Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews former translator for Dattebayo's gxseries.

uniquec: After the Goddess managed one of her moment of insanity, she was given the opportunity of interviewing the former translater of DB's Naruto who managed to spoiled the Narutards with 24 hours fansubbing a series.

gxseries: You have my full attention.

uniquec: So then what do you do fansubbing wise?

gxseries: I'm a translator.

gxseries: Used to translate Naruto for DB and then a bit of Bleach.

gxseries: And then from time to time get invited by other groups to help them.

gxseries: It seems there's a drought of translators and I still get requests from time to time.

uniquec: So you help bring bad anime to the general public :)

gxseries: What's your defination of "bad anime"?

uniquec: It's just a joke between me and interactii about Naruto and Bleach.

uniquec: How long have you been fansubbing?

gxseries: Hm, I don't even remember.

uniquec: That long.

gxseries: I reckon probably about 5 years ish since DB is that old.

gxseries: I started out when DB was founded, So yeah, about that long.

uniquec: So why did you decide to be a translator?

gxseries: Except I've pretty much quit from fansubbing since last year.

uniquec: Got tired of it?

gxseries: As I've been doing official anime translation work.

uniquec: Why did you decide to fansub?

gxseries: Lol @ flood of questions at once.

gxseries: Well I used to watch anime when I was a kid.

gxseries: And when I first joined irc to find out what it's all about. someone just shot a question if I happened to know japanese,

uniquec: That is how you found yourself in that position.

gxseries: That pretty much lured me into translating even though I never was a translator.

gxseries: My first translating work was on Naruto 91.

gxseries: Which I never forgot how it was like back then when there was huge competition between Anbu, Aone, Bakafish etc..

uniquec: It's still burned into your memory.

gxseries: Narutards would just complain over every single thing.

gxseries: They still unfortunately exist up to now.

uniquec: What fun.

gxseries: Ok so back to the story. If I remember right, we were called Anime Heaven back then.

gxseries: It caused huge shock to the anime community as we released the subs in about three days. Pretty much a feat back then.

gxseries: Narutards wouldn't stop raving about how we stole translations off mangas and that's how we got the subs out that quick.

gxseries: I was honestly furious.

uniquec: Now days if it took three days they would be like rioting.

gxseries: Yeah lol.

gxseries: Back then Anbu / Aone would take a week or longer.

gxseries: Bakafish was relatively quick but then their quality sucked.

gxseries: I resolved to have quality subtitles in under 24 hours. Ridiciously ambitious but I saw it as doable.

gxseries: I pretty much took this out on interactii and the former A-H leader.

uniquec: So would you want to do it all again?

gxseries: That we really needed to get it out that quick to crush all competition.

gxseries: When we released naruto 92, Animesuki back then was still listing Naruto torrents. They actually dared to release a one time label of "Warning: speed subs".

uniquec: Lol.

gxseries: I'm sure they asked for trouble.

gxseries: I had to join their channel and demand an answer as of how we got that label.

uniquec: And...

gxseries: What's funny is the answer i get is: poor translation.

gxseries: Agreed, when I reviewed my old works, they weren't the best but no one in the channel was able to tell me where my mistakes were.

gxseries: I wasn't very impressed.

uniquec: Of course not.

gxseries: Narutards wouldn't stop dissing us etc. and a fair amount of them were Aone/Anbu fans,

gxseries: Well duh, they were the ones who subbed from episode 1. So that's understandable.

uniquec: Yeah they expect certain things.

gxseries: I decided to take another blow to them and suggested that we need a wider community and that was when we founded DB-BR and DB-FR.

gxseries: The jewish subs was simply for timecop's lol.

uniquec: Get a wider audience lol.

gxseries: From that point on, that took a huge hit on both Anbu /Aone's pride.

gxseries: Fans wouldn't stop complaining how we get to do three different languages in about 2-3 days and they struggle to do just one sub for a week with the 24 hr release. Didn't help since they got their fix quicker.

gxseries: Of course royal fans insisted that we continued to steal translations from manga and that quality subs require time,

gxseries: I didn't think so.

gxseries: Ironically though, while most fans don't enjoy watching fillers.

gxseries: It was fillers that saved our reputation.

uniquec: Yeah and we know it has/had alot of them.

gxseries: It was from that point on that Narutards couldn't claim that we stole translations off manga and that we genuinely work out ass off to release quality stuff under a strict timeable.

gxseries: And just to note how difficult it was. At times, I get the raw at 3am,

gxseries: Sometimes finish translating at 6am and then go to class at 10.

gxseries: Was so not fun and when you get double episodes...

uniquec: I'm sure it wasn't.

gxseries: Total nightmare:D

uniquec: You hated that day :)

gxseries: Of course, we had plenty of trouble but thankfully many skilled translators started to join our group.

uniquec: Help take off some of the pressure.

gxseries: Simply because our reputation had grown to a relatively wide number of audience.

gxseries: Yeah.

uniquec: But it was a learning experience though.

gxseries: So yeah, the Anbu-Aone's reputation got a major hit and pretty much got crushed in a matter of 3 months and in the end they stopped subbing it.

gxseries: Back then our goal was to go pass their torrent hits.

uniquec: Small goal.

gxseries: Yeah simply because they felt they weren't getting enough attention.

gxseries: oh no,the goal back then was huge.

gxseries: Getting 20,000 torrent hits is no joke.

gxseries: Although I think it peaked at about 10,000 hits in under 3 hrs or something and now it's one million for some episodes.

gxseries: It's probably a feat that will not be broken for a long long period of time.

uniquec: Yeah now 20,000 is mere pittance.

gxseries: So yeah, I guess that's when I started to lose interestin fansubbing and that there is nothing left to excite me.

gxseries: The other translators are more skilled than I and more importantly were in a better timezone than I am.

gxseries: Otherwise I had to start translating at 2am.

gxseries: So hm, I think that sums up your first three questions?

gxseries: Lol.

uniquec: I think so.

gxseries: Was long but there's lots of history.

uniquec: Yeah I'm some will find it interesting :)

gxseries: And oops, I better include SD-Otaku. Otherwise they will get mad at me for forgetting them (lol).

uniquec: As another group who subbed Naruto?

gxseries: Yeah.

uniquec: So who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

gxseries: How about you for a start.

uniquec: Why me? ;p

gxseries: :D

gxseries: Let's say I get to know more about you?

gxseries: But it will be a problem if things don't work out.

uniquec: Sure sure.

uniquec: You'll just kill me then ~

gxseries: Assuming if it's possible.

gxseries: chances are, I don't think so.

uniquec: what are you hobbies outside of anime?

gxseries: Coin collecting (lol).

gxseries: Yeah it sure seems dull and wat the heck???

gxseries: But yeah I just like to look at changes and see if there's anything interesting,

uniquec: Anything worthwile in your collection?

gxseries: Quite a fair bit to be honest.

gxseries: If you want to take a look.

gxseries: It's

gxseries: Dunno if there's anything you find interesting.

uniquec: We wont ask where you live so people can steal your collection:)

gxseries: Lol.

uniquec: Actually I never ask in the interviews age, sex,location questions to avoid things like stalkings.

uniquec: So where would you like to travel to but never been?

gxseries: Don't worry, I've already said I want to be stranded with you on an island.

uniquec: Lol, other that an deserted island.

gxseries: Hm, Xinjiang.

gxseries: A place in China.

uniquec: Why?

gxseries: It's honestly one wierd place and I've been reading some bizarre stories coming from there.

gxseries: Xinjiang if you don't know is pretty much the only state where people are officially islamic and the chinese are tolerant of such culture,

gxseries: Native people in Xinjiang look totally different as they seem to be a mix of europeans and asians.

gxseries: Fascinating history,

uniquec: They don't look like the rest of the Chinese/Asian sterotypes.

uniquec: You are into history?

gxseries: Oh you do happen to know what they look like?

gxseries: Yes, part of the reason why I collect coins as well :p

uniquec: Do you have many coins from there?

gxseries: Lol not from there. Just one I think but yeah it's just odd at very best.

uniquec: And you like oddness?

gxseries: Well isn't mystery something that lures people to knowing what it's all about?

uniquec: But there is always things better not knowing :)

gxseries: Nah I'll rather know everything.

uniquec: Even if it kills you.

gxseries: Yes, even if it kills me.

uniquec: So where would you recommend travel to that that you been?

gxseries: Oh,if you are into art.

gxseries: Hermitage museum in st. Petersburg.

gxseries: St. Petersburg as in in Russia not in Tampa (it's Florida) or whatever there is in the USA.

uniquec: I figured that.

gxseries: People say that the Louvre museum is the world's best.

gxseries: I beg to differ,

uniquec: What about the Hermitage museum that you found alluring?

gxseries: It's just something that you have to be there in order to understand.

gxseries: The Hermitage musuem was a place for the tsars and they did spend good money decorating and buying a lot of art sculptures etc..

gxseries: It's just unbelievable.

uniquec: Before the downfall.

gxseries: I think you'll need to find some picture.


gxseries: Those are good choices.

uniquec: So how do you see yourself 20 years from now?

gxseries: Hm 20 years hat's kinda tough though.

gxseries: It really depends on fate.

gxseries: Who I meet later in my life.

gxseries: Where I'm going.

gxseries: Whether I'm planning to have families etc..

gxseries: Never know.

uniquec: Whatever life throws you.

gxseries: Pretty much. Though would be nice if I have a partner right now. Idealistically.

gxseries: Have been single for a while huhuhu.

gxseries: Well let's say,it would be nice if I have kids and have a proper job.

gxseries: I think that's kinda getting VERY difficult considering this crappy economic situation.

uniquec: Better than an improper job. What would you like to do but never done?

gxseries: Buy a house. Yeah sounds really lame but I think it's really important.

gxseries: You need to have a shelter before you start to splurge on lots of things.

uniquec: A place to call home to.

gxseries: Yeah.

uniquec: What is your favourite food?

gxseries: Lol that's so tricky hm.

uniquec: How so? It's a simple question.

gxseries: Yeah but I just have a lot of favorites.

uniquec: And none more than the other?

gxseries: Mmmmmmmmm...

gxseries: Let's say it's char kway teow.

gxseries: t's some kind of stir fried noodles in Malaysia/Singapore.

uniquec: See you came up with one ~

gxseries: Just in case you want to know what it is.


uniquec: Or the readers.

uniquec: What food you hate the most?

gxseries: Hm... I don't have a problem eating anything as long as it's edible.

gxseries: I just don't like extremes like extremely hot, sour and so on.

uniquec: In the middle...blandness.

gxseries: And oh I really hate it if the ingredients aren't fresh.

gxseries: Especially vegetables.

uniquec: You can tell when things aren't in it's prime?

gxseries: It's not that difficult if you are used to eating stuffs raw :D

gxseries: Including raw meat but yeah vegs...if they aren't crunchy, that's one thing that tells that it's not fresh.

uniquec: How do you like to eat eggs?

gxseries: Raw, poached.

gxseries: I sound bloody don't I.

gxseries: Lol.

uniquec: Lol no.

uniquec: Any condiments with it?

gxseries: Honestly no, I like to taste things raw and if it's not good enough I'll fix it myself.

gxseries: I really don't like food with a little too much salt.

uniquec: Too much salt isn't good for you.

gxseries: So yeah, you might say I like food bland but I think that allows me to be sensitive to what I'm eating,

uniquec: What would you like to do but never done?

gxseries: Let's say, get to meet with you face to face right now.

uniquec: Lol right. You are that adventurous.

gxseries: Honestly what fun is this having an interview by irc.

gxseries: Wouldn't mind having a voice chat that's if you are up for it.

gxseries: Actually no, I'm in a library.

uniquec: Heh.

gxseries: (Lol) Next time sorry.

uniquec: You are supposed to be quiet in a library.

gxseries: Yeah exactly.

uniquec: So innie or outie belly button?

gxseries: Lol, why don't you see me in person and find out?

uniquec: Lol. The same thing can then be answered to my next question as well.

gxseries: Which is?

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

gxseries: Lol.

gxseries: I guess it depends on the time of the day/year?

uniquec: Or the occassion ...duh.

gxseries: Yes, you sure know me very well.

uniquec: Right and you wont divulge to the audience.

gxseries: Well I guess it's not too fun if they get to know everything and I know nothing of them?

uniquec: Who are mostly your fansubbing community who will use it to haunt you with :)

gxseries: Oh yeah never know if you are going to haunt me as well.

uniquec: Open up to divulge belly buttons and underwear preferences :xd

uniquec: You never know.

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

gxseries: Introvert to be honest but yeah once I get to know you, I open up.

uniquec: Favourite colour?

gxseries: Black/purple.

gxseries: Of course, I don't mean those colors on people *cough* i.e. bruises.

uniquec: Light, medioum or dark shade?

gxseries: As dark as it gets.

uniquec: Like in black and blue bruises :p

gxseries: Yes.

uniquec: Do you remember your dreams?

gxseries: No, appearently I don't dream and if I ever did.

gxseries: I'm so forgetful that I don't remember it.

uniquec: That forgetful.

gxseries: And yes, I really sleep too well.

gxseries: Yeah some day I'll even forget that the University of Quebec interviewed me.

uniquec: Especially since she isn't in Quebec.

uniquec: You would also forget if they were in colour or black and white.

gxseries: I didn't know dreams come in color.

uniquec: Some do. Some even come with subtitles.

gxseries: Lol.

gxseries: IS IT AN ANIME?!?!?!!"

uniquec: Or a foreign flick.

uniquec: Favourite movie?

gxseries: Honestly, I don't watch a lot of movies.

gxseries: Seriously when was the last time I watched a movie...

gxseries: *Thinks*

uniquec: That long...

gxseries: Something like something happened in a musuem or something.

uniquec: Can you think?

gxseries: Released about 2-3 years ago.

gxseries: Well I haven't slept so pardon me alright? :P

gxseries: But yeah I'm generally that forgetful.

gxseries: Ugh...what's that movie.

uniquec: Well it wasn't my fault you didn't sleep.

gxseries: Oh Night in the Musuem or something.

gxseries: Well it will be your fault one way or the other.

uniquec: Yeah.

gxseries: Kekekeke.

gxseries: So yeah that was fun.

uniquec: No it was not my fault.

gxseries: Oh wait I think the last movie I watched was International and then the one before was the Night at the Movie.

gxseries: And then er...

uniquec: Who knows what you were doing last night.

gxseries: Jurassic Park III? Lol.

uniquec: Lol.

gxseries: So yeah I don't watch a lot of movies as you can tell and the one before was Titanic?

gxseries: What a lot of fail.

uniquec: Then I shouldn't ask what the movie you hate the most?

gxseries: International plain boring.

uniquec: Favourite anime?

gxseries: Gundam lol.

gxseries: Gundam 0083 to be more precise.

uniquec: As appose to the other Gundams?

gxseries: Yeah I guess I like that series the most.

uniquec: Anime you hate the most?

gxseries: A lot of the recent anime - it's a lot of nonsense.

gxseries: I mean what on earth you have little ero kids on TV. I'm like there's a limit of how far you can stretch it close to hentai stuff.

uniquec: Yeah. What super powers would you want.

gxseries: Hm that's kinda interesting haven't gave a thought of that. Maybe right now able to manipulate time would be interesting.

uniquec: Why?

gxseries: Well there are times when I just want to take things slow and then times when I want it to go forward.

uniquec: Would you abuse your powers?

gxseries: Where necessary, yes.

uniquec: Do you think you would make a good super hero?

gxseries: Lol @ super hero. Dunno, don't like that role.

gxseries: So not for me.

uniquec: You can't picture yourself in that role.

uniquec: What type of music do you enjoy?

gxseries: I might be old school but I listen to japanese rock music. Mainly X-Japan, Luna Sea, L'arc, Glay, etc..

gxseries: Though I have been listening to some silly Initial D songs.

uniquec: What song would be your anthem?

gxseries: Prologue (~World Anthem) that is a neat song.

uniquec: Heh.


uniquec: Any type of music that you dislike?

gxseries: Rehearsals as in people practising and then having a break/adjusting.

gxseries: Dunno.

uniquec: Lol.

gxseries: I just like to listen to something from start to end and yeah I don't really like music that have an abrupt end.

uniquec: So what would you like to be remmbered for after your death?

gxseries: Er that depends on by whom.

uniquec: In and friends.

gxseries: To Narutards: thanks for ruining my sleep. Now is my turn :P

uniquec: Lol.

gxseries: Hm dunno.

gxseries: Don't feel like answering that it's like asking me to write a death will right now. Lol.

uniquec: Is there anything you treasure?

gxseries: Anything I treasure?

gxseries: Yeah sure relationship.

uniquec: You want just to be remembered then.

gxseries: Yeah that's more than enough.

uniquec: Would you say that you are materialistic?

gxseries: Honestly, who isn't materialistic these days. If you are on irc you are by definition materialistic.

uniquec: In which way?

gxseries: More so if you own the pc you are on.

uniquec: Lol.

gxseries: Well if you live in a world where you need electricity to live.You already require "materials" to live other than the basic food/water.

uniquec: And shelter.

gxseries: Yeah that as well. But seriously buying a home, my god and it's not just that.

gxseries: If you go out, you need to wear and groom reasonably well. Otherwise you might be mistaken as some hobo.

uniquec: It's attainable if you set the right priorities. What is your ideal/perfect day?

gxseries: Sad world but it's a reality.

gxseries: Perfect day?

uniquec: Yes.

gxseries: Hm...

uniquec: Nothing you would want to do?

gxseries: Wake up, breakfast, go out to work, work hard for the pay, come back, get greeted by someone you love, dinner, sleep together, repeat and where there's free time, spend time together.

gxseries: Sounds so typical but turns out it can be quite different.

uniquec: Sometimes the simple things are the hardest to achieve.

uniquec: Are you more an idealistic or pessimistic?

gxseries: I think I have a habit of making things ridiciously difficult, So sometimes what seems to be easy it gets messed up big time.

uniquec: When it is simple.

gxseries: Something like, all you have to do is untangle some wires and yet you make it worse.

gxseries: I'm more of a pessimistic type.

uniquec: You enjoy making things more complicated than needed.

gxseries: But I guess that works out to my benefit. Yeah I guess. Always get told by everyone around me.

uniquec: What would you like others to know about you that they might not know?

gxseries: Dunno, I guess that's up to them to find out if they want to know more about me.

uniquec: And if you are willing to let to let them know more.

gxseries: Yeah pretty much and oh just don't get me too mad otherwise I get too worked up. Lol, i.e. reference to Narutards *cough*.

gxseries: Do you easily get mad?

gxseries: Kinda.

uniquec: Short fuse.

gxseries: Although I usually restrain it and not show it.

gxseries: Nah not really.

gxseries: Mad inside, But when I really do get mad that's when I snap.

uniquec: Better stay away from you.

gxseries: I'm sure you want to stay really really far away from me :D

gxseries: Maybe it's a good thing to have the interview online and you live like several thousands of km away from me? Lol.

uniquec: Not that I'm planning to get you mad at me. :)

uniquec: And on that note, so any parting words of wisdom?

gxseries: Hm...make the best out of today.

uniquec: You could be dead the next day ~

gxseries: And I'll hold you responsible ^_-

uniquec: You'll haunt me then?

gxseries: I guess it depends on what you did to me.

gxseries: Lol.

uniquec: Only if I kill you literally.

gxseries: Only if you can.

uniquec: Like I'm a killer :p

uniquec: Thanks for doing th interview.

uniquec: You can go to sleep now

gxseries: You'll have to sleep with me.

uniquec: Uh right, wishful thinking. This concludes another interview as we hope it was somewhat informative on the history of Dattebayo. Thanks again to gxseries fo doing this after staying up all night. As you can tell the Goddess is called all sorts of things by people.

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