Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews sjohnson one of Menclave's QCer.

uniquec: On this installment of the Goddess interviews, we bring you sjohnson of Menclave. Fortunately or unfortunately, he has some awareness of what to be expect in the next few hours. Welcome to the stage.

uniquec: This is just a series of random questions.

sjohnson: Sure.

uniquec: Alright then let's beginning.

uniquec: So what do you do fansubbing wise?

sjohnson: QC nigger. Soon to be translator (approximately 1 years time).

uniquec: Who do you fansub for?

sjohnson: Menclave.

uniquec: Why did you decide to get involve in fansubbing?

sjohnson: Having started watching anime at around the year 1999-2000ish, I didn't really know much about the distinction between DVD releases and fansubs that I found online. Sooner or later, I figured it what fansubbing is, and I considered at that time that being able to translate a show from Japanese into English was probably the coolest, most badass skill in the world. Time has passed since then, but I still agree with that statement.

sjohnson: How that relates to fansubbing is that... is simply regular Joes accomplishing this, and not some cocky professional translato, as seen in DVD releases.

uniquec: So how long have you been fansubbing?

sjohnson:> I started fansubbing only a few months ago, and joined Menclave as a QC'er in order to get my foot in the door. My original goal was to have that group re-release Legend of Basara which I purchased the DVDs for and is on the verge of extinction. I used to encode anime and was very good at it around 7 years ago, but it was not for fansubbing purposes.

uniquec: So who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

sjohnson: In real life or in the fansubbing hangout spots?

uniquec: Both.

sjohnson: There a handful of girls I was attracted to in High School that didn't know me and I never had the chance to talk to them either... but given the "island" scenario, I believe if they had gotten to know me, I would have been able to smooch them.

sjohnson: If I had to probably pick 1 girl in real life and who is recognizable, I'd probably pick Jena Malone... cause I think she's cute and geeky in a sexy kind of way.

uniquec: You are into geekiness.

uniquec: SO any fansubbing people you would want to be stranded with?

sjohnson: Probably whatapath, so I could entertain myself for the rest of my days saying strange border-line gay shit to him constantly to see what reactions I could get.

uniquec: Lol and he does has some interesting reactions. What are your hobbies outside anime?

sjohnson: My major 4 focuses in life are (in no particular order): Sleight of hand with mostly playing cards, playing pool very seriously, learning other languages (currently Japanese) and making prank telephone calls.

uniquec: And which are you better at?

sjohnson: I'm a super hardcore nerd. I collect stamps, learn programming languages and program things to solve basic puzzles that are completely useless, all for fun. I also cry at movie and like certain chick flicks. But I am also very sociable and go out very often around people that I normally would have never gotten a long with in High School. In those cases, I'm usually drinking beers and bars and playing pool for small amounts of cash.

uniquec: Pool hussler. :)

sjohnson: I'm probably the best at playing pool as it is generally considered a "game". By playing a game during a lot of my time, I get better at it without the feeling I am doing any chore-type work.

uniquec: If it's work then it isn't enjoyable.

sjohnson: I suppose the old saying is true: "It's called work for a reason."

uniquec: Where would you like to travel that you've never been?

sjohnson: Probably Quebec or France because I can speak French very well, having taken it in school for 13 years and then deciding to "bone-up" afterwards by meeting random people

around town and arranging to meet them on a regular basis in order to practice. Some interesting times have come from that as you can become friends with anyone if you hang out with someone long enough. Other than that, probably Japan so I can have fun impressing natives by speaking self-taught Japanese.

uniquec: No one place you would like to visit more than the other?

sjohnson: To be honest, I would actually like to visit India for spiritual reasons.

sjohnson: Maybe only for a few weeks. I don't know much about India as a country nor does it really interest me.

uniquec: Lots of poverty.

sjohnson: But there are some unknown spiritual leaders there that I believe are living in an extremely high state of happiness without any religious bullshit.

uniquec: The lack of being a slave to materialistic goods.

sjohnson: Re: The lack of being a slave to materialistic goods. --> I am a huge slave in that regard, as I am attached to many things and cannot imagine being happy without them. But deep down, I believe it is possible to be happy without them. I suppose I'm not "ready" to give them up yet.

uniquec: But most materialistic things, one can survive without.

sjohnson: We can survive without them sure, but I don't know if it'd be entertaining or worthwhile to live without them.

uniquec: One never knows until you don't have it.

uniquec: Where would you recomend that you have been?

sjohnson: There is a place called Jewel Lake in British Columbia, Canada near the city of Greenwood. It's natural beauty during the summertime when it's nice and sunny and prestine is pretty kickass, and you don't see natural wildlife like pine trees and mountains often in many parts of the world.

uniquec: You are into nature?

sjohnson: If anime ceased to exist for example (good animes, of course)... I think a real treasure would be lost. But can there be happiness in this sense for me? I am not sure.

sjohnson: A sunny cloudless sky will help me feel that life is quite beautiful and I'll feel a bit of peace of mind, but I won't write poetry about it. I just like the emotional responses.

sjohnson: Reminds me of a happy life as a kid growing up under my parents who gave me the freedom to play classic NES video games as much as I wanted to with my brother... indirectly I suppose.

sjohnson: Maybe it was sunny during those times :)

uniquec: Perhaps.

uniquec: What would you like to do but never done?

sjohnson: Hmm, learn how to play a musical instrument or draw anime. Especially bishounen characters.

uniquec: You like the pretty guys. ^^

sjohnson: Not a yaoi fan, but I am a bishounen fan.

sjohnson: I have never been good at these right-brained sort of things, and I have a feeling I will never be good at them. If somehow there was proof that I could do them as well as a professional in a short amount of time (ie, 3 or 4 years)... I would do these things. uniquec: What instrument would you like to play?

sjohnson: Probably a guitar as I think some girls might think it would be sexy if I played on stage somewhere. And I always thought they were cool.

sjohnson: Maybe a piano like my brother so I could play something "from the heart" if I was in a real emotional frame of mind. As it is now, I just find music that blends well with what I am feeling.

uniquec: How do see yourself 20 years from now?

sjohnson: Speaking of geeky things, I listen to stripped NES / SNES / Commodore 64 music soundtracks for the most part.

uniquec: Heh interesting music...not.

sjohnson: Living in Japan as a director of anime projects that truly supercharge my soul... I think I will honestly be doing that. I have no training, yet I know what is good and what works and what doesn't. Having seen Rurouni Kenshin TV (Season 2 especially) and Hunter X Hunter, my two favourite animes... I realized that certain people have more skill than others at anime presentation. I also found out that the director for both was the same person and that there was a skill to be had and that I wanted to do it myself. In order to do so, I believe I have enough charisma to literally "talk my way" into this job... even in Japanese.

uniquec: Oh so you would say your best trait is you charmingness?

sjohnson: I would say so, though is it against being charmful if I don't answer that question modestly?

sjohnson: I also am very sincere as well and always try to do the right thing without hurting a fly... and that helps with the character trait as well.

uniquec: Heh that's upto you. It all depends on the viewers perspective as I'm not easily charmed.

sjohnson: sjohnson dangles a handkerchief at uniquec.... then shyly looks at her with a slight-head turn.

uniquec: Bribery ^^

sjohnson: Did it work?

uniquec: No.

sjohnson: Well I am optimistic too, so I am also willing to try things out without guarantees that they will work.

sjohnson: Attracting girls at will was something I have always struggled with as well. ^_^

uniquec: It's part of being a geek.

uniquec: Innie or outie belly button?

sjohnson: You know, I am so glad you brought that up.

sjohnson: The belly button question, that is. I have an inward one...

sjohnson: And I've always wondered why some people's belly buttons look like there is a something trying to poke itself out of their stomach.

uniquec: Maybe a bad cut at birth. Boxers or briefs?

sjohnson: I used to wear gaunches until I was 24... until finally my friends decided to hold an "underwear" intervention. They raised some serious issues, and I realized they were all correct. Now I realize how stupid I looked, especially when someone took a picture of me and showed me it. Ugh. Now I wear briefs and think I look far sexier. Boxers annoy me because they don't stay still.

sjohnson: I suppose briefs are the best of both worlds.

sjohnson: The stability of a gaunch, with the style of a boxer.

uniquec: Interesting friends having to hold an underwear intervention. Introvert or extrovert?

sjohnson: I am very extroverted around smart people. I am introverted around being myself around people who are too stupid to understand my humour.

sjohnson: As I can't be myself, and I become awkward and shy.

uniquec: Do you remember your dreams?

sjohnson: Yes, especially when I was training myself to lucid dream. In order to do so, it is extermely ptotent to record your dreams at night in a little notebook... evern if you have to wake up at 3am to do it. It is worth it. Some of the most random and mysterious things happen and only in dreams. And when you get good, you will remember 8 or more dreams per night, guaranteed. I filled up 3 notebooks in a matter of a few short months.

uniquec: Do you dream in colour or black and white?

sjohnson: Color for sure. And it is vivid. I remember a dream when I thought I was hanging onto the top of an airplane flying in the sky and that death was certain... but it was amazingly real and it was extremely colorful and exciting at the same time. I still rememember how clearer everything was even to this day, and I believe it was clearler than real life.

uniquec: Adreline rush in a dream.

sjohnson: I don't think I ever thought that I was doing to die so much in a dream before, but I wasn't scared, although I didn't want to die either. A bit unlike the nightmares I had a of a kid dreaming of a giant green blob following me trying to eat me.

uniquec: Giant green blob interesting.

uniquec: Favourite colour?

sjohnson: It used to be yellow just because it was unique, but now I realize that of all the colors, I like green the most. Especially when I see it on treetops on mountains in the summertime, and the green-blue you see in lakes from seaweed + clear still water.

uniquec: If you were a super hero who powers would you want?

sjohnson: Since this interview can be considered as sacred house of honesty, I don't mind telling you that when I was younger, invisible powers appealed the me the most since stalking girls in changerooms seemed like the ultimate happiness. Times have changed though, and these days, I believe I would want to have a power that I saw on an episode of X-Files where a man could rub a girls hand with his fingers and instantly seduce her with 100% certainty. I used to want to fly but I've since realized that lucid dreaming can accomplish that for me quite well... I suppose the same is true about the sex.

uniquec: Would you make a good super hero or abuse your powers?

sjohnson: I suppose I should really thought harder and realized you meant "super" hero as possibly someone who would fight for justice. In this cause, I would like to be "Justice Man" and probably would go around beating up anyone who tortured or hurt someone else. There is not enough justice in the world. Since the dawn of mankind a man and his family have been tortured and the torturer himself or the person who started the hatred, that is, the leader... were never put to justice. I also try to prevent these things from happening, too.

uniquec: The world is too fill with hatred for mankind.

uniquec: What is your favourite food?

sjohnson: Probably the things that would kill me the most. Greasy Ham & Bacon Pizza Hut pizza, almost anything from McDonald's or Burger King...

sjohnson: But I also like some classier foods, like dynamite roll sushi. For day to day living, Kraft Dinner is my favourite food.

uniquec: Fast food junky. Least favourite?

sjohnson: Beans, celery, cauliflower, porridge, simple stir-fry Chinese food that everyone else seems to love to death. I hate white meat and instead love dark meat as well, and I hate pork chops, because they're too dry.

uniquec: Anything else?

sjohnson: Healthy cereals I don't like either.

uniquec: You like the cereals full of sugar. :) How do you like to eat eggs?

sjohnson: I love eggs! I have been going to Denny's a lot recently to sample their grilled cheese & egg sandwich varieties and they are all so damn tasty. At home, I've grown to prefer scrambled eggs as they're easy to make and taste good with ketchup. Also, I've learned the simple process of hard-boiling eggs so I don't have to do any dishes and more.

uniquec: You don't like to wash dishes?

sjohnson: Actually, that isn't true... I actually love washing dishes cause I do it well. The first trick is run a "bath" for the dishes with a bit of dish soap (you don't need much) and let the dishes soak in very hot water for about 10-15 minutes. Then, anything can come off easily. I get tired of seeing idiots toiling away trying to scrub stuck on food like dried Quaker Oats or salsa from dishes without any success.

sjohnson: But anyways, I do enjoy doing dishes. I like doing them by hand over putting them in the washer because it saves energy. Just don't tell my roommates cause I will be taken advantage of.

uniquec: Piles of dishes awaits you. :)

uniquec: Favourite anime?

sjohnson: Rurouni Kenshin TV (seasons 1 and 2 only). If I go for a year without watching this anime, my brain forgets how much I love this one. And if I just innocently click on an episode and flip through it, if the score music starts playing for even 5 seconds, I will start crying out of sheer joy and happiness of the nostalgia of watching this masterpiece for the first time.

sjohnson: This has been proven a few times and is no exaggeration!

uniquec: You really love it. Least favourite?

sjohnson: Hmm...that's a good question. Probably things like Akira and anything by Miyazaki. These animes that many watch and swear their lives on as being the coolest thing I ever I can't stand. I find they appeal to broad audiences too easily and I simply don't find them interesting. In fact, I hate watching them. The Patlabor movies fall into the same category. They are just so flippin' boring. Neon Genesis Evangelion is another I hate because of the type of girl characters like Rei who have zero personality. Rei is "zero" in Japanese, so possibly the director thought about this too hard. It makes for the most inhuman stale gray dry anime I can imagine, and I can't figure out why some people would take a bullet for this anime if someone aimed a gun at the DVD rental shelf where it was.

uniquec: General audience appeal doesn't meet with your approval.

sjohnson: A major reason why I disliked Akira was because of how unattractive the character designs are. If it was a bishounen anime, I would have probably enjoyed it a lot more, despite me not enjoying the story much.

uniquec: How about favourite movie?

sjohnson: Donnie Darko, hands down. The first time I watched this movie, I had know idea what I was up against. I finally remembered why I loved watching certain moves that could move in such interesting ways. Things like the movie structure I also loved, where they showed captions of how much time was left prior to the world ending... without any visible signs of Earth being in any danger. Also, I like how many of the cast members are veteran well known actors. But the story itself, well, I wouldn't know where to start. The movie content itself speaks volumes.

uniquec: Least favourite movie?

sjohnson: Probably a few on this list, but I would have to answer with 2 movies, just in hopes that if even ONE person reads this part of the interview looking for some advice in this world, that I would set them on the right path.

sjohnson: Both I hate equally. The first one is the movie Gerry with Casey Affleck and Matt Damon.

uniquec: But then some people like to be tortured. :)

sjohnson: This one literally has to be seen to understand how bad a movie can get. There are only two characters in the movie (and IMDb will confirm this), and the story follows that they get lost in a desert somewhere near California I think. They walk around aimlessly for days, sharing hardly any conversation, with the lamest camera work on earth. One scene had Casey's face do a complete 360 pan-around, and it was happening so slowly that I took a nice long hot piss and came back, and the camera had moved only about 80 degrees. The movie is filled with shit like this. It was absolutely painful.

uniquec: Guess you are not into desert movies. What is the second one?

sjohnson: Well, this is by no means a good movie, no matter where the setting. The two leading IMDb forum posts for it at the time of this writing are: "Easily the worst movie I ever saw in my life!" and "Gerry is the Worst Movie of All Time"!

uniquec: And you didn't write the review.

sjohnson: The second one would have to be the highly-overhyped movie with Johnny Depp called "From Hell". This movie is the slowest, lamest, crappiest movie I may have ever seen. Now I do enjoy a slow movie, but this one didn't appeal to me at all, nor two any of my friends when we rented it. One guy there suggested we see it, and everyone else in the room, approx 6 people, voted all in favour of actually turning it off 20 minutes into it.

sjohnson: I later found out that the same guy recommended it to another circle group of his own friends, and was told by one of them they they also unanimously voted to turn that shit off. It was that bad!

uniquec: It lasted that long.

sjohnson: I suppose we were eager to be earnest and give it an honest viewing, but it really brought out our impatience.

uniquec: Or lack of attention span.

uniquec: What type of music do you like?

sjohnson: Lately some good stuff has been coming out in dance bars where I play pool a lot. Two good songs I like are "Right Round" by Flo Rida which takes a riff from a classic 80's dong by Dead or Alive. Also the song Cobrastyle by Robyn on her 2 year old comeback album I like a lot. But mostly I like all types of genres. You will catch me listening to Rammstein and Marilyn Manson for an hour, then switching to listen to 80's Madonna music. It is very broad: but if a song is good, I will like it.

sjohnson: Sometimes I listen to anime soundtracks but not often, and a lot of video game music soundtracks. The soundtrack to the indy overnight success game from Japan called "Cave Story" is particularily impressive, despite it being beeps and bops only.

uniquec: None that you hate outright?

sjohnson: I dislike Evanescance because I think her style of music is an attempt to be purposely original in the music scene, and I dislike her deep voice.

sjohnson: I also hate David Bowie, finding him terribly overrated, and cannot find any of his songs entertaining to listen to. "I'm afraid of Americans" was composed with Trent Reznor, and that song is okay cause of that.

uniquec: You don't like deep female voices?

sjohnson: It's the music that Evanescance does as a whole that I don't like, that is just a part of it. sjohnson: So some other deep voice female artist I would probably enjoy if the music was better.

sjohnson: I seem to be liking Riot Grrrl voices a lot, especially Le Tigre's singer. I love that whiny angst voice to death.

uniquec: A part of the package. What would you like to remember after your death?

sjohnson: My parents and the funny inside jokes and other times I had with friends that make life worth living. My dad in particular is very funny, so I would like to remember that. My mom's trait is that she is very loving.

uniquec: Is there anything materialistic object that you treasure?

sjohnson: That I own currently?

uniquec: Yes.

sjohnson: Probably my wristwatch collcetion and my collection of rare Gary Numan albums on CDs.

uniquec: How many wristwatches?

sjohnson: I think I have about 8 of them. The most one I have spent money on is 400 dollars... and it didn't even look THAT nice. It was just very functional. I'm wearing a white "The Tach" watch by Nixon right now, which I paid about 180 dollars for. I consider it a get-laid watch. The term was coined by my dad.

uniquec: Lol and has it worked? Lived up to its name.

sjohnson: Unfortunately.. I'm still waiting for that special someone. And by that I mean, anything I can get.

uniquec: What would you like other people to know about you that they might not know?

sjohnson: Probably that when I say most things that sound outlandish, that I am 100% serious and able to do anything if I actually believe I can do it. That doesn't mean though, that I can just convince myself that anything can be done.

sjohnson: For instance, Xistance doubts that I can be ready to translate for Menclave and have it be 100% accurate for Menclave in 1 years time, but I am positive I can do it. As I tend to go ape-shit over things I am obsessed about.

uniquec: With hard work and persistance anything can be accomplish.

uniquec: So any parting words of wisdom?

sjohnson: Yes, actually. Don't worry about what other people think or will think of you in life, if doing what you think they will think is stupid will bring you the ultimate happiness in life.

uniquec: On that note, thanks for doing the interview.

. sjohnson: Thanks to you too. I wish you all the best in your future interviews, especially if you manage to pin down a guy like Xistance in a state of mind where he's willing to talk about his life.

uniquec: As you can tell, the Goddess isn't easily charmed; especially, when it's overly displayed. But then as you all know she isn't like most females. We do appreciate sjohnson for doing this interview despite her bad internet connection and that it was done over two days. Like always we aren't responsible for the language that might be used, if it offends others too bad.

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