Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews ThaEagle of MBT, m.3.3.w. and Menclave who does visual effects, karaoke, and AFX.

uniquec: On this episode of how to get victims when people offer them without asking for them. We bring you ThaEagle who does various visual effects which requires AFX for groups like MBT, m.3.3.w. and Menclave.

ThaEagle: Okay ready when you are.

uniquec: Alright then, we shall begin. So what do you do?

ThaEagle: I handle various visual effects, whether it be signs, karaoke or sometimes (not to often) even uncensoring. As long as it keeps me busy and requires AFX.

uniquec: Is there a big demand for uncensoring things?

ThaEagle: Not at this date... no.

uniquec: Heh. Who do you fansub for?

ThaEagle: Oh, I freelance some, but am regular staff on MBT, m33w and Menclave. So mostly those.

uniquec: Why did you get into the world of fansubbing?

ThaEagle: Good question... lets see.

uniquec: Boredom perhaps...

ThaEagle: Partly...

uniquec: And....

ThaEagle: I wanted to do something with my friend that also likes anime, so we started a fail group, later on he got bored, and I started to look for other groups.

uniquec: The rest is history. So how long have you been fansubbing?

ThaEagle: For about two year. So not really old school.

uniquec: So you still enjoy it for the most part.

ThaEagle: Yah, I really do, people seems to be surprised about that fact.

uniquec: Despite the constant whining at times from fans.

ThaEagle: Hah, no one cares about teh signs, as I like to do that mostly. In fact, even QC seems to have problem spotting errors in teh signs.

uniquec: Lol, they don't pay close attention to them. So who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

ThaEagle: Oh right, was this where I was supposed to reveal my undying love for Daemon404?

ThaEagle: I get confused...

uniquec: Possible.

uniquec: Depends if you wanted to be stranded with him.:p

ThaEagle: Oh, yah then I pick Dae, if he brings his lance.

uniquec: Who knows maybe you rather someone else.

uniquec: Only if...

ThaEagle: Only if, yah, the lance is important,

uniquec: What if he doesn't bring his lance, would you kick him out of the island?

ThaEagle: Probably.

uniquec: How is the lance important?

ThaEagle: No need for a queen with no lance.

ThaEagle: So I can polish it.

uniquec: Should I ask why is he, your queen?

ThaEagle: Well, I like poetry, its a long story.

uniquec: So he wooed you with his poetry?

ThaEagle: I wish, no, mostly I just write poetry about my queen and his lance. Sometimes about Ishie, but not as often seeing as she aint my queen.

uniquec: Ahh, so it is more your doing.

ThaEagle: Yes, but you are free to write poetry about lances and queens, but stay of my dae ^^

uniquec: Okay, unfortunately my poetry doesn't include lances and queens.

ThaEagle: Well, I tried.

uniquec: What are your hobbies outside anime?

ThaEagle: Whoa, you want me to say I like to work out and stuff right?

ThaEagle: But I don't...

uniquec: Nope it's whatever you want to say like writing poetry :p

ThaEagle: I guess I spend my time on IRC and in AFX, when I'm not in school.

uniquec: Where would you like to travel but never been?

ThaEagle: Whoa, err, I have been to many places...

ThaEagle: So I don't know.

ThaEagle: Heaven?

uniquec: Lol but then you might have to die first.

ThaEagle: Oh, that would be a problem.

uniquec: One way trip.

uniquec: Are you heaven material?

ThaEagle: Err, probably not.

uniquec: Where would you recommend going to visit that you been then?

ThaEagle: Oh, well, I started watching anime after I had been to Japan, cuz I liked it so much, lol.

ThaEagle: So, yah, go to Japan ^^

uniquec: So if you didn't happen to go to Japan, you might not be into anime. ^^

ThaEagle: Probably not, it had taht geek stamp, so I avoided, I just saw like Sailor Moon occationaly, dubbed. But, I got the fact that it was ok for even little older poeople to watch, after I saw it in Japan. Sailor moon didn't really point to that, lol.

uniquec: How do you see yourself 20 years from now?

ThaEagle: 20 years from now, I will probably do consulting...

uniquec: Consulting what?

ThaEagle: What I study, hopefully. Industrial Design Engineering.

uniquec: What is your favourite food?

ThaEagle: Since I'm lactose intolerant, I seem to want it more. I like stuff with cream and such.

ThaEagle: It's like the apple from teh tree.

uniquec: Heh you just want things that you can't have. Least favourite?

ThaEagle: Some stuff I one day made with what I could find in teh fridge. I don't know what it was and I don't want to remember.

ThaEagle: It was horrible, but I was hungry.

uniquec: And you will eat anything if you are hungry?

ThaEagle: Yah store was closed and I was low on stuff in teh fridge, I used up all taht was left.

ThaEagle: Didn't have much of a choice.

uniquec: The combination was less than edible. How do you like to eat eggs?

ThaEagle: Eggs I like hard boiled.

uniquec: Anything with them...condiments wise?

ThaEagle: On like a sandwich, and with some salt, or sometimes caviar.

uniquec: Innie or outie belly button?

ThaEagle: Innie...

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

ThaEagle: Boxers.

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

ThaEagle: Hmm, extrovert, probably.

uniquec: Why would you say that you are an extrovert?

ThaEagle: Ok, I need to seem extrovert if you want a job.

uniquec: Lol, you just can't decide what you are. Do you remember your dreams?

ThaEagle: Only if I wake up and go back to sleep.

uniquec: Do you dream in colour or black and white?

ThaEagle: Color.

uniquec: What is the strangest dream that you remember?

ThaEagle: Hmm, they are all strange. Lol.

uniquec: Hahaha but none strikes you more strange than the others?

ThaEagle: No, I would say they are all equally stange.

uniquec: Can you control your dreams?

ThaEagle: No, rarely, if so,just moments before I wake up.

uniquec: Favourite colour?

ThaEagle: Royal blue (traditional) or periwinkle.

uniquec: As appose to untraditonal royal blue. :p

ThaEagle: No royal blue got different on teh net, so its

uniquec: Heh. Favourite anime:?

ThaEagle: Favourite, I don't know. I like mostly romance stuff or if you can find harem with a good story.

ThaEagle: Xistance says I like cutie anime. I guess thats a way to describe it.

uniquec: Heh but no favourite one?

uniquec: Least favourite then.

ThaEagle: Hard to pick one. Least, too many, Lol.

ThaEagle: Gungrave?

ThaEagle: I think I saw like 5 minutes of that, to teh spot where they reveled his engrish name.

uniquec: And gave up on it afterwards.

ThaEagle: Yah, dumped it fast, shift-delete.

ThaEagle: Wasted space.

uniquec: Time as well.

ThaEagle: Obviously.

uniquec: So what would you like to do but never done?

uniquec: Any adventure, etc.

ThaEagle: Why do you ask so hard questions...

uniquec: Because I can :p

ThaEagle: Can't you like say: "Do you like My Little Pony?"

uniquec: No.

uniquec: Well do you since you brought it up?

ThaEagle: No...

uniquec: Lol, so you just want to do nothing then?

ThaEagle: What I would like to do... Probably make a living on subbing anime, that would be cool.... (some dream huh?)

ThaEagle: I'd probably grow bored fast though.

ThaEagle: Oh, wait, I'd liek to give chocolate to Ishie, irl, she seems to like chocolate, she deserves some.

ThaEagle: I have never done taht.

uniquec: Heh, afterthought.

ThaEagle: I hope you give Ishie her cookies later on or she is gonna pester me more.

uniquec: I didn't promise her cookies.

ThaEagle: What?

ThaEagle: Oh noes!

uniquec: Uh huh.

ThaEagle: Ok, definitely chocolate then or I'll never hear teh end of it.

uniquec: Favourite movie?

ThaEagle: Ehm, I like Tom Hanks, so probably Saving Private Ryan, or Forrest Gump.

uniquec: You can't decide on one.

ThaEagle: But, yah, Tom Hanks, cool dude then Saving Private Ryan, I like history.

ThaEagle: My friend and I were the WW2 experts back in the day, lol.

uniquec: Heh experts on World War 2. Movie that you can always watch but never really pay attention to it?

ThaEagle: I usualy don't watch if I'm not paying attention.

uniquec: Movie you detest the most?

ThaEagle: All kinds of road movies. Can't seem to take a liking to any of those.

uniquec: Favourite type of music?

ThaEagle: I like many types, but mostly Rock. But lately, or to be precise, since the release of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, you can't say you like rock. So it becomes Metal, Indie or British Pop.

uniquec: Do you have any favourite artist/group?

ThaEagle: Hmm, it mostly differs, I get bored, and go to a new group. But yah I can never get enough of Dark Tranquility.

uniquec: What song would be your anthem?

ThaEagle: My anthem?

ThaEagle: You mean like the music they play on your funeral...

ThaEagle: You know the music taht plays in Super Mario 1, when you die, I'd like that.

uniquec: Lol depends on the funeral.

uniquec: What song represents your life?

ThaEagle: Probably some song about laziness.

uniquec: So what would you like to remember after your death?

ThaEagle: This interview ...

uniquec: Lol, when it comes back to haunt you.

ThaEagle: I'm sure it will.

uniquec: Do you have any item that you treasure?

ThaEagle: Yah, I have a habit of collecting things. I can't seem to let go.

uniquec: What would you be the most devasted to lose?

ThaEagle: My irc logs, duh.

ThaEagle: No, eh, maybe not.

uniquec: Lol, blackmail material.

ThaEagle: Noooo!

ThaEagle: Damn....

uniquec: You couldn't blackmail others with them?

ThaEagle: Oh, good idea... brb, blackmailing ppl...

uniquec: Haha, What super hero powers would you like?

ThaEagle: Fly.

ThaEagle: I'm ThaEagle, yet I can't fly.

uniquec: A bit of a misconception.

ThaEagle: It's kinda embarrassing.

ThaEagle: ///////////////

uniquec: Do you think you would make a good super hero or abuse the power?

ThaEagle: Abuse it of course. I'd use it to kick lazy ppl like Kokizzzle, when he doesn't do his job.

ThaEagle: Just fly there, spank him some, fly back.

ThaEagle: Awesome.

uniquec: And would you have to do that often?

ThaEagle: Oh, you have no idea.

uniquec: That bad.

ThaEagle: Dude I work with Menclave, and like Jaka, and what not.

ThaEagle: I would have to fly many miles.

ThaEagle: Trust me on that.

uniquec: Between the both of them, they would keep you busy. What would you like others to know about that they might not be aware of?

ThaEagle: Besides signs?

uniquec: Yeah...personality wise.

ThaEagle: No, mostly signs.

ThaEagle: QC would benefit. I'm sure.

uniquec: Lol, you are sure about that?

ThaEagle: Yah, so I don't have to check the signs every time.

ThaEagle: I don't think they are aware of them.

uniquec: So you can be more lazy. Parting words of wisdom?

ThaEagle: Eh,now I have to think.

uniquec: Can you manage that...think? :)

ThaEagle: Oh I don't want to speculate.

uniquec: That scary.

ThaEagle: Probably.

ThaEagle: Ok, I think I will quote someone else.


ThaEagle: There is your quote, from Jaka with love.

ThaEagle: Tahts true wisdom.

uniquec: Yes indeed.

ThaEagle: Something to be aware of you never know when Jaka is serious.

ThaEagle: Will help you greatly in life.

uniquec: True.

uniquec: On that thought, we thank you for doing this interview.

uniquec: This concludes another epic interview as we thank ThaEagle for delaying his sleep to appease a certain person and it wasn't the Goddess either. :P All future victims shall blame him for the newest question to be added into the mix.

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