Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews phoenixmyst QCer for a few groups like Static-Subs, Anime Yoshi, BSS, Batsu-Geimu, Kesenai, M.3.3.W, Sakura.

uniquec: So the Goddess has finally decide to do another interview after a few weeks of laziness and that my entourage were not being their pushy selves. We have phoenixmyst another one of those people who we had to keep tracking down despite saying that she would do this for awhile. As you can tell the Goddess is very persistent when it comes to tracking people who are willing to do these interviews. So today, we offer phoenixmyst to the audience afterall this time.

phoenixmyst: I am ready :D

uniquec: Are you sure? :)

phoenixmyst: Yep, let's do it.

uniquec: Such enthusiasm.

phoenixmyst: Lol.

uniquec: So what do you do?

phoenixmyst: I am a QCer for a few groups.

uniquec: What groups do you fansub for?

phoenixmyst: Hmm... that is a hard question.

uniquec: No it isn't. :p

phoenixmyst: I fansub for Static-Subs, Anime Yoshi, BSS, Batsu-Geimu, Kesenai, M.3.3.W, Sakura (as I look at my channel and I am doing a joint with Conclave and Animeyuki.

phoenixmyst: Although I am not really in either group.

phoenixmyst: Oh, I am in Yabai and Yibis and Shintei (although I don't think that they are subbing anything).

uniquec: Busy aren't you?

phoenixmyst: Well, lately I have had time, but they all seem to have QCs for me at the same time.

uniquec: Usually the case.

phoenixmyst: So either I don't have anything or I don't get sleep.

uniquec: So how long have you been fansubbing?

phoenixmyst: I have been subbing for about 1.5 years now.

phoenixmyst: I started on March 5th, 2008.

uniquec: Why did you decide to fansub?

phoenixmyst: I thought that it was time for me to give back to the fansubbing community.

phoenixmyst: I am a professional QA so I thought that being a QC would be a natural fit.

uniquec: And is it?

phoenixmyst: It seems to be.

phoenixmyst: But I think that I have become even harder to live with.

phoenixmyst: Both cater to my picky side.

phoenixmyst: :D

uniquec: How so?

phoenixmyst: Well, as a QA, I look for consistency in the product that I am testing.

phoenixmyst: Looking for errrors in the programming logic.

uniquec: So who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

phoenixmyst: Now that is an easy one and most people who know me will know the answer.

phoenixmyst: That would be with my real life boyfriend twk3.

phoenixmyst: I love being in his arms.

uniquec: Lol, even if he couldn't get you off the island.

phoenixmyst: That would be even better.

phoenixmyst: We spend as much time as possible together.

uniquec: He'll serenade you with his singing.

phoenixmyst: We even work together in real life now.

phoenixmyst: He actually has a pretty interesting voice.

uniquec: Hehe.

phoenixmyst: :D

uniquec: What are you hobbies outside anime?

phoenixmyst: I don't really have much outside my bf, fansubbing and watching anime.

phoenixmyst: We want to learn how to kayak and scuba dive.

uniquec: They keep you busy especially the b/f.

phoenixmyst: Oh, yeah.

phoenixmyst: :D

uniquec: Where would you like to travel to but never been?

phoenixmyst: Japan.

phoenixmyst: And then Australia.

uniquec: Any particular place in Japan?

phoenixmyst: Well, I would like to go with a native Japanese person.

phoenixmyst: To avoid the tourist traps.

phoenixmyst: But really, any place in Japan.

uniquec: See it all.

phoenixmyst: Yep. :D

uniquec: Where would you recomend that you been to?

phoenixmyst: Lol. I haven't been to many places at all.

phoenixmyst: But I did like Boston.

uniquec: Why?

phoenixmyst: They are super crazy drivers.

uniquec: More crazy than others?

phoenixmyst: Oh, yeah.

phoenixmyst: Well, around the conference center, there were a lot of neat shops.

phoenixmyst: I thought that I was going to die in a taxi cab.

phoenixmyst: He was crazy!

uniquec: Lol.

phoenixmyst: I had to shut my eyes the whole way there and it was only to a restaurant.

uniquec: How do you see yourself 20 years from now?

phoenixmyst: Hmm...

phoenixmyst: Married to twk3 and living somewhere outside of Canada.

phoenixmyst: Ooo... and being able to speak Japanese fluently.

uniquec: Any place you want to live?

phoenixmyst: I would love to live in Japan for a bit and maybe in Saskatchewan for a bit.

phoenixmyst: But I would love to retire where I live now.

phoenixmyst: It is beautiful here.

uniquec: What would you like to do but never done?

phoenixmyst: Get a degree in Linguistics.

phoenixmyst: I love to learn.

uniquec: You learn something new everyday.

phoenixmyst: I try to.

uniquec: What is your favourite food?

phoenixmyst: Grapes.

phoenixmyst: They are the best food ever, especially when I have been sick.

phoenixmyst: I crave them then.

uniquec: Heh especially if feed by tw3k. :)

phoenixmyst: Lol... true, everything is better when twkie is feeding me.

uniquec: Food you hate the most?

phoenixmyst: Steak. I am not a big fan of that kind of meat.

phoenixmyst: I like chicken and turkey more.

uniquec: Don't let a certain panda hear that. ~

phoenixmyst: Lol.

phoenixmyst: I will be careful.

uniquec: You know he like his steak and hates chicken.

phoenixmyst: Yeah...

phoenixmyst: Looks around to make sure that he is not near...

uniquec: How do you like to eat eggs?

phoenixmyst: I like them in an omelette the best.

uniquec: What kind of omelette?

phoenixmyst: Cheese omelette is my favorite.

uniquec: Any condiments?

phoenixmyst: Salt and pepper and sometime a bit of ketchup.

uniquec: Just a bit of ketchup?

phoenixmyst: The best breakfast is an omelette, hash browns and toast with a glass of orange juice.

phoenixmyst: Well, I like to dip my food into it.

uniquec: Innie or outie belly button?

phoenixmyst: Innie.

uniquec: Underwear preference?

phoenixmyst: For me or twkie?

phoenixmyst: Lol, I like low waisted lacy ones for myself.

phoenixmyst: Lol.

uniquec: Not on the b/f ...snicker.

phoenixmyst: Lol.

uniquec: hides from tw3k after this.

phoenixmyst: And I like them in pink.

phoenixmyst: Lol, he will find you.

phoenixmyst: Don't worry ;)

uniquec: I know....

uniquec: Pink lacy underwear on pony. :xd

phoenixmyst: You bet...

phoenixmyst: Wait... maybe no underwear for him.

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

phoenixmyst: Mostly introvert.

uniquec: How are you an introvert?

phoenixmyst: Well, I don't like talking in groups.

phoenixmyst: I am shy at parties.

uniquec: What is your favourite colour?

phoenixmyst: Pink.

uniquec: Light, medium or dark pink?

phoenixmyst: Light pink.

phoenixmyst: The baby pink is my favorite.

uniquec: Do you remember your dreams?

phoenixmyst: Sometimes, but not often.

phoenixmyst: I have my dream right now.:)

uniquec: Heh. Do you dream in colour or black and white?

phoenixmyst: I think in colour.

phoenixmyst: I mean, I think that I dream in colour.

uniquec: It could be in grey.

uniquec: What is the strangest dream that you remember?

phoenixmyst: Drat, I had a really weird one last week, but I can't seem to remember it right now.

phoenixmyst: I even told twkie about it.

phoenixmyst: It had to do with him.

uniquec: He was in it?

phoenixmyst: Yeah.

phoenixmyst: But I can't remember what happened.

uniquec: He tried to kill you :)

phoenixmyst: Lol... not yet.

phoenixmyst: ;)

uniquec: In the dream. :)

uniquec: Favourite movie?

phoenixmyst: I would say that I have two, Gone with the Wind and the Sound of Music.

phoenixmyst: I almost got a degree in music. (Well, I only went for two years...)

uniquec: Movie you dislike the most?

phoenixmyst: Hmm...

phoenixmyst: I like most things that I watch.

phoenixmyst: I can't remember ever really disliking a movie.

uniquec: Favourite anime?

phoenixmyst: Lol.

phoenixmyst: I thought that was your next question.

uniquec: Not like my questions are a total surprise.

phoenixmyst: Lol.

phoenixmyst: I was trying to think of an answer.

phoenixmyst: There are a lot of anime that I like.

phoenixmyst: But I would say, Soul Eater.

phoenixmyst: Oh, and Hayate no Gotoku.

phoenixmyst: They are both a little different.

uniquec: And you will say you don't have an anime that you dislike.

phoenixmyst: Yeah...

phoenixmyst: There are a few that I haven't finished yet.

phoenixmyst: But it isn't because I don't like them, just that I like something more.

uniquec: But you wouldn't say that you dislike them.

phoenixmyst: No... not really.

uniquec: What type of music do you like?

phoenixmyst: I like j-pop (that is the only kind of music on my touch) and a little bit of country.

uniquec: Just a little country.

phoenixmyst: I like that regualr pop too, but normally I don't listen to anything but what twkie plays on the radio and my j-pop.

uniquec: Any particular group or person you like?

phoenixmyst: Yeah... the country is an influence from twkie.

phoenixmyst: I like Rie Fu.

uniquec: Has he written you any songs?

phoenixmyst: Not yet, but I keep working on him to sing me a song.

phoenixmyst: One of these days...

uniquec: Heh. What type of music that you hate?

phoenixmyst: Lol... loud rap.

uniquec: What song would be your personal anthem?

phoenixmyst: It used to be Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

phoenixmyst: But that was before twkie.

phoenixmyst: But now... I can't think of one.

phoenixmyst: Not right at this moment, anyways.

phoenixmyst: :D

uniquec: What super hero powers would you want?

phoenixmyst: I would love to be able to move things with my mind and to read other people's minds.

uniquec: Would you make a good super hero or would you abuse your powers?

phoenixmyst: I would make a good super hero.

phoenixmyst: I don't like people who abuse powers.

phoenixmyst: Or I should say, their power.

uniquec: Power tends to corrupt.

phoenixmyst: True.

uniquec: Is there anything you treasure?

phoenixmyst: I treasure my Myst PC games.

phoenixmyst: But I mostly treasure my love.

uniquec: Heh. Would you say that you are materialistic ?

phoenixmyst: No, I would say that I am emotionally needy though.

phoenixmyst: I need lot of hugs and kisses.

uniquec: Physical contact.

phoenixmyst: Yep. :D

uniquec: What would you like others to know about you that they might not know?

phoenixmyst: Hmm...

uniquec: Well...

phoenixmyst: That I have practice Aikido.

uniquec: And will use it on people. ~

phoenixmyst: Yep, yep.

phoenixmyst: Now take that, Panda! ;)

phoenixmyst: runs and takes shelter behind uni.

uniquec: He's happy to be mentioned.

phoenixmyst: Oh, good... whew, I am relieved now.

uniquec: Lol. Are you idealistic or pessimistic?

phoenixmyst: I try to be idealistic, but at work it is my job to be pessimistic.

uniquec: What is your ideal/perfect day?

phoenixmyst: That would be a day where I sit next to the ocean on a sunny day reading a book.

phoenixmyst: Just relaxing... no plans...

uniquec: Without boyfriend around?

phoenixmyst: Well, I have mentioned him a lot.

phoenixmyst: I thought that anyone that read this might be a little sick by the end of it.

phoenixmyst: Lol.

uniquec: Lol.

phoenixmyst: So I changed it up a bit :D

uniquec: Heh. So any parting words of wisdom?

phoenixmyst: Never let a squeaky wheel get the best of you.

uniquec: Or else...

phoenixmyst: Or the panda will get angry lol

uniquec: Heh, I get him angry without that.

phoenixmyst: Lol.

uniquec: Thanks for doing this interview afterall this time.

phoenixmyst: No problem.

phoenixmyst: Sorry for taking so long.

phoenixmyst: Thank you, uni :D

uniquec: See I'm persistent.

phoenixmyst: Yep, you are.

uniquec: Just another interview with the Goddess where you can find out real life personal relationships between other fansubbers. Only the Goddess brings you such useful information due to her compelling nature. We thank phoenixmyst for sharing her time and her boyfriend comments with us as we wish them the best together.

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