Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews for_a_memory a timer.

uniquec: Once again, we bring another captivating interview from the Goddess that you all love to hate. Today, we are fortunate to bring you for_a_memory a timer from Umai who actually listens to pedo. :)

uniquec: Welcome to today's show. So what do you do?

for_a_memory: Timing these days.

uniquec: What group/groups do you time for?

for_a_memory: Just Umai. I've dabbled in drama before but I didn't like it. I'll freelance if people need karaoke timing but I don't guarantee I won't poof.

uniquec: So how long have you been doing it?

for_a_memory: I started karaoke timing... 2 and a bit years ago I think. I asked to do it for a spanish yaoi group when I didn't know much about softsubs liked DVD players. I didn't do anything about it for a while afterwards.

uniquec: Learning as you go. Why did you decide to join into the world of fansubbing?

for_a_memory: A few months later. I joined some, now dead, drama group. Not that I did much. Then I joined dead group Melody. More not doing stuff happened here. I was only really proper active in Umai. Not sure when it officially starts. The joinage I mean.

uniquec: So what hobbies, do you have outside anime?

for_a_memory: I watch the occasional Chinese drama. I love reading. Recently I've been into paranormal romance/erotica as some stupid sites have labelled them. I love Asian Ball Join Dolls.

for_a_memory: I can't think of anything else right now. I sort of go through alternating phases.

uniquec: Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island?

for_a_memory: Daemon. He seems to be the most masochistic person I know. Being eaten requires a certain level of pain tolerance I think.

uniquec: You would only want Daemon for his edibilty?

for_a_memory: Hmm... I think he'd mind less if I started reading yaoi than others... :x

uniquec: Lol. So which fansubber member would you like to sleep with?

for_a_memory: Hey! You can't steal my questions!

uniquec: I figured since you came up with it, you should answer it as well. (And now you all know who was responsible for this question in the previous interview.)

for_a_memory: Though... now I think about it... can I choose two and watch them...?

uniquec: Heh voyeurism. Which two then?

for_a_memory: Daemon for looks, Galdy for fun.

uniquec: And you would only watch...

for_a_memory: Perhaps...

uniquec: No threesome or you watch them trying to kill each other?

for_a_memory: I like blood.

uniquec: Who would win the fight?

for_a_memory: Not sure... Use your Goddess powers and look for me.

uniquec: Well I don't know Daemon so I won't make judgement on that battle yet. (You could get me Daemon for an interview ;))

for_a_memory: Lol.

uniquec: Where would you like to travel to but never been?

for_a_memory: America interests me. I'd harvest them for a biofuels and make a fortune :D

uniquec: Any specific place?

for_a_memory: Well, I have some non-fansubbing guys in Indiana I've wanted to meet. But I also need to gamble away my millions in Vegas.

uniquec: Money well spent in Vegas. Where would you recomend visiting that you have been?

for_a_memory: DollHeart shop and their Cafe in Hong Kong is cute.

uniquec: You are into dolls?

for_a_memory: Ahh... I went there last year when I didn't have any dolls. Now I have two ^_^

uniquec: What type of dolls?

for_a_memory: Asian Ball Joint Dolls. The one's made of resin and strung together. Both are from Luts. @readers Google is your friend.

uniquec: What's your prefence boxers or briefs or nothing at all?:)

for_a_memory: On me or on men?

uniquec: Both.

for_a_memory: Briefs for me and boxers for men.

uniquec: Inny or outie?

for_a_memory: Inny.

uniquec: What are your favourite foods?

for_a_memory: Umm... edible ones? Fruits I like those yellow mangoes and kiwi. Biscuits have to be Fox's Viennese ones. I ate them all so I can't find out how to spell it. I usually have to stop eating them for a while because I'll eat too much and feel sick.

uniquec: You eat the entire package at once.~ Least favourite?

for_a_memory: You make me sound like a pig. There are only 10 biscuits in the packet in my defence!

uniquec: Oh my a whole ten. :p

uniquec: Piggie poo. :xd

for_a_memory: Soggy Sandwiches.

for_a_memory: Oh and food with flies in.

uniquec: Of course that isn't very appealing. What would you like to do but never done?

for_a_memory: Travelling the world in a panda suit sounds fun.

uniquec: Why a panda suit?

for_a_memory: It was on some greeting card I found online once. It was the most PG thing I could think of.

uniquec: Hehe I guess you don't know that I'm supposedly a panda hater. :D What is your favourite movie?

for_a_memory: :o How can you hate pandas?!

for_a_memory: They just get a bit yellow if you don't wash them...

uniquec: It's an on going thing I have with a certain moderator who uses a panda avatar. I tell him he's just wants atttention and that he is a pseudo panda wannabe.

for_a_memory: Ahh, I see. I don't know him but he sounds cute. Mainly because of the avatar... He'll probably be ugly in real life because that's how life is.

uniquec: Life is full of less than pretty people. ~

for_a_memory: I don't really watch many movies. *fails to think of one*. As long as it's not one of those epic war movies.

uniquec: What would be the one item that is the most precious to you?

for_a_memory: Either my laptop or one of my dolls. Dolls because they're worth more money than my laptop but my laptop because despite it being a piece of crap, it works.

uniquec: And can let you get online. What is your favourite music?

for_a_memory: Depends on my mood really.

uniquec: You enjoy a variety.

uniquec: What is the one thing that you would want to change about yourself and why?

for_a_memory: Right now, I'd like nails that don't break so easily *has no nails right now*. Or being taller would be nice. People don't have to walk into me and look pissed off.

for_a_memory: I'm greedy XD

uniquec: Heh people walk into are angry?

for_a_memory: I guess I'll just take the taller option. Nails are only needed for scratching.

for_a_memory: They walk into me and then I apologise even though I was just existing and they seem annoyed. I'm also a nice height for whacking in the face with a backpack.

uniquec: Dangerous things are those backpacks.

for_a_memory: Yup.

uniquec: What is your greatest achievement so far?

for_a_memory: Never being overdrawn?

for_a_memory: Though my student loan does count as debt >.<

uniquec: True. What would you like to be remember for after your death?

for_a_memory: Being the first person to use people as biofuels. :D

uniquec: Do you want to be used as biofuel afterwards?:)

for_a_memory: Maybe for a while. I'd get sick of having to refuel at McDonalds.

uniquec: Lol and on that note any parting words of wisdom?

for_a_memory: Don't watch drama subs if you like your eyes.

uniquec: How so?

for_a_memory: Eye cancer~

uniquec: Alright then thanks for doing the interview. ^^

for_a_memory: ^_^

uniquec: And we kept it to about 2 hours.

for_a_memory: Thank you for not making it last forever.

uniquec: We would like to thank for_a_memory for doing the interview the night before her trip. No, I will not be stealing her question for the interviews or will I. Only time will tell!

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