Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews Daemon404 from Menclave, Animanda and Yoroshiku..

uniquec: Today we bring you Daemon404, who tracked me down in his moment of boredom to bring you this interview for the start of 2009. You might have heard his name mention in an earlier interview. :) Welcome to this session of useless time with the Goddess.

uniquec: Are you ready for the frivolity?

Daemon404: Lol go4it.

uniquec: Heh, so what do you do or pretend to do?

Daemon404: Pretend to do?

uniquec: Fansubbing.

Daemon404: Oh it started ...ok.

uniquec: Lol.

Daemon404: I encode mainly, but lately I've been whored to do typesetting, and I started as qc (please excuse my lack of proper grammar etc).

uniquec: What do you like better?

Daemon404: Encoding, of course.

uniquec: What fansubbing group or groups do you work for?

Daemon404: Currently: Menclave, Animanda (KINDA), uh.... Yoroshiku (tho its kinda dead now).

Daemon404: The past: Animeone, Animeyuki, Mendoi, Conclave, Proto-gg, Umai, Knkf (sorry im slow) and some more.

uniquec: Why did you decide to fansub?

Daemon404: Hmm.. I dunno, I was bored I guess.

uniquec: You do alot of things out of boredom? ;p

Daemon404: Why, yes I do.

Daemon404: But I also procrastinate a lot.

uniquec: Heh.

uniquec: Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island?

Daemon404: Fansubber-wise? galdy! (How could he deny our love!)

Daemon404: And in real life...

Daemon404: Hmm Jessica Alba I suppose.

uniquec: Lol, what are your hobbies outside anime?

Daemon404: I play guitar, drink with friends (a lot), slave for the girlie, and university and work if I have spare time ;o

Daemon404: I guess I shouldve bolded drinking. :V

uniquec: Lol.

uniquec: How good of a guitar player are you?

Daemon404:I like to think I'm fairly good, been playing for a fair amount of years now, but mostly only as a hobby. But compared to the greats like Satriani, I suck horribly.

uniquec: What do you usually play music wise?

Daemon404: Classic-ish rock, and metal.

Daemon404: Lots of metal. (not that crappy metalcore stuff, or pop metal)

uniquec: Favourite type of music?

Daemon404: Definitely blues/jazz.

Daemon404: Though I'm varied in my tastes a fair bit.

uniquec: Any type you hate?

Daemon404:Yes: pop (this incluses bublegum rock!), and the new, horrible, horrible rap kids listen to nowadays.

Daemon404: Bring back DMC!

uniquec:> Sure. Where would you like to travel but never been?

Daemon404: Germany, because thats where my roots lie, and I think it would be a fun experience.

Daemon404: Also because of the booze.

uniquec: Lol, alcohol plays an important role.

Daemon404: Indeed it does in all of lifes decisions, does it not?

uniquec: For you, yes! What place you been that you would recomend?

Daemon404: Well seeing as I haven't actually travelled much, I can't really recommend anything lol.

Daemon404: But I urge everyone to give Canada a try!

Daemon404: Were not America (fail) junior :V

uniquec:> What part of Canada?

Daemon404: British Columbia (pot... but I never said so), and Ontario for the forests. Lol I make it sound boring ;)

uniquec: Heh. What would you like to do but never done?

Daemon404: I'd like to go skiing on a REAL mountain, and drop out of a helicopter. Looks like loads of fun but possibly expensive.

uniquec: Adventurer, are you?

Daemon404: I'll usually try anything once.

uniquec: Even strange interviews :p

Daemon404: Indeed.

uniquec: Inny or outie?

Daemon404: Inny.

uniquec: Boxers or briefs?

Daemon404: Boxers of course needs tha freedom.

uniquec: Introvert or extrovert?

Daemon404: 1 second while I Wikipedia that.

Daemon404: Lol.

uniquec: Wikipedia knows that? ;p

Daemon404: Lol.

Daemon404: * Daemon404 had to look up the definition.

Daemon404: English is obviously not my strong point. Seems I'd be a extrovert.

uniquec: Outgoing are you then :)

Daemon404: LOL. That's fairly arguable. When I DO get around to doing something I am if I'm unlazy enough to actually do something.

uniquec: Like you do much as a procrastinator :p

Daemon404: Of course.

uniquec: Waiting.

uniquec: Favourite colour?

Daemon404: Red.

Daemon404: Blood red :o

Daemon404: But you could've guessed that from for a memory's interview.

uniquec: Lol, light, medium, dark?

Daemon404: Colour red? Dark? Skin colour? Light? ;o

uniquec: Shade of red?

Daemon404: Dark.

uniquec: How do you see yourself 20 years from now?

Daemon404: Honestly I don't know. Probably have some job for some big company, and hopefully married.

Daemon404: And probably still a fansubber if anime hasn't completly dissappeared.

uniquec: Do you think it will?

Daemon404: With the way things are going, possibly. Slow companies are slow when it comes to technology. See: CR's recent failure today subs.

uniquec: So slow technology will be it's demise?

Daemon404: Not slow technology, but slow adaptation to new technology and also declining quality. Let's count the number of harem of ecchi shows this season and see. :)

uniquec: Lol, you don't like them? :p

Daemon404: Let's put it this way: first anime I saw (save for db/dbz) was Love Hina. Now I know all the plot for post of teh harem shows. Same can be said 'bout ecchi (or combined!) seen one, seen them all.

uniquec: Like most anime have different plots. :p

uniquec: Favourite anime then?

Daemon404: Oh let me think for a second here.

uniquec: Okay.

Daemon404: BECK maybe (though manga is FAR better than the anime) or NHK or Onegai Teacher.

Daemon404: I can't really choose. I have odd... tastes.. in most (other) cases.

uniquec: You are just odd :)

uniquec: Least favourite anime?

Daemon404: 2009 harem ecchi show #346 or possibly or Honoo no Labarynth. (I mean that was just BAD)

uniquec: Bad in all senses of the word...even the ecchiness?

Daemon404: Tasteless is what it is. Lol.

uniquec: Heh.

Daemon404: I dunno how exactly to describe it. It's been too long.

uniquec: Lol. Do you tend to remember your dreams?

Daemon404: Only for about 5 mins... so no. Lol.

uniquec: Do you dream in colour or black and white?

Daemon404: I... don't... know... I THINK colour.

Daemon404: I couldn't say for sure.

uniquec: You can't since you dont remember them.

Daemon404: Indeed.

uniquec: How would you like to remember after your death?

Daemon404: Ideally for discovering some mathematical breakthrough, but I'd settle for loving husband and father... I GUESS

Daemon404: Bah :V

uniquec: You guess...your haven't calculate the probability of said breakthrough :p

Daemon404: I better not. Too many variables. And if I did it would probably depress me :P

uniquec: Are you easily depressed?

Daemon404: Hell no!

Daemon404: I'm usually very happy (unless im RAGING).

uniquec: How often do you rage then?

Daemon404: With all the failure in fansubbing now? More than I should.

Daemon404: (HI MANGO)

uniquec: Lol, if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why?

Daemon404: Hmm I'd like to be a little less oblivious to others stuff. If that makes any sense.

uniquec: You tend to not notice things in front of you.

Daemon404: You could say that.

uniquec: Are you then klutzy?

Daemon404: No.. I'm more oblivious in a ... interactions with others sense.

uniquec: Would you make a good super hero?

Daemon404: Dunno, I'd probably be like Hancock, without the whole caring about his public reputation thing. So you decide.

uniquec: Heh.

Daemon404: It's a matter of opinion I suppose.

uniquec: So what super powers would you want?

Daemon404: All of them of course.

Daemon404: An omnificent being~ (tho immortality might be gay)

uniquec: Greedy!

Daemon404: Yes.

Daemon404: Thank you I am.

uniquec: Lol.

Daemon404: Why settle for less? :)

uniquec: When you can have everything.

Daemon404: Indeed.

uniquec: What era/century would you want to live in?

Daemon404: None other than this one, or maybe the 60's.

uniquec: What about the 60's that appeals to you?

Daemon404: Drugs and rock.

Daemon404: But not hippies.

uniquec: You are into drugs :p

Daemon404: Not anymore, I've done my share tho (only natural!)

uniquec: Favourite food?

Daemon404: Hmm... probably some form of sushi.. cant really pick (I'm not good with decisions as you can see).

uniquec: Least favourite?

Daemon404: Mushrooms... any sort.

Daemon404: I hate them. Damned fungus passin' for mah foodz.

uniquec: No mushroom sushi then...if there was one.

Daemon404: Lawl.

uniquec: Do you have anything that is precious to you?

Daemon404: Family/friends/girl friend/kitten.

Daemon404: The usual and I guess my sentience.

uniquec: No single item?

Daemon404: Nope not really,nothing that can be quantified anyway.

uniquec: Has anything really influenced growing up?

Daemon404: Computers...I definitely would not have ended up the way I am without them (I'm a computer science/math major!).

Daemon404: Also music, but I never really appreciated music until I was like.. 17-18 or older (specifically blues/jazz).

Daemon404: Oh and I can't forget booze.

uniquec: What would you like others to know about you that they might not know?

Daemon404:That I'm not of pre-school levels of intellegence (AGAIN, HI MANGO) despite the way I act/type. Also that I don't smell, despite what galdy says.

uniquec: Lol.

uniquec: Favourite booze?

Daemon404: Jack Daniels and in terms of beer, Guinness I guess.

uniquec: You guess or you can't choose your poison.

Daemon404: The latter.

uniquec: Favourite movie?

Daemon404: Alien. Hands down.

uniquec: Why?

Daemon404: Almost everything :) - I love Hr Giger's art, I love the effects(lol)/props (perosnally I think it looks better than todays cgi horror/scifi crap), acting (taste? :D),lighting/ambience.

Daemon404: List goes on.

Daemon404: Space Jockey ftw~

uniquec: Heh least favourite?

Daemon404: O lawdy I can't even pick with the massive amounts of crap coming out now. It's very hard.

Daemon404: I'll just say generic horror movie #454.

uniquec: Not one stands apart from the rest.

Daemon404: Oh maybe some Disney film actually.

Daemon404: Hmm lemme think here.

uniquec: Disney eh?

Daemon404: That movie where Hulk Hogan is a body guard I can't recall its name. Body guard to two kids who hate him.

uniquec: You dont want to was that traumatic.

Daemon404: Google says its Mr. Nanny.

Daemon404: * Daemon404 shivers.

uniquec: Heh. So any parting words?

Daemon404: Yes. I want to say: look Mango-chan call me.

Daemon404: He knows.

uniquec: Alright then. Thanks for doing the interview.

Daemon404: Lol no problem.

uniquec: This brings us the conclusion of another exciting show. We thank Daemon404 for his time and hopefully we did not bore him too much. :)

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