Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews Mango-chan a timer and Babelfish user.

uniquec: For this interview the Goddess has found a self-proclaimed attention whore to the stage. We have Mango-chan a.k.a. Incestmango, timer from m.3.3.w..

uniquec: So ready to begin then. What do you do?

Mango-chan: Time, babelfish and other random things.

uniquec: Bablefish really? Is that an art form?

Mango-chan: I guess you can call it an art form...

Mango-chan: It's pretty fabulous.

uniquec: How not to use it. :) So what groups fo you work for?

Mango-chan: m.3.3.w.

uniquec: What made you decide to fansub?

Mango-chan: To make friends...

uniquec: And have you made a lot of friends?

Mango-chan: Yes, I think I'm going to marry tun (m.3.3.w's editor).

uniquec: You think?

Mango-chan: Let's not get into that :v

uniquec: You brought it up. So favourite anime?

Mango-chan: Ummm...let me think.

uniquec: You can do such a thing.

Mango-chan: D:

Mango-chan: Ok Zero no Tsukaima.

uniquec: Why so?

Mango-chan: I'm a Kugirie whore.

uniquec: Least favourite?

Mango-chan: Naruto.

uniquec: Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island?

Mango-chan: tun (???)

uniquec:> Why tun since you are marrying him?:)

Mango-chan: He's a really cute guy and all.

Mango-chan: He makes cool jokes and yeah he's generally really cute ^_^

uniquec: Cuter than you?:)

Mango-chan: -v-|||

Mango-chan: Maayyyyyybe.

Mango-chan: hi~mi~tsu dess

uniquec: Lol, I could resist. So what are your hobbies outside anime?

Mango-chan: Chatting to Kokizzzle and lurking #kokizzzle.

Mango-chan: Hmm, also getting banned from different fansub channels cuz I'm too cute. j/k

uniquec: In that order?

Mango-chan: Well... I guess.

uniquec: Where would you like to travel but never been?

Mango-chan: tun's bedroom. We would do ecchi things together. XD

uniquec: Ok I think we know now about your deep feelings for tun.

uniquec: I was more refering to a country:p

Mango-chan: Oh, I guess Japan then.

Mango-chan: Lol.

uniquec: Any reason why?

Mango-chan: It's a fabulous place.

Mango-chan: Seems advanced and nice ^_^

Mango-chan: And yes to shop for doujinshi!!!

uniquec: More advanced than tun. :) (I'm being silly now. )

Mango-chan: ...D:

uniquec: Where would you recomend that you been ?

Mango-chan: I haven't been to many places but I'd say Hong Kong.

uniquec: What about Hong Kong?

Mango-chan: Beautiful place and most of all the anime fanbase isn't retarded.

uniquec: And you find most anime fanbase is retarded?

Mango-chan: Yes, that's why I avoid going to conventions outside of Asia. -w-

uniquec: And do you go to many conventions?

Mango-chan: No, maybe once or twice a year. That's why I want to go to Japan's Comiket, etc -3-

uniquec: Any place that might seemed quaint?

Mango-chan: ...hmm not really.

uniquec: No place you would like to visit again?

Mango-chan: I'm fine being in the basement on irc, yeah -w-

uniquec: And seeing which other groups channels you can get kick out of :p

uniquec: What would you like to do but never done and no mentioning a certain person?:p

Mango-chan: Sneak up to tun and fuck him in the ass. Lol.

uniquec: This isn't the tun confession interview. :p (You could get me tun to interview afterwards but he would go into hiding when he reads this. )

Mango-chan: Lol. Alright. Uh...

uniquec: Alright what?

Mango-chan: Fine no more tun confession then.

Mango-chan: ;_______;

uniquec: Lol. What is your favourite foods?

Mango-chan: Pizza from Pizza Hut.

uniquec: What on the pizza?

Mango-chan: Anything. I don't mind as long as it's pizza from Pizza Hut. D:<

uniquec: Least favourite?

Mango-chan: Green pepper but I don't really mind it.

uniquec: You would manage to eat it. Inny or outie?

Mango-chan: Inny or outie??

Mango-chan: I'm not good with slang. Lol.

uniquec: Belly button.

Mango-chan: Huh??

uniquec: Do you have an inny or outie belly button?

Mango-chan: ...

Mango-chan: Wat not telling :3

uniquec: Do you have an inny or outie bellybutton?

Mango-chan: hi~mi~tsu

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

Mango-chan: D:

Mango-chan: Stop invading my privacy lol.

uniquec: But.... :) So you dream in colour or black and white?

Mango-chan: I don't dream. Maybe I do but I forget them.

uniquec: You just don't remember them.

Mango-chan: They're most likely to be about tun though.

uniquec: What is your favourite movie?

Mango-chan: Umm, End of Eva.

uniquec: Why so?

Mango-chan: Evangelion is amazing ^_^

uniquec: Least favourite?

Mango-chan: Anything 3d.

uniquec: What would you like to be known for after your death?

Mango-chan: Fansubbing.

uniquec: What about fansubbing?

Mango-chan: That I don't know.

uniquec: You just want to be known as a fansubber?

Mango-chan: Yes.

Mango-chan: ^__________________________^

uniquec: What is the one thing you would like to change about yourself?

Mango-chan: My penis D:

Mango-chan: I want to be with tun straight n all.

uniquec: Lol. Poor tun.

Mango-chan:> Hey... D:

uniquec: Hey what?:p

Mango-chan: Don't say that it hurts:(

uniquec: Your unrequitted love for tun, is so painful?

Mango-chan: ....D:

uniquec: Why did you want to do this interview?:)

Mango-chan: SO I CAN BE REMEMBERED of course -w-

uniquec: Are you good with deadlines?

Mango-chan: Yes. Usually finish things within 24 hours when they're assigned.

uniquec: Not a procrastinator?

Mango-chan: Not really,procrastinating is stupid and dumb.

uniquec: You do things when you have to do it. What would you like most people to know about you?

Mango-chan: I love tun.

Mango-chan: You knew you'd get this answer -3-

uniquec: I am sure everyone will know that by now.

Mango-chan: Lol :P

uniquec: Even tun if he wasnt aware of it.

Mango-chan: Lol.

Mango-chan: * Mango-chan blushes

uniquec: What other questions can I dare ask without tun being mentioned?

Mango-chan: I don't know.

Mango-chan: Lol, you're the interviewer -3-

uniquec: I know but... (this is when I dare to mix both interviews together)

uniquec: Oh Kokizzzle says tun is his and his only!!!

uniquec: So I guess I know the answer to which member of the fansubbing community you would want to sleep with?:P

Mango-chan: Oh... Kokizzzle.

uniquec: And that you would lose to him in a fight.

Mango-chan: Lol.

Mango-chan: Wat?

uniquec: In a fight for tun.

Mango-chan: D:

Mango-chan: Lol, stop teasing me XD

uniquec: tun's love will be fought over :)

uniquec: So favourite type of music?

Mango-chan: Hmm, jpop.

uniquec: Any favourite artists?

Mango-chan: YUI,

uniquec: Song?

Mango-chan: Goodbye days.

uniquec: So had enough yet?

Mango-chan: Enough what -3-

uniquec: Of this attempted love feast.

Mango-chan: :p

Mango-chan: I guess.

uniquec: Parting words then?

Mango-chan: I FUCKNG LOVE TUN.

uniquec: And no better words can sum up this interview.

Mango-chan: Lol, no.

uniquec: Thanks for doing the interview and sharing your confession of love to tun in a public. We are sure that the feeling will be conveyed in some appropriate manner. Hopefully, the viewers will not be to embarrass watching this show. :D

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