Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews Reikai former translator/translator checker for gg and Sudo.

uniquec: After a few months on hiatus, we bring you another installment of the infamous interviews (we wonder why). This time around we welcome Reikai, a translator/translator checker formerly of gg and Sudo to the spotlight.

uniquec: Let's start this then.

Reikai: Ok.

uniquec: So what do you do fansubbing wise?

Reikai: I used to TLC and TL...

b>Reikai: Now I don't do anything. For now anyway, maybe when summer vacation rolls around I'll try again =/.

uniquec: Who did you TLC and TL for?

Reikai: gg (they fired me =[) and Sudo (I kinda dropped out =/...) (Bad record =p)

uniquec: Ok...why did you get into fansubbing?

Reikai: I coudn't stand semi-stupid mistakes <___<...

Reikai: But I guess I eventually started making them as well =[.

uniquec: Well no one is perfect all the time.

uniquec: Who in the fansubbing community would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

Reikai: Eh... probably just myself =/...

Reikai: I work best alone I think.

Reikai: it's the most efficient anyway.

uniquec: And they are crazy . :)

Reikai: They?

uniquec: Well "they" as in most fansubbers. :)

uniquec: How about anyone else other then fansubbers?

Reikai: Sheryl Nome >___>?

uniquec: Why?

Reikai: I've not got anyone too special in my life right now.

Reikai: why Sheryl Nome?

Reikai: Well, "she" sings well... and I think music is quite important... at least for me.

uniquec: Heh, she'll keep you entertained with her singing.

Reikai: Perhaps.

uniquec: So what is your favourite anime?

Reikai: Favorite anime...

Reikai: I don't really have a outstanding favorite.

uniquec: Least favourite then?

Reikai: Again... I don't have a least fav =___= I have a "favorite right now" and "least favorite right now" but... yeah =/.

Reikai: Not really an "of all time" kind of thing.

uniquec: Ok right now at this present time?

Reikai: For favorite anime right now... probably Basquash, or Hatsukoi Limited (Yamamoto Misaki <3)

Reikai: Same deal with books...or movies...or anything really.

uniquec: So what are your hobbies outside anime?

Reikai: Hobbies outside of anime...

Reikai: Standard geek/nerd stuff... gaming...

uniquec: Like anime isn't geeky :p

Reikai: Although I care alot about style/fashion. Also, music is quite important to me. I play guitar, and the flute...

Reikai: I also like dancing <___<>

uniquec: What type of dancing?:)

Reikai: Music wise...

uniquec: Yeah...

Reikai: I personally prefer to freestyle to trance/electro-house, but I can ballroom, pop, animate, and breakdance. (For those that know... this is all around the spectrum and a bit weird I know =P)

uniquec: A man of many dancing styles. How do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Reikai: Where do I see myself 10 years from now.

Reikai: Well I'm 19 at the 29...

Reikai: Assuming the current economic situation improves...

uniquec: Career wise perhaps?

Reikai: I see myself as a leader of a rather large corporation.

Reikai:> Perhaps even one of my own making.

uniquec: What type of corporation?

Reikai:Well, I'm rather interested in finance. While it IS the whole culprit of the current situation, I don't believe it will be going away any time soon... Mostly because everyone needs money and not everyone has enough money.

uniquec: The world is in a financial mess right now, do you think it will get better soon? How would you fix it?

Reikai: What is "soon"?

uniquec: Soon as in a few years perhaps?

Reikai: (Assuming "soon" is within a year...) perhaps. I would probably give it two though. Reikai: How would I fix it?

uniquec: If you could...

Reikai: Well, the current situation can viewed as the "second great depression" and... although the economy is slowing down on a global scale... we do have the great depression to look at to see what NOT to do. Mostly that includes increasing trade/stimulating consumers/etc...

Reikai: But one thing that "stops" all of this is fear...

uniquec: Is?

Reikai: If it were up to me, I attempt to control the media and manipulate it to "show optimism" such that will start to spend instead of worrying about "zomg credit crunch saev moneh".

uniquec: People these days are afraid to spend.

Reikai: Exactly. So instead of broadcasting gloom and doom the government/s should have hidden all the bad signs and showed good news...

Reikai: So people wouldn't be afraid in the first place =p.

Reikai: It's a dictatorial point of view... but, I think it would work...

uniquec: Now people are afraid that they wont have a job and not be able to pay their mortgages.

Reikai: At least the concept of media manipulation anyway.

Reikai: Yes...and this causes people to try to save money further worsening the situation.

uniquec: You believe that manipulate the media would actually have helped the economy with all the big corporations needing bailouts?

Reikai: Oh yeah. Either that or start World War III.

Reikai: If one could keep the news from spreading, no one would know what happened right?

uniquec: Yeah wars tend to help the economy. Gives people jobs.

Reikai: If no one knows anything, what's there to fear?

Reikai: <- Big brother in the making >=3

uniquec: Fear of the unknown but are we still that gullible to be ruled by not what we know?

Reikai: Fear of the "unknown".

uniquec: I'm such a pessimist. ^^

Reikai: Well, there are many conspiracy theories around...but do (most) of the general population believe in such conspiracy theories, and fear them?

Reikai: I would like to believe no. So...

uniquec: There will always be some of them around. So on a happier thought...where would you like to travel that you never been and why?

Reikai: I would like to travel to hmm. The moon, Mars. Perhaps even farther.

Reikai: Oh, and Brazil.

uniquec: Why Mars?

Reikai: Why Mars...well, I've always been interested in space or flying in general.

uniquec: Think Brazil is a bit easier to get to. What about Brazil that attracts you?

Reikai: I wanted to be a fighter-jet pilot when I was a tiny kid. I still think airplanes are the coolest of all forms of transport.

Reikai: I've heard the samba carnivals in Brazil are amazing =p.

Reikai: Music... dancing~

uniquec: Carnival.

uniquec: Guess you dont have a fear of travelling. Do you have a country that you would recomend visiting?

Reikai:> No, I don't have a fear of traveling.

Reikai: For a 19 year old, I have been quite privileged and can have traveled to alot of places ^^.

Reikai: Umm, for visiting only...I would have to say China.

uniquec: Any specific part of China?

Reikai:> Shanghai, Beijing...I'm a city person. Also especially if you've not been there within the last say...7 years.

uniquec: You like the action and nightlife of the city.

Reikai: 7 years ago Shanghai was completely different than it is now. I like the hustle and bustle.

uniquec: Modernization.

Reikai: Then again, I grew up in Tokyo... So...

uniquec: Innie or outie belly button?

Reikai:> Lets

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

Reikai: Depends.

uniquec: On the situation or what's clean?

Reikai: Boxers if it's just home wear... (more comfy) and boxer-briefs if I'm going out...

Reikai: Situation. I'm a clean person...

uniquec: Neat freak?

Reikai: Neat freak... not exactly a freak, but I keep my things in order.

Reikai: I may leave stuff messy for a bit, but I'll always clean them up...

uniquec: Is there any food that you must have?

Reikai: Must have? As in...? I crave it?

uniquec: Yeah since you have no favourites.

Reikai: Yeah... no favorites... same deal for food =___=.

Reikai: People say I'm indecisive... I can eat literally anything...

uniquec: No cravings for odd foods?

Reikai: Grasshoppers... bears claw... rabbits...

Reikai: Cockroaches... I've eaten them all.

Reikai: Nah no real cravings... but I do have a sweet tooth.

uniquec: You like desserts then.

Reikai: And I can just snack on chocolates forever...(bad for skin > <)

Reikai: So... I try to avoid them.

uniquec: What was the most difficult to digest?

Reikai: Difficult to digest... general I don't like raw tomatoes, although I can eat them...

uniquec: well too much of anything is bad for you :)

Reikai: Oh yeah,also Chinese (bitter) herbal medicine is quite horrid...

uniquec: Lol.

Reikai: Bittergourd, don't really like that either. (Although I'll eat it.)

uniquec: It is really bitter.

uniquec: How do you like to eat eggs?

Reikai: Raw.

uniquec: Plain?

Reikai: Sometimes...

uniquec: Nothing added?

Reikai: Just crack it into a bowl and drink it...maybe add soysauce if you want.

Reikai: Usually no.

uniquec: Sounds so tasty....not!

Reikai: Depends what I'm eating it with though.

Reikai: It's just breakfast =/... and it goes down quick anyway so...

uniquec: Lol, but that's your preference for breakfast.

Reikai: My preference is nothing...usually don't eat it =/ But if I do that's what's usually on the menu.

uniquec: Heh guess I wont let you make me breakfast then :)

Reikai: Unless of course they prefer that as well.

uniquec: Heh.

Reikai: I'm quite proud of the fact that I can cook well.

uniquec: What would you like to be remember after you death for?

Reikai: What would I like to be remembered for after death.

Reikai: I am honestly not sure. Good husband, loving father yeah..

. uniquec: The usually stuff so you will live on.

Reikai: Also, money... lots of money... so my kids can live on without having too much trouble.

uniquec: Are you optimist or pessimist?

Reikai: Optimist or pessimist. I'd have to say optimist.

uniquec: What is you are most proud that you make?

Reikai: I can cook quite a bit..

Reikai: But hmm, most proud of that I in..? The most complicated dish I can make?

uniquec: Either.

uniquec: The one you get rave reviews over.

Reikai: Hmm, I guess it's not really "complicated," but I can fry a nice rare steak =]. (I like the blood =p)

uniquec: Heh nothing like a proper rare steak.

Reikai: oh.

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

Reikai: Yeah. Something simple =]

Reikai: Probably introvert...

uniquec: How so?

Reikai: Although it completely depends on situation =/. For example, I'll talk alot amongst my closest friends.

uniquec: But you've known them for awhile so you feel comfortable with them. So what you consider your best trait?

Reikai: But I usually don't go up and talk to others.

Reikai: Same thing with girls! I much prefer her to take the lead =p

uniquec: Shy.

Reikai: Best trait.

Reikai: Probably confidence.

Reikai: Self confidence anyway.

Reikai: I don't mind appearing in public, giving public speeches, performing in public etc...

uniquec: So this is the final question. that I ask everyone... parting words of wisdom.

Reikai: Not really =/

Reikai: Just gee gee gee gee gee.

uniquec: Heh and on tha note thanks for doing the interview dear.

Reikai: No problem~

uniquec: We appreciate Reikai postponing his studies in the early hours to do this interview. He could not say no to a lady and I was pushy enough in asking. As you notice the Goddess does not always have straight forward interviews and you never know what to expect.

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