Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews apr who randomly whores himself for amusement doing various things.

uniquec: On today's version of torture with the loveable Goddess who somehow isn't supposed to be lazy, we have the one and only apr. He was given as an sacrificial offering and like most victims the Goddess doesn't usually let them go without being of service.

uniquec: Ready for the silly questions about trivia stuff about fansubbers as we get to know them in an around about way.

apr: Alright, shoot.

uniquec: I try not to ask too personal stuff.

uniquec: Alright then. What do you do fansubbing wise?

apr: Everything.

uniquec: Like for example?

apr: Literally everything.

apr: I encode, translate, time, edit, QC, release.

uniquec: What groups do you work for?

apr: Hrm, I don't, exactly. I started out working for Infusion as QC back in 2003, when Hajime no Ippo was being subbed, because I loved it so very much.

apr: Then I retired to study Japanese.

apr: And now I sometimes sub random things if they're amusing enough.

apr: Alternatively advise friends working in other groups.

uniquec: And do anything amuse you now?

apr: Not enough to sub. I did work on Hatsukoi Limited with a friend, though. :)

apr: (I also do typesetting, but forgot to list it.)

uniquec: So how long have you been fansubbing?

apr: 6 years?

apr: Something like that.

uniquec: So have you enjoyed your 6 years of fansubbing and the leechers that go along with them?:)

apr: Yeah, well, kind of. I don't actually interact with leechers anymore. I stopped putting my name in the credits and left public channels. I'm mostly in it for friends I've made.

apr: And to stalk girls.

uniquec: Oh really you enjoy stalking girls?

apr: Stalk is a bad word, perhaps. There's this true goddess of fansubbing whose presence I try to stay near.

uniquec: Or far apart from.

apr: Physically, yes. But in my imagination...!

uniquec: Imagination knows no boundaries. So who would you want to be stranded on a desert island?

apr: There's a "with" missing, isn't there?

apr: Else it becomes rather mean.

uniquec: Yeah I get lazy typing questions at times. So who...

apr: Runpsicat, the omniscient.

uniquec: Why?

apr: The title is a hint, here. She'd probably figure out a way to get us off the stinking pile of sand. And if not, I could soak up some of her infinite wisdom.

uniquec: She has more wisdom than you?

apr: Yeah, she's generally considered the almighty goddess of translation.

apr: Plus, she's older. Bound to learn something with age.

uniquec: Without trying to call her ancient.

uniquec: So what are yor hobbies outside anime?

apr: Photography's fun, getting a moment to stick in an image. I also enjoy watching football (soccer to the filthy Americans), and I read a lot of novels.

uniquec: What do you like to photograph?

apr: Anything and everything that looks pretty. :)

uniquec: What do you find pretty that catches your eyes?

apr: Water is always beautiful, frozen in time.

uniquec: Even when frozen.

uniquec: Where would you like to travel but never been?

apr: Japan. :)

uniquec: Any particular reason?

apr: To truly master the language, it seems an important experience to live in the country for a while.

apr: And it would be fun to meet friends I've made.

uniquec: No place in Japan you would want to visit more?

apr: Kyoto in particular would be great.

apr: And I'm curious about Kumamoto.

uniquec: Why curious about Kumamoto?

apr: Their dialect is extraordinary.

apr: It'd be nice to learn it.

apr: (The anime Ghost Hound takes place in Kumamoto, and Nodame in Nodame Cantabile is from Fukuoka, where they have a similar dialect.)

uniquec: In which way?

apr: Well, Japanese grammar is mostly based on particles (wa, ga, wo, etc) that decide what a word's role plays in the sentence structure, but in Kumamoto (and other parts of Kyuushuu), they use completely different particles.

apr: It sounds strangely alien yet familiar at the same time.

uniquec: That's what make it special. So where would you recomend that you been?

apr: Iceland, perhaps? Its landscape is fascinating.

uniquec: Not all ice. How do you see yourself 20 years from now?

apr: Fatter, sadder, more bitter? :p

uniquec: Bitter in what way?

apr: Getting personal. :)

uniquec: That depends on how you answer. :)

apr: Health is a daily concern, and the limits it imposes. Something like that.

uniquec: Favourite food?

apr: Yakiniku.

uniquec: What food you detest the most?

apr: Anything with peanuts.

uniquec: Allergeric to them?

apr: Yeah.

apr: It sucks to eat a tasty spring roll only to notice how fat your lips are all of a sudden.

apr: And then going to the hospital.

apr: Damned things.

uniquec: Not a pretty sight,

uniquec: How do you like to eat eggs?

apr: Fried on one side, yolk still runny.

uniquec: Any condiments on them?

apr: Salt, pepper, possibly a touch of paprika powder.

uniquec: Why paprika?

apr: I like the taste it gives. :)

uniquec: Heh. Favourite milkshake?

apr: Coconut!

apr: And I've only had it once!

apr: I went to Tivoli in Copenhagen, Denmark, and they served the most amazing heavenly milkshake ever.

apr: And I've tried to find one ever since.

uniquec: Once was enough to make it your favourite?

apr: Yeah, and stick in my mind forever and ever. Love at first slurp.

apr: It must have been 15 years ago.

uniquec: That good. What would you like to do but never done?

apr: Reach Nirvana?

uniquec: You think that's possible?

apr: Pretty sure it's about as possible as marrying Ueto Aya.

uniquec: Stranger things have happened in life.

uniquec: Innie or outie bellybutton?

apr: In.

apr: Can't say no to an extra hole.

uniquec: Boxers or briefs? (Yeah my really unpersonal question...not!)

apr: Boxers.

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

apr: Who's the question about?

uniquec: You.

apr: Introvert, I imagine.

uniquec: In what manner?

apr: In the not necessarily reaching into other people to make the world brighter manner? :)

uniquec: You aren't?:p

apr: No, I'm shy, humble and petite.

apr: Alternatively, I'm the kind of goo that bubbles when you touch it.

uniquec: Demure as well.

uniquec: Do you remember your dreams?

apr: Sometimes.

uniquec: Do you dream in colour or black and white?

apr: I have no idea, to be honest. Do deaf people think in words?

uniquec: Who knows but them themselves.

uniquec: What the strangest dream that you can remember?

apr: Being chased by a very large queen bee that stung my butt and got stuck, so my dad had to suck it off with a vacuum cleaner. I woke up in the biggest sweat puddle of my life.

uniquec: Sounds like a fun dream ...not.

uniquec: What is your favourite colour?

apr: Blue.

uniquec: Light, medium or dark blue?

apr: Medium, I suppose. Most shades are nice.

uniquec: What super hero powers would you want?

apr: Powers, plural?

uniquec: One power.

uniquec: Do I have to make you qc the interview too :P

apr: No. :)

uniquec: You could be useful :)

apr: Flight seems the most exciting power, somehow. Feeling the wind against your face, the ability to fall from infinite heights and stop yourself just before you hit the ground, being able to travel nearly anywhere without the use of vehicles. Freedom in a single word.

uniquec: You like to be free.

uniquec: Do you think you would make a good super hero or abuse your powers?

apr: Good, definitely.

apr: I'm way too nice.

apr: I'm a peculiarly nice asshole, which is not always a great combination.

uniquec: Yeah like doing this boring interview . :)

apr: More worried about your side of things!

uniquec: My side of things?

uniquec: I just go with the flow.

apr: Yeah, I mean, few are the occasions when I feel "Wow, I am such an interesting fellow. Someone should interview me, and share in this glory."

uniquec: Nah, I much to insecure to think thoughts of grandeur like that.

uniquec: Favourite movie?

apr: The Shawshank Redemption.

uniquec: Why?

apr: It makes me happy.

apr: I've seen it many times, and it always amazes me.

uniquec: What movie you dislike?

apr: In particular, like one specific movie that stuck in my mind as "Oh dear god, I hate this movie so much"?

apr: I mean, I had the displeasure of leaving the TV on the other day when Epic Movie was playing, and it was quite dreadful. But it's not something I'd parade around as an opinion.

apr: No, for something I genuinely hated, I have to pick 2001: A Space Odyssey.

uniquec: How so that it reached that level of delightfulness?

apr: Friends hyped it for a long time, so I was excited to finally see it.

uniquec: Didn't meet your expectations after the hype.

apr: And it started with an endless monkey scene that went on, and on, and on. I like to pretend I have patience, but it ran out while watching them ook.

apr: Then the movie proper started, and it was alright, until the bit where it goes all psychedelic and races across a desert while blinking red, green, blue and whatnot. It drove me nuts. And it never fucking stopped.

uniquec: Ook?

apr: Ook, as in the sound an ape would make when it's exhilarated.

uniquec: Ahh I was making sure it wasn't something else.

uniquec: Favourite anime?

apr: Cowboy Bebop.

uniquec: Why?

apr: I watched it back in 1999 (?) and it blew my mind with how incredibly superior it was in every regard.

apr: Stunning music, amazing script, superb animation, great cast.

apr: It was funny and moving and interesting and amazing and nothing has ever topped that set of emotions.

uniquec: Anime you hate the most?

apr: I don't really know. It's hard to hate anime. It has to build up my expectations, then fail spectacularly and manage to offend me. I can't think of a title right now.

apr: The anime I keep as "worst" in my mind at all times (in case someone asks) is Cluster Edge.

uniquec: What type of music do you like?

apr: Anything that sounds nice, really. I don't keep a specific genre in mind. The past couple of years I've mostly been listening to vocaloid music found on nicovideo, because it's free and it's fun to see what amateurs (?) can come up with. Some is excellent.

uniquec: Nothing you dislike?

apr: Everything that sounds bad, makes my head hurt, ears bleed, heart cold? :)

uniquec: In that order. What song would be your anthem?

uniquec: Most represent of you.

apr: A-ha - Take on Me.

uniquec: Really?

apr: Yeah, why not. It's got a refrain I've never figured out, and it never grows old.

uniquec: And you never get old. What would like to remember after your demise?

apr: Pardon, I don't understand the question.

apr: There's no subject. :)

uniquec: What would you like to remember after your death.

uniquec: Obitituary would say...

apr: As a ghost? In the afterlife? A memory I keep with me? ._.

apr: Ah, what I would like to be remembered for?

apr: "He saved the world."

apr: That would be nice. Means I have something awesome to look forward to. And you, for that matter.

uniquec: Save the world from what?

apr: Anything that it requires saving from, my dear.

uniquec: Will I live to see your greatness?

apr: Undoubtedly.

uniquec: I can take that knowledge to my grave.

uniquec: What would you like others to know about you that they might not be aware?

apr: That I exist.

uniquec: That your existance wasn't futile?

apr: No, I don't really mind that bit. It just seems cool to have everyone alive aware of your existence. Keeping you in their thoughts when they make their decisions, somehow. It might change the world, who knows.

uniquec: To be remembered even after we are no longer alive. Is there anything that you treasure in life?

apr: Many things. :)

apr: Love, the most, I suppose.

uniquec: To be loved and to love.

uniquec: Materialistic, treasure anything?

apr: Not... exactly. I used to have this bookmark with a Star Trek motif that I got from a friend. I've lost it, and really regret doing so.

uniquec: Fan of Star Trek?

apr: Yeah, I love Deep Space Nine, and thought Data was the bestest character ever back when I watched The Next Generation.

uniquec: Heh geekness.

uniquec: So any parting works of wisdom?

apr: Yes. Just ignore me.

uniquec: Ignore everything about you?

apr: No, just the things I happen to say at times when I type before I think. :)

uniquec: And on that note, thanks for doing this so informative, non personal interview. :)

apr: My pleasure. :3

uniquec: Pleasure was all mine.

uniquec: This concludes another compelling interview with fansubbing staff, as we hope you enjoy being apart of it. Thanks again to our guest apr for appearing despite the so-called personal questions and pretending to stalk goddesses.

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