Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews Nicholi encoder for groups like Menclave, AnimeYoshi, Yoroshiku, Umai, etc.

uniquec: After weeks of continuous food consumption by our guest, we finally manage to track down a non eating Nicholi, a.k.a. as the evil dark lord, who encodes for various groups to do this interview. He is also one of the people reponsible for giving us CCCP.

uniquec: Ready then?

Nicholi: Yes.

uniquec: Alright what do you do?

Nicholi: Mostly cry because of slow hosers :(

uniquec: Lol, other than in the world of fansubbing?

Nicholi: Learning to program right now.

Nicholi: My training in the force is nearly complete.

uniquec: What fansubbing groups do you work for?

Nicholi: Too many :p

uniquec: For example...

Nicholi: But the staff channels I still have open are... Menclave, AnimeYoshi, Yoroshiku, Umai, GG, FLF (FreeLanceFansubs), Frostii and probably weird incarnations of others.

Nicholi: My first group was Ryoumi-Subs.

Nicholi:* Nicholi is pretty sure that was the name.

uniquec: Those you still pretend to do work for in some manner.

Nicholi: Oh I forgot m33w, lol.

uniquec: They are so forgetful. :)

uniquec: And what do you pretend to do for them?

Nicholi: I'm the encoder person. Who gets things thrown at him after everyone finishes their job :p

uniquec: So why did you decide to get into fansubbing?

Nicholi: I was originally an evil dark lord of dvdripping and that didn't make me happy anymore :(

Nicholi: Back then TheFluff and Mentar had just switched over to fansubbing for awhile and it looked like they were having fun pwning fansub encoders.

uniquec: So you became the evil dark lord of encoding of anime instead.

Nicholi: Err dvdripping I meant dvdripping anime. So still anime, just faster than it takes for R1 to appear.

uniquec: How long have you been encoding?

Nicholi: I sort of forget when I officially started learning...

Nicholi: But...

uniquec: Been awhile?

Nicholi: Wow, its been a long time I think its been at least 6 years now.

uniquec: In the dark ages :p

uniquec: Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

Nicholi: Dreaded question... I've pondered this for awhile knowing your interviews.

uniquec: And...

Nicholi: The lulzy answer is Ishie.

Nicholi: She'd either stab me and I wouldn't have to worry about anything...or we'd get along just fine.

uniquec: Since she forced you to do this interview. :p

uniquec: But really you would want...

Nicholi: Yesh n_n.

Nicholi: Lol hard to say...being stranded on an island is not a normal situation, someone useful who wouldn't go all emo on me.

Nicholi: I'd pick TheFluff.

uniquec: TheFluff seems the most stable and reliable out of all the fansubbers you know?

Nicholi: Fairly stable, and most of the other swedes (there are alot).

Nicholi: Mentar's pretty stable too, but he's oji-san.

uniquec: It's their neutrality as a nation. So what hobbies outside anime?

Nicholi: I think quite a few people are jokingly calling him gramps now.

uniquec: Even you, it seems.

Nicholi: Well as of late programming and most things technical. When I originally started dvdripping I found out quickly how stupid many people were and how apparently "complicated" it was installing some proper software to be able to play stuff, so me and some other hosers originally started the CCCP. A hobby which originally took alot of

uniquec: Well what do you expect since people can not even ead simple instructions. So you are to blame for CCCP and still people can complain they can't watch their anime.

Nicholi: Yup. Also the sheer breadth of custom made PCs out there...and crappy drivers makes things unbearable at times.

Nicholi: Ancient PCs, bleeding edge new many things and people running Win7 before it even comes out.

uniquec: All the stuff to make you suicidal.

uniquec: Where would you like to travel to but never been?

Nicholi: Why pick one place :p. Traveling the whole world would be awesome.

Nicholi: Lol, but Europe would definitly be a good start.

uniquec: No one place you just would like to visit first?

Nicholi: Not that specific, but there is so much there...I really wouldn't know where to begin.

uniquec: So many places, so little time. How about any place hat you've been that you would recommend?

Nicholi: California's pretty sweet n_n.

Nicholi: I haven't been too many places outside of the west coast of USA.

Nicholi: Oregon has friendly residents (most of the time), but crappy weather.

uniquec: What would you like to do but never done?

Nicholi: Hmm thats a tough one, I usually do the things I want or work my way up to being able to do them. So lets go with something balls crazy like sky diving.

uniquec: You don't let anything hold you back from doing things. So what is your favourite food?

Nicholi: Ever heard of strudla?

uniquec: I think I have but explain it to the audience.

Nicholi: Hmm well it is hard to explain, easier to eat.

uniquec: Lol. Food you hate then?

Nicholi: But basically the strudla is thin layers of dough wrapped up to make fairly bite size biscuits.

Nicholi: Always served with some awesome stew at my house.

uniquec: So what food do you hate?

Nicholi: Hmm, as of late I've turned to hating less food and trying to enjoy it n_n.

Nicholi: Somewhere along the line I stopped eating cereal as a midday meal...

uniquec: There is more to food than a box cereal.

Nicholi: Indeed.

uniquec: How do you see yourself 20 years from?

Nicholi: 20 years? I surely hope still not fansubbing :3

Nicholi: By then I'd imagine I found some woman who won't let me go.

Nicholi:> They'd call me gramps and make fun of me :(

uniquec: Or let you waste time on IRC. Innie or outie belly button?

Nicholi: Innie.

Nicholi: How many outie interviews have you done?

uniquec: One of out of 51.

Nicholi: Wow.

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

Nicholi: Boxer-briefs. The freedom of boxers with the comfort of briefs :3

uniquec: Heh introvert or extrovert?

Nicholi: Introvert for sure.

uniquec: You aren't a people person?

Nicholi: Hard to say...after you've had to deal with so many people in #CCCP :p

Nicholi: I'm good with people that are nice and well behaved. No problem meeting them and getting along.

uniquec: They turned you off.

uniquec: It's when they become a bit demanding and overbearing.

Nicholi: No one stays at a call center for long.

Nicholi: It's impossible.

Nicholi: But I usually tend to think inwards.

uniquec: I can imagine. Do you remember your dreams?

Nicholi: Usually yeah. Dreams are funny like that though.

uniquec: What is the weirdest dream that you remember?

Nicholi: Pfft who knows, my dreams usually aren't that crazy.

Nicholi: Just the usual crazy. Being able to fly and having the world at my beck and call :3

uniquec: The norm. :)

uniquec: Dream in black and white or colour?

Nicholi: Color, I'm pretty sure...

uniquec: Can you control your dreams like knowing that you are actually dreaming?

Nicholi: Sometimes it just hits you at which point I usually also gain the ability to be able to breathe underwater, lol.

Nicholi: It usually gets boring after that and I'm waking up.

uniquec: Multitasking lol. So what super hero powers would you want?

Nicholi: Invulnerable to any harm would be a cool power.

uniquec: Heh so would you make a good super hero or would you abuse your powers and go on a rampage?

Nicholi:Yeah I was just thinking that. I suppose I might be a bad guy at first but over time, I'd go good :3

uniquec: Easily to be corrupt? More good than bad.

Nicholi: Only from my own lack of control, over time you just get older/wiser or whatever they call it.

uniquec: But some never learn from their mistakes.

Nicholi: I've made my fair sure, luckily they were made early on n_n.

uniquec: And there was minimum damage. Is there any posesssion that you treasure?

Nicholi: Not really, I do my best as of late to try to not be a consumer whore.

Nicholi: And not to worry about the latest OMFG AWESOME posession to own.

uniquec: Not materialistic?

Nicholi: Not really.

Nicholi: When I lose old things I've had around for awhile I'm definitely sad.

uniquec: Favourite anime?

Nicholi: /whois Nicholi * [Nicholi] (~Nicholi@the.second.word.was.wind): IDyson Only oldies know what its from most of the time though :p

uniquec: Lol.

Nicholi: Macross Plus.

uniquec: Why?

Nicholi: Why I like it ?

uniquec: Yeah I as to lazy to type the whole question :)

Nicholi: Horrible unicorn-chan.

Nicholi: Cuz :3

Nicholi: Lol, no it's the usual "first anime I ever saw" syndrome but I saw it way back when I was a kid with a bunch of friends. I'll prolly never see again.

uniquec: Tubby wouldn't want to watch it again?

Nicholi: Some form of awesome nostalgia with fighter pilots and mecha n_n.

Nicholi: Yeah I own the dvd's but I actually hold back from watching it most of the time.

Nicholi: Spoiling yourself on awesome is bad.

Nicholi: I'm not tubby! :)

uniquec: Blame Ishie she called you that first.

Nicholi: Lol, silly onna.

uniquec: Wait a few more decades to relive the joy.

Nicholi: Lol.

uniquec: Least favourite anime?

Nicholi: Hmmm I gotta remember the name now.

Nicholi: Chaos Head.

uniquec: Or hatred as to why did I ever like it.

Nicholi: Cause Jaka smells.

uniquec: Lol.

uniquec: You just love Jaka like everyone else :XD

Nicholi: Lol, thats oldman syndrome. Gah, that little bastard.

uniquec: Favourite movie?

Nicholi: Pulp Fiction or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Nicholi: Both pretty fucking awesome...hard to decide :3

uniquec: Toss up. Least favourite movie?

Nicholi: Lol...who even remembers their least favorite of anything :p

Nicholi: Lets pick a more arbitrary random question please...mid-favorite movie.

Nicholi: My mid-favorite would be... something easy to watch on an average day, like Suburbia. Random Tom Hanks movie.

uniquec: Alright then you will be the first one to get mid favourite questions then.

Nicholi: * Nicholi thinks that was the name.

Nicholi: It was something about Tom Hanks finding out his neighbors kill people and bury them in the backyard :p

uniquec: Nothing like good neighbours keeping away the riff raffs.


Nicholi: * Nicholi seriously does not remember that being the title.

uniquec: Did you even watch it then? j/k

Nicholi: I probably wasn't paying too close attention though :3

Nicholi: Thus mid-favorite.

uniquec: But it was so mememorable you forgot the title thus it was mid favourite.

Nicholi: You catch on quickly.

uniquec: You were in your own The 'Burbs.

uniquec: Hey the Goddess isn't known to be stupid. :p

Nicholi: Lol.

uniquec: She can't type but that's another thing.

Nicholi: Drinking early again eh :P ?

uniquec: You would think that but my typing is always like this.

uniquec: Mid favourite colour?

Nicholi: Lol. Hmmmm I suppose white, I have no opinion of it :3

uniquec: Becareful what you ask for...especially with me. :xd

uniquec: Neutrality. So then favourite colour then?

Nicholi: Green.

uniquec: Light, medium or dark shade of green?

Nicholi: Medium to dark green.

uniquec: So how do you like to eat eggs?

Nicholi: I used to like them scramebled as a mere prat, but I've learned the true flavor of sunny-side up (also how to cook them properly like that).

uniquec: Any condiments that you enjoy with them?

Nicholi: Not really, some extra salt for scrambled.

uniquec: How would you like to be remember for after your demise?

uniquec: That you aren't crazy?:P

Nicholi: Half-crazy.

Nicholi: I'd probably want to be overexaggerated and remembered as something I never even was :p

uniquec: Only half not the real thing?

Nicholi: Doesn't really matter though, I'm dead.

uniquec: What would your obituary would say?

Nicholi: Greatest Hoser Evar.

uniquec: Lol like take off eh.

uniquec: What type of music do you enjoy?

Nicholi: Anything that has a beat and rhythm or awesome guitar solo'age.

uniquec: Any favourite artists?

Nicholi: Old blues, classic rock, METAL RAWR, hoser modern rock.

Nicholi: Tool n_n

uniquec: What song would you say would be your anthem?

Nicholi: Lol, probably not a Tool song :(

uniquec: Hahaha.

Nicholi: Those songs are more awesome than me.

Nicholi: Blink 182 - What's My Age Again?

uniquec: Are you trying to disappoint telling me that you aren't awesome?:XD (I'm being silly now.)

Nicholi: Oh nowai gal, I'm awesome.

Nicholi: Just not Tool awesome.

uniquec: Any type of music you can''t stand?

Nicholi: The kind that is more noise than music.

Nicholi: Lets cancel that I hate pop music made for kids.

uniquec: Like fingernails scratching on a blackboard.

Nicholi: Yeah that shit is annoying.

uniquec: Anything else that you find annoying? Besides me calling you tubby ^^

Nicholi: Meh not most of the time, I try to keep an open mind for music.

Nicholi: Lol.

Nicholi: Jaka trying to troll people is annoying.

uniquec: Heh, you don't keep him buy enough with fansubbing?

Nicholi: I'm not Jaka's keeper :p

Nicholi: If only we COULD keep him busy with fansubbing,

Nicholi: Also, that boy will grow up to be a monster fansubber.

uniquec: Heh, he has too much time on his hands.

uniquec: What would you like others to know about you that they might not know?

Nicholi: I can drink milk like water all day long :3

uniquec: No calcium deficiencies then.

Nicholi: * Nicholi goes through about 4 gallons a week.

uniquec: You make the cows happy. So any parting words of sordid wisdom?

Nicholi: * Nicholi has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

Nicholi: Lol, almost perfect time to disconnect.

uniquec: Yeah.

Nicholi: It's not the things you do that matter, it's how you do them.

Nicholi: Or you could just quote me as timing out lawl :3

uniquec: And you do that well.

Nicholi: Everyone that knows me would get a kick out of that.

uniquec: Lol.

uniquec: And on that note, thank you for doing the interview after weeks of harassing you with food comments. :) Usually, you don't get to read what I call people outside their nicks but I couldn't resist this time. As you can tell, the Goddess has a weird sense of humour at times and Nicholi was a good sport with the tubbie reference as we weren't implying that he was by any means fat but you might have to ask Ishie about that. We hope he enjoyed his food since afer the interview he proclaimed that he was extremely hungry and went to eat. :)

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