Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews Galaf who does everything but timing and editing for AnimeOne, Laninona, Mognet, Moetaku, etc.

uniquec: In the continuing series of getting to know your fansubbers, we bring you Galaf from various groups like AnimeOne and Moetaku. We welcome him to our stage.

Galaf: Do what you want.

uniquec: Alright then, what do you do?

Galaf: About what? Fansub?

Galaf: I can do everything except timing (I don't have patience) and editing (my english is not good enough, I'm not a native english or something).

uniquec: Who do you fansub for?

Galaf: AnimeOne, Laninona, Mognet, Moetaku and french groups.

uniquec: Why did you decide to fansub?

Galaf: 'cause I wanted to improve my english and japanese skills, 'cause I always liked mangas and 'cause I have free time.

uniquec: In that order. How long you been fansubbing?

Galaf: 4 years.

uniquec: What is your favourite anime?

Galaf: I don't have any. I like an anime or not.

uniquec: You dont like one more than another?

Galaf: No. I have one favourite anime per season, then I like another one, etc etc. Since I began watching anime... so I don't have any.

uniquec: How about one you detest the most?

Galaf: Naruto.

uniquec: Why so?

Galaf: I don't like useless ninjas.

Galaf: I used to like Naruto.

uniquec: Lol.

Galaf: For the first episodes.

uniquec: Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island?

Galaf: Who would I want to be stranded on a desert island with?

Galaf: Girls.

Galaf: >_>

uniquec: Any particular girls?

Galaf: Cute girls.

Galaf: Cute and smart.

Galaf: In a desert island, I would most likely become crazy so I need a smart girl to wake me up.

uniquec: How about any member of the fansubbing community?

Galaf: Also, Kokizzzle.

uniquec: Why Kokizzzle?

Galaf: 'cause he's a fag and we all love him.

uniquec: Lol, do we? ;p

Galaf: Yeah.

uniquec: Hahaha. What are your hobbies outside of anime?

Galaf: Programming & going out with friends.

uniquec: Where would you like to travel to but never been?

Galaf: Mmh...I don't know.

uniquec: Any country...

Galaf: I went to all the countries I like.

Galaf: So now...

uniquec: Where would you recomend then?

Galaf: Tokyo~ aka Japan.

uniquec: What is it about Tokyo?

Galaf: The place I actually would like to stay.

uniquec: Is....

Galaf: Anything else?

uniquec: Thought you were going to answer where you want to stay.

Galaf: Well, I would like to go to Japan, to Tokyo, as the good Otaku I am. :)

uniquec: Heh What is your favourite food?

Galaf: Pastas.

uniquec: Least favourite?

Galaf: Vegetables.

uniquec: Any specific one you hate the most?

Galaf: I hate 'em all.

uniquec: How do you see yourself 20 years from now?

Galaf: As a geek working with children and a wife.

uniquec: How many children?

Galaf: It'll depend of my work and the remuneration I'll get and of my wife too.

uniquec: Lol What would you like to do but never done?

Galaf: Killing my teachers.

uniquec: Long list of them?

Galaf: Yeah, almost all of them.

uniquec: You didn't get along well with them?

Galaf: No, I don't.

uniquec: Do you get along with people then?

Galaf: Yeah but I have a strong personality. And I always say what I'm thinking despite whatever the teacher will think about it. So most likely, it gets into an argument.

uniquec: So things don't go well.

uniquec: What type of music do you like?

Galaf: Everything that can makes me move. I mean, I don't like slow music.

uniquec: Any favourite artist/group?

Galaf: Nope.

uniquec: You dont do favourites :p

uniquec: Inny or outie?

Galaf: "Inny or outie" ? What does that mean? (I'm not english native)

Galaf: Oh okay.

uniquec: Belly's one of my standard questions.

Galaf: Inny.

uniquec: Do you prefer boxers or briefs?

Galaf: Boxer?

Galaf: You're searching for a boyfriend, or something..?

uniquec: Lol not really.

Galaf: You're asking weird questions >_>

uniquec: What is the one most treasured item?

Galaf: My most treasured item?

Galaf: Computer >_>

uniquec: Why so?

Galaf: 'cause I'm a geek/otaku?

uniquec: Lol. Which are you more a geek or otaku and why?

Galaf: Geek,'cause I like programming and 'cause I began programming way before watching mass anime. And 'cause I want programming to be my life (work life, I mean).

uniquec: Do you dream in colour or black aand white?

Galaf: I don't remember my dreams so I can't say...

uniquec: They aren't memorable.

Galaf: I don't care of my dreams. When I wake up, it's like "oh shit! I'm late!" So...

uniquec: You tend to over sleep then?

Galaf: It depends on the day. Sometimes I'm staying awake too late on my computer.

Galaf: Or sometimes, I'm too slow at the morning so I end up being late...

uniquec: What is the one thing you would want to change about yourself?

Galaf: Nothing. I like who I am.

uniquec: What would you like to be remember after your death?

Galaf: How stupid I was able to become.

uniquec: You think you would be stupid throughout your lifetime?

Galaf: I don't know. I can be serious or not.

uniquec: Would you consider yourself an optomist or a pessimist?

Galaf: Pessimist.

uniquec: Why?

Galaf: I don't know. I want to see the worst situation before the better one.

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

Galaf: Extrovert.

uniquec: Favourite colour?

Galaf: Blue.

uniquec: Dark, medium, light blue?

Galaf: Everything's blue.

Galaf: As long as it's blue.

uniquec: Heh blueness. So what is your ideal day?

Galaf: A day in summer where I can stay up as long as I want, I can wake up as long as I want, I don't have any homework, school is finished for now and it's not too hot.

uniquec: And not do anything?

Galaf: It depends.

Galaf: A day with friends can be good as well.

uniquec: Hanging out together.

uniquec: Have you ever met anyone from fansubbing?

Galaf: Yeah. Well, my bestfriends are subbers as well...

uniquec: Would you say they drew you into fansubbing or vica versa?

Galaf: Vica versa.

Galaf: Well, I had my own team, they had free time, I was lacking of timers, so...

uniquec: You made them learn to time :)

uniquec: Do you get along with the fansubbing community?

Galaf: Yeah of course.

uniquec: You aren't hated or picked on?

Galaf: Well, I'm hated by some people for sure.

Galaf: I can't please everyone.

uniquec: No you can't since there is always someone who hates you out there.

uniquec: Who would say has been your greatest influence?

Galaf: DarkSoul. He knew me 4 years ago, he has been and still is my main goal to achieve seeing Japan.

uniquec: He's been a mentor to you. What do you most admire about him?

Galaf: His advice.

Galaf: Japanese aside, he always gave me advice about my life.

Galaf: Truth is I'm still young, and I was REALLY young when I started fansub. So he's been like an online big brother to me.

uniquec: It's nice to have someone looking out for you.

Galaf: Yeah, he's a good guy.

uniquec: I haven't talked to him.

Galaf: He's living in Japan atm, so I don't think he'll answer you for now.

uniquec: Parting words of wisdom?

Galaf: Mmh?

uniquec: Words you live by?

Galaf: Mmh?

uniquec: Fine that will do then.

uniquec: Thanks for doing this despite you might not want to do it.

Galaf: np

uniquec: We would like to thank Galaf for doing the interview despite being somehow pushed into doing it by a certain someone. Hopefully, you got to know a little more of the other fansubbers out there.

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