Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews SpoonSub's leader Kami.

uniquec: We offer you another timer who insisted that his picture be included in the interview as added amusement. Who am I to deny such frivilous requests, as long as it doesn't concern me almost anything goes. We welcome kami to the show.

kami: Okay I am ready.

uniquec: So what do you do?

kami: Concerning secular matters, I study Journalism in London, concerning fansubbing, I am SpoonSub's leader.

kami: I time, I cook, I clean, I typeset, I even do the laundry.

uniquec: In that order? :)

kami: All at once.

uniquec: Multi tasker.

kami: Perfect husband.

uniquec: How long have you been fansubbing?

kami: Hmm, I'd say around two years now.

uniquec: Why did you want to be involved in fansubbing?

kami: For the community, I enjoyed a hands-on approach towards serving the genial commnity known as the fansub leechers.

kami: I also like the attention, to be honest.

uniquec: Attenion whore are you?:)

kami: Well, everyone needs attention to varying levels. For me, fansubbing was the first project in which I would work in earnest, and it was vindicating to see people watching my work.

kami: It was also fun toying with them and seeing them complain after awhile haha.

uniquec: What's your favourite anime?

kami: I don't have many favorite things, I have a lot of things I enjoy. But I guess Kaiba would be a nice example of an anime I would consider as my favorite.

uniquec: You like to toy with people?

kami: No, I just like baiting you!

uniquec: Heh trying to toy with my affections. ;p

kami: Oh yes, my picture was supposed to butter you up for this haha.

uniquec: Hahaha.

uniquec: Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

kami: If I really had the choice, I'd rather be stranded on the island with many books instead of a single person.

uniquec: What would be the one book that you would want?

kami: Martin Eden by Jack London. The main character was an ambitious sailor.

uniquec: Do you see yourself as ambitious?

kami: Definitely. I live life in an ambitious ardent fervor.

kami: Since this is anime related.

uniquec: How so?

kami: No, I was finishing a sentence. Since this is anime related, I guess you could say I'm like Golden Boy's protagonist. You know, study... study... study.

uniquec: Heh So what are your hobbies outside anime?

kami: Well aside from reading, I have ongoing affairs with alcohol. I love my whiskey.

uniquec: Alcohol, is it your weakness?

kami: No way, alcohol is my buddy. I like my alcohol as much as I like my women.

kami: Say, you wouldn't happen to live in England would you?

kami: Haha, just kidding!


uniquec: Where would you like to travel but never been?

kami: Oh, one of my life's goals is to travel. I want to travel everywhere, which is partly why I chose to become a journalist.

uniquec: Adventurer?

kami: I'll get to travel to places fit for the wildest fancy, mine. Of course.

uniquec: What would you like to do but never done?

kami: Are you asking what I plan to do in the future?

kami: I plan on doing all things I haven't done yet.

uniquec: Like?

kami: Ha. ha. ha.

kami: Well, the most elementary and juicy one for this interview would be to have a relationship with a girl.

uniquec: And we aren't refering to your womanizing ways. :)

kami: Aw dang. Well, I'd like to help out others on a measurable level.

uniquec: Ok then why do you think you would make a "perfect husband" then?

kami: That is a silly question... I would, of course! Seriously.

uniquec: In what way?

kami: Why, are you interested?

kami: Haha.

uniquec: I'm too old :)

kami: Ah, I like a bit of experience.

kami: Anyway, to answer you question...

uniquec: Flirting with the Goddess isn't going to help you .^^

uniquec: How do you see yourself 20 years from now?

kami: Flirting? I am doing no such thing! This is second nature to me haha.

kami: 20 years from now... I see myself as a tenured politician, hopefully a senator.

kami: I told you I'm ambitious.

uniquec: are after power?

kami: I am after the power to help people.

uniquec: Do you think as a politician that you can help people?

kami: Politicians have the indelible role of helping people. If they fail to do so, they are morally inept.

uniquec: And you don't think you are inept?

kami: I think I am chivalrous and altruistic. It is up to people like to to see whether or not that or my actions make me inept.

kami: Like you*

uniquec: I'm not the one who will judge you down the road. :)

kami: You're a starting point.

uniquec: Who has influenced you the most?

kami: I don't know, I have been influenced by many. I guess the most recent influences would come from the writers Jack London, Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, Christopher McCandless aka the Supertramp. A bunch of people, really. Oh, Alexander Dumonte.

uniquec: No one person has much influence over you then. :)

kami: No, though I guess tangible influence in the political field would be Barack Obama.

uniquec: So where have you been that you would recomend?

kami: I've been to many places, but I recommend Paraguay.

uniquec: What about Paraguay?

kami: It draws a defite destinction between the rich and the poor, the corrupt political malfeasance is palpable. You learn to appreciate things you take for granted back at home in your cozy first world countries.

uniquec: You learn to appreciiate the simpler things in life that one tend to overlook.

kami: I would also recommend doing the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

uniquec: Favourite foods?

kami: Oh, I have an immense catalogue of foods which I greatly enjoy. Like I said, I don't have a "favorite" anything.

uniquec: Detest then?

kami: None come to mind at this moment, maybe I've mentally blocked them out haha.

kami: You might find interesting that I like marmite.

uniquec: They are so bad that you don't want to remember ever eating them.

uniquec: Innie or outie?

kami: What?

uniquec: Belly button...

kami: Can you tell from my picture? heh

kami: Innie.

uniquec: No, I wasn't looking at it that closely. :p

kami: Liar!

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

kami: Boxer briefs.

kami: Have you ever tried going commando?

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

uniquec: It's a secret as much as if I asked you if you ever went commando. :)

kami: Depends, what do you think?

uniquec: Extrovert, compared to me.

kami: Haha. Well, nothing is ever black or white. Depending on my mood I can be very introverted, but I am usually very extroverted when around women and people whose company I enjoy.

uniquec: So what is the most precious item that you have?

kami: Precious? I don't have anything I'd pull a golem over, but I guess my most used and important would be my laptop. As a journalist, my voice recorder.

uniquec: Would you then say that you aren't materialistic?

kami: I am not materialistic. I follow the baconian doctrine of "knowledge is power" as opposed to items, etc.

uniquec: What would be the one thing you would change about yourself?

kami: My popularity with women! I'd like to change it to become more positive.

uniquec: How popular are you with the opposite sex then?

kami: Mostly all of my friends are women, once they get to know me they always say that I am the only real gentleman they've ever known. But considering that I can be pretty popular, I've only been kissed once in my life so something must be wrong!

kami: Maybe I should have been born two centuries ago...

uniquec: You just haven't met the one yet.

kami: She'd be the only one I'd ever have a relationship with? Sigh!

uniquec: Would you survived living two centuries ago?

kami: Yup, right at the pinnacle of the enlightenment era. Plus, people were still discovering the world. And romanticism wasn't sneered upon.

uniquec: The innocence of society.

kami: Your next question will be "do you consider yourself a romantic?" I bet haha

uniquec: Would you consider yourself a romantic?

kami: YES.

kami: Hahaha.

uniquec: Yeah you saw that coming. :)

kami: Yes I do. In all the meanings of the word.

uniquec: of course...the perfect husband et al.

uniquec: Do you remember your dreams?

kami: Yeah, sometimes.

kami: I have vivid, lurid dreams.

uniquec: Dream in colour or black and white?

kami: Uh, technicolor with surround sound.

kami: 1280p quality haha.

uniquec: What is the weirdest dream, you ever had?

kami: I'm not sure, I remember having weird dreams but I don't exactly write them down so I forget. Recently though, I've been waking up at 3-4 am drenched in sweat. It's actually quite disgusting.

uniquec: Must be some adventurous dreams then. Can you control your dreams?

kami: No, but I know for certain I don't have nightmares. How the hell are you supposed to control your dreams?

uniquec: No one attacking you?

kami: No, just kidding I use expletives as a jest.

uniquec: Well if you know you are dreaming, you can change scenery, stop the dream, etc...

kami: I've been able to do that while half-asleep but I guess I haven't done that to my knowledge in full blown rem sleep.

uniquec: It's not usually something most people can manage.

uniquec: So have a favourute colour?

kami: Nope. I like blues and red the most, though.

uniquec: What would you want to be remember for after your demise?

kami: Extraordinary mandates, bills and campaigns I've made as a senator which improved the lives of many people. Also my lust for adventure and ambition.

uniquec: What would be the one mandiate/bill you want to be known for?

kami: I don't know, I haven't made any yet!

uniquec: But you have some ideas rolling in your head?

kami: I do, but they're at a seminal stage.

uniquec: Nothing concrete but ideas.

kami: It won't do for people to discover this interview 20 years from now and point a big fat "ah, gotcha" finger at me.

uniquec: Lol this will come to haunt you.

kami: Haha lets hope not.

uniquec: No, I will haunt you 20 years from now. :xd

kami: Hopefully not as a ghost!

uniquec: What do you think will be the price you will have to pay for this ambition of yours?

kami: Well in a way I am already paying the price. Although I can be popular and friendly, I can't get close to other people somehow.

kami: So I follow my ambition by myself.

uniquec: They might turn out to be your downfall later on.

kami: How?

kami: No, I don't push them away by choice.

uniquec: You never know who you can trust and who your friends might be.

uniquec: The pessimist that I can be.

kami: No, I am a very trusting person.

kami: The thing is, I just don't seem to get along much further with people than on a superficial level.

uniquec: You trust others easily?

kami: Yeah.

uniquec: Like even strange people who mysterious asks for interviews on irc?:)

kami: Do you know what the presumption of innocence is?

kami: It's the legal right, the "being innocent until proven guilty". Well, I think everyone is trustworthy until proven otherwise.

uniquec: Hehe I'm not really that bad just a bit silly at times.

kami: Heh ok then!

uniquec: What do you like to read most often?

kami:> Classic novels.

uniquec: What would you like others to know about you that they might not be aware of?

kami: I can be a bit temperamental at times but I wouldn't want people to be offended by it. I'm pretty sure people know this though, I lay my cards out on the table.

uniquec: What you see is what you get.

kami: Not as bluntly as that, hopefuly.

uniquec: Heh it wasn't meant to be blunt.

kami: Heh don't worry about it.

uniquec: So had enough fun?

kami: Yeah, it was entertaining. Hopefully the feeling was mutual!

uniquec: Yeah it was amusing .

uniquec: So parting words of wisdom?

kami: This sounds like the "after hours" of a romp in bed "was that good for you".

uniquec: Lol.

uniquec: I'm not a romp in the bed that you can just say so long towards :p

kami: Haha, you're not a one night stand kinda girl, huh.

uniquec: Uh huh.

kami: Parting words of wisdom? Wisdom comes with time and experience, I don't hold any presumptions over having any wisdom at the moment!

uniquec: On that note, we would like to thank kami for doing this interview and learning about his politicial ambitions. Hopefully this interview will not come back to haunt him. We shall also see if he becomes "the perfect husband" for someone.

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