Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews interactii from yes... Dattebayo and Live-Evil.

uniquec: We bring you for your viewing pleasure the one and only interactii. You might be acquainted with him from Dattebayo and Live-Evil, that is if you people actually read the credits from the anime that is being subbed.

uniquec: Planning to disappear again?:p

interactii: No I'm here ;D

interactii: Sure, by all means.

uniquec: Ready for the so call fun then...

uniquec: So what do you do?

interactii: In fansubbing or do you mean like REAL LIFE?

uniquec: Fansubbing but if you want to answer to both go right ahead.

interactii: Well I mainly just do the administrative portion of the group Dattebayo.

interactii: I do like the karaoke, I solve projects, and make management decisions.

uniquec: Do you find yourself having alot of problems to solve?

interactii: Well we have really got our management system down well, so not usually. I don't have nearly as many to solve as I used to :D

uniquec: Being in a high profile group like Dattebayo, what is your biggest complaint?

interactii: I think my biggest complaint would have to be the way some fans treat us, but one of the best things is also the fans, so its a mixed bag :D Lots of people feel they are entitled to fansubs.

uniquec: Demanding are they?

interactii: Yeah, espically with our recent annoucement about dropping it.

uniquec: Nothing like dropping announcements to stir people up.

uniquec: So how long have you been in fansubbing?

interactii: I first learned about them in 2002 but started to get involved with actually working on them in late 2003.

uniquec: So do normally do outside work with other fansubbing groups?

interactii: Yeah, I work for some other groups, I've done work for Live-Evil for a long time.

uniquec: Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

interactii: Haha, thats a unique question.

uniquec: Just one of my many standard questions. :)

interactii: Probably someone very practical, I can't think of anyone in particlar. Maybe that guy who does that wilderness show :D

uniquec: So you can get out from the island. Would you say that you are practical?

interactii: I'd be hoping that we'd be rescued, so that someone would come find us :D

uniquec: Would you last long being alone on the island?

interactii: Hmm, I'm not sure. I'm not that good in the wild XD

uniquec: Not outdoorsy. :) Favourite anime?

interactii: Wow, thats a loaded question, and its changed over time. Can I give a couple?

uniquec: Sure.

interactii: Terra He, Gravitation, FMOS, Hikaru no Go.

uniquec: Why?

interactii: Well Terra He was just an incredible series, It had a really classic 70's story feel and it was by one of my favorate mangaka, and it was really just a great tale. Such great rivalry and SciFi and not scared to end like it should.

interactii: Gravitation was just really great, I really showed people that shounen-ai anime didn't have to mean yaoi. I watched BakaMX's version years ago, which is still my favorite.

uniquec: Unlike most anime endings. Least favourite?

interactii: Hehe, Usually I just never watch more than one or two of shows I really don't like, so I can't really remember any names unfortunately.

uniquec: Or fortunately. Hobbies outside anime?

interactii: I compose music, I've done that for a couple independant movies. I love photography, and love the outdoors :D

uniquec: What type of music do you compose?

interactii: Hmm, I dunno really how to classify it :D

interactii: Some of it is just clasical orchestra stuff but my primary instrument is the piano.

interactii: So some is just solo piano pieces :D

uniquec: It's that good that it's unclassifiable.. ^^

uniquec: How long have you been playing the piano?

interactii: Almost 20 years :X

interactii: Since I was about 8 :D

uniquec: You should be semi good by now . :D

uniquec: So where would you like to travel to but neveer been?

interactii: Japan XD

interactii: Is that too easy an answer?

uniquec: Unless if they been there already. :p Any particular place in Japan?

interactii: I'd really like to visit Tokyo and then Hokkaido :D

uniquec: Reason?

interactii: Well I live in a cold climate, so I think I'd really like that area (Hokkaido).

interactii: Tokyo just for the Japan experience :D

uniquec: You like cold weather?

interactii: I do :D

interactii: Well, I like having distinct seasons.

uniquec: Where would you recomend visiting that you have been?

interactii: I really haven't traveled much, but I do love New England in the US.

uniquec: The weather or the food?

interactii: Both!

interactii: Mmm chowder!

uniquec: Nothing like New England clam chowder. Is that your favourite food?

interactii: Nah, but its up there, I'd say Mac and Cheese is my favorite :D

uniquec: Boxed mac and cheese?

interactii: Or home made, but boxed is good too! I like to cut up hot dogs and put them in :D

interactii: Espically sausages.

uniquec: Heh. What food do you hate the most?

interactii: It used to be tomatoes, but lately I've started liking them. XD

interactii: Theres not really much I don't like.

uniquec: You learn to like things. How do you see yourself 20 years from now?

interactii: Hopefully in a nice house with a nice job in a good relationship :D

uniquec: Innie or outie?

interactii: Innie XD

interactii: You ask strange questions~

uniquec: I'm just consistent . :) Boxers or briefs?

interactii: Both, it depends on the day :D

uniquec: Or whatever isn't dirty. Introvert or extrovert?

interactii: Introvert rather severely :D

uniquec: How severe?

interactii: Well I'm socially adapted, but I don't really make new friends very well. I'm too formal, but I'm quite extroverted in small groups of people I know.

uniquec: How formal can you be?

interactii: Oh very. I work as an engineer were good communcation skills are important.

interactii: I just keep it all very professional.

uniquec: Do you dream in colour or black and white?

interactii: Color.

uniquec: Can you control your dreams?

interactii: Sometimes, usually not though.

uniquec: What is the strangest dream that you remember?

interactii: Haha, one of the stragest I can remeber is actually one where I was timing an epsiode of anime and no matter how much I timed there were always more lines. And people kept asking me when it would be done XD

uniquec: Of course, "is it done yet" haunting you every few minutes:)

interactii: Hehe.

uniquec: What would you like to be remembered after your demise?

interactii: Well I'd like to hope that somehow my life made other people's lives a little better :D

interactii: People don't necesarlly have to remeber me for it, but having their lives made a little better would be the effect I'd want.

uniquec: Like bringing bad anime into their existance. :XD

interactii: Haha, some people realy like bad anime?

uniquec: Of course, a form of torture.

uniquec: What is your ideal day?

interactii: Hmm, proably just relaxing at home, go out for a good meal, maybe see a show. Basic stuff :D

uniquec: Relaxing with no pressures. What is the one thing you would change about yourself if you can?

interactii: Hmm, I really kinda like myself, so there's not much I'd wanna change. I'd probably have to go with my skin, I lost some weight and its too loose! :D

uniquec: What would you like others to know about you that they might not be aware of?

interactii: Probably that I'm not as unapproachable as people think. I'm pretty easy to talk to if you just engage me ^_^

uniquec: Favourite colour?

interactii: Green~

uniquec: Dark, medium or light?

interactii: Dark.

uniquec: If you were a super hero what powers would you want?

interactii: Probably the ability to know anything I wanted to know just by thinking about it.

uniquec: Do you think you would make a good hero?

interactii: No, I think I'd make a pretty lousy one, I'd be too picky about who to help :D

uniquec: Lol. So you are picky with you give help to?

interactii: Well, I guess if I was a super hero, it wouldn't be much work to give help so probably not, but If I'm gonna invest alot of time into helping someone it has to be worth it :D

uniquec: So do you make peoples lives a bit better with your presence?

interactii: I think so :D

interactii: I think helping with Naruto and Bleach has made alot of people happy, people tell us so.

uniquec: Of course. Who can deny their presence.

interactii: XD

uniquec: What would you like to do but never done?

interactii: Hmm, thats tough. I would like to travel to Japan but I think I already used that answer :D

interactii: Thats probably the big one.

uniquec: You are such an adventurer then?

interactii: Sometimes. Sometimes, I just like to stay home and relax.

uniquec: What is the most adventurous thing that you ever done?

interactii: Well the first year I went to Otakon. I went with people from the fansubbing community whom I'd have never met.

interactii: I dunno if it was more foolish or adventurous, but it was fun :D

uniquec: Something you would never have thought of doing.

interactii: Hmm?

uniquec: Going to Otakon?

interactii: Yeah, at the time I never would have done somthing like that XD

interactii: But it was a ton of fun.

uniquec: Unexpected fun. Have you met alot of fansubbers?

interactii: Yeah, quite a few :D

uniquec: Where they what you expected they would be?

interactii: Some were, some were weirder, some were less weird :D

uniquec: Is it safe to ask, who made the most impression on you when meeting them?

interactii: Haha, I don't really wanna say XD

uniquec: Such a lasting impression :D

uniquec: Had enought of the inquistion then?

interactii: Hehe I think so :D

uniquec: Parting words of wisdom?

interactii: Enjoy your life, this is the only one you got!

uniquec: We would like to thank the surprisingly approachable interactii and his attempt to stretch this interview in the course of 24 hours time frame. You were trying to see how persistent the Goddess was in completing this and whether or not she would give up on you. :D But the Goddess can be very persistent and some will say engaging as well.

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