Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews Yakumo-Hime of typesetter for SubsFuckingWhere a QCer for Anime-Supreme.

uniquec: It's time again for another one of the Goddess compelling interviews for those who have nothing better to do. In the continuing saga of getting to know the less than known fansubbing groups, we manage to find Yakumo-Hime of SubsFuckingWhere a.k.a SFW and Anime-Supreme. We welcome her to the spotlight.

uniquec: Alright then, so what do you do?

Yakumo-Hime: I typeset for one group and QC for another.

Yakumo-Hime: I've only been typesetting for ~1 month though and QCing for about a week.^^;

uniquec: That long :)

Yakumo-Hime: Haha, I'm new to fansubbing.

uniquec: What groups do you work for?

Yakumo-Hime: I typeset for #SubsFuckingWhere and I QC for #Anime-Supreme.

uniquec: Why did you decide to fansub?

Yakumo-Hime: Oh weird story how that happened ^^;

uniquec: Willing to tell?:)

Yakumo-Hime: Sure lol.

uniquec: Go right ahead...

Yakumo-Hime: I knew the founder of #SubsFuckingWhere and when he said he was planning to make a new group, I decided to join to get free op :D We decided to release SunRed because Anbu was taking forever to release episodes and they needed a typesetter.

uniquec: Lol what one does for ops. ^^

Yakumo-Hime: Koda (founder of #gg) said they didn't need to look for a typesetter cuz it was easy, so she taught me how to typeset in 5 minutes and I officially became their new typesetter ^^;

Yakumo-Hime: I know right?

uniquec: And you are enjoying yourself in the world of fansubbing after a week/month?

Yakumo-Hime: Hmm the feel is different for each group.

uniquec: Is it what you expect it to be?

Yakumo-Hime: Hmm going into fansubbing I wasn't sure what to expect but its interesting to hear constantly "WE HAVE TO BE THE FIRST TO RELEASE OR ELSE FFFFFFF" :P

uniquec: Do you still know what to expect?

Yakumo-Hime: Hmm probably depends on the people in the group, if it's people you can get along with then you'll have fun fansubbing even though when you're trying to release first its srsfknbzns :P

uniquec: Of course, it's all life and death. :p

Yakumo-Hime: Haha.

uniquec: So who would you want to be stranded on a desert island?

Yakumo-Hime: Ugh, hopefully someone that can get me off? ^^;

uniquec: No fansubbing people? They aren't too handy.

Yakumo-Hime: Yeah, translating and encoding aren't too useful on a deserted island :P

uniquec: True they can be rather useless most of the time. What hobbies outside anime?

Yakumo-Hime: I usually like hanging out with friends and going to the mall.

uniquec: You like to shop?

Yakumo-Hime: Yup ^__^ I'm usually busy now because of school. I'm graduating from highschool this year.

uniquec: Not too much free time.

Yakumo-Hime: Yeah =/

uniquec: Where would you like to travel but never been?

Yakumo-Hime: I would probably have to go to Japan, specifically Shibuya and the hot springs ^__^

uniquec: Where would you recomend going that you've been?

Yakumo-Hime: Hmm I haven't travelled that much, so I recommend going to anywhere theres a big mall? ^^;

uniquec: Lol the shopper that you are. Any favourite mall?

Yakumo-Hime: Before I got really busy from school, my friends and I would usually hang out in Eaton's Centre or Pacific Mall in Toronto.

uniquec: I know those places. I grew up in the Toronto area. :)

Yakumo-Hime: Oh you did? :D

uniquec: But I haven't been to those place in years,

Yakumo-Hime: D:

uniquec: What would you like to do but never done?

Yakumo-Hime: I'd probably want to go sky diving. Looks like fun ^__^

uniquec: Not afraid of heights then. ^^ What is your favourite food?

Yakumo-Hime: Hmm recently I started to like sashimi alot. I used to like pansit alot before though :P

uniquec: Well if you eat too much of one thing, you get tired of it. Least favourite food?

Yakumo-Hime: Hmm I don't really have a least favourite food but after eating salmon sashimi, I can't eat cooked salmon anymore ^^;

uniquec: Heh you tend to like your foods undercook. So how do you see yourself 20 years from now?

Yakumo-Hime: Hmm I'm 18 now so 28?

Yakumo-Hime: Oh wait 20.

Yakumo-Hime: Lol, my math sucks 38.

uniquec: Okay, I guess nothing to do with math then career wise. ^^

Yakumo-Hime: Aww man I hope we can take that out later, I'm going to get made fun off ^^; :P

uniquec: Lol. (I couldn't help but leave that in.) Well they didn't hire you for your math skills.

Yakumo-Hime: Lol last year, I used to idle in #gg and would ask people in there for math homework help.:p

Yakumo-Hime: But yeah I'm not really sure what I want to do so I wanna take general courses in university and I'll see how it goes from there.

uniquec: Favourite colour?

Yakumo-Hime: Pink. The first time I typesetted I made pink subs ^^;

uniquec: Light, medium, dark pink?

Yakumo-Hime: Dark.

uniquec: I'm sure they just loved that.

Yakumo-Hime: Haha, I liked it <3

uniquec: And you are the one that counts.

Yakumo-Hime: (???)

uniquec: Innie or outie belly button?

Yakumo-Hime: Lol innie.

uniquec: Favourite type of underwear (usually I would ask just boxer or briefs but ...)?

Yakumo-Hime: Err pantsu is fine ^^;

uniquec: Heh introvert or extrovert?

Yakumo-Hime: Hi-mi-tsu~

uniquec: Fine. Do you dream in colour or black or white?

Yakumo-Hime: Hmm I don't dream usually but I heard thats because you don't remember them when you wake up. :o

uniquec: You just don't usually remember them since they don't make an impact on you.

uniquec: What would you say is your best trait?

Yakumo-Hime: Hmm I'm not sure.

Yakumo-Hime: Yakumo-Hime is kind of weird ^^;

Yakumo-Hime: But if I had to pick one, I'd say I'm really loyal to my friends.

uniquec: Just kind of weird in what way?

Yakumo-Hime: I usually say anything that comes to mind so I'm really random sometimes ^^;

uniquec: And sometimes it shocks people?

Yakumo-Hime: Kind of.

uniquec: Do you like to shock people?

Yakumo-Hime: It's funny once in a while lol.

Yakumo-Hime: (?)

uniquec: When they least expect it. Favourite anime?

Yakumo-Hime: Haha Boku no Pico ? ? ?.

uniquec: Why?

Yakumo-Hime: Or at least thats my usual response when people ask me that question ^^; but yeah I really like School Rumble and Gto.

uniquec: Least favourite?

Yakumo-Hime: Hmm, oh that stupid anime about the angel with the metal bat.

Yakumo-Hime: Dokuro-chan >.>

uniquec: Nothing you really can't stand like Queen's Blade?

Yakumo-Hime: Oh god Queen's Blade... pink acid milk o\ and I'm typestting that anime too lol.

uniquec: Heh see what I remember ^^

Yakumo-Hime: :P

uniquec: Favourite type of music?

Yakumo-Hime: I used to listen to all types of music but after I got into anime its all "RIIFURECUTIAAAA" and "NOW IVE LOST IT, I KNOW I CAN KILL".

Yakumo-Hime: Anime music ^^;

uniquec: Lol.

uniquec: Favourite movie?

Yakumo-Hime: Hmm, I always liked Super Bad and Eurotrip.

uniquec: How about least favourite movie?

Yakumo-Hime: Hmm I don't really have a least favourite movie because if I don't like a movie after 5 minutes, I usually stop watching.

uniquec: So you can't really hate them.

Yakumo-Hime: Yup yup lol.

uniquec: If you were a super hero, what powers would you want to have?

Yakumo-Hime: :P

Yakumo-Hime: (??`)?

uniquec: Or you think you wouldn't make a good super hero?

Yakumo-Hime: Hmm I'd probably want a really over powered one like Sylar from Heroes.

Yakumo-Hime: I'd probably end up being a villain ^^; Abusing powers and what not lol :P

uniquec: You are corruptable then?

Yakumo-Hime: Hmm it depends on the situation/circumstances ^^;

uniquec: Like most people. What is your favourite way to eat eggs?

Yakumo-Hime: Ohh I haven't eaten eggs in a long time. I think I used to like it scrambled but that was years ago lol.

uniquec: You don't eat them now?

Yakumo-Hime: Not anymore.

uniquec: What would you like to be remembered after your death?

Yakumo-Hime: o_o

Yakumo-Hime: That I helped alot of people I guess? I'm sort of thinking about becoming a nurse.

uniquec: Or you not planning to die?:p

Yakumo-Hime: Lol It would be nice if I couldn't ^^;

uniquec: But it would get boring during time.

uniquec: Why a nurse, you like to deal with sick people?

Yakumo-Hime: I like helping people when I can. Just don't ask me for homework help ^^; I'm not sure if I'll be of any use :P

uniquec: Heh helping others is a good trait to have ^^

Yakumo-Hime: ^__^

uniquec: So any parting words of wisdom?

Yakumo-Hime: "The truth isn't told, it's realized."

Yakumo-Hime: Also watch Boku no Pico, good show ^__^

uniquec: And on that note, thank you for doing this interview. See it wasn't that bad to do.

uniquec: Only the person who pushed you to do it will not do one.

Yakumo-Hime: Haha, I know right?

Yakumo-Hime: Jeez :P

uniquec: We appreciate Yakumo-Hime for taking time to do this interview despite being pushed into doing it. She was told that doing this would be a great way to get publicity for her group. Yeah right! The Goddess does not force anyone or promise anything to those who manage to do them. The Goddess is rather lazy and is known to commission (okay guilt) others to find victims for her.

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