Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews Emtee who typesets for Frostii.

uniquec: So after several weeks of non-torture, the Goddes has return to bring you another of her infamous interviews. Just when you thought it was safe to surf the internet, we bring you Frostii's Emtee to be our offering show.

uniquec: Bored again are you?

Emtee: Yes ;D

uniquec: How bored?

Emtee: Very.

uniquec: Enough to be tortured?

Emtee: Maybe.

uniquec: Lol.

Emtee: Why? Need victims?

uniquec: Always and I haven't done one in weeks.

Emtee: Guess we could.

uniquec: Such enthusiasm :p

uniquec: Or you can throw people at me.

Emtee: Ofcourse but I dunno who to throw at you D:

uniquec: Anyone that I haven't interview and wants to do one.

Emtee: Yeah no one wants to do them D:

uniquec: :p

uniquec: Yeah they are all afraid of little me.

Emtee: Yeah.

uniquec: Like I'm that dangerous or known.

Emtee: Yes you are :D

uniquec: I'm not a fansubber. No one knows me ~

Emtee: Yes they do.

uniquec: Beside you who?:p

Emtee: Dunno.

uniquec: See.

Emtee: Yes.

uniquec: You aren't that bored.

Emtee: I am!

uniquec: Else you could have been half way done the interview by now.

Emtee: Then do the other half?

uniquec: Lol.

Emtee: Fine then not!

uniquec: Really?

Emtee: Well...maybe.

uniquec: You know you want to do it.

Emtee: Fine.

uniquec: Sure.

Emtee: Yeah.

uniquec: You are just too lazy.

Emtee: For what :p

uniquec: To be interviewed.

Emtee: Nah, we can do it.

uniquec: Right now?

Emtee: Yeah.

uniquec: Okay. Then what do you do fansubbing wise?

Emtee: Mostly stuff regarding typesetting either in ass or doing stuff in photoshop.

Emtee: Though I have encoded, qced and retimed little things on several projects.

uniquec: What group/groups do you fansub for?

Emtee: Frostii.

uniquec: In the past?

Emtee: Ureshii, Akai-Anime, Anime2Anime, Oyasumi, Anime-Dreams.

uniquec: Why did you decide to get into fansubbing?

Emtee: It came along the way when doing manga, a group was looking for someone to do their website and I offered my help which lead to try to start typesetting. Though I'd much rather be working on websites.

uniquec: How long have you been involved in fansubbing?

Emtee: End of 2004.

uniquec: A while. So who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

Emtee: Fansubbing related or just random person?

uniquec: Either or both.

Emtee: With someone who could make a powerboat out of just coconut and some palmtrees.

uniquec: And do you have anyone in mind who would be that useful?

Emtee: Snip?

uniquec: Snip is that useful?

Emtee: Yeah.

Emtee: Probably.

uniquec: What are you hobbies outside anime?

Emtee: Gaming, reading and watching a lot of shows and documentaries.

Emtee: And listening a lot of music.

uniquec: Documentaries about what?

Emtee: World War 2.

uniquec: Into wars. So what type of music you like?

Emtee: A lot of metal, lately I been listening a lot to genres that branch out of black metal like viking and folkish types of metal but also a lot of game music like stuff composed by Frank Klepacki.

uniquec: So what song would you say is your anthem?

Emtee: Arntor, ein Windir by Windir.

uniquec: How so?

Emtee: It just has everything in it what I like; especially, after the death of their singer who played all insurments on first 2 albums. It's just as a whole amazing experience.

uniquec: Where would you like to travel but never been?

Emtee: Norway.

Emtee: All my favorite bands are from there so I would like to try go to concerts there, the country itself is just beautiful and obviously to see some remains from norse mythology and pagan religions.

uniquec: Where would you recomend visiting that you have been?

Emtee: I wouldn't.

uniquec: No place?

Emtee: I can't think of anything amazing I have seen here or places I have visited.

Emtee: I guess London has some nice stuff but really you wouldn't want to go there.

Emtee: Was glad that I could leave there after a week.

uniquec: Okay, why not?

Emtee: Well the biggest mistake was with school there so I was forced to a schedule.

Emtee: I have some nice memories of going there of course but I wouldnt recommended going to the places I went in London.

uniquec: You couldn't do much exploring on your own?

Emtee: Well wait maybe one. There's this park I forgot the name but basically everyone can have their silly say in there and I laughed my ass off at some of those extreme christians.

Emtee: There wasn't much exploring to do but there were some fun times and a couple of nights where we could.

uniquec: See it wasn't that of a lost cause.

uniquec: How do you see yourself 20 years from now?

Emtee: 20 years from now? Hopefully still alive besides that I don't really look and plan ahead.

uniquec: You live day to day.

Emtee: Not so much day by day, everyone has fantasies about their future but that could be everything for me.

Emtee: It's just that I don't see what I'll be doing in 20 years.

uniquec: You have no goals for the future?

Emtee: I have goals but they're just smaller scaled.

Emtee: Its not that I'm like fuck yeah in 6 years I'll be done studying as doctor and then I'll go and fix up some humans and get a fat paycheck.

uniquec: Heh you arent that materialistic.

uniquec: What would you like to do but never done?

Emtee: As long as I can do stuff that I enjoy I'm fine.

uniquec: So no adventures you would like to do but have never done?

Emtee: Not much that I can think of since everything I could possibly still do.

uniquec: Innie or outie belly button?

Emtee: In.

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

Emtee: Boxers.

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

Emtee: Ambivert.

uniquec: How so?

Emtee: I like to spend time alone but I also don't mind going out or just do stuff with my friends.

Emtee: Though maybe that would still be more introvert but sometimes its more a mix like a in between.

uniquec: Favourite colour?

Emtee: Red.

uniquec: Light, medium, dark red?

Emtee: Light/medium.

uniquec: Do you remember your dreams?

Emtee: Yes.

uniquec: Do you dream in colour or black and white?


uniquec: What is the strangest dream that you remember?

Emtee: The ones that actually go along the line of the next day.

uniquec: Can you control them?

Emtee: Yeah.

uniquec: Favourite movie?

Emtee: Transformers.

uniquec: Why?

Emtee: No idea had to say one, not really that much of a movie person.

uniquec: Any movie you dislike then?

Emtee: No.

uniquec: What is your favourite food?

Emtee: Bread.

uniquec: All bread?

Emtee: Yeah most of it.

uniquec: What food can you not stand?

Emtee: Too many to name.

uniquec: For example.

Emtee: Steamed pears.

uniquec: Do you like "My little pony"?

Emtee: I'd destroy them with a Carebear stare.

uniquec: So you rather Carebears?

uniquec: Favourite Carebear then?

Emtee: I have no idea, I just know I have Carebear plushie since birth.

uniquec: What colour?

Emtee: Yellow.

uniquec: What would you like to be remember for after your death?

Emtee: Just being remembered would be enough.

uniquec: Good or bad it doesn't matter?

Emtee: Most people won't get remembered after their death.

Emtee: If it's good or bad really how can I care about that when I'm dead.

uniquec: True.

uniquec: How do you like to eat your eggs?

Emtee: I don't eat eggs.

uniquec: Okay. Favourite anime?

Emtee: Gundam Wing.

uniquec: Reason?

Emtee: One of the first I watched.

uniquec: What anime you hate the most?

Emtee: Naruto.

uniquec: Not a fan of ninjas.

uniquec: Is there anything you treasure?

Emtee: Not really.

uniquec: Not materialistic. What super hero powers would you want?

Emtee: Teleportation.

uniquec: Would you be a good super hero or abuse your powers?

Emtee: I would use it for myself :D

uniquec: Of course you would ~~~

uniquec:Any paring words of wisdom?

Emtee: Yeah never do a interview!

uniquec: :p

uniquec: Well thanks for not doing an interview then.

uniquec: Nothing like boredom in getting guests to appear! Sometimes it takes longer to get them to agree to do it than doing the interview than doing the actual interview as you can tell this time around. But still we appreciate Emtee for making the effort to do it.

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