Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews Kokizzzle a translator.

uniquec: The Goddess had a moment of actually insanity and randomly found Kokizzle a translator for various groups like Static-Subs, Lunar, Menclave, and so forth. We welcome Kokizzle to this interview.

uniquec: So are you ready for the questions?:)

Kokizzzle: Haha, sure.

uniquec: Ok easy question perhaps, what do you do?

Kokizzzle: I translate, and that's about it really.

uniquec: What groups do work for?

Kokizzzle: Heh, I hate this question. Let's see...

Kokizzzle: Static-Subs, Lunar, Menclave, Ayu, gg, and occasionally a Yuri group called Otenba to help out a friend.

Kokizzzle: You might have visited my channel at #kokizzzle once in your life ^___^

uniquec: Don't think I have but that can be rectify easily. :)

uniquec: What made you decide to fansub?

Kokizzzle: Well, I really like learning new languages. Japanese wasn't exactly new for me because I'm Japanese and I was born there, but I fansub/translate mainly to improve my language skills.

uniquec: No other reason?

Kokizzzle: One of my friends at school talked me into it, I guess.

uniquec: Favourite anime?

Kokizzzle: This is an old one, but probably Maison Ikkoku, based on the manga written by Takahashi Rumiko.

uniquec: Why so?

Kokizzzle: I'm a fan of all of the mangaka's work, but Maison was the first one that I read, and I loved the story and the characters.

uniquec: Least favourite?

Kokizzzle: School Days perhaps? It started out alright, and it went know. Nice Boat.

uniquec: Decline rather quickly. So who would you want to be stranded on a desert island?

Kokizzzle: Like, anybody?

uniquec:Anybody you heart desire or not.

Kokizzzle: Or am I limited to a group of people?

Kokizzzle: Ah, probably Belldandy.:)

uniquec: Why?

Kokizzzle: For obvious reasons.

uniquec: How about in the fansubbing community?

Kokizzzle: Hmm....a difficult question.

Kokizzzle: Fuck it, me and Mango-chan will troll the desert island.

uniquec: Lol. So what are your hobbies outside anime?

Kokizzzle: Heh, I just got back from playing 3 hours of tennis. I row two seasons a year, Fall and Spring, and I also like to rock climb every now and then.

Kokizzzle: I'm also 17, and still in highschool ;_;

uniquec: And lead in an active life.

uniquec: Where would you like to travel to but never been?

Kokizzzle: Definitely somewhere in Europe. I've traveled/lived in a lot of places, but I haven't been to any of the European countries before.

uniquec: No one place in particular?

Kokizzzle: Italy, perhaps.

uniquec: Food ...culture perhaps?

Kokizzzle: Mainly the food ^__^

uniquec: Italian cuisine. So where would you recomend that you been?

Kokizzzle: Well, I was born in Kanagawa, Japan. It's a really pretty place, especially along the shoreline. The first place people think of in Japan is probably Tokyo, but in my opinion, Kanagawa is just as awesome, or even better. (Although I was raised in Tokyo ^____^)

uniquec: Tokyo is more commercialized. What would you like to do but never done?

Kokizzzle: I'll be generic. Skydiving.

uniquec: What is it about skydiving that you wwould like to try it?

Kokizzzle: Heh, it just seems like a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I would love to brag to my friends about it.

uniquec: And do you usually like to brag?

Kokizzzle: Not particularly, no.

uniquec: But you would do it in this case. Favourite foods?

Kokizzzle: Mmm, I like a little bit of everything. I guess I like Japanese cuisine the best, because I grew up with it.

uniquec: No, one must item?

Kokizzzle: Hm?

uniquec: That you must have in your diet.

Kokizzzle: Rice ^__^

uniquec: Staple of all Asians. Least favourite food?

Kokizzzle: Bleu Cheese. Yuck.

uniquec: Acquired taste. Inny or outie?

Kokizzzle: Inny.

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

Kokizzzle: Boxers.

uniquec: Do you dream in colour or black and white?

Kokizzzle: Black and white.

uniquec: Do you remember your dreams usually?

Kokizzzle: Ehh, I remember bits and pieces. Nothing too interesting though.

uniquec: Strangest dream you ever had?

Kokizzzle: Hmm, I can't quite remember any strange ones. Sorry ;_;

uniquec: It's alright.

uniquec: Favourite movie?

Kokizzzle: Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

uniquec: Why?

Kokizzzle: Hilarious movie,lol. I've probably seen it over 100 times.

uniquec: Least favourite?

Kokizzzle: Ehh, I don't really have a least favourite movie.

uniquec: What would you like to be known after your death?

Kokizzzle: Hopefully for something positive, and nothing negative.

uniquec: For example...

Kokizzzle: Heh, it might be a little too early to talk about death, but I would at least like to be known by my relatives/family as a good father.

Kokizzzle: I'm also a devout Christian, so I'd like to be known for that, too.

uniquec: How many children would you like to have?

Kokizzzle: No more than 2.

uniquec: As long as they are healthy, would you care what sex they are?

Kokizzzle: Well, a boy and girl would be ideal I guess. I wouldn't flip a shit if I didn't get my way or anything though ^__^

uniquec: You take what you get. So what is one thing you would like to change about yourself?

Kokizzzle: Well, I always strive to be a better person (lolol I'm serious). I tend to procrastinate a lot, and I'd really like to change that I guess.

uniquec: You dont always want to leave things to the last minute. Are you good with deadlines then?

Kokizzzle: Heh, talk to koda or Xistance about my way with deadlines. I usually try to get my translations done ASAP, but I always get off-track.

uniquec: Lol you find something else to distract you. Like a certain interview. :p

Kokizzzle: Exactly!

uniquec: what would like most people to know about you that they might not be aware of?

Kokizzzle: Hmm, I'm an I'm pretty sure people are aware of almost everything about me. Everything I want them to know, I guess ^___^

Kokizzzle: Oh, and that's for in real life, not over the internet.

uniquec: Of course there is a level of privacy one has over the internet.

uniquec: Hmmm whatelse can I ask you?

Kokizzzle: Anything you want!

uniquec: I think I'm in shock over mango's confession about his love for tun. It's like everyother question I ask he brings up

Kokizzzle: Oh, he's trying to steal tun from me? Be sure to make it clear that he's mine, and mine only.

uniquec: Who would win in the battle for tun ?

Kokizzzle: Me, of course!

uniquec: How so?

Kokizzzle: A real man fights for love.

Kokizzzle: tun is a girl......right?

uniquec: Lol, what kind of music do you enjoy?

Kokizzzle: This might be surprising, but I listen to mostly rap/hip-hop, and that kind of genre. I occasionally listen to some Japanese music though.

uniquec: Favourite hip-hop artist?

Kokizzzle: Britney Spears.

uniquec: What's your favourite Britney Spears song?

Kokizzzle: None. I hate Britney Spears.

uniquec: Lol, I thought so.

uniquec: Had enough?

Kokizzzle: Keep going!

uniquec: What would you like to be doing 20 years from now?

Kokizzzle: This probably isn't good, but I don't know yet.

uniquec: Future is to far away for you think of the endless possibilities. Nothing you see yourself studying for the future?

Kokizzzle: I'm interested in Psychology, so I might pursue a career in that.

uniquec: Into people's minds?

Kokizzzle: I guess so ^___^

uniquec: Or lack of minds. You like to figure what make people do what they do?:)

Kokizzzle: Yeah, it interests me a bit.

uniquec: Just a little?

Kokizzzle: Meh, not to the point where I'm like, "This is what I want to do!". But...that's probably the closest thing I have.

uniquec: Easier route to the future.

Kokizzzle: Hm?

uniquec: Well in the sense if you have an interest in it, you would tend to go into that field instead of something brand new.

Kokizzzle: Yeah, definitely.

uniquec: Have you ever met anyone from fansubbing?

Kokizzzle: You mean, met someone in real life?

Kokizzzle:> Sumiregawa-kun from Static-Subs lives about 5 minutes away from me, but I haven't had the chance to see her yet.

uniquec: Or you just avoid meeting people from the internet.

Kokizzzle: Nah, not necessarily.

Kokizzzle: There are some people that I'd like to meet, and some others....well.

uniquec: Avoidance at all costs.

Kokizzzle: Hah, you could say that.

uniquec: Like what you will want to do afterwards with me :)

Kokizzzle: Haha, you seem cool enough to meet in real life.

uniquec: Lol, I'm a very shy introvert in real life :)

uniquec: Parting words of advice?

Kokizzzle: Come join the fun in #kokizzzle !!!!!!!

uniquec: What kind of fun?

Kokizzzle: AWESOME FUN!

Kokizzzle: And...

Kokizzzle: And...

Kokizzzle: No trolling. ;_;

uniquec: Lol. Thanks for doing the interview.

uniquec: We appreciate the time Kokizzle spent with us doing this interview and hopefully you got to know a little more about him. BTW, I will advise people not to attempt to do two interviews at the sametime as you might get yourself side track or even worse one confessing their love for another continuously. :D

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