Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews kokujin-kun a so-called jack-of-all trades which in this case is basically everything except encoding for groups like Doutei, Saizen.Gotwoot and Sekush m.3.3.w.

uniquec: So when you finally thought it was safe to resurface after a few years...I'm back!! Be very scared as the Goddess has return to cause havoc on the world of anime fansubbers. You know you have missed me. :) We have kokujin-kun from Doutei and various groups who has offer his presence.

uniquec: Busy now?

kokujin-kun: Nah.

uniquec: Want to do it now then?

kokujin-kun: Alright, sure.

uniquec: Alrigth then. So let us begin, what do you do fansubbing wise?

kokujin-kun: I call myself a jack-of-all trades, basically everything except encoding. (Hopefully people won't use the contents of this interview to judge my editing skills, lol.

uniquec: No they just usually judge mines...especially how well I can fracture sentences :)

kokujin-kun: Lol.

uniquec: Is there one thing that you enjoy doing more than the other?

kokujin-kun: Well translating is definitely my first love. It's where you get to be the most creative. I know, I could be out there writing shitty fanfics, but with fansubbing more people get to read your scripts.

uniquec: Take your spin on interpreting context.

kokujin-kun: Interpreting context...

uniquec: Well you know that English can mean more than one thing.

uniquec: So what group do you work for?

kokujin-kun: I guess this is a good time as any to reveal a secret I've been keeping for years.

uniquec: What secret?

kokujin-kun: Well, under this nickname, I currently do stuff for my own group, Doutei, and also Saizen, and officially I'm also in Gotwoot and Sekushi, even though I'm not doing any projects with them at the moment. But I also go by another nickname, ItAintEazy, and I work for m.3.3.w..

uniquec: You like to keep busy :)

kokujin-kun: Only a few people know that (the few that ever cared to ask) so I might as well put it out there and get it out of the way.

uniquec: Lol m.3.3.w who brought me tun, mango-chan togther~.

kokujin-kun: Yep, the very same, even though it's pretty much a shadow of it's former self. Lol.

uniquec: Yea, have they released anything lately?

kokujin-kun: Yeah, I guess they recently got back in the groove of things, but they are settling on Crunchy edits :S

uniquec: How did you get into fansubbing?

kokujin-kun: Now how did I get into fansubbing...

kokujin-kun: Well, it was back in 2008 and the new Kodomo no Jikan OVA was released.

uniquec: And...

kokujin-kun: Since I'm such a huge lolicon and loved that show so much, even with the ridiculous censoring, I was waiting for someone to sub that OVA for me, but nothing was happening.

kokujin-kun: So I decided, heck, I can download aegisub, I can write a script, I know some Japanese, why don't I do it myself?

uniquec: So you decided that you need to sub it for the greater good :)

kokujin-kun: Yes, for the greater good... although looking back on that first OVA, I'm more ashamed than proud of my first effort, lol.

uniquec: Of what you picked as your first project or how well you translated it?:)

kokujin-kun: Yeah, I'm embarrassed by the translation, timing, typesetting, styling, just the whole presentation of it.

kokujin-kun: My first venture into "professional" fansubbing was with Yuurisan back in 2009 under the name ItAintEazy, then with m.3.3.w one year later.

uniquec: It was your first attempt,so it was bound to be not perfect.

kokujin-kun: Yeah, though back then I was actually *proud* of what I released. -_-

kokujin-kun: I really owe it to those two groups for training me to be the fansubber I am today.

uniquec: But now you cringed seeing it as you learned along the way through trials and tribulations.

uniquec: So who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with from the fansubbing community?

kokujin-kun: Currently or former?

uniquec: Doesn't matter.

kokujin-kun: I'd say the Yuuris, because we got a whole lot to catch up on, lol. Though it's debatable if *they* want to be stranded with *me*.

uniquec: Lol, so you wouldn't kill for at least a week :)

kokujin-kun: Yep, true, lol.

uniquec: Who made the biggest impression on you in the fansubbing world?

kokujin-kun: I guess in terms of who made me less stupid than I was years ago, I guess it had to be 8thsin.

uniquec: How so?

kokujin-kun: I read a critique he did on a translation I did during my green years, and it really forced me to step up my game.

uniquec: Showing you the finer points in translating.

kokujin-kun: Nah, just showed me that I was capable of MAJOR translation errors.

uniquec: Lol.

kokujin-kun: Back then, I really thought I was one of the best translators out there, and I didn't need to be taught anything.

kokujin-kun: But he pulled back the curtain and exposed my bullshit.

uniquec: Cockiness.

uniquec: Any hobbies do you have outside anime?

kokujin-kun: So, hobbies besides anime... you've just made me realize that I don't have a well-rounded lifestyle, lol.

uniquec: Lol.

kokujin-kun: Besides watching TV and reading books, which don't count as hobbies, all I got are anime and my job.

uniquec: Reading is a hobby. What do you like to read?

kokujin-kun: Mostly crime novels. Ones by George Pelecanos, for example.

kokujin-kun: And I definitely recommend people read Joe R. Landsdale.

uniquec: Your favorite author?

kokujin-kun: Well, I guess he's currently my favorite author, though that's almost akin to asking a parent who their favorite child is, lol.

uniquec: There is always favourtism even with parents :)

uniquec: Favourite movie?

kokujin-kun: Non-anime, I assume? Lol.

kokujin-kun: I guess I'll just go with the old standard, The Godfather, Part II.

uniquec: Why?

kokujin-kun: Whenever I see it, I always get new insights, and it still seems fresh to me.

kokujin-kun: Although I'm pretty sure I'm missing out on a whole lot of great movies out there, since I don't watch a lot of movies.

uniquec: Insight to the world of mobs.

uniquec: Favourite anime?

kokujin-kun: Definitely Grave of the Fireflies with Kodomo no Jikan coming in at a close second ;)

uniquec: Least favourite anime?

kokujin-kun: Hmm...

kokujin-kun: You do know there ARE a whole bunch of garbage out there, right?

uniquec: Yes and you must dislike a few.

kokujin-kun: Well, the one anime I even bothered to give a "1" on the MAL rating was Lolita Anime.

kokujin-kun: It was the only thing that actually made me want to take a shower after watching it.

uniquec: That bad but with a name like that I can imagine.

kokujin-kun: Yeah, I'm a lolicon, but even I have my standards :S

uniquec: There is a standard to lolicon :p

kokujin-kun: Yeah, toddlercon, for example, gives me a sad.

uniquec: A bit too young.

kokujin-kun: Yeah, but I'm in a very poor position to judge +(???)+

uniquec: Hehe.

uniquec: What your favourite food?

kokujin-kun: Oh, favorite food? Taco Bell and fried chicken :)

kokujin-kun: None of that healthy, organo stuff for me, lol.

uniquec: You want stuff that will heighten your deathspan~

kokujin-kun: If you can't eat food you enjoy, what's the point of living? Lol.

uniquec: Food that you dislike the most?

kokujin-kun: African food.

uniquec: What would you like to be doing in 20 years?

kokujin-kun: I want to be retired with a bunch of money, with all the free time in the world to my own self. Unless I actually find a job that I *love* to do.

uniquec: If you can do anything, what would you do?

kokujin-kun: It would probably be to produce my own TV show.

uniquec: What type of tv show?

kokujin-kun: But this is based on my rose-colored impression of the entertainment industry, not the merciless cesspool some people make it out to be, lol.

kokujin-kun: Probably a drama.

uniquec: Would you want to be in it?

kokujin-kun: Since it will be something that involves troubled teens, probably not, lol. uniquec: Who are into lolis. :)

kokujin-kun: Well... we'll steer clear of that trap, lol.

uniquec: Any place in the world where you would like visit?

kokujin-kun: I'd like to go to Cuba and vacation there.

uniquec: Why Cuba?

kokujin-kun: Apparently they treat foreigners like royalty, lol.

uniquec: Unless you are an American~

kokujin-kun: Well, I'd think especially if you're American since they want to prove they aren't the communist hellhole everybody says it is.

uniquec: Lol, if they let you in.

kokujin-kun:Yeah, true.

uniquec: Where would you recomend visiting that you already been?

kokujin-kun: I'd recommend Boston.

uniquec: What about Boston?

kokujin-kun: It really is a unique and refreshing city.

uniquec: Innie or outie?

kokujin-kun: Outie of course.

uniquec: Like a cabbage patch doll ~

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

kokujin-kun: Boxers for work, briefs at home.

uniquec: No preference?

kokujin-kun: Well, since I secretly wear briefs at home... I'd say that there's my preferred underwear, lol.

uniquec:> Lol that you wear them and aren't commando :xd

kokujin-kun: No, no, I don't do commando, no sir.

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

kokujin-kun: Oh, definitely introvert.

kokujin-kun: Whenever I try to be an extrovert, it just exhausts me.

uniquec: Too tiring.

kokujin-kun: Yeah, and I get bored easily, lol.

uniquec: Favourite colour?

kokujin-kun: Navy blue.

uniquec: Just not any blue.

uniquec: Do you remember your dreams?

kokujin-kun: Most of the time, no.

kokujin-kun: I'm starting to doubt if I even have dreams, lol.

uniquec: They aren't that memorable.

uniquec: Do you dream in color or black and white?

kokujin-kun: I'd say I dream in color though it's been so long ago since I had my last dream that I'm not sure.

uniquec: What the craziest dream you ever had?

kokujin-kun: I dunno, I guess it's the one I had when I was like six.

uniquec: About...

kokujin-kun: I just stole money from my mom and spent it on something. Then when I was taking a nap, I had a dream about Jesus being trapped in a storm in the middle of the sea. I think he said "Don't leave me!"

kokujin-kun: I think that sorta-kinda made me reform.

uniquec: Guilty conscience.

kokujin-kun: I suppose, lol.

uniquec: If you could have any super powers what would you choose and why?

kokujin-kun: It would be Professor X's powers, since I like getting away with murder and becoming emperor of the world in the most low-key way as possible.

uniquec:> So I guess you would use your powers evilly for the greater of mankind...yourself~

uniquec: Would you say your idealistic or pessimistic?

kokujin-kun: I'd say pessimistic. There are a whole lot of wrong that don't get fixed, and just when you think you are immuned to getting outraged, something else always comes along.

uniquec: That is what called life.

kokujin-kun: Yeah, life sucks.

uniquec: What would you like to be remember after your death?

kokujin-kun: I want people to think "He was an okay guy. I wouldn't mind going to his funeral."

uniquec: Would you want a party to celebrate your demise?

kokujin-kun: Oh yeah. Celebrate a life instead of grieving it, and all that.

uniquec: What would you like others to know about you that they might not know?

kokujin-kun: That "kokujin-kun" is "Negro Boy" in Japanese.

uniquec: Ahh.

uniquec: What is your ideal day?

kokujin-kun: Just a day I can forget about all the responsibilities I have and fuck around.

uniquec: Favourite type of music?

kokujin-kun: Used to be into rap, but now I'm into 70's soul.

uniquec: Favourite song that sums you up?

kokujin-kun: "What's Happening Brother" by Marvin Gaye.

kokujin-kun: I always feel I'm behind the times, lol.

uniquec: Wrong time and place.

kokujin-kun: Well, for example I wish I got into anime and Japanese sooner, lol.

uniquec: Had enough of boring you to death?:)

kokujin-kun: Well, I suppose we can end it here, lol.

uniquec: Or we could drag it on for days~

uniquec: Any parting words of wisdom?

kokujin-kun: Yeah.

kokujin-kun: Don't take criticism personally, and if it's constructive, learn from it.

uniquec: And on those parting words thank you for doing this interview.

kokujin-kun: Thank you for inviting me :)

uniquec: This concludes another Goddess interview after a long hiatus. Thanks again to kokujin-kun for doing this and sharing his time with us. We shall see what 2014 brings us.~

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