Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews tun an editor, releaser and website updater for m.3.3.w.

uniquec: After last week stunning confession on our show, the Goddess felt compelled to bring you tun to tell his side of the story. As you can tell, tun is male despite the confusion some of the viewers might have gotten. In fact, Mango-chan and Kokizzzle are males as well. :) We welcome tun, editor of m.3.3.w.

uniquec: Alright then, first question what do you do?

tun: Editing. That's my primary job I guess.

uniquec: What group do you edit for?

tun: I also handle releases and website updates.

tun: m.3.3.w

uniquec: How long have you been fansubbing?

tun: Hmm, I think 2-3 years now.

uniquec: What made you decide to fansub?

tun: A group that was doing a show that I liked had a bunch of spelling and grammar mistakes, so I volunteered to QC for them.

uniquec: What group was that?

tun: Akai-anime, and the show was Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora. They've since disbanded.

uniquec: Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island?

tun: Does it have to be another fansubber?

uniquec: No, anyone you want.

tun: Can it be an anime character?

uniquec: Whoever you heart desire.

uniquec: Even if they aren't quite real.

tun: I guess Miyamura Miyako from ef - a tale of memories.

uniquec: Why so?

tun: Cute as fuck.

tun: Dotes on her guy.

tun: Puts out.

tun: Cooks well and also kinda clingy, I like that :)

uniquec: And you would want to be doted on?

tun: Yes.

uniquec: You like clingy females?

tun: Not overly clingy, but Miyako hits the right balance.

uniquec: Heh, btw would you like to comment on Mango-chan's confession of his love you?

tun: He's just one of my many admirers.

tun: I'm used to it lol.

uniquec: You have many admirers quite like him?

uniquec: Or is he an exception?

tun: Not his level of devotion.

tun: So I guess he's a bit special.

uniquec: Lol, Favourite anime?

tun: Kare kano.

uniquec: What about it?

tun: I'm a romancefag, so I just ate that shit up.

tun: I haven't quite found another anime with that kind of pure and virtuous love.

uniquec: Would you consider yourself a romantic?

tun: Yes, and I think it's reflected in the kinds of shows that m.3.3.w does.

uniquec: Which has been your favourite m.3.3.w show?

tun: I think it would have to be True Tears.

uniquec: What is your least favourite anime?

tun: Hmm, I don't have a specific one, but in general, I hate older anime and Ghibli movies.

tun: Kare kano is one of the few exceptions.

uniquec: What are your hobbies outside anime?

tun: I'm a big baseball fan.

tun: Favorite team is the Yankees.

tun: Favorite Japanese team is the Nippon Ham Fighters.

uniquec: Are you a good baseball player?

tun: No, unfortunately, my mom made me play soccer as a kid, not baseball.

uniquec: Guess you were disappointed with the Yankees this past season.

tun: With the amount of injuries they had, I was surprised they got as far as they did.

uniquec: Heh good soccer skills then?

tun: Heh, I was the goalie.

tun: I was pretty good for an elementary school kid if I say so myself.

uniquec: Lol that good.

uniquec: Where would you like to travel to but never been?

tun: So many places.

tun: Korea and Japan in Asia, Argentina in South America, and all over Europe.

uniquec: No one place?

tun: I guess Europe would have to be #1, unless that's still too broad.

uniquec: A bit.

uniquec: A country would be nice.

tun: Hmm, then scrap Europe I think I'll pick Korea.

uniquec: Reason?

tun: Haven't been there in over a decade.

tun: I'd love to go back. uniquec: So you would recomend visiting there?

tun: Probably not.

uniquec: Lol where then?

tun: I think Japan would be better for a tourist putting all of the weeaboo shit aside. There's plenty of things to do and see there.

uniquec: What would you like to see?

tun: I'd like to go tip to tip basically. Go up to Hokkaido to see my Fighters play a baseball game, hot springs in Noboribetsu. Visit a friend I have in Tohoku.

uniquec: Make the rounds.

tun: Tokyo and all the surrounding areas. Kyoto for the cultural stuff. Osaka because it's just awesome and then end my trip in Kagoshima at the beach.

uniquec: How are the beaches in Japan?

tun: I guess I'd have to find out when I get there :)

uniquec: Thought you been there. :) What is your favourite food?

tun: A Korean stew called Soondubu.

tun: It's cheap, easy to make, and fills me up every time I have it. uniquec: What is in it?

tun: Mostly soft tofu, your choice of beef or seafood, green onions, and chili powder based broth.

tun: There are variations, but those should always be in it.

uniquec: Basic ingrdients. Least favourite food?

tun: I'm a pretty picky eater, so this is kinda tough :o

tun: I hate Chinese food I guess.

uniquec: That's a wide variety. How do you see yourself 20 years from now?

tun: Married with a child or two.

tun: I haven't decided what to do with my career yet.

uniquec: Traditional. Career wise?

tun: I'm taking an entrepreneurship class in college right now and I've been seriously considering it. Otherwise I'm gonna look into getting a job in human resources (my major), and then go on to get an MBA.

uniquec: What would you like to do but never done?

tun: Hmm

uniquec: Anything...adventure...

tun: I guess just stop everything I'm doing in life, and go travel the world.

uniquec: Inny or outie?

tun: Inny.

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

tun: Boxers.

uniquec: Do you dream in colour or black and white?

tun: Color.

uniquec: Do you usually remember your dreams?

tun: Yes, for the most part.

uniquec: Can you control your dreams?

tun: I try, but I don't think I've been successful.

uniquec: What is the oddest dream you ever had?

tun: Hmm, I can't recall any in particular that were odd.

uniquec: What would you want to be remember after your death?

tun: Someone who cared about his friends and family. I think a person's value is in their relationships with other people.

uniquec: Do you think you are more caring to family or friends?

tun: Family first, but not by much. I'd make the same sacrifices for some of my best friends as my family.

uniquec: What would most people be surprised to know about you?

tun: Haha, I could give you a laundry list.

uniquec: I dont do laundry :)

tun: I guess that I'm a romantic.

tun: My personality in real life would never suggest that I'd be a romancefag.

uniquec: Heh not a side of you that you easily show.

uniquec: What is you favourite type of music?

tun: I listen to mostly Japanese music.

uniquec: Any favourite artist/song?

tun: Eufonius.

uniquec: Least favourite?

tun: Nah not in particular.

tun: I guess I don't like rap too much.

uniquec: Any favourite movie?

tun: I used to be a pretty big Star Wars fan a few years back.

uniquec: But you aren't now?

tun: Kinda burned out with the whole fandom with no more movies, it's hard to maintain interest.

uniquec: What is the one thing you would want to change about yourself?

tun: I wish I was more extroverted.

tun: It takes a while for me to build relationships with other people.

uniquec: More of an introvert.

tun: And I guess closely tied to that is my inability to communicate verbally. I'm a much better writer than I am speaker.

uniquec: So you don't trust people easily then?

tun: Hmm, not really that. I guess I'm just conscious of whether or not they'll like the person that I am.

uniquec: You value other people opinions about yourself.

uniquec: So why did you decide to let me interview you then? :)

tun: I value them in that I'd love to know what they think of me, so that I can maybe improve the kind of person that I am.

tun: I don't want people to think that I'm mango-chan's gay lover.

uniquec: Lol, that was quite a passionate display unfortunately.

uniquec: What is the wildest thing you ever done?

tun: Hmm, most of my wild years were when I was young. I'm a pretty responsible and reserved person now.

uniquec: You have growned up. But you don't have moments of insanity?

tun: Well, I still have a ways to go, but compared to my peers, I think I am.

tun: No, I've never had a mental breakdown before.

uniquec: That's good to know.

tun: When things get stressful, I just remind myself that whatever is worrying me, it's not THAT important.

tun: Life will go on, usually.

uniquec: That it isn't life or death.

uniquec: So had enough of this interview?

tun: I usually talk to someone about my problems before it becomes an issue anyway.

tun: Not at all, I enjoy talking about myself I guess in as unconceited way is all I can say that.

uniquec: Heh I wasn't thinking that you were conceited.

uniquec: Talking it out tends to help.

tun: Yeah, I learned pretty quickly that bottling it up isn't gonna help. So I always found someone, whether it be a friend, school counselor, teacher, internets.

tun: I was just covering my bases :)

uniquec: Yeah unknown strangers can be useful at times over the internet.

tun: It's good for those certain issues that are difficult to talk about in real life.

uniquec: So do you believe the internet is a good or bad influence?

tun: The internet itself isn't good or bad. It just revealed the true nature of people.

uniquec: And what is the true nature of people then?

tun: Instinctively selfish. I've seen some pretty awful stuff on the internet. Makes me lose faith in humanity some times.

uniquec: People can be very cruel.

tun: Yeah, although if everyone were treated with love, there wouldn't be a need for cruelty. uniquec: But then we don't live in a perfect world otherwise things would get boring.

uniquec: What would you say that you are selfish regarding?

tun: Hmm

uniquec: Materially or otherwise?

tun: I've always been selfish with money. Although I've been trying to make a concerted effort to change that.

uniquec: Spending or saving?

tun: I guess spending. It's more of a "it's better to give than to receive" kind of thing. I would usually never spend a penny on someone, but I've become more generous in recent years.

uniquec: What one item that you treasure the most?

tun: Hmm, I have a card that my mom sent to me while I was at summer camp. She died of cancer a few months later.

uniquec: How sweet...awww.

tun: So that card has the last written words that she left me.

uniquec: A memento that she still thought of you when she was dying.

tun: Yeah.

uniquec: Did she suffer long from cancer?

tun: Not so much. When it was discovered, it was already at the terminal stage. There was basically nothing they could do for her.

uniquec: Was it a quick death, did she suffer much?

tun: It was about a year I'd say. She was a little overweight, and by the time she died, she was skin and bones.

uniquec: Cancer isn't pretty.

tun:Yeah, seeing it first hand was rough. I think my biggest regret then was not spending enough time with her.

uniquec: How quickly they become fragile.

tun: Yeah.

uniquec: But she wouldn't want you to regret it though and wanted you to live normally as possible.

tun: Life was pretty rough afterwards. I was 15 when she passed away.

uniquec: Change of topic, what is your perfect day?

tun: Haha.

tun: Yeah.

tun: Hmm, I guess just spending the entire day with a family member or friend.

tun: Doesn't matter what we're doing.

uniquec: Just hanging out doing nothing.

tun: Yep, I just enjoy the other person's company.

uniquec: Being lazy and carefree.

tun: It doesn't necessarily have to be sitting around and doing nothing. We can't be doing that all the time :)

uniquec: No staring contests for long:)

uniquec: Favourite colour?

tun: Green.

uniquec: Dark, medium or light?

tun: I guess I'm partial to the darker end of the spectrum.

uniquec: Are you optimist or pessimist?

tun: I've always used to be a pessimist but I've been shifting towards conservative optimism.

tun: I guess realistic, not conservative.

uniquec: Is there such a thing as that?

tun: Well when I think of optimism, I tend to think of someone who believes that there will be a happy end to everything. I wouldn't go as far as to believe something like that.

uniquec: Heh what do you not believe in?

tun: God. Although I'm actually an apatheist, not an atheist.

uniquec: Who is your greatest role model?

tun: I don't have anyone in particular. I just try to emulate the good qualities of many people, rather than just one.

uniquec: No one you admired while you were young?

tun: At the time, no. I was mostly indifferent to the world around me.

uniquec: You lived in your own little world.

tun: Yep :) I guess I had been introverted since I was young.

uniquec: And since I'm losing questions to attempt to ask...

tun: Haha back to fansubbing?

tun: We kinda just skipped through it.

uniquec: What about fansubbing lol?

tun: Why do you sub, etc..

tun: What do you enjoy, etc..

uniquec: Do you find yourself getting along with other groups?

tun: For the most part, yes.

tun: I try to avoid fansub drama.

uniquec: There is too much of it...even an outsider like me knows.

uniquec: Why do you sub then?

tun: I guess the main reason is enjoyment.

tun: If I didn't have fun doing it, I wouldn't bother.

uniquec: Do you think fans are usual appreciate what you do?

tun: Yes, we get a lot of appreciative comments on our website. Although I think that's more to do with our leecher policy.

uniquec: Like the chatbox?:)

uniquec: Or was it the wonderful singing by the staff :xd

tun: Haha, neither.

tun: I thought about the relationship between most fansub groups and leechers.

uniquec: What kind of relationship?

tun: Historically it's been a "stop asking when it's coming out, and be patient" relationship. I decided to use another approach.

tun: I kept them up to date on the status of each show.

tun: I felt that this accomplished a lot of things.

tun: 1) Leechers felt that they were important and that we cared about them.

tun: 2) Leechers tended to be more tolerant of delays if they knew exactly what was going on.

tun: Because from their perspective, it just seems like fansubbers are being lazy when there are long delays.

uniquec: You like keeping them inform.

tun: They won't know that it's mid-term time, or if something came up in real life, unless you tell them.

uniquec: But aren't you guys lazy...sometimes :xd

tun: No, surprisingly our group doesn't suffer from that.

tun: As a human resources major, I understand the importance of staffing ;)

uniquec: What do your group suffer from then?

tun: Real life stuff, usually school.

uniquec: And bad transport feeds :d

tun: Haha yeah or rather, when they don't show up.

uniquec: Makes it hard to fansub if they don't appear.

tun: Yeah, the script half can be done but none of the technical half.

uniquec: what do you enjoy about fansubbing?

tun: I like the team aspect of it. I've gotten to know the other members in m.3.3.w pretty well.

uniquec: That's consider them friends?

tun: Yep. When you spend so much time talking with them, you eventually start talking about stuff other than fansubbing and anime. You get to know they kinds of people they are.

uniquec: Of course. Who surprised you the most once you got to know them?

tun: I guess it would have to be Mango-chan lol.

uniquec: Bad or good? hahaha

tun: Both.

uniquec: He is definitely something else.^^

uniquec: Now I forgot what I was going to ask before that.

tun: Uh oh :P

uniquec: My brain works well at times :p

uniquec: Are you easily distracted?

tun: Hmm, think I am in the sense that I sometimes take on too much responsibility.

tun: Fansubbing for example, I definitely have a lot more shows on my plate than I should. So some of them don't get the attention that they deserve.

uniquec: But isn't that why you have a supporting staff for?

tun: It's usually only me who wants to do them :)

uniquec: You carry all the burden. :)

uniquec: Would you say you are responsible person in real life too?

tun: Yes.

uniquec: Any parting words of wisdom?

tun: Hmm.

tun: Fansubbing fucking sucks :)

uniquec: Lol, you are sure about that?

tun: Yep, I highly discourage anyone thinking of getting into fansubbing from doing so.

tun: There's two problems with fansubbers these days.

uniquec: Which is?

tun: People with the right attitude but no skill (speedsubbers).

tun: People with the wrong attitute but all of the skills (elitists).

tun: Both are the cancer that is killing fansubbing.

uniquec: And you are neither.

tun: That is correct :)

uniquec: You are just tun :)

tun: Within the fansubbing world, I hope to be remembered as a great editor who truly embodied the "by fans, for fans" spirit of fansubbing.

uniquec: You wish to be remembered in the history of fansubbing.

uniquec: Thanks for doing the interview and you survived time with me ~

tun: No problem at all, thanks for interviewing me.

uniquec: My pleasure. This concludes our interview with tun and we hope you enjoying learning more about him than just being mango-chan's love toy.

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