Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews Kaugustino owner of Arigatou who also an encoder,editor and does a little styling/timing.

uniquec: On the quest to bring you a variey of people from different group, we are fortunate to have Kaugustino from Arigatou who brings dvd encodes.

uniquec: Well then let's start this fun then.

uniquec: What do you do (fansubbing wise)?

Kaugustino: Owner of a group, encoder, editor, a little styling/timing.

uniquec: What group?

Kaugustino: #Arigatou.

uniquec: Why did you decide to get involve in fansubbing?

Kaugustino: Love of anime, wanting to encode higher quality than some of the other groups around when I first started.

uniquec: And have your encoding become of higher quality?

Kaugustino: Fans think so, there is always room to learn and to get better at it. A lot changes.

uniquec: Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island from the fansubbing community and why?

Kaugustino: Nobody, as people I have known and learned from are no longer around.

uniquec: Or anyone in the public?

Kaugustino: Nah, given the choice I would probably like it on my own.

uniquec: Isolation.

Kaugustino: Indeed.

uniquec: What is your favourite anime?

Kaugustino: To many, Started as a Dragon Ball fan, still one of my favorites.

uniquec: Least favourite?

Kaugustino: The newer Gundam series (I did like Wing though).

uniquec: How so?

Kaugustino: Series got old for me. Got bored.

uniquec: Easily bored are you. Where would you like to travel that you never been?

Kaugustino: I would love to go to Japan.

uniquec: Any specific place in Japan?

Kaugustino: Country side, away from the huge population.

uniquec: You aren't into city life?

Kaugustino: I live in a city as it is. just not a fan of being around a lot of people in a small area.

uniquec: Where would you recemond that you have been?

Kaugustino: I haven't been too far, I would say British Columbia (In Canada).

uniquec: What would you like to do but never done?

Kaugustino: Not sure.

uniquec: Not an adventurer?

Kaugustino: Nah.

uniquec: Hobbies outside anime?

Kaugustino: Tv, computers.

uniquec: What do you like watching?

Kaugustino: Mostly sci-fi, comedy or wrestling.

uniquec: Big pro wrestling fan are you?

Kaugustino: Ya, been a fan for years.

uniquec: Favourite wrestler?

Kaugustino: HHH (WWE)

uniquec: How do you see yourself 20 years from now?

Kaugustino: I dont see much changing. I'll probably still be here.

uniquec: Career wise?

Kaugustino: No change.

uniquec: Inny or outie bellybutton?

Kaugustino: Heh, inny.

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

Kaugustino: Briefs.

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

Kaugustino: Introvert.

uniquec: How so?

Kaugustino: Not that outgoing, stick to a close number of friends.

uniquec: Do you remember your dreams?

Kaugustino: Nope.

uniquec: So you don't know if you do,do you dream in colour or black and white?

Kaugustino: Sometimes I can remember bits and pieces, its in colour. Not so much now.

uniquec: What is your favourite food?

Kaugustino: Pizza.

uniquec: What do you like on your pizza?

Kaugustino: Anything but onions or olives.

uniquec: Least favourite foods?

Kaugustino: Broccoli.

uniquec: You don't like small green trees.:p Favourite movie?

Kaugustino: I don't have a single favourite. Star Trek or Star Wars movies.

uniquec: You can't choose betwen the two series?

Kaugustino: If I had to pick would be Star Trek.

uniquec: Why?

Kaugustino: I watched more of Star Trek, I liked the plot better. With the different series. Each being a little different. Though the Star Wars movies are alright.

uniquec: What is your favourite way to eat eggs?

Kaugustino: Hard boiled, or egg salad. Any other way gives me issues heh.

uniquec: Not good issues, I would assume.

Kaugustino: Nope. It sucks.

uniquec: If you were a super hero what powers would you want?

Kaugustino: Read minds.

uniquec: Would you be a useful super hero?

Kaugustino: Nope. I would suck. Probably abuse my powers for fun lol.

uniquec: You would end up needing help instead.

Kaugustino: Probably.

uniquec: What would you like to be remember after your death?

Kaugustino: To be remembered for running a group that has helped people watch anime.

uniquec: Good or bad anime?

Kaugustino: Good. Hopefully not piss off to many people :P

uniquec: Had enough of random questions?

Kaugustino: Nah, rather fun.

uniquec: See I am not that scary. :) (Although you should make your friend do one instead of pushing people to do them ^^)

Kaugustino: Haha.

Kaugustino: I'll see if I can get one of my staff to do it, the more victoms... I mean more people doing it the better.

uniquec: Favourite type of music?

Kaugustino: Anime OST, rock, oldies, it varies. I hate country.

uniquec: Depending on the mood.

Kaugustino: Yes.

uniquec: No one favourite artist/group?

Kaugustino: Nah.

uniquec: What would you say is your best quality?

Kaugustino: I'm helpfull, I try to be a good listener.

uniquec: Worst trait?

Kaugustino: Being italian with a short temper, though IRC does teach paitence if your around long enough. Lol.

uniquec: Lol, do you believe then that patience is a virture?

Kaugustino: Yes I do, to bad others couldn't pick up on that :P

uniquec: And then would you say that you consider yourself virtuous?:)

Kaugustino: Somewhat I guess.

uniquec: So does your staff tend to get you mad easily then?

Kaugustino: Nah, I have great staff.

uniquec:They listen to you most of the time?

Kaugustino: Yep.

uniquec: They aren't tempermental and like to have random moments of difference of opinions?

Kaugustino: Any group will, but we work it out and move on. We don't really clash. I say it helps having older staff.

uniquec: They tend not to be as childish. So what would you like others to know about you that they might not know?

Kaugustino: Nah they are not childish. People need to know that us fansubbers (or DVD groups like we are) do this for the love of anime. The occasional thank you is nice. We do our best, mistakes happen, but being childish about it and complaining about speeds or us being slow on stuff doesn't help.

Kaugustino: For those that can, buy the anime. Support the people making it.

uniquec: Parting words of wisdoms?

Kaugustino: What I said above sums it up nicely.

uniquec: Thank you for doing the interview despite you thought I wanted to be interviewd for staff :)

uniquec: We would like to thank Kaugustino for doing this interview, we shall blame a certain friend of his who did not quite explain how things work. He was gracious enough to do this despite originally say no and was talk into doing this to appease his friend (who by the way will not do an interview but has been solicting others to do them :p).

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