Interviews with Anime FanSubbing Staff

The Goddess interviews Crimson_King QC'er, editor, encoder and somewhat typesetting.

uniquec: Today, we are fortunate to have the person who would be eaten by another fansubber. Yes, we managed to track him down with the help of the last interviewee and it seems he willing volunteer to do this show. We welcome the one and only Crimson_King also known as Galdamez951, to the show from Menclave, Umai, SD and Animanda.

uniquec: So, I get to interview the person who FalseDawn wants to be secluded with so he could eat you :xd

Crimson_King: Yeah, I read that D:

uniquec: Alright then I will be painless as possible and you saw the basic questions I ask then.

Crimson_King: XD

uniquec: So first question what do you do?

Crimson_King: Multiple skills. QC, Editor, Encode, and some typesetting (minor).

Crimson_King: Oh and I stab folks who work with me. So they can do their jobs at a reasonable pace.

uniquec: Nice. Something to fall back on.

uniquec: What group or groups do you work for?

Crimson_King: Currently? Uh, Menclave, Umai, SD, Animanda.

uniquec: Previous?

Crimson_King: Nanashi, Mendoi, gg, and AnimeYuki and probably some others that I can't recall.

uniquec: Too many to remember. So which of your multiple skills do you enjoy the most?

Crimson_King: Well, they're all annoying but I guess the one I enjoy the most at the moment is encoding.

uniquec: How so?

Crimson_King: Well, for starters, it's become an interesting time since fansubbing as gotten access to transport streams. So you're pretty much working with the broadcast source.

Crimson_King: I guess I also enjoy it because it's something I've worked at the most. There's a satisfaction in knowing you made something look purty.

uniquec: Better quality to start with to allow it to be as pretty.

uniquec: What is your favourite anime?

Crimson_King: Oh that's a toughie, I want to say the original Dragonball. That show made me laugh so hard as a kid. Master Roshi was the best.

uniquec: Least favourite?

Crimson_King: That I've worked on? I have to say Kenichi, god I hated that show. I was so relieved when that show was finished.

uniquec: It was to long for you to handle. So what hobbies do you have outside the world of fansubbing?

Crimson_King: Watching TV, sports, and comic books.

uniquec: Favourite comic book?

Crimson_King: another toughie, I'll go with the Amazing Spider-man although Ultimate Spider-man gives it a good run for its money. Either way I guess it's the guy who swings around NYC in blue and red tights.

uniquec: What's the difference between Amazing and Ultimate Spider-man?

Crimson_King: Amazing Spider-man is the original version. The one that was started way back in the 60s. Ultimate Spider-man is a reimagined version started back in 1999 so that newer generations didn't really have to dig into 40 years of backstory and what not.

uniquec: I never realized that there was a difference before.

uniquec: So who would you want to be stranded on a desert island and why?

Crimson_King: uh, for starters it has to be a chick sooooo *thinks hard*

uniquec: Of course but who?

Crimson_King: uh, so many to choose from... I guess Kristen Bell!

uniquec: What about her do you find attractive?

Crimson_King: No clue! Maybe I'm going through a blonde phase at the moment *shrugs*.

uniquec: How about a member of the fansubbing community?

Crimson_King: Asakomi <3

uniquec: Any reason behing picking Asakomi? She's cool.

Crimson_King: of course. She's my Canadian sweetheart <3 Too bad she thinks I'm too young for her. =3=

uniquec: Aww. Where you would like to travel but never been?

Crimson_King: Hmmm, Greece I guess. Though I hear it's hot as hell over there at times. Damn Mediterranean!

uniquec: Why Greece? Depends on the time of the year.

Crimson_King: Because I've taken a few Greek History courses and from all the photos I've seen, it seems like a great place especially with all those ruins that are there from their rich history.

uniquec: Do you enjoy history in general or just Greek history?

Crimson_King: In general. I think the only reason I took Greek History was because it either fit my schedule or because it was the only class open that fit my schedule XD

uniquec: Heh you took it out of necessity. ;)

Crimson_King: ^_^

uniquec: What would you like to do but never done?

Crimson_King: I'm sure a crap load of people will laugh at me for this response, but I'm going to say go on all the rides at Six Flags. The Last time I was there I was 8 or something and it was for a friend's birthday. I couldn't get on any of the good rides because I was too short :( Never been back since.

uniquec: I guess then you would now pass the height requirements. :d

Crimson_King: ;D

uniquec: Grown a little since then. ^^

uniquec: What is your preference boxers or briefs?

Crimson_King: Boxers, LOOSE AND FREE BABY

uniquec: Would loose and free sum up your personality?

Crimson_King: To a point. I am laid back yes but it doesn't come across initially. I'm not much of a talker in real life with people I don't know so I come off as a loner or arrogant. Apparently no one thinks people are shy these days :/

uniquec: I do because I'm really very shy despite these interviews.

uniquec: That's why I also hesitated yesterday messaging you since we never talked before.

Crimson_King: Psh, we both know laziness played the biggest part.

Crimson_King: Bum!

uniquec: So that what you would like others to know about you that they might not know?

Crimson_King: Hmm, things I'd like people to know. Let's see: 1) I'm not a damn Mexican. 2) I'm not a Mexican. 3) I do like cats. Just cuz I hate Chi doesn't mean I hate cats!

Crimson_King: I have 2 in fact! I raised a litter of kittens before!

uniquec: Why do people think that you are Mexican? Is it something to do with your love of stabbing?:)

Crimson_King: Lol no. Ignorance. People think everyone who speaks spanish come from Mexico nevermind that the language itself didn't even originate from there. I also blame icealchemist and guhase for propagating and perpetuating it.

uniquec: Unfound rumours. You would think Spanish is the language from Spain.

uniquec: Inny or outie?

Crimson_King: Inny.

uniquec: Wat is your favourite food?

Crimson_King: Pizza :d

uniquec: Pizza with what on it?

Crimson_King: Either pepperoni, bacon, or pineapple :o

uniquec: Together or separate?

Crimson_King: Either or.

uniquec: Your not too fussy. Least favourite?

Crimson_King: spinach, YUCK!

uniquec: Heh. Do you think that you would be tasty if eaten?:) Or was someone only wanting to eat you out of necessity?:xd

Crimson_King: The world would taste gross, too much pollution and people aren't made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. (I know this mostly applies to girls but they're the evilest of them all!)

uniquec: Lol And I happen to be evil asking these questions as well as being female.

uniquec: Where would you recomend to visit that you've been?

Crimson_King: Uh, NYC is pretty nice if you're one of those people who are always on the go and don't sleep at night although the people their are rude! The Bahamas are also a nice place to relax and enjoy a vacation away from the working world or school or whatever is it you do.

uniquec: Do you dream in black and white or colour?

Crimson_King: Color. Black and white is so boring and lifeless.

uniquec: Lack vitality. Do you tend to remember them?

Crimson_King: some of them. Sometimes I remember them one second then I just forget whatever the hell happened.

uniquec: What is the strangest dream that you remembered?

Crimson_King: I dreamt everyone including myself was paper flat.

uniquec: One dimensional. What is your ideal "perfect day"?

Crimson_King: Waking up and having absolutely nothing to worry about I guess. Just one of those days you can float on through without having to worry about paying a bill or some having some deadline.

uniquec: No pressures or stress involved. You wouldn't want to be doing anything but relaxing?

Crimson_King: That would be ideal. Some may find that boring but I find it rather enjoyable.

uniquec: But as long as you enjoy it, who cares what others think.

Crimson_King: (^.^)b

uniquec: Afterall, it's your ideal day.

uniquec: What movie has made the biggest impact on you?

Crimson_King: Hmmm, can't really pin point one but I'd say the James Bond flicks. My dad loved those and I watched them with him. As a kid i wanted to be either an astronaut or a government spy but as I grew lol, boy those ideals went crashing down.

uniquec: Like most childhood fantasies tend to die. What other childhood fantasies have you had?

Crimson_King: Monster Slayer! Looking back, man I was dorky kid =/

uniquec: Are you no longer dorky?

Crimson_King: I'm not quite sure if I'm dorky or nerdy :s

uniquec: In the middle. Perhaps.

uniquec: So had enough of randomness?

Crimson_King: Lol, I could handle more ;o

uniquec: What can you not handle then?

Crimson_King: Yaoi. that stuff needs to be burned.

Crimson_King: Oh and those realistic doll things.


uniquec: Burning too good for it? Are you easily freaked out?

Crimson_King: Not necessarily. But those dolls, particularly those that look like they were handcrafted freak me out. Watched too many horror movies on those.

uniquec: Horror movies dolls did their harm.

Crimson_King: Indeed.

uniquec: So what is your favourite horror movie then?

Crimson_King: The original Chainsaw Massacre. I could never take Freddy Kreuger seriously. I remember one instance where like some kid had such sensitive hearing that the drop of a pin made his head explode. Couldn't stop laughing ever since and I never found Jason scary.

uniquec: They all became predictable. What have you learn from watching them?

Crimson_King: That the people in those movies (the characters) are retarded XD

uniquec: Simply stated. :xd

Crimson_King: :D

uniquec: What would you want to change about yourself, if you could?

Crimson_King: I wish I wasn't so introverted that's pretty much the biggest thing. I suck at being social.

uniquec: More outgoing and let people see your wild side. ~

uniquec: Do you have a wild side to surface?

Crimson_King: Indeed. It's only been seen after a few shots of liquor have overtaken my better senses.

uniquec: The wild liquor side. What is your favourite "poison" of choice?

Crimson_King: Mixed drinks are my favourite. I usually have whatever my present drinking company bring out.

uniquec: What have you known to do while under the influence?

Crimson_King: Let's see, I tried to run down the side of a steep hill only to fail and start tumbling down. I got in a red little wagon and was pulled by my friends car on the freeway. I'm sure there are others. uniquec: No bodily injuries?

Crimson_King: I got a concussion once but that's about as bad as it got.

uniquec: If you could sleep with one fansubber who would it be and why? (This is from another fansubber who will be disclosed in the next interview. ~)

Crimson_King: Why am I not surprised ~_~ I get the feeling if I answer that I'm going to embarrass not only myself but the other party.

Crimson_King: I'd marry Asakomi though, she's purty~

uniquec: Heh but you wouldn't want to sleep with her^^

Crimson_King: I didn't say that :p

uniquec: Just kidding but you would want to? :)

Crimson_King: She's hot so I'll just leave it up to everyone else to interpret their own answer.

uniquec: Lol. What kind of music do you like?

Crimson_King: Generally rock and alternative.

uniquec: Favourite group/musician?

Crimson_King: Foo Fighters.

uniquec: Is there any one item that you treasure the most?

Crimson_King: My turtle given to me by a special friend.

uniquec: Turtle has a name?

Crimson_King: Koopa.

uniquec: Interesting name, any meaning to the name?

Crimson_King: Not really, just reminded me of King Koopa from Mario Bros.

uniquec: Okay. What would you like to be remember after your death?

Crimson_King: Um, devoted husband and father I guess?

uniquec: Father of how many kids?

Crimson_King: Hopefully no more than 3 XD

uniquec: Like...any parting words of wisdom?

Crimson_King: A couple: women are evil, Ishie/Ishatar is evil, and... oh yes, fansubbing is serious business.

uniquec: Lol thanks for doing the interview.

Crimson_King: No problem.

uniquec: This concludes this nearly three hour interview with Crimson_King who was rather nice to do this interview despite this was the first time we ever chatted and that we are both introverts. We enjoyed getting to know him a little and hope you the viewers as well. By the way, I shall stop from asking people if they had enough of the interviews since my random questions keep growing. :xd

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