlanc: I like to feel free.

uniquec: And briefs don't make you feel free then?

twilightBlanc: I don't remember.

twilightBlanc: Last time I wore briefs was in 6th grade 8 years ago ^^;

uniquec: Okay. If you could do anything that you never done, what would you like to do?

twilightBlanc: A girl.

uniquec: Literally?

twilightBlanc: Haha, sure.

uniquec: I see how adventurous you are.

uniquec: Do you dream in colour or black and white?

twilightBlanc: Definitely color.

uniquec: Do you remember your dreams?

twilightBlanc: Some of them. They're usually about flying or getting married.

uniquec: What is the oddest dream that you have remembered?

uniquec: Flying after getting married ^^

twilightBlanc: Oddest? hmmm, in 3rd grade, I dreamt that our classroom had a space shuttle sticking out of the top of the building.

twilightBlanc: And yeah, flying after getting married would be pretty romantic :3

twilightBlanc: Unique too.

uniquec: Lol. You want to be in the mile high club. :xd

uniquec: I couldn't resist that line.

uniquec: Space shuttle wasn't going to take off?

twilightBlanc: I woke up :(

uniquec: Aww. What would you like others to know about you that they might not know?

twilightBlanc: I can wiggle my ears.

uniquec: An unusual talent.

uniquec: Inny or outie?

twilightBlanc: Inny.

twilightBlanc: Deeper than the Grand Canyon.

uniquec: That deep.

uniquec: So had enough of this yet?

twilightBlanc: I'm pretty flexible.

uniquec: Favourite movie?

twilightBlanc: Fifth element with Bruce Willis.

uniquec: How so?

twilightBlanc: Not sure really. I just... like it.

uniquec: Action?

twilightBlanc: It's a proper mix between all elements.

uniquec: Or just a Bruce Willis fan?

twilightBlanc: Pun unintended.

twilightBlanc: I'm also a Bruce Willis fan.

uniquec: Was there a pun?:p

twilightBlanc: Fifth element.

twilightBlanc: It's a proper mix between all elements.

uniquec: I know. I was being facetious.

uniquec: What type of music do you prefer?

twilightBlanc: Instrumental blends and jpop.

twilightBlanc: Like Yuki Kajiura's mediterranean styles. It all starts to sound the same after a while, but I still like it nevertheless.

uniquec: The influence from anime.

twilightBlanc: Haha, I wish. My first downloaded track of music from anime was in the land of twilight, under the moon.

uniquec: Anime doesn't affect your musical taste. Does it have something to do with your nick?:)

twilightBlanc: Anime does, but before I really got into it. I was listening to osts before that.

twilightBlanc: Possssssssibly ;p

twilightBlanc: Twilight was a recurring theme in the .hack series.

uniquec: Heh. So what other randomness would you like to tell about yourself?:)

uniquec: Like a certain channel of yours perhaps...

twilightBlanc: Haha, I wasn't even going to mention it.

twilightBlanc: I run the largest public distro channel on Rizon.

uniquec: And proud of it.

twilightBlanc: You could say that.

uniquec: I will allow self promotion during the interview. :)

twilightBlanc: Lol, the channel is #news.

uniquec: And...

twilightBlanc: If you type /list, it's the 11th entry from the top.

twilightBlanc: If you bring a 100 mbit xdcc bot, you can get auto-protected.

twilightBlanc: Doesn't have to be anime-related or anything.

uniquec: Go on...

twilightBlanc: It's run similar to British parliament.

uniquec: Odd triggers as well.

twilightBlanc: Lol. Oh, those...

twilightBlanc: Yes, lots of triggers. Too many.

uniquec: Yes those.

twilightBlanc: There's an eternal zoo exhibition with lions, seals, and dewgongs.

uniquec: But you must visit the channel to see them.

twilightBlanc: And a market for the trafficking of underaged girls.

uniquec: True and they are taxable.

twilightBlanc: Oh yes, high taxes.

twilightBlanc: Up to 50%.

twilightBlanc: so don't gamble too much.

uniquec: But they are a high commodity.

twilightBlanc: The exchange rate to Storyteller lolis (tm) is approximately 100 to 1. Most likely less since they can be taken away.

uniquec: Yeah you can lose them daily.

twilightBlanc: You can also buy ops if you have enough.

uniquec: So on that note, any parting words of wisdom?

twilightBlanc: You should support Shinsen Radio (you, the viewer).

uniquec: Lol.

uniquec: We would like to thank twilightBlanc for his willingless in doing this interview. Hopefully, you got to know a little more of the people who helps bring you the anime you love to watch.

Even after the interview, the wonderous conversation continues like this and yes people actually call me Goddess:

uniquec: Thank you for doing the interview, see it wasn't too bad.

twilightBlanc: I'm dying ^^;

uniquec: No you aren't.

uniquec: I am.

twilightBlanc: Goddesses can never die.

uniquec: They can if no one gives her offerings :)

Oh and if you really believe this:

twilightBlanc: Good thing Goddesses don't blackmail. ^^;

Just try and test me!!!!!!

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